Arkansas AG Leslie Rutledge
Arkansas Attorney General Leslie Rutledge (AP Photo/Jacquelyn Martin, File)
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Arkansas’ Attorney General says gun rights, the NRA and the Second Amendment are under assault from the left. This must be a day ending in ‘y.’

The left has long attacked the Second Amendment, as they believe it is antiquated and unnecessary, and have assured us they can protect us better than we can protect ourselves. But in a time of crisis, many of them have revealed that they won’t actually use law enforcement and even support defunding the agencies that protect and serve all communities. Now they are attacking a private organization that’s trying to do the same.

Just three months before a presidential election, New York Attorney General Letitia James has filed suit against the NRA and several members of its leadership, seeking to have the gun rights organization dissolved. This lawsuit, filed in New York state court, is the apex of a longstanding feud between the NRA and the Democratic state attorney general. James attacked the NRA while she was a candidate for attorney general, calling it a “terrorist organization” and a “criminal enterprise.”

James knows that if the NRA were dissolved, it would be a huge personal and political victory, as the Democrats would finally be able to silence the largest Second Amendment and gun safety advocate in the country. The NRA promotes responsible and safe firearm ownership and self-defense, and it encourages favorite pastimes like hunting and recreational shooting. That’s a staple of life for folks like us in Arkansas, and a far cry from James’ nefarious “terrorist organization” and “criminal enterprise” labels.

As state attorneys general, we are tasked with protecting the interests of consumers and holding bad actors accountable. Since the NRA is based in New York, James’ office has the jurisdiction to investigate this organization, like any other charity or nonprofit. But while the lawsuit alleges that NRA leadership misused the organization’s funds for their own personal gain, no NRA executives have been charged with any crimes, though James has threatened criminal charges pending the outcome of her office’s investigation.

Moreover, James doesn’t seem to be too worried about protecting the interests of the “consumer”: those who are NRA members. If successful, the lawsuit could permanently bar the strongest Second Amendment advocate from raising funds for its cause and ultimately dissolve the multimillion member organization. Instead of holding the alleged bad actors accountable, James seems to believe she has found a way to finally rid the left of one of its greatest political adversaries — and, possibly, its least favorite constitutional amendment.

– Arkansas Attorney General Leslie Rutledge in Guns, the NRA and the Second Amendment are under assault from the left

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  1. Watching the NY AG and the NRA is like watching Hitler and Stalin in a Mexican standoff. You are kind of rooting for both and that they take each other out.

    • Sure do wish people would not do that. Playing the “Compare X to one or more of the greatest evils the world has ever known” card. Playing that card does two things instantly, if vastly exaggerates “X” and alters “X” to the level of an absurd joke while just as vastly and absurdly downplaying the evil of Hitler-Stalin-Mao-Japanese Militarists.

      The attack on the NRA is deeply political, deeply partisan and drenched in Hoplophobia. The problem is it is also completely valid on a criminal prosecution front.

      Let’s cut this short. Hell yes the NRA as it has existed under the greedy and inflated ego of Wayne La Pierre is in pressing need of destruction. But the thinking of those who would proclaim “ABANDON HOPE! THE END IS NIGH” is silly stuff. Many good and decent people are out there anxious to rebuild, or to build anew with whatever can be salvaged. People with both money and political connections.

      I only wish the destruction of Wayne La Pierre and his fellow travelers would happen more rapidly. So that a new NRA could arise in a more logical place, a State friendly to the cause and delighted to host the organization. One built free of the sneaky, low down and foul smelling methods of preserving the graft machine that La Pierre has built.

      Myself, quite probably I’ve not sufficient years remaining to make a Life Membership make financial sense. But show me the new NRA, sure, I’ll push that button.

      That’s a button huge numbers of current and former NRA members would gleefully push.

      All they are waiting for is no more WLP and a newly remade organization loyal to its membership and the Second Amendment.

      Simply build it and they will come!

      • enuf…Four years ago your vote went to hilliary clintoon and whats his face or the equivalent and now your vote goes to obiden/oharris. Because of your spoiled brat judgement you spent your days lint licking the democRat Party and trying to explain why by slandering and libeling the POTUS in a manner that puts a sht grin on any marxist’s face. You’ve done nothing but vote against every patriot in America.

        You come on this forum and boast about buying guns and ammo. If you were not such a self serving pos with your head buried up your behind you’d know those purchases that you take for granted are off the backs of people who did not give up and defeated hilliary clintoon and got Donald John Trump elected POTUS.

        You are full of poo and excuses just like your self serving lame excuse from being a NRA Lifer. It’s not about you and the time you have left…It’s about doing the best you can to preserve freedom, the most precious ground on earth.

        TRUMP/PENCE 2020.

        • Debbie, unlike any of your comments(ever) Enuf’s was constructive and well though out. If he was speaking of not voting for your other object of infatuation then some criticism may have been in order but he didn’t. You are always nasty. You’d fit in on with the lefties much better.

        • Enuf said, “All they {NRA membership} are waiting for is no more WLP and a newly remade organization loyal to its membership and the Second Amendment.”
          This has been reflected many times on TTAG and even today @ 0952 by Texas Gun Vault. This statement by Enuf is mere fact, politics aside.

      • I want the complete and utter destruction of the NRA so a new organization can rise in its place. Unfortunately Wayne will not let power go, he will not step down and as such the only option is to root for the NY AG.

        I want Wayne and the gang perp walked. I want the money they laundered returned to the POTG and put to building a real 2A organization.

        The NRA can not be reformed from within. Wayne stacked the deck and made sure of it.

        • Tex…You sound as destructive as hitler and stalin…Ring a bell? Next time you go to a real gun show and you see a couple of .50 Cal. Barrets all deck out I want you to think about me because that’s the amount of money I’ve donated to the NRA and that’s not including my time talking to knee jerk slackers like you. Do you hear me crying like a snot nosed twerp? Do you see me joining a lynch mob? No you don’t but I see your candy azz tripping all over yourself to appease who you assume to be a majority of cut and run nitwits like yourself.
          The NRA was founded in 1871 and it will continue to find its way with or without you and the rest of the fair weather friends.

      • Enuf, you really have no room to talk on the matter. You personally think Trump is worse then Hitler.

        • Vic the Jackazz…I cannot help seeing how really nasty nice you are. Long ago l asked your butt buddy enuf the following question…Exactly who will you be voting for? Since the cat got enuf’s tongue let’s see if you have what it takes to answer such a simple question. If you cannot answer you can continue servicing your lowlife butt buddy enuf.

        • Ginder12 IQ…Are you trying to say the democRat Party and their America hating ilk are Patriots? If so you’ve been sheltering in place for waaaaaaay too long.

        • False. I never say or imply that anyone is worse than Hitler, Stalin, Mao or the Japanese Militarists. There is simply no comparison, Trump is massively wrong for America, incompetent and dishonest to an astounding degree. He is not evil, he does not compete with the true giants of Evil who have wrought vast death and suffering upon human civilization.

    • Tex…So in that small mind of yours which one is Hitler and Stalin? I see Hitler and Stalin in the NY AG and I see you as a useful idiot. Next time when you feel really ignorant and you want to slander the NRA keep the following in mid…When you attempt to smear the NRA you are smearing more than a handful of people just like the NY AG is trying to do.

      • Maybe you should explain: Is your loyalty to the NRA, or to those officers who are accused of fraud and worse? I’ll admit that I would LIKE TO SEE the NRA come out of this alive. But, I can’t see the NRA returning to it’s former glory and usefulness.

        Sometimes, you’ve got to cut your losses, and stop throwing good money after bad. The NRA isn’t the end-all and be-all in 2nd amendment rights. In fact, we’ve seen a history of compromises that worked against those rights.

        The only way the NRA survives in any meaningful way, is to sacrifice it’s current crop of diseased officers and board members. I don’t see that happening.

        • Paul Paul Paul…Why of course I’m for waste, fraud and abuse isn’t every NRA Donor and Voting Life Member? The problem with clowns like you is you cannot stick to the topic which has nothing to do with NRA leaderships and all to do with gun rights which are under attack 24/7. So what does a clown like you and the rest of the spinners do in a crisis situation? Talk out your butts…Pathetic.

        • In reply to Debbie W:

          The NRA and every other 2A organization in this country knows, always has known, that they have powerful enemies who want to take them down. The NRA membership should have known this. But, the NRA membership stood by, and watched as LaPierre took over, and corrupted the organization. You can put some blame on me, as I have been a member in the past. You can point your finger at yourself. There is blame to go around. The fact is, the NRA has largely failed, both strategically, and tactically. The NRA won’t be much of an asset to our side for years to come, if ever.

          If you can get rid of LaPierre, fine. Some of us may come back, and try to make things right again. Until LaPierre is gone, with all of his cronies, and the board is broken up and shrunk, it’s a losing battle. LaPierre isn’t going to listen to you, me, or 20 million members. He just doesn’t CARE.

      • Nice to see the lint licker, but we all miss the dirty diaper remarks. While I agree with you on some issues, you act as badly as the indoctrinated lefties. Don’t forget Trump/Pence 2020.

      • Jesus christ lady, you really are a reactive moron. You need to take your midol and step away from the comments section because you’re worse than vlad right now.

    • I would like to ask a question is the Law of the Land Our Constitution? If so any one trying to Change, Distort, Twist, or Ignore, Our Constitution is committing TREASON, so why are these criminals politicians, state and federal, not arrested and prosecuted, that would get rid of most of the socialist communist atheists muslim in Our government and would keep these type of people out of Our government, and make this country more secure, and much safer, these blm antifa and others cair, aclu all are terrorist organizations, that need dismantled immediately, when we are threatened, by any organizations then it is to be dismantled immediately

      • Not correct. The basic definitions of all the words you use are wrong in how you apply them. Please obtain a dictionary, and try again.

  2. I notice she didn’t actually a address the turd in the punchbowl, you know WLP and his henchmen ripping off the members for $10s millions.

    • Not sure how this escaped your “notice”:
      “As state attorneys general, we are tasked with protecting the interests of consumers . . . James doesn’t seem to be too worried about protecting the interests of the ‘consumer’: those who are NRA members.”

    • little butthead brad…She probably figured there would be some no count come along and ignore what matters and join hands with the NY AG to beat a dead horse. You’ve accomplished nothing but getting a round of applause from individuals who if they could knock your door down and take every gun you have and thought about having…With your kind of help one day they might succeed.

    • I see a low information wannabe, weighing in on an issue that she doesn’t understand very well. All she seems to see, is what the NRA board and officers want the public to see.

  3. The problem is that the NY AG’s decision to go after the NRA, while obviously politically motivated, has more than enough evidence to justify the decision to go after them.

    What I would like to see is for Republicans to begin similar investigations into the many Soros and Bloomberg backed NGO’s. I am sure the NRA is not the only crooked non-profit advocacy group.

    End of the day though, it’s literally the NRA’s own fault. If Wayne and his cronies hadn’t become so brazen, they wouldn’t be in this boat.

    Inb4 Debbie and other unthinking shills cry about the poor NRA. Hopefully the result will be the gutting and prosecution of NRA leadership and we can start over.

      • Actually, I don’t care if the Marxist/Communist NGOs are dealing crookedly. I hope they are. That would mean wasting a lot of money that could go to their wrong cause. So please don’t investigate them.

    • “What I would like to see is for Republicans to begin similar investigations into the many Soros and Bloomberg backed NGO’s.”

      I hear you, but we need to investigate and prosecute based on corruption, not political affiliation. I agree that republicans aren’t aggressive enough though, especially compared to democrats.

      • I agree.. in principle. Unfortunately the rules of engagement are set by the enemy. The Left has made it quite clear that they consider the use of institutional power (The IRS, FBI, as well as any local or state offices they can get their grubby mitts on) to persecute their opponents to be a valid strategy – and they do so with vigor. Republicans are unwilling to respond because the majority of the RINO establishment (particularly those of John McCain and Mitch McConnell’s ilk) are quite comfy being the officer corps looting a sinking ship.. with the expectation that their personal yachts remain afloat after the rest of America goes down with the ship.

        Unless/until the Republican party begins to fight the same war the Democrats do, there won’t be improvement. Just going after the Soros funded Antifa and then Soros himself for bankrolling a domestic terror group would be a start.. it’d be nice to have an election where the left’s uberwealthy elite don’t try to purchase it outright.

    • “What I would like to see is for Republicans to begin similar investigations into the many Soros and Bloomberg backed NGO’s.”

      Hallelujah! Sing it long and loud! The NRA may be corrupt, but no liberal is going to see, or even consider, going after a left winger that is even more corrupt. So, why isn’t the right going after them? Have they simply been outsmarted by the left/liberal/progressive/dem party?

      • “So, why isn’t the right going after them?”

        That’s easier said than done. The Left controls the majority of the administrative state and the media. The activists within the administrative state hinder just investigations while the media paints a false picture of corruption whenever the Left is about to be held to account. A prime example of this would be the fallout from the Russian Collusion Witch Hunt. Sadly, many republicans just don’t have the stamina or the will to fight through it.

        • True. If there is one thing the last four years have taught us, it’s that there is no such thing as an impartial civil service. Perhaps we should have the majority of Government jobs (>90%) replaced with each new incoming President. Not just cabinet appointments, the whole shebang. Something similar to the UK where there is a “shadow” government that is composed of the loyal opposition. Whichever party is IN power, their people are in the offices calling the shots and the losing party gets to wait in the wings for if/when they next have power. At least that way we could see a clear difference based on which party is voted in, instead of what we have now – where the majority of the deep state bureaucracy is very firmly in the progressive camp, sabotaging any and everything possible.

  4. I will side with the NRA until proof is revealed other than Washington and the New York Times. I know for a fact he did not buy house in Dallas, first score for the NRA, the NRA claim they have been in court battles for years with the state of New York, they’re not Liars , 2nd score, the NRA. Anybody got any more rumors they can guarantee ?

    • So he did not get the big house in Texas. He did try. Not every corrupt attempt to suck millions out of the membership needs to succeed for WLP to be found worthy of an orange jumpsuit.

    • $2 Million a year to the top dog in the NRA?

      Sorry, that is indefensible. Obviously, the NRA leadership’s style is screw the membership and pump them for more money. $2 Million would go a long way to defending the Second Amendment. It’s a shame that the NRA has compromised our rights for their entire existence.

      • “$2 Million a year to the top dog in the NRA?

        Sorry, that is indefensible.”

        That’s a pretty good deal for a guy that raised approximately $1.4 million per day over the last 13 years or so, certainly not out of line with other organizations with the worth and especially the political clout of NRA. But most of the posters around here have absolutely no idea what a real CEO would draw for salary and perks.

        NRA membership dues money does not go towards any political activism, legislative activism or any of the myriad of other programs NRA has been responsible for over the past 50 years. There is no way any of the other little groups could even cover the firearms training programs in 3 moderately-sized states let alone create and manage the political network NRA has gathered, and political action is merely a part of NRA’s mission.

        NY AG James, et al are merely trying to keep NRA from being a player in the 2020 elections, it’s common knowledge especially among the critters on the Left that NRA (not GOA, NAGRs, et al) figured prominently in the election of DJT and will likely do so again this cycle. Added to the crazy anarchy the Left has been supporting and, polling or not, they’re in deep trouble even with all of the Leftist disimformation being spread by the MSM and social media outlets, who control all the “news” many people now receive.

        The Left is pedal to the medal in attempting to do what ever it can to avoid a repeat of 2016- even to the point of using the mail-in voting scam to assure that no winner will be declared by Jan 20, 2021. Chaos has always enabled the communists since 1915 Russia. Nothing like getting those who consider themselves 2A supporters to spend their time and energy fighting among themselves. People actively engaged in this dogfight might as well be receiving a check from Bloomberg. Some likely are.

        In the final analysis- both anti-NRA factions seem to fail to understand is that it is not WLP or anyone in the leadership that will turn an election, it is only the membership who can, and probably will. WLP doesn’t convince anyone to vote for the 2A, the truth does. NRA has done a better job of getting that truth out to more people who will, and do vote than all of the other little, “no-compromise gun groups” combined. The Left knows it and certainly are not concerned with the other little “organizations”. Do what you want with leadership- they only have one vote each- MAX. The message coming from NRA is still vital, as is the activity of its 5+ million members. NRA is people, some around here think it’s Soylent Green… (Sorry, Chuck)

  5. I’m really interested to read ‘I Haz A Question’s’ thoughts on the matter.

    All Hail.

  6. Boomer conservative support for *legal* mass immigration was an assault on the electorate. It’s not a coincidence that the three states with the highest percentage of foreign-born residents are the ones that elect the most fanatical gun control advocates.

    If you complain about bad outcomes without addressing this underlying problem, then you’re part of the problem.

  7. The NRA: because fat pasty cowards/keyboard commandos who cannot get laid without paying for it need lobbyists, too!

    • Hurling childish insults at people is a certain sign that the person hurling those childish insults is deeply unhappy with themselves and/or despises human beings.

      Hurling childish insults at people also demonstrates that person is extremely lazy and/or narcissistic because he/she refuses to exert the effort required to understand a conflict and proffer compelling, persuasive solutions.

      That being the case, I give no credence to people who hurl childish insults.

      • I do not hurl childish insults but I would rather spend a day with any given dog rather than 99.9 percent of the humans I know. Of course, those 99.9 percent probably think the same of me so it is a wash.

        • The important point is what does the dog think of you? Do you have to tie a porkchop around your neck to get his attention?

    • You must be new here.

      Most of the commenters here actually hate the NRA, too.

      Regardless of politics, that’s what happens when an organization betrays it’s members. Similar to how the lefts‘ beloved unions are flipping republican.

  8. Golly its almost like it was timed and executed only to restrict lobbying and advertising before an election.

  9. Oh, nonsense.

    The NRA leadership were being paid insane salaries on the backs of the middle class. $2 Million to Wayne La Pierre? Insane. Thankfully, I dropped my membership long ago when it was clear that they didn’t want any reform from within, so now they will get reorganized from the outside.

    Not to mention that the NRA has compromised on virtually every major gun control scheme, beginning in the 1930s. Kill off the snake-in-the-grass NRA and let the No Compromise gun organizations pick up the membership!

    • You seen a paycheck stub? You have actually seen a member of the NRA pay stub? Oh, do tell where we can see that at

        • Remember that time your boss gave you a 57% raise…while you were being accused of doing a poor job? Yeah, me either. I hope WLP ends up broke and behind bars for what he did.

        • @Steve,
          The WaPo is mostly garbage, but attacking the messenger is lazy. Be specific next time if you want anyone to take you seriously. Media narratives are mainly crafted through opinions and deciding what to report on rather than outright lies.

        • I’m sorry, where was the attack made on my part? About the individual. And it has been noted in several websites and news organizations that the Washington Post has set up a whole network being paid by Cuomo and using New York State funding to attack the NRA in any way shape or form. In other words they’re Liars and by using State funds they are breaking the law. Which shows you they will go to no end to take your guns and until someone shows me proof and I am sure if the AG had any, she would release it…

        • That’s all well and good Steve. I don’t doubt it, but we’re discussing a specific article. If you want to debunk it, do it by debunking the specific facts laid out in said article.

  10. So now the AG now says the NRA is a terrorist organization, and a lot of you agree with that???? The NRA will countersuit and they will win this one. this investigation has been going on for countless years and New York has 0 evidence after going after the NRA and years of paperwork with a fine-tooth comb and you still believe her? LOL. You do understand this is a single organization and a whole state that has been trying to sue them for 10 years. And no members of the NRA are complaining ? Except for the money has gone and the NRA has shown their battles with New York. Just asking

    • The NRA isn’t a terrorist organization. James is biased and politically motivated to attack the NRA. Wayne LaPierre and others have been using the NRA as their personal piggybank and diverting money to their family and cronies. All these statements can be true simultaneously.
      I’d like to see WLP and others give back the 10s of millions that they’ve stolen, but I think a lot was intangible items that can’t be recovered. I’d like to see WLP and others in jail for RICO and tax evasion charges and the NRA continue under responsible and effective leadership.

  11. Ya know, the funny (pathetic) part of all this is violence, murder, rape, robbery, rioting is all up 100-200 per cent in NY. And who are they trying to outlaw? Should tell you all you need to know about the “agenda”!

  12. They just don’t get it, I am a veteran who swore to defend the Constitution from all enemies, that includes the Democrats, who refuse to honor the document this very country is founded on. You do not pick and choose which ones you want.

  13. Arkansas’ Attorney General says gun rights, the NRA and the Second Amendment are under assault from the left. This must be a day ending in ‘y.’

    Truer words were never spoken.

  14. While I have severe misgivings like most about the NRA right now, Id strongly caution the “burn it to the ground” mindset on it. The left would take that as a MASSIVE win, and would dance upon that grave and the “accomplishment” for decades. Those who aren’t in the gun community would see it as a loss of face and relevancy for the community in the “mainstream”. In the long run, I think it is vital that the NRA survive, but like most, with a complete changeover at the top. Some seem to think that that will happen as a result of these charges, but I think not, and see it as a blatant attempt to completely destroy the organization. While other groups may be better/more vocal in their fight for our rights, you rarely hear the left saying that their goal is “to defeat so and so organization” like they do with the NRA. So my hope is that criminal charges are pressed against the leadership, Wayne gets the boot, but the organization remains.

    • “I think it is vital that the NRA survive, but like most, with a complete changeover at the top.”

      That’s exactly what just about everyone has been asking for. How does that ever happen without WLP gone? It’s very simple. If there’s nothing to hide, then there needs to be a fully independent financial audit going back at least before NRA TV was launched. We look at the results and go from there.

      • I agree. Im just seeing a lot of people thinking the NRA should just be burnt to the ground with the assumption it will be magically “rebuilt from the ashes”, or that other organizations will pick up the slack. I think that the simple PR loss from the NRA going completely under would be devastating for the gun community.

  15. The simple use of the “Tool” under attack would go along way in eliminating the issue. Having Not learned from history. The Inalienable Right of the citizenry has become the very instrument by which those who would deny the 2nd Amendment. Are using to destroy the Right. The fight in the eyes of the enemy is not about the 2nd amendment. It is about the “Tools” of the 2nd Amendment. For their acolytes the 2nd Amendment is just a bunch of words on a piece of paper. That has no reality in their daily lives. The evil is the “Tools” not the words. Our Founding Patriots Lived in a time when Sacred words held a place of Honor in society. They could not envision a society that believed differently. Yet they also understood “The People” would need to protect those sacred word from those who would try to use them for advantage against “The People”. Hence the 2nd Amendment was placed in the Bill of Rights. For the use of Protecting the Sacred words as well as their intended meaning. The words cannot Protect themselves from those who do not read them. The words cannot fend off the attack of those who would mold them to fit a cause that would eliminate them. That Duty falls upon those who believe in and hold them to the Sacred status of their intent. If they are allowed to be whittled away or removed from history the blame is not upon those who would do so. The Blame falls at the feet of “The People” who allowed it to happen, The Bill of Rights were written with the the blood of Thousands of ordinary citizens who believed in a cause greater than themselves and a yearning To Be Free. It deserves no less 245 years later while under the attack of those who would whittle it away or remove it’s Ideals from all history. It took great Courage then…It will take great Courage now. The question is who among “The People” has the Courage. The choice can’t be made for you. It must come from within you. Many have chosen comfortable subjection. As was the way of the Tories. Others living in a Free state await those under duress to act. For they cannot help those who will not help themselves. Even if you choose not to decide…You still have made a choice. Keep You Powder Dry.

  16. The NYAG had two goals for her attack: 1) Destroy or degrade the NRA political effectiveness for this election cycle. 2) Destroy or degrade the NRA in it’s entirety.

    She does not want WLP or his cronies removed because their corrupt squandering of money damages NRA, this has become widely known and that damages NRA and it’s reputation and it’s ability to raise money for political fights. Wayne needs to go but she will put no effort into making that happen since the last thing a Leftist Democrat wants is a strong NRA.

  17. No, it was an attack on the NRA. Equating the NRA with the 2nd Amendment is not going to do the latter any benefit right now.

    I’m certainly open to arguments that the NRA is not culpable but I’m not interested in attempts to strawman this into something bigger so those that drove the NRA off a cliff can act like they’re the victims.

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