Robert J. O'Neill Delata Mask
Courtesy Robert J. O'Neill and Twitter
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From the Associated Press:

A former Navy SEAL who has said he killed Osama bin Laden has been banned by Delta Air Lines after removing his face mask during a flight.

Robert O’Neill tweeted about his ban on Thursday, and the airline confirmed the action.

“Part of every customer’s commitment prior to traveling on Delta is the requirement to acknowledge our updated travel policies, which includes wearing a mask,” the airline said in a statement. “Failure to comply with our mask-wearing mandate can result in losing the ability to fly Delta in the future.”

All major U.S. airlines require passengers to wear face coverings to prevent the spread of COVID-19. Delta says it has banned more than 100 passengers for violating the rule.

Robert J. O'Neill Delta mask
Courtesy Robert J. O’Neill and Twitter (tweet has since been deleted)

O’Neill posted a selfie showing himself, with no mask, on a Delta Connection flight Wednesday from Minneapolis to Newark, New Jersey. Other passengers in the photo, including a man across the aisle who was wearing a Marine Corps hat, were wearing masks. The tweet was later deleted.

In another tweet Thursday, O’Neill said, “Thank God it wasn’t @Delta flying us in when we killed bin Laden… we weren’t wearing masks…”

O’Neill first said in 2014 that he fired the shots that killed bin Laden during a 2011 raid on the terrorist’s compound in Pakistan. The U.S. government has neither confirmed nor denied the account. O’Neill later wrote a book about his time in the SEALs.


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    • The damage is done. The aircraft and passengers will have to self quarantine for 14 days. Will the passengers get sick and die? Will the virus mix with the jet fuel and cause the aircraft to crash? Find out in the next exciting episode of, “DELTA FORCE PASSENGER NO MASK.”

    • You mean the “hero” who died from diabetes years earlier? But was kept “alive” as a boogeyman to keep the sheep in line? That “hero”?

        • The earths not flat, it’s hollow! And on the inside it’s full of dinosaurs and Nazis. The entrance is at the north and South Pole.

      • lol prove it. Prove any of it. Prove the other side for that matter. Who TF let Alex Jones into TTAG?


  1. Instead of masks maybe we should all be wearing reflective PT belts?
    If we really want to be safe.

    • I have worse memories of that nonsense than most of deployment. With that said depending on what section of the mask argument one is in it would be about as effective.

      • Push, just push until I get tired. They were handy for the locals identifying that they were theoretically on our side (payroll) though.

          • “+1… Call me ate-up but I always liked marching in formation…”

            Weird timing. Colonel and I watched some sort of documentary yesterday, showing Chair Force formations marching. I think it looks dumb. Loved marching with the M-1 as an Army ROTC cadet, but marching in the Chair Force just looks like walking around with a big group.

  2. Since it is a requirement to wear a mask while on a Delta flight, I can’t feel bad for someone who breaks their rules, and is banned from their flights. Play stupid games, win stupid prizes. Oh, and thank you for your service.

    • “Since it is a requirement” …Baaaaays… john hussey and all the good sheeple everywhere, “I can’t feel baaaaad…”, as he continues to chew on his government approved small patch of grass and weeds.

      • Feel free to stay at home on your private property making sheep noises to yourself while other people and businesses ban you from theirs.

        That’s their right. It’s bad enough they have to deal with toddlers, they don’t need adult children throwing tantrums too.

    • I’ve rebelled against the security theater surrounding masks, just as I’ve rebelled against the security theater of the TSA. But, a wise man picks his fights wisely. I don’t go into the enemy’s camp alone, and try to fight them all single handedly.

      The owner of a business says I can’t come in unless I wear a mask, I just tell him that I’ll spend my money elsewhere, turn around, and walk away. You know that hurts him in the current situation.

      • Well, that’s the problem and why the world will be wearing masks for the rest of the lifespan of humanity. What does a mask actually do in a non sterile environment? Especially on a plane? How many people wear them incorrectly, touch them, hang them in their car, re wear them, etc etc…. I see the mask signs, I still enter, no mask. If they say something, I question them. I won’t sit there and interrogate them, I simply just ask simple questions. If they refuse to side with logic then I leave, but not after at least standing up for myself.

        Stand up for yourself man. Techincally, there is very few businesses that don’t “require” masks, but they cannot enforce it unless it’s a small locally owned one, or you live in a shitty SJW dem controlled area and the “managers” are the wanna be enforcers. They tried it at my work and they released a video telling employees “If a customer walks in without a mask, and is questioned and asked to wear a mask but refuses citing civil liberty violations, you should still permit them to enter the store”. End of discussion. I rallied on that comment right there. Basically, our owner said that legally speaking, he cannot legally enforce someone to wear a mask, but only ask. So if they try to enforce it, get legal involved. Stop backing down. Masks do nothing, they will never go away. There will be another “pandemic”. There always is. The world is not sterile.

        • I don’t like the whole mask fad…. yes it’s a fad and the science is hardly proven.

          But hanging them in your car, especially if you park outside, is a good way to sterilize them with uv rays.

        • You are exactly right. The public health “experts” and echoing politicians always make sure to say that mask-wearing “may” be effective. Basically this means they’re just making stuff up. In fact it doesn’t take much diffing to to find ample solid epidemiological evidence that questions whether wearing masks does much of anything at all.

          Do you know anybody outside of an operating room that actually changes their masks with any regularity at all? I sure don’t. Nonetheless “proper” mask wearing—the kind the experts draw upon for their “may be effective” recommendations— require frequencies of mask changing—like every day—that nobody on the street adheres to. Mask-wearing may make us .000001% safer then we would be if if we weren’t wearing masks. For the public-health critters and politicians who think rule enforcement will defeat the virus, that kind of insignificant percentage is still enough to demand compliance. At best mask-wearing is feel-good political symbolism.

          • “The public health “experts” and echoing politicians always make sure to say that mask-wearing “may” be effective.”

            The point of the masks is not medical, it is political. It is “doing something”. The goal is to keep the people from revolting and throwing the current politicians out of office. Additionally, it is a means of acclimating the populace to the idea that public safety (whatever that means) justifies suspending the constitution at will.

            Oh, yeah, wearing the masks is the means by which the elites comfort the masses while destroying their economy, school systems, and get rid of Trump.

      • Did you read the article about the guy who ate very sloooooowly during the whole flight? He enjoyed a mask free flight.
        I doubt the flight attendants like to wear it. They’re moving most of the time. We sit. They’d be fired if they agreed with the guy.

  3. So another government employee who thinks the rules are for the rest of us but not for him? Maybe the Biden/Harris campaign can get Al Gore to lend him a private plane.

  4. tHe TrUtH aBoUt GuNs… random stories about airlines enforcing mask policies. Is there really no relevant content to cover? Start doing new reviews on guns that have already been reviewed.

  5. I am stopped from entering Walmart and Starbucks if I’m not wearing a mask. Delta has the same rules. We should follow them if we want to use/buy their services. I thank him for his service, but he also should follow the rules.

    • I am not stopped anywhere for not wearing a mask. I politely state I am medically exempt, and move on.

      By law, they are not allowed to ask about it, nor am I required to divulge the nature of my exemption. I carry the state’s health edict, with the exemption highlighted, in my pocket in case anyone cares to challenge my assertion.

      Private businesses COULD refuse me, and /or trespass me, but so far no one has prevented this disabled veteran from entering their business.

      I am polite and keep my distance. Funny thing is, people approach me all the time in stores, genuinely being nice to engage me in conversation. Get right in my face. Sometimes remove their mask so I can hear / understand as I am nearly deaf (also an exemption). Chat me up.

      I have yet to have anyone harass me. Go figure.

      • Guessing you are not over in NY…….. well outside of Rensselaer and Washington counties anyway.

        • Well I’m in NY , Western NY to be exact . My neighbor has yet to wear a mask anywhere , not Wegmans , or any other store, bar or restaurant. Never been challenged

        • Larry to be honest I don’t often get to go much farther west than Herkimer so glad to hear some level of normal prevails out there. Most of the Capital region straight down to NYC is a mix of crazy, quarantine theater and shootings that are starting to remind me of Philly before I moved up. The more rural regions are less annoying but we have “Karens” looking to call that mask/bar report number on speed dial.

      • Ditto. I CAN wear a mask, for a little while. I actually do so if I have to be in close contact with someone. But, I can’t wear a mask all day long, and I’m not about to try. And, I dare some arsehole to try to force me to wear a mask, LOL.

        • No problem, just stay the f**k off of my property and we both will be happy.
          My property, my rules. Or did you want to go fool democrat on me? I have noticed some of you winny asses seem to think private property rules do not apply to you.

        • Hey “not Walmart” …… nobody wants to be on your sheep farm….. so stfu and stick that mask up yet AZZ

      • It is true that some people cannot wear a mask. Usually having to do with limitations on lung power. Such as a weak diaphragm or other ailment.

        There are very few who cannot wear a mask for medical reasons. I see no reason why those people should be disrespected.

        The USA is up to 178,060 dead, according to the latest numbers. I get them from Bing, which has automated picking up the numbers from various Federal and State agencies.

        • I wonder why my comment didn’t post…

          Hospitals are paid more for WuFlu deaths and patients admitted as WuFlu patients, even if they aren’t tested for it. Anyone who dies with the WuFlu antibody is counted as a WuFlu death, Hospitals get more money that way and doesn’t matter if they actually died from a car wreck or gang shooting, its counted as a WuFlu.

          It will be years before we get an idea of the real numbers and studies are done, picking through each and every death, seeing what underlying conditions existed or what the real cause of death was.

          Who would have thought that people would follow an incentive?


          At the end of the day, its purely political now. First the lockdowns and masks were just to flatten the curve so our hospitals weren’t overwhelmed, now its perpetual lockdowns. We will ALWAYS have some flavor of the virus, there are like seven different versions and we got one that is less deadly but easier to spread.

          People know they are being lied to, lied lied lied to again and again and they aren’t buying it anymore.

    • You must live in a real shit hole then. I never get stopped. I have even been to a very “soy” coffee joint and they said nothing. I did it on purpose too, just to test them. They failed.

      Leave your muzzles at home.

  6. So much for quiet professional.

    Why would you kill the most wanted terrorist in the world? The intelligence value of a capture outweighs the risk. It would have been tough to kill Osama, to the boys aka ” Tim Osmond” who was long dead of marfan syndrome before the 2011 Abbottabad raid. No way he lived in squalor, or in the mountains for ten years with marfan not getting mayo clinic level care.

    The mask non-sense needs to stop, over 25 non-bias, empirical, double-blind, peer reviewed studies Prove that out, its about social engineering. Now in Maine they are making wait staff wear dog cones around their necks, its a sick joke to see who will just do what they are told. The so called facts about showing you how cloth stops moisture droplets has very little to do with spreading viruses, in fact it can make it worse by making the droplets smaller and more pervasive. Its airborne therefore droplets arent the most significant way you can be exposed. Rebreathing your own air with moisture laden bacteria and viruses is not healthy, also when you rebreathe and take in large amounts of co2 your body becomes acidic, a prime state for you to contract just about anything especially cancers. A virus so deadly you have to get tested to tell if you have it, isnt that deadly, the numbers on average are 0.02-.004 , less in some countries. For those under 24 Y/O the death rate is so low it hasn’t even been calculated, its statistically almost zero unless you have serious underlying health issue. More people are dying from theses draconian measures of drug/alcohol and suicide. Not even as deadly statistically as the flu in fact five times less on average. Why doesn’t Fauci talk about case fatality rate? Why don’t we talk about recovered numbers? The PCR test doesn’t even test for the CCP virus specifically it tests for all virus’ even common cold. If we have not been able to get a viable vaccine for the common cold how will they do it effectively for the CCP virus which is a common cold virus? Its all a sick scam to vertically reorganize our economy and roll in a new order of things. I hope everyone enjoys their future post-scamdemic because we all complied like lemmings and allowed these fraudsters to cuck everyone, so for that I say good on you Rob, I dont wear a mask either, and will not take the MRNA vaccine.

    • J.Smith,


      Mask usage is more a way of measuring fear and social control.

      BTW: Hydroxycloroquine? It is just quinine. Sold over-the-counter in most of the world.

      To make your own: simmer grapefruit peels and lemon peels in a covered pot for two hours. Just enough water to cover the rinds. Do not take the cover off the pot until it all cools. There you have it: quinine. Tasty, curative.

      • Hydroxycloroquine is not quinine. Are you retarded? You can’t cure Covid by drink Gin and Tonics. Hydroxycloroquinine is questionable at treating Covid (we don’t know how well it works), is only made in India, India is no longer exporting it (except to Israel), and nobody in the US can get it.

        • I use the following covid test: pour an inch or two of whiskey in a low-ball glass, then smell it (decreased sense of smell is a sign of covid),if you can smell it, proceed to step two: taste it (decreased taste is a sign of covid),then drink it down, if you can taste it , good, you probably don’t have covid. I like to repeat the test eight or nine times just to be certain. This morning, I woke up with a headache ( another sign of covid), and am now having to repeat the whole process again!!!

        • a peruvian tree bark extract helping malaria sufferers for close to two hundred years.
          but yes, quinine in liquid form paired with distilled neutral spirits infused with juniper and other botanicals knocks the vile wrasse on it’s vile ass.

    • A couple countries have almost zero infection. How did they achieve that success rate? QUARANTINE. Nobody in, anyone who leaves doesn’t come back. Funny thing – early on, Trump wanted to shut down ports of entry, and prohibit travel. Leftist politicans screamed “DAS RACISSSS!!” so we never did quarantine.

      • Ing,
        So you’re saying the mostly older people (over 70 year old average) that are dying from this probably didn’t catch the virus because they kept going to work and school?? Gee, it’s almost like we didn’t have to destroy the economy and blow through TRILLIONS of dollars of deficit spending. I happened to call this from the beginning. I said it right here. Destroying the economy was stupid. This should have been a MANAGED RISK from the beginning.

        Too bad the democrats can’t hold this over Trump’s head. /s They wanted to spend and shut down even more.

    • “..Masks are a minor inconvenience that really stop the spread…” REALLY stop the spread? (That is a straight out lie and you should be ashamed.)

      No they don’t, not by the general public. Walk out into the real world glocky docky, and watch as a quarter of the people wear them below their noses or pull their masks down to talk.

      Then watch as people in the store touch everything around them while constantly touching and adjusting their masks (which are now contaminated).

      Many are likely never washed, worn day after day, or not disposed of for one time use masks.

      Then valved masked allow many particles to come out of the valve.

      Read the recent studies that state many cloth masks did not offer much protection or… ACTUALLY ALLOWED MORE RESPIRATORY DROPLETS TO ESCAPE THAN NOT WEARING A MASK AT ALL.

      This does not even include the protection of your eyes, which have the same receptors as the respiratory system. That would require a full face shield or goggles. Or again people that touch their mouth, eyes, and face, without washing first.

      So glocky docky, (these are but a few of the reasons)… keep your lies to yourself.

      • Wear a mask or don’t wear a mask, but how about shutting up about it.
        This isn’t directed at anyone in particular. I thought this was a site about guns.
        I choose to wear a surgical style mask all day, while being a part of the workforce constructing a nuclear power plant in rural Georgia. High humidity, often 105° heat index; 63 years of age, heavy lifting, carrying material upstairs, climbing ladders while wearing 25 plus lbs safety harness and toolbelt. It’s brutal.
        I’m not noble, don’t want a medal, thankful to be deemed an essential worker and have job.
        I wear it because I believe that it may reduce the chance of me acquiring covid-19 and bringing it home to my wife, who has a congenital immune deficiency condition.
        On the other hand, I don’t believe in chemtrails, flat earth, or Qanon among other harebrained ideas.
        I don’t lecture anyone on mask use or lack there of
        I mind my own business.
        How about we talk about guns and SHUT THE HELL UP RE: MASKS.

      • You were lying about the results of the study, here is a an actual statement from the steady you site:

        “We want to emphasize that we really encourage people to wear masks, but we want them to wear masks that actually work.”

        Please, don’t wear a mask, they do infringe upon your constitutional liberty.

        As Rush Limbaugh said, “Covid 19 is actually just the common flu“. As Donald Trump said, “it’s a democratic hoax!”

      • @ Miner, you say I lied. OK the entire text of my comment is above, pick out where I lied about the cited study. This is coming from someone who’s falsehoods have been well documented, post after post.

        So pick the line(s) above that you call the “lying about the results of the study”. You won’t because you can’t, and this is your usual hit/lie and run piece, which is also well documented.

      • Loving it brother! Exactly, no one uses decontamination procedures with any of their PPE. I watch even doctors and medical staff constantly touching their masks both cloth and N95, they’ll lift it up, pull it down, talk, then lift it back up.its all virtue signaling like Chip B said. At times when I have to wear one due certain reasons, even flying I wear it under my nose, no one says anything, except my physical therapy Doc, she said pull that up please, I said no thanks, I dont block off my oxygen. She shrugged it off. It reads right on most of the N95 mask boxes that the mask does not prevent catching the CCP virus.CYA I’m sure.

        So if you can take your mask off while you eat or drink, but have to wear it at other times on flights, how does that work? Does the CCP virus just stop being contagious during that period? When you goto a restaurant and have to wear a mask for the 15′ from the entrance to your table, then you can take it off, is the danger magically suspended?

        We can thank Fauci and the CCP virus for one thing, they cured flu deaths, cancer deaths, diabetes deaths, heart disease. The numbers are bs as well. Now that everyone is screaming the sky is falling like Henney Penney, how will you act when cold and flu season comes around? How did you act before? No big deal then, but now you’ll freak out.

      • Miner, you are so divorced from reality that you don’t even realize you made his point for him.

      • @J.B.
        “How about we talk about guns and SHUT THE HELL UP RE: MASKS.”
        Well, your comment was a long rant about masks, so what’s good for the goose…

        “I wear it because I believe that it may reduce the chance of me acquiring covid-19 and bringing it home to my wife, who has a congenital immune deficiency condition.”

        According to the experts, you’re doing it wrong. Your mask does NOT reduce the chance of you acquiring covid. It reduces the chance that you accidentally spread it to someone else. A properly fitted N95 mask might prevent you from catching it, BUT it doesn’t prevent you from spreading it because your breath isn’t filtered when you exhale.

      • It has been nearly 24 hours and Miner, as predicted, has not replied. This is typical of him/her, and leftist in general. Hit, lie, and run and when presented with facts, force their heads up their asses and pretend not to be the wiser, which they are not.

        Just in case you say Miner didn’t know, he posted two different times below with time stamps of 15:08 and 15:16 after my post of 14:51.

        Miner and Leftist like him have no values, standards, beliefs (other than their own nihilism), morals, or honor.

    • Lol

      So, pre-corona, would you let your dentist get up in your face without a mask? Hell no, most dentists have disgusting teeth. How about if your surgeon walks in no gloves/ no masks, cracks his knuckles and goes to work? Not unless his face just came out of an autoclave. You are right, masks don’t stop crap, they reduce, I say again, reduce, the spreading of people’s disgusting funk. Whether that is Covid, halitosis, or dead semen, whatever. Also, breathing in your own germs from safe since they have emanated from you. It’s called your normal bacterial flora and your immune system is used to it.

      So that’s the science. As for the freedoms, I believe you have the right to not wear one, period. Just so you know, nothing gets a libs flappy boner harder than when proud Americans stand up for themselves. So we have to try to reduce the amount of liberal boners in this country by picking our battles. As for me, I’m a retired Marine turned biologist working in a med lab, so if you think wearing a mask is gay, I guess wearing a mask/ gloves/ bouffant cap/face shield/ and disposable lab coat makes me a giant queer.

      Pew pew

    • Funny how people are masked, yet bring the food packages and bags right into their homes, which have been handled by multiple people. It’s not about covid, it’s about compliance.

  7. Wow- so brave spreading some Chinese wet market disease, or Chinese weapons lab.

    Covid-19 has permanent sexual side effects. I’m an an endocrinologist, I see this shit everyday. And if you have type 2 diabetes? You might die.

    They need to shoot the rioters for spreading this thing. We need to ban all immigration, and ban all Chinese people from coming here. Covid is spreading in the black and Latino communities because they are retarded about social distancing and don’t wear masks. Sorry to be racists, but it’s true. If you are obese or over 50, this thing can leave you with permanent lung and heart damage. It’s bizzare that the people who conceal carry a g19 with 46 rounds “just in case” somehow magically think they won’t get this thing.

    Wear an N95 or better. The regular cloth masks probably don’t work. Surgical masks- eh…

    I wear a 3M p100 cartridge respirator to the store and a disposable N100 with patients. Cover your eyes.

    Again, I’m an endocrinologist (MD). I’m paleoconservative. I carry everyday. Stay away from people. Wear a mask.

      • Ad Astra,

        I do not tune him out, but I don’t care about him flouting that he is a medical professional. I know of plenty of researchers and clinicians who explain how the Covid numbers have been widely falsified and distorted for political purposes.

        • It is certainly being used for political purposes, but you still don’t want to get this.

          Stop being a light-switch brain. Multiple things can be true at the same time.

        • Glock Doc,

          Your insult aside, the falsification of the numbers AND of the need for expensive meds and rushed vaccines is a clear indication that this pandemic is about control not wellness, about power and money, not the public welfare.

          We are well-stocked to deal with and cure this disease, should we contact it. It is EASY to be prepared.

          If you reply, try being polite.

        • Yes please be polite Glock doc you don’t want to give a ‘man’ like LifeSavor the vapors.

        • Science has been wrong before, science is wrong even now.

          Just like climate change, it’s all a hoax. Does it seem to you like it’s getting hotter, do you see forest fires, more tropical storms? Of course not, that’s all just fear mongering by the main stream media.

          These researchers and doctors have no more proof or understanding about this virus than you or me. The only person in America who really understands this virus is Donald Trump. And like Trump said, he has a natural ability to understand and fight this virus.

          So follow Donald Trump, don’t wear a mask because it’s just a sign of fear and control.

          And avoid any so-called vaccination they offer, that’s just the way they actually infect you with the disease.

          Pack the pews at your local church, stand shoulder to shoulder with your family, friends and fellow travelers, and shout proudly ‘breathe free, America!‘

        • “Multiple things can be true at the same time.”

          If I were to write down some of the most important bits of wisdom that I’ve learned over the years, something paraphrasing the above would be on it.

        • Glockdoc is not a doctor. He’s suspicious fisherman, as well as other “people” that show up from time to time. He even admitted it in the past, though it’s pretty easy to tell that this guy isn’t a doctor.

        • ‘Ol Minor 69er trying to convince you to live in fear. Unfortunately though articulate, his words are un-imaginative, and un-inspiring. More like a journalism major who was denied a position with the local newspaper and never quite got over it. Now Minor 69er “blogs” where he can and teaches high school students the proper use of a fork. What aloser.

    • “You dont want to get this”

      I already had it. I had a 100 degree fever for a few hours, went to the nurses station to get on quarters, went home, wrapped in blankets, drank fluids, slept, sweated, pushed 5mg of C, 10,000 IU of D, upped my zinc, doubled my curcurimin intake, was back to work the next day. I am middle-aged with hashimoto’s, probably from the litany of vaccines I have had to take, including anthrax over the last 30 years. Quinine works as does quercitin because they are alkaloids, which have beneficial effects against virus’. Doc, you gotta read more. Did you read the studies that showed like 99% of covid deaths all had extremely low D levels? D is crucial for the macrophages to do their job, 3/4 of the US is vitamin D deficient. Blame americans terrible diet and health habits before crying how bad this virus is. What was it over 40% of the dead were killed while on ventilators? I was on one for four hours for a surgery, took me a week of breathing training to be able to take a deep breath. Tell me how 250-375,000 people die from medical malpractice, etc… each year in hospitals by Drs etc…the second to third leading cause of death in the US annually. Now how about that mask?

      • Get your vitamin D by getting enough sun. Don’t wear endocrine-disrupting sunscreen. DuckDuckGo “PABA free”.

        People who supplement vitamin D often fuck up their calcium levels. I don’t have enough time to explain.

        Eat grass fed beef.
        Lift heavy.
        Get sun.
        Have sex.
        Limit alcohol.

        Wear an N95 in public. Carry everyday. Build the wall, deport them all, and make Mexico pay for it. Permanently ban Chinese people from coming to the US. We should have done that with SARS.

        Don’t be a retard thinking your Qanon memes are going to save you from this thing. Herman Cain did that and now he’s dead. The Wuhan Coronavirus (COVID-19) is not some you want to get. Yes, the left is using it to push political things. I don’t why people fight wearing masks when they aren’t allowed to go to church. That scares me more.


        People on this board are retarded. They can’t understand being attacked from the right.

        • “Wear an N95 in public.”

          That won’t keep you from spreading the virus if you have it. A real doctor would know that troll.

    • Why is it that everyone who claims to be an endo on TTAG says things that make that assertion questionable (at best) and does so in the same comment as the claim itself?

  8. No shirt No shoes No service. No problem. Their is no law supporting these action. It was imposed by businesses in the 60’s and 70 in response to the Hippie counterculture’s propensity to dress without shirts and shoes and yet society has comfortable complied. Now due to a disease pandemic that has sickened and killed hundreds of thousands of people. Businesses are imposing a rule requiring customers wear a mask for the safety of everyone in their business. Whether the masks truly help is under much debate. That is beyond the point. The point is businesses have been allowed to determine how you are dressed when inside their establishments. As long as it doesn’t discriminate based on Legal Standards. I know people feel like they are rebelling against “The Man”. Ultimately they accomplish little more than 15 minutes of media coverage if they are famous and 15 seconds of self applause if they are not. Common courtesy isn’t all that common anymore.

    • As an after thought. When did/is his last/next book coming out. No such thing as bad press. Just no press.

    • “no shirt, no shoes, no service”.

      “No problem”???

      I for one actively oppose “no shirt, no shoes, no service”. I don’t wear shoes in public, and I get kicked out of a lot of places.

      But there is no reason to wear shoes, like there is no reason to wear masks.

      Just because the majority comply with demands to conform, doesn’t make those demands okay.

      “I know people feel like they are rebelling against “The Man”.”

      Or it’s rebelling against overt oppression.

      You clearly don’t get that, but it doesn’t make it less severe. Just because YOU have no desire to be free, doesn’t mean other people don’t.

      People have been complying with lies for centuries (just look at any religion).
      But they’re still complying with lies!! I won’t do it just because everybody else does, and just because some lies have been ingrained in our culture for decades (or centuries).

      At the end of the day, I’ll walk in the Truth I know despite what control freaks and authoritarians tell me to do.

  9. I thank him for his service. That said, being packed like sardines into a long metal tube that is full of the DNA of past and current occupants, it would be stupid of Delta not to require masks. Oh, and that little air nozzle, while in the past they use to pump fresh air through those, they now just blow mostly filtered stale air from the cabin back in your face. I doubt a HEPA filter will stop COVID-19.

    • Eh- HEPA / N95 / MERV 13+ will filter the virus kinda well. Also- I’m a private pilot (instrument rated, fly a cirrus) as a hobby and an airplane nerd. Without getting into why, the air systems are actually pretty good on airplanes (HEPA filter + pressurization system brings in air from outside). Green buildings with efficient HVAC are the worst.

    • No. It’s not a sealed off oxygen tank. I’d bet you probably think a bullethole will make it go pop too.

      • No one thinks oxygen is pumped in, to see why look up Apollo 1. Pressurized aircraft leak pressure all the time they are at altitude, compensating for that is part of the design. Just because I am skeptical of the quality of the filtration & especially how well it is maintained doesn’t make me ignorant of commercial or general aviation aircraft.

  10. My dad (67), otherwise healthy, died of COVID. It was terrible. He couldn’t breathe and it was an agonizing death.

    We had to have a funeral over Zoom.

    Please, just wear a mask.

    • Your dad didn’t die of Covid. You are just brainwashed by the liberal media. You need to go spend money at a movie theater to stimulate the economy! It’s your patriotic duty to not wear a mask, spend money supporting Hollywood, and go protest the murder of George Floyd! I love giving money to companies so they can sponsor floats at the pride parade!

      Don’t listen to GlockDoc! What is an endocrinologist? I only listed to real medical doctors!

  11. Rob, you DF. You properly kitted up for the Bin Laden mission. Kit up properly for the CV-19 mission. Thank you for your service, sacrifice on foreign soil. How about same at home???? Be a home soil leader. Don’t lose all the respect you earned over stupid shit. Don’t double bug tap us old farts. The bug can kill just as dead as a terrorist. Maybe virus is from terrorists…..foreign and domestic in cahoots. Russia failed 2016. Maybe Dems out sourced to another vendor this lap. In public, kit up, Patriot.

  12. Stupid or not, you need to play the game. No shoes, no shirt, no service. If he was siting there shirtless or took his pants off, they’d ban him for that too and would anyone disagree?

    You can wear a Trump mask, a “United Airlines” mask, a smiley face mask, or any other counter-protest mask you want as long as you wear a mask. Since they are NOT specifying what a mask has to be made of, most masks do no good at all. They just offer psychological comfort to those sitting around you.

    • What? TTAG had an opinion they wanted to share and now your panties are all in a bunch?

      This from one of the most (annoyingly) opinionated posters here?

      O’Neill did things with firearms you can only FAP about. There’s your tie in.

      • U, it was a simple question. And if you find my opinions annoying don’t read them. There are lots of people that comment on this site that I ignore. U just got added to the list. 😆

        • @U is just another click bait Troll. Never take them personally it only inflates their overactive idea of themselves. Unless they bring something to the discussion of value. Don’t waste the effort. Remember as I’ve posted before. You should never try to teach a pig to sing. It wastes your time and annoys the pig.

        • Wow I got added Gads ignore list? That would be a badge of honor!! If anyone knew who the fk you were.

          As for your White Knight who swooped in an attempt to save his defenseless gad, I would never try to teach you to sing. I can see how annoyed you get just from your buddie Gad.

        • “time enough for love” was published in ’73 and you’ve not yet heard that quote?

          “what’s the sense of wrestling with a pig? you both get all over muddy… and the pig likes it.”
          cyrus stuart ching, ’48.

  13. If it’s listed in the Terms of Carriage, there’s nothing you can do but comply, or find another method of travel.

  14. O’Neill would be more respected had he stayed true to the US War Fighter ethos of Professional silence. Get him to make a statement on that.

    • )))THIS(((

      Apparently this jacka$$ can’t follow rules inside or outside the military. And he thought it was cute to post a pic of him flouting the rules.

    • Your comment was so stupid that you have a McCrystal Troll agreeing with you. How do you tell? Patrick H. (as in Patrick Henry b/c that gives him cred with POG) linked his name to facebook. Not any particular facebook account, just facebook.

      Rules are made for the betterment of society, this rule, because most face masks don’t work, is made to subjugate and further dominate and control the people.

      So next time take you own advice about “Professional silence” and maybe you might earn some respect.

      • “face masks don’t work, is made to subjugate and further dominate and control the people.”

        Right! Face masks actually spread the disease and make it worse. The Liberals are using social distancing to deny you the opportunity to hug your loved ones and share the good medicine of rubbing elbows.

        Support the constitution, ban face masks!

        • LMAO. That’s right folks. Buy into the fear of the “articulate” Minor 69er. Check how many deaths in your state were actually from the China V. In my state it was found that over 60% of deaths were to people in advanced stages of cancer who were on chemo. Make no mistake every death is a tragedy but not every death was by the Chinese Wu Flu. Nice try Minor 69er.

  15. Dame people who bitch about second hand smoke harming them and theirs and got smoking ban in just about anyplace but your own car and house, refuse to wear masks becouse they say it’s bullsh!t. WHAT HYPOCRISY. You don’t want someone’s smoke killing you but you want the right to spread germs that kill faster, much faster. HYPOCRITICAL BASTARDS.

  16. I’ve seen this guy on FOX. Thanks for killing(?)Salami Been Rotten. If I fly Delta I have to wear a mask. You’re not above the rules of a private carrier…as mentioned that’s life in these United States. Same as 100 years ago.

      • My brother-in-law died of Wuhan. 72, Vietnam vet and good guy. My wife couldn’t see him or have a proper funeral. IF you wear a mask and that other chit it’s cool. I don’t go all nazi even though I’m 66 and not in great health. I do that crap for ME…

  17. The gun community overlaps with the prepper community. Why do you people not own N95 respirators?

    What if there is a CBRN/NBC emergency? California has unhealthy air right now due to the fires. Buy a 3M cartridge respirator. Get P100 cartridges. What if there is a pandemic worse than Covid?

    • We do. But for this former Navy Seal, this is about freedom. He fought for and believes he is displaying his support for it. For private business they can say no shirt, no shoes, no mask, no service.

  18. Maybe O’Neill saw this video from Dr. Fauxci when His Royal Pomposity told us not to wear masks. The G really has us hopping from one foot to the other, doesn’t it? Next thing you know, some political gasbag will tell us that they had to destroy the country in order to save it.

    • Yes! Fauci the Hillary lover has been wrong about everything. I wouldn’t trust that big-eared little weasel for a common cold. Masks are just to let people feel superior, they don’t do shit. That said, it’s Delta’s plane they make the rules. Guy needs to quit bragging about bin laden, makes zero difference. Not very “seal-like”, either.

    • Maybe one of the goals of this article was to see where gun owners (Rep/Dem, Conservative/Liberal, young/old, Mil/LE/Civ, working/retired) fall into thier beliefs on freedom, what make sense, level of support for society, etc? TFB does a great job of focusing on guns, gear, training, if thats what you want to see more of. Only owning guns does not make us POTG.

      • Please tell me this comments section isn’t representative of potg, the right, etc. because I have seen some of the dumbest comments in here.

  19. I’ll start off,
    My MAS 49/56 in .308” is far superior to the M-1 Garand.

    10 shots vs 8
    Detachable box magazine
    Cooler looking.

    Fight me

    • Don’t know enough of the technical specs to fight you over it but at first glance a very neat firearm I never heard of that might somehow be legal in my area (desire to know more intensifies).

    • Well, it is French…

      Here’s how to get free drinks in the bars in Paris:

      Question: “How many French soldiers does it take to defend Paris?

      Answer: we don’t know, it’s never been done!“

      • Well, it is French…

        Yes, the nation whose flag is a white fleur de lis, on a white background.

        Also, their main battle tanks have four reverse gears, and one forward….in case they are attacked from the rear.

        But I am eternally grateful for the Marquis de Lafayette, and the comte de Rochambeau.

    • the .308’s are century conversions. pass on that ten pound lump.
      i’ve never noticed 7.5 x 54 on the shelf anywhere.

        • So is the origin of smokeless powder, French fries and French toast.
          Look it up, Some Mas 49/56 Rifles were built in.308, by the French.
          Mine functions, runs as good as my C308

        • The french stole the fries from Belgium. The thievin frogs stole French toast from the Romans, they called it Pan Dulcis,. They did invent smokeless powder. Mainly so the enemy could see their white flags of surrender. Gunpowder smoke tended to hide them.

  20. The Second Coming

    Turning and turning in the widening gyre
    The falcon cannot hear the falconer;
    Things fall apart; the centre cannot hold;
    Mere anarchy is loosed upon the world,
    The blood-dimmed tide is loosed, and everywhere
    The ceremony of innocence is drowned;
    The best lack all conviction, while the worst
    Are full of passionate intensity.

    Surely some revelation is at hand;
    Surely the Second Coming is at hand.
    The Second Coming! Hardly are those words out
    When a vast image out of Spiritus Mundi
    Troubles my sight: somewhere in sands of the desert

    A shape with lion body and the head of a man,
    A gaze blank and pitiless as the sun,
    Is moving its slow thighs, while all about it
    Reel shadows of the indignant desert birds.
    The darkness drops again; but now I know
    That twenty centuries of stony sleep
    Were vexed to nightmare by a rocking cradle,
    And what rough beast, its hour come round at last,
    Slouches towards Bethlehem to be born?

    • Sorry guys, it looks like enuf forgot to include the 4th stanza;

      People better off than they were before,
      They can not see through their hate anymore,
      Shaking their fists at Orange Man Bad,
      It consumes them for they are mad,
      TDS is their affliction,
      They live in a world of fiction,
      Against their own best interest they will vote,
      Their souls have given up all logic, reason, and hope.

  21. This guy likely wears a seat belt because the airline tells him to do so. Buying a ticket to ride is not the same as buying an ownership stake in how the company is run. Their aircraft, their rules. Over an out.

  22. I don’t wear my seatbelt. I’ve flown my whole Life and never needed a seatbelt. The TYRANTS at the FAA day I need to wear one. I’ve only been escorted off an airplane once. They said in the event of turbulence, I could fly across the airplane and hit other people. Yeah right! Tyrants!

    I don’t wear my seatbelt driving either! Seatbelts dont work. I also carry a glock 19 AIWB with a 2lb trigger in case a racist DemoKKKrat tells me to wear a mask! My proud of my wife’s multiracial son who protested for liberty and against police brutality. He led the liberation of a Foot Locker because they required people to wear masks. So proud of him.

    I hope they open the movies soon because I can wait to watch another Sarah Silverman film. She is so funny because she makes fun of Christians. Hahaha! So edgy!

    Y’all need to listen to Michael Savage, Mark Levin, Ben Shapiro, yankeeMarshall, PraegerU!

    I stand with Israel! I was neverTrump in 2016, but I support him now!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Spoken like a true “maskhole”. Love your servitude. Taking freedoms under the guise of public safety is and has been the camels nose under the tent for a long time. When we revisit this in about a year, explain it to me then with contact tracers, ankle bracelets, mandatory tracking apps, mandatory monthly vaccinations or you won’t travel, shop, etc… I get picking my battles and I am, but to not even have a mentality of pushback shows when needed you all will have no bite. I blame the food and peoples lifestyles, low testosterone for all these people to get cucked so easy. Pathetic what the alpha male warrior has turned into.

      • Maybe, that is what Rob was getting at, that alpha male warriors arent putting up with the bs. Maybe that is why it was in TTAG.

  23. I despise wearing masks. They are nothing more than a means of virtue signaling and of conditioning the masses for compliance.

    Having said that: Delta is a private business, and as such has the right to institute policies as they see fit. As consumers (and speaking as a Delta Diamond), we each have the option of either choosing to comply with policy or choosing another way to travel.

    Delta had previously stated that it would ban passengers for refusal to adhere to their mask policy. Delta had previously banned passengers for refusal to adhere to their mask policy. The truism, “play stupid games, win stupid prizes” applies to Navy SEALs just as much as it applies to the rest of us.

    By the way, Delta treats active and retired military personnel very well. This was a dumb move – by O’Neill.

    As a frequent flyer (sitting in an airport as I type this), I appreciate the efforts that Delta takes on a routine basis to take care of their frequent flyers, just as I appreciate the efforts that Delta is currently taking to protect passengers during a pandemic, including blocking out middle seats and only filling half of first class, and more orderly boarding and de-planing.

    • What’s that you said?????I couldn’t understand you through ALL THAT BAAAABAAAAING, LIKE A GD SHEEP…..

      • Wait, so let me get this straight: respecting private property rights and the right of private businesses to conduct business as they see fit makes me a sheep and a commie sympathizer? You sound like AntiFa, BLM, and other such Marxist ilk.

        I’d rather you didn’t fly Delta. When I’m on a plane, 99% of the time I’m working, and I would rather not have to put up with your social justice warrior tomfoolery.

  24. What does his being a former government employee have to do with anything? I guess maybe our freedoms weren’t scattered all over the Middle East like he used to brag about “fighting for our freedoms”. So he was a liar or a sucker. One is just about as bad as the other.

  25. really? seems like someones staying relevant. I don’t like the masks and the covid response is crap, BUT he knew masks were required just like everything else, a private company set the rules for their business and he wanted to be back in the headlines. no amount of being the guy that shot a haj makes you more special or exempt than the rest of us. dudes a dingus, the workout video will be next. stop being a dousche.

  26. I don’t really get this.

    O’Neil had a natural, civil and human right to protest the mask wearing, and Delta had every civil right to control who gets aboard their aircraft. Delta’s right of control was asserted.

    Yet there are 112 comments on the posting.

  27. Not surprising unfortunately… Same douche-bag caught blowing off the Anthem… He’s a disgrace IMHO…

    • There are no advances studies as yet in regards to Ivermectin. There are about 16 studies in progress. It is way too early to tell if this drug is any use against Covid.

      Giovanni Lentini RRT ACCS NPS

  28. So he shot Osama Bin Laden . . . what the heck does that have to do with the requirement to wear a mask on an airplane? Nothing . . . at least he followed the rules when he needed to, back then.

      • Spoken like a couple antifa bootlickers.

        The difference in good leadership and bad leadership, is knowing when to follow orders, and when to defy them. Given the rule of muzzles, only idiots would think they actually do anything other than suppress you. It’s a control thing, nothing more, nothing less. Sometimes, rebellion is patriotic. it’s not like the guy is advocating communism or anything… It’s a mask… and it’s been proven to be ineffective. You seem to be adults, do the work yourself. I used to be all for them, until I started looking for answers…. just sayin.

  29. You know when this mask nonsense will end?….. it will magically end once the commies have installed their useful idiots into the top office in the country…..
    Mark my words….

  30. Don’t care who he is. There.are rules as price of admission. Can’t play, no flight. Period.

    I think masks are as stupid as anyone, but if any of you suckholes start a civil war over something so temporary you’re on your own.

  31. I have two thoughts on this…

    – It’s their Airline, they set the rules.

    – it’s common decency to wear a mask too protect your fellow human beings.

    I have lost count count of how many people I have seen that have died of this disease.

    Giovanni Lentini
    RRT (Registered Respiratory Therapist)
    AACS (Adult Critical Care Specialist)
    NPS (Neonatal Pediatric Specialist)

  32. “Sir, you can’t be in here, especially without a mask! We’re performing surgery!”

    “It’s alright, I killed Bin Laden.”

    “Oh! Well, by all means, come on in! Here, take my scalpel!”

  33. I suspect co-vid is a Russian biological weapon, hence ‘surprisingly’ they are first to come out with a vaccine……..

  34. Glock Doc? “You were brainwashed into thinking masks are bad by Jewish-controlled conservative media. Thanks (((mark levin))). They want you to die off.” He sounds like an antisemitic Nazi……

  35. Being stupid doesn’t mean you’re a bad person. It doesn’t mean you are not a hero either. It just means you’re stupid.

    Ignorance is being unaware of the facts. Being stupid is being aware if the facts and intentionally disregarding them.

    Japan nipped this thing in the bud a lot faster than we did. On Valentine’s Day, they were joking “Don’t give flowers. Give masks instead.” They work, and there is a VERY good reason why doctors and nurses wear them on a daily basis in the hospital.

    If you don’t believe me, google “sneeze droplets” and “breath droplets.” Do you really want to be breathing in all that sh**?

    The reason cases keep going up is because of anti-maskers like this guy, and the half-a**ed mask wearers who have their noses poking out.

    A 37 year old vet in Ohio recently died of COVID-19. He was an avid anti-masker who would not “buy into the hype.”

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