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The subhead of this Atlantic article is ‘The party is betting that support for restrictions is more likely to attract moderate voters than turn them off.’ That probably seemed like a really good strategy before March, when a pandemic followed by widespread rioting, looting and defunding of police departments sparked the biggest gun buying surge in the history of the world ever.

As we saw the other night, the Democrats are obviously sticking with that approach, hoping that millions of first-time gun owners won’t be turned off by the party’s avid civilian disarmament bent. As every sports and political talking head says about every issue they’re ever asked about, it’ll be interesting to see how this plays out.

Leaders in the gun-control movement expect to push a Biden-Harris administration to pass legislation requiring comprehensive background checks, and a federal red-flag law that would permit authorities to remove firearms from Americans considered a threat to themselves or others, Feinblatt told me. Maybe, he added, the administration will even revive discussions about an assault-weapons ban.

But like much of the party’s agenda, any legislative progress on gun control almost certainly depends on an overwhelming Democratic victory in November. The base may be more unified than ever on the issue. Its lawmakers might be too. But absent a Democratic wave—and perhaps the end of the Senate filibuster—winning the White House won’t be enough.

Bloomberg’s presidential campaign folded shortly after that February house party in McLean. Watching the convention last night, I thought about another voter I met there: Rebecca Boldrick Hogg, a retired teacher and the mother of David Hogg, a young gun-control activist who, like González, survived the Parkland shooting. David, Boldrick Hogg explained at the time, was all in for Sanders, but she couldn’t abide the senator’s once-moderate record on guns. Her son was willing to accept that Sanders’s political positions had evolved, but she couldn’t bring herself to forgive him for it. Her vote, like so many others’, hinges on where a candidate stands on guns.

– Elaine Godfrey in Democrats’ Unprecedented Embrace of Gun Control

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  1. I do not understand what they hope to accomplish. They lean on guns in the middle of cities burning and innocent people being terrorized, on top of whipping the populace into a panic over a pandemic and all the instability that wrought..

    Are guns the big thing on peoples’ minds right now? Can we say “gun violence pandemic” anymore, now that there’s an actual pandemic with actual transmission vectors? Isn’t that appropriation of its culture or something?

    When John and Jane Smith wake up in the morning these days, is the first thing on their mind: “Gosh darn I sure do wish there were more arbitrary restrictions on other people’s rights that would have no impact on an issue I claim to care about on twitter”?

    Must be nice to not have real problems to worry about. Now if you’ll excuse me, I have to go home school my kids lest I be reported for neglect, while also figuring out how to feed them on account of the government won’t let me go to work.

    • I think a lot of people are our side make the mistake of trying to make sense of their logic. We see things like this, and say, “this makes no sense to me, but it has to make sense to them”, when in reality, it doesn’t make sense, and it’s not supposed.
      This is Newspeak; it’s suppose to confuse and contradict, never to be explained, only expected to be followed.

      • Actually there may well be a pretty good logic to this.

        If one looks at various portions of what they’re doing and takes a historical view of them going back ~2500 years you can see the way these things have worked out in the past from Greece to Egypt to the Western Roman Republic/Empire and even as recently as the Arab Spring.

        If one is to assume that the Democrats and their handlers are reasonably well read and intelligent (many of them most certainly are) then one could be pardoned for coming to the conclusion that these people are deliberately trying to mix a bunch of policies, that historically create huge problems individually, into a true witch’s brew of confusion, simmering resentment, distrust and rage. A nearly intractable morass which can only be dealt with by a population that understands and can reason from nuanced positions on each issue, which most people can’t on even one issue, never mind half a dozen or more.

        Such a situation pits people against each other by confusing and angering them. That’s a recipe, historically, for a total-fucking-disaster. And what do we know about such times? They provide enormous risk but also great opportunities for certain people. The people who are in the right positions can capitalize on such overall situations for their own gain in terms of power.

        You can see shades of this in the political maneuverings of Julius Caesar as early as 58 BC when he started very carefully crafting a narrative about himself in his Gallic Wars writings, nine years before he became dictator. The Gallic Wars in it’s original is not just a semi-decent historical writing, it’s also a master stroke of propaganda written for consumption by certain people. A notable portion of this is the style in which it’s written, which is simple, using a grand total of 1300 different words that were all within the common parlance of the masses. Compare that to Meditations by Marcus Aurelius and you’ll note that one is written with an eye towards being understandable (though never intended for actual publication) to the educated while the other is written (specifically for publication) to be a set of bite sized chunks that the pleb class would devour.

        And how would one do this in the modern world? Discuss serious topics about which your average American knows exactly fuck-all and do so in stark terms that practically invite people to take one of two sides and hate others for taking the other. You can see a bit of that with the “masking mandates” where not too many people understand a damn thing about it but will scream at other people about it.

        And the next step will be increasing the temperature in the room about v a c c i n a t i o n s with no discussion of the actual way that the proposed v a c c i n e s actually work nor any rational discussion of how safe they might or might not be.


        This is why I have my little “scramble” theory. Like a wrestler or a BJJ player in a bad spot forcing a scramble is risky but it’s better than staying in the current situation which is hopeless.

        • The thing that bothers me the most about all of this is that it gets to where you can’t trust anybody. I’m a bit smarter than the average bear (tooting my own horn a bit), and given a solid base to work from, I can usually figure out what matters and separate the truth from the BS.

          But getting a solid fix on anything in this age of disinformation is becoming impossible. Too much noise, not enough signal. The very people who should be dealing in hard facts, from which I could build a mental model and start to exercise some logic and discretion, are either abject, incompetent frauds or simply finding the conclusions they’re paid for — and I can’t check their math. It’s absolutely crazy-making.

          Your scramble theory makes a lot of sense. This confusion isn’t a symptom, it’s the entire point. People who can see the truth for themselves can’t be ruled by a cabal of “experts.” But when people are confused and scared, that’s when opportunity opens up for the ruthless and the well-connected.

          I’d go a step farther than the scramble, though. More and more, it looks to me like our society is a herd of bison being stampeded off a cliff.

        • Ing;

          IMHO it’s not so much about intelligence as it is time.

          For example, since it’s all the rage these days, take CoV-2. If one wants to discuss the public policy aspects of such a thing one must do as you say, become informed on the topic. Now, that’s going to be fairly wide ranging. Immunology, Virology, Epidemiology, Biochemistry, how hosptials function et etc. Then there’s the economics, ethics and social implications.

          Now, is that doable? Sure. You can look up the actual papers and read the abstracts even if you don’t understand the body of the paper. You can look at the various studies on spread and distribution and do the arithmatic yourself. You can look at base logic and reckon it out yourself. When you don’t understand parts of a paper you can likewise look them up to find the meaning of words.

          This isn’t beyond most people except in terms of time. That’s where the media has people over a barrel in the short term. What I’m talking about takes hours and hours for most people to do and they either don’t have that time or would rather spend it on something else.

          One of the interesting things to me here is how wide open the Leftbis to taking it on the chin for a knockdown if not a knockout. But Conservatively minded folks probably won’t do that because they can’t. They’re lazy, poorly educated, poorly organized and lack any sense of unity. They’d rather sloganeer.

          And that, strangely, is why Yrump might actually be the best weapon “the rest of us have”, much as that might tick off some regulars around these parts.

        • True. Time is a limiting factor. The smarter you are, the faster you are at absorbing and understanding…but nobody has enough time to do that for all the things you’d need to know.At some point, everybody is just going to have to trust that some things are as they’ve been told.

          One of my limits is that I suck at math, so I just have to go with basic logic and trust that the people who haven’t set off my BS meter are getting the numbers right (when I said I can’t check their math, I meant it literally). When nearly everyone is twisting nearly all the stuff we need to know to get a baseline on facts and make reasonable decisions, and getting everyone so worked up that it wouldn’t matter even if we did have good information, it’s crazy-making.

        • The real issue with time is the time it takes to sort the wheat from the chaff.

          To do that you basically have to go to the original sources.

          But before you bother you need to have a public that has a baseline understanding of what matters in the first place. So, running with this CoV-2 thing… infection rates really don’t matter that much. Infection fatality rates are what matters. No one cares about a disease with a IFR of 0 or very close to it.

          I mean, humans, other than newborns, have close to a 100% infection rate for Demodex folliculorum and/or Demodex brevis. Yet few people have heard of these bugs and almost no one cares other than the people who occasionally need to have the population of them knocked back around their eyes. You cannot escape them and, technically, they’re not even parasites since they usually do so little damage that we don’t even know that they’re on us. Should we care? Probably not much.

          Then there’s a secondary issue that’s nearly as important as the first one here. That is what we know vs. what we don’t know and what these two terms mean. For instance saying “We don’t know if exposure to CoV-2 creates immunity” is NOT the same as saying “Exposure to CoV-2 does not create immunity” nor is it the same as saying “We have no reason to believe that exposure to CoV-2 creates immunity”.

          In reality, from the jump, it was quite likely that exposure followed by survival created at least short term immunity due to our B cells and long term immunity in T cells depending on age. But that’s like all nuanced and shit and people want a 100% guarantee on something that was never guaranteed in the first place for every individual in relation to every disease. Rarely people do fail to develop immunity to things like Chicken Pox. It happens but it’s extremely rare So, to hedge bets immunologists said “Well, it’s novel and so we can’t know until we have data” which was the responsible thing for a scientist to say. However, the media translated into “HOLY FUCKING SHIT THERE IS NO IMMUNITY!” (Which, btw would very likely make a vaccine impossible but… that’s another story).

          Then look at the issue of “lung scarring”. Does CoV-2 cause that? It may. TB certainly does, likely, for different reasons but it does. Does it matter? Well, define “matter”. First, we don’t know if those people had previous scarring or not. Second we don’t know that how common such scarring is. I’ve had CoV-2 as has my wife and neither of us has that “ground glass” appearance to our imaging. Third, in what populations is this occurring? Is it normal people? Smokers? Obese people with heart disease, previous lung issues and a history of smoking? If it were found to only really occur in people over 70 with a four decade pack-a-day habit most of us probably wouldn’t care, would we?

          The real issue with all this CoV-2 shit is that people have been spoonfed bullshit that’s typical of the media’s “if it bleeds it leads” attitude. Is the disease real? Yes. Is it the flu? No. Do masks work? It depends. Should you wear a respirator? Situationally and individually dependent. Do we need mask mandates outdoors in reasonably non-crowded events? Uh, how much LSD did you take?

          But look at what people BELIEVE about CoV-2. Americans believe that somewhere on the order of of 2/5ths of the dead are under 40. Untrue, very untrue. Britons believe that CoV-2 has killed 7% of the population of the UK (five MILLION people), again very untrue, more than a 10x exaggeration.

          And then you get into the secondary things. How your medical system is funded doesn’t much matter if you shut down the entire economy. VAT or private insurance… if people have no money they pay no bills, end of story.

          But hey, look how long this comment is and consider that most people reading this comment section can’t be bothered with reading just this. Now consider how deep you really need to get on this to actually have a real discussion.

          And this is just one problem the West is facing. The others are arguably more serious. Even if we get a V shaped recovery out of this we’re just out of the frying pan and into the fire.

      • “never to be explained, only expected to be followed.”

        Like TDS. A case in point would be our very own enuf.

    • “I do not understand what they hope to accomplish.”


      By “they” do you refer to those who are trying to restrict America’s firearms choices to a select few that some unelected bureaucrats might allow us to own, provided we can show a “need”, the guns are broken down, unloaded and locked up where they can provide none of the protections of the Second Amendment?

      At that point, the foundational notion that “all men are created equal” disappears and we also take only what “they” decide to let us have, from housing to wealth to food to vehicles to location; on and on.

      WTH is there to “understand”?

    • You have to understand these people as well as Liberals in general are ruled by their emotions rather than intellect. Objective thinking doesn’t fit into the psyche. Everything they do and pursue is governed by how it makes them feel about themselves. The Liberal democrat leadership has understood and used this to guide their acolytes since the 60’s. It is much easier to control people by manipulating their emotions rather than educating their minds. Hence We see the Dumbing Down of the education system. Removing or redefining History and teaching children that how they feel about themselves is more important than finding the right answer or truth. What We are witnessing in today’s society is the culmination of decades of Indoctrination based on this Ideology. The rioting, looting, shootings and destruction is a culmination of that mindset. The “My Feelings” generation of everybody gets a trophy and the world owes me a life. Because as a child everything in my life was given to me. Free of responsibility. Now as an adult I expect that to continue and “My Feelings” are why I deserve it. The problem with this Ideology is just beginning to rear it’s ugly head. The Frankenstein’s created by this operation are beginning to rebel against their Creators. Leaving Chaos in their wake. Now the citizenry is tasting the fruits of this Liberal Socialist Ideology and are finding it leaves a bad taste in their mouths. The next election will be a Flashpoint in Our Nations History. If The Republicans win these Acolytes will redouble their temper tantrums. If the Democrats win their Ideology will be justified emboldening the efforts. Either way I see nothing good coming for Our Nation in the near future. Unfortunately as with All elections it comes down to the Lesser of the Evils. At this time in Our Nations history that is more apparent than ever. Simply because of the divisiveness among the citizenry. Our nation has been rolling down the hill to this point for the last 60 years (since the 60’s). As the Nation divides itself along clear lines of difference in perception of everything from Politics, Religion and Civil Rights. This is nothing new in the history of Nations. It has happened many times over the course of Humanity. After many years of study and research on the history of Government effects on Civilization. It has become abundantly clear that in every case these divisions lead to the same place. Rebellion followed by War followed by the Downfall of the Civilization and a slow rebuilding over time. The Human species has yet in it’s thousands of years of existence learned to live peaceable with itself. Power, Greed, Lust, Fear and Divisiveness have always brought it down to it’s Baser Elements. Violence and Control. If Our Nation can survive the Tumultuous Times We are facing no one can be sure. If not. The consequence as history has shown will be filled with. Pain, Suffering, Destruction and Death. Be Safe Out There Maintain Op SEC ans as always Keep Your Powder Dry

    • I do not understand what they hope to accomplish. They lean on guns in the middle of cities burning and innocent people being terrorized, on top of whipping the populace into a panic over a pandemic and all the instability that wrought..

      It is about getting their law-and-order credentials back, especially after so m any leaders (including Joe Biden!) criticized Trump for sending federal agents to protect a courthouse.

      Support for gun control has always been sold as a law-and-order, get-tough-on-violent-crime policy. After all, they say, these laws will make it more difficult for the street thug and the gangbanger to hurt you.

  2. This is going to be a very interesting election.
    I’ll go on record. I think this will be a landslide similar to that ignorant azzhole Ronald Reagan’s win. (May you rot in hell for the Hughes amendment).
    Let’s just hope Trump, (guided by trump jr), doesn’t further erode our second amendment rights.
    Are you listening Trump jr?
    Fuck you if you aren’t.

    • Tom, the way I heard the story, Reagan was asked by the NRA to sign the FOPA as it was. They said they will take care of the Hughes amendment later.

    • Well Tommy tough guy in.when your piehole becomes an slanderous libelous a-hole you should call Mark Levin and back up your butt-spew or call me @ 1 800 Eat Poop or go find yourself a Carter gas line to stand in or go get a home loan with 14.5% interest or grow the f up and apologize for attempting to denigrate a POTUS who took a bullet and endured Alzheimer’s before leaving this world. Your contribution is?

      • See, this is where you hardcore Republicrats push people away. Ronnie raised taxes more than any other president before him, he signed the FOPA with the Hughes Amendment. He got browbeaten into complying with the wishes of the CIA/Military/Industrial complex, and he did a number of other crappy things. He signed the Mulford act when he was the goobernator of kommiefornia.

        Whatever good he may have done, your unwillingness to admit to and accept his weaknesses and flaws, and your constant attempts to paint Ronnie, and now Trump as saints only discredits your cause. Admit their flaws. Admit their issues. Admit the issues with your party. Work to fix them.

        If you don’t then one day the dems may run a candidate who is able to act like a normal, civilized person for the duration of the campaign season and get a bunch of people to vote for them who wouldn’t if they showed their true colors.

        We know the other side is too bat shit crazy to put in office. Stop acting like a cult member and show us that your guys are actually better.

        • News for you you pathetic swashbuckling nitwit…The only points you and your rhetoric scored is with the democRat Party. Nobody here owes a slanderous libelous nitwit like you squat. Like I told one other azzhat just like you…Call Mark Levin. He worked in the Reagan Administration and discuss it with him. I’m not wasting data on jackasses who talk out their behinds and accomplish nothing but putting a sht grin on the democRat Paty. A despicable party that despised President Ronald Reagan as much as they do President Donald Trump. Put that in your dope pipe and smoke it.

        • I have no problems calling out republicans because I’ve never been one. The republicans took part in selling out the American middle class just like democrats did. Democrats were just more covert about it. Plus, the media covered more for democrats. There’s a reason the republican establishment has it out for Trump. They knew if he succeeded, it would forever change, not just the republican party, but the establishment in general. What conservative principle do you think establishment republicans are fighting for by supporting democrats? It’s a joke. In the past few decades, the result has always been the same whether it was under democrat or republican control.

          I can’t see voting for democrats in the foreseeable future just because they’ve completely lost their minds. They’re not offering any real solutions for real problems.

        • Ronnie inherited Federal income tax rates that made Clinton and Obama look like Milton Friedman, and brought them to their lowest point in recent history.

          His flaw was in pandering to the LCD by raising the exemption (zero-rate bracket) to a level that created a near-majority of “citizens” who pay zero taxes and have has no real incentive to oppose any spending ever, no matter how wasteful or unconstitutional. Coupled with those who pay a pittance plus the also-large percentage who don’t believe anyone should ever be held accountable for anything, they constitute a permanent constituency not necessarily FOR the Democrats, but certainly AGAINST any “pure” Constitutional liberty / personal responsibility candidate.

        • No. She’s still upset that ‘enuf’ asked Tiffany to the prom instead of her, hence her cup of fury that spilleth over toward everyone who doesn’t agree with her. Some people just don’t know how to let go.

        • Haz has been a lot more edgy and rude since he got powned by pwrserge back in late May.

      • Wow princess! Tom IS an actual tough guy. An ex-cop-and a good guy. YOU not so much. Shame on you prifncess Debbie downer😩😩😩

    • It’s all about the judges. Trump or biden? Who do you want appointing those judges?

      And yes. I’m thinking it will be a blowout in favor of Trump. The only reason for biden/harris is the dnc has given up hope for this cycle.

      • See Debbie, read that post above. What JWM did is what you need to do. There is a good, valid, concise reason to vote for Trump even if you don’t like some of his actions or positions.

        • I’ve never lied. I don’t like Trump. Never have. But he is a better option than anything the dems are offering.

        • I like Trump now.

          I didn’t at first, until I saw what he was doing to the media, and the democrats.

          Then I started to like the guy.

        • Ron. I give him credit for that. He can push their buttons like no other. He has enuf and miner dancing like monkey’s for him.

        • Ron,
          In 2016, I voted in the republican primary for the first time in my life. It wasn’t for Trump. I wasn’t there yet. I gladly pushed the button for him in the end, and I’ll gladly do it again as soon as early voting opens.

        • I didn’t give a rat’s ass about Trump in 2016, but I *loved* what he promised for the country. Now I don’t give a rat’s ass about Trump, but I *LOVE* the fact that he keeps his promises. Eisenhower is the first president I remember, the first election I recall put JFK in office, and Trump is by far the best president I have seen. By far! But I neither need nor want him to be my pal, are you guys on drugs?

        • Trump is obviously doing something correct because he has all the right enemies.

          * All Democrats
          * All Leftists
          * RINO right
          * The swamp
          * The warmongers
          * The MFM
          * Google, Facebook, and likewise
          * Academia
          * Hollywood

          If that isn’t “middle of the road” than I don’t know what is.
          If you want a centrist, you’ve got him now.

      • “And yes. I’m thinking it will be a blowout in favor of Trump.”

        That’s the mindset that got Trump elected. They were so cock-sure the HildeBeast would win, many didn’t bother to vote for her.

        That kind of thinking can easily cost us dearly. They are gonna try and steal it. we *have* to show up…

        • If giving random truckers bloweys is wrong, then Geoff the Goof doesn’t want to be right!

      • Polls are manufactured to drive opinion, not report opinion.

        This is a long established science.

        And I mean that seriously.

        This whole using polling to drive opinion has been going on for a very long time. Go look up the research on it. It’s older then your grandpa.

        • In the last three elections, state polls correctly predicted the outcome in 50,49, and 47 states, respectively. Trump “wins” in a once-in-a-lifetime electoral college miracle because of three states, and now “the polls urrrr fake!!!!”.

          The stupidity is both hilarious and mind boggling.

        • I don’t know about y’all, but I lie on surveys and polls just because I’m bored. Hell yes I am a transgendered mermaid king/queen Muslim Korean with an income of >1 million a year that is totally going to vote Amy McGrath to replace Mitch McConnell. My number one issue is healthcare for illegal aliens and universal basic income. I absolutely would love to donate to the campaign, stuff my mailbox full please.

      • There is zero excitement for Biden. He’s the biggest joke of a candidate in the history of this country. No one, outside of Joe’s family and close associates, will be voting for Biden. They’re either voting against Trump or voting for democrat party control. Ask yourself: What are Biden’s brilliant ideas? Why has he waited until the end of his life after decades in powerful positions to implement these “brilliant” ideas?

      • These are the same numbers that made a Hillary Clinton presidency “inevitable.” Until it wasn’t. What’s wrong with YOUR brain?

        • Since I actually know what “pattern recognition” is, and that simplistically believing that this election will be an exact replica of the last one is a textbook example of said phenomenon, I would argue “nothing”. Nothing is wrong with my brain.

          You, on the other hand, are an idiot.

        • Great comeback. The pattern you should be recognizing right now is that the Democrat leading in the polls at this point doesn’t mean dick. Doesn’t mean Trump is going to win…and it doesn’t mean the Democrat is going to win, either. What it means is that the polls aren’t reliably predicting anything.

          Meanwhile, this time around is different, sure…all the same, preexisting problems dialed up to 11. Plus COVID. Good luck with those predictions.

        • “Doesn’t mean dick”–Might want to take your electoral expertise to Trump’s campaign and convince them to go back to Michigan, which they’ve completely abandoned, and stop wasting money on Texas, where they’re spending like crazy.

          Stupid, arrogant piece of shit. Enjoy election night, you fucking moron.

        • Relax, man. It’s okay.

          Personally, I do think Trump is going to pull out a win, but that’s just my guess based on all the similarities between this time and the last time. Every time around is different; the only sure thing in this election season is that there is no sure thing.

          Unless it’s Democrats and the media winking at left-wing violence, Republicans generally being spineless wimps, and Trump being his own worst enemy…those are all a given…but that’s another story.

      • cgray, Trump’s approval in the RCP aggregate is 43.7%. If you’re looking at Nate Silver’s 537, you should be aware that Nate adjusts the poll numbers and reports his adjustments.

        Even still, we are in the middle of a recession, a pandemic, civil unrest, and 95% negative news coverage about Trump. If his approval is above 40 now… what can possibly happen to lower it?

        Let’s see what happens with Rona moving forward, what happens in the debates, what happens when Biden can no longer hide in his basement and people get a taste of what he looks like. Be honest, what do you think happens in the minds of the general public?

        • His RCP polling average against Biden is 42.3%, which is a historically bad number for an incumbent. It’s absolutely comical to me how stupid Trump’s cultists are, believing that they’re some kind of “silent majority”. Trump got only 45.93% in 2016, and Republican congressional candidates got only 44.8% two years later. The Republican brand is rapidly falling out of favor, the evidence supporting that fact is easily accessible, and yet Trumpists just obnoxiously dismiss it with a wave of a hand.

          74 days, and they’ll simply start screaming “THE ELECTION WAS STOLEN!!!!”

          By 15 million votes. LOL

        • We’ll see what happens in November. Comparing the numbers today vs the numbers this time in 2016 are really close. Hillary had a similar lead both nationally and in swing states. I especially wouldn’t put all of my faith in head to head polls taken before the general campaign season and debates have started.

          I don’t see Biden as being on Hillary’s level for debating, fund raising, campaigning, or general intelligence. Putting all of your faith in the polls of today is silly. A month ago, CNN showed Trump losing by 14 points to Biden, this week they showed him losing by only 4, the next one can land anywhere. I put a lot more faith in the aggregate, but even then I look more for movement and direction than I do for the overall number.

        • cgray – Sounds like you’re trying to convince yourself. “You’re stupid and I’m smart!” Typical overwrought a-hole leftist. And regarding “the Republican brand,” the fact that you think Trump is “the Republican brand” is another demonstration of how utterly clueless you are. The election of Trump was a total rejection not just of Democrat liberalism but of Bush Uniparty neocon globalism as well.

        • Everyone needs to excuse c-fag his mom ran out of cocoa puffs and pizza rolls and his boyfriend broke up with him.

      • cgray. I’m adding you to the list of folks I’m thanking for getting Trump a second and maybe even a third term. bloomberg and soros invested poorly in you, enuf and miner49er.

  3. I am a young gun control advocate that also survived Parkland. As far as control I recommend two hands for pistols with 70% of grip tightness coming from support hand, a good comfortable slightly forward stance with knees unlocked, both eyes open with dominant eye focused on front sight.

    I’ll be voting on where the candidate stands on guns as well.

    • Cooter, it is horrible you had to go through that experience, but I’m glad to read you learned the right lesson. Mine was being safe, but in the middle of the crashing planes on 9/11 and not having the right armament if the SHTF afterwards. I do now.

      • Sorry I wasn’t being clear about surviving Parkland.

        I survived in the very same manner as the young Mr. Hogg, by being very far away and not being shot at. Congratulations to everyone reading this for surviving Parkland. Our opinions on gun control are now more valid and must be respected.

        • +1

          Good one, Coot. I suppose, in the same vein of logic, I survived the infamous 1996 Bosnia sniper fire, just like Hillary did when her helicopter landed at Tuzla AFB. Whew! That was a close call.

    • “I am a young gun control advocate that also survived Parkland. . .” In no way does your experience grant you any moral authority on the issue of gun control. Simply put, my liberty and freedom is more important than your need to feel safe. The 2nd Amendment means exactly what it says. Deal with it.

      • You really need to learn the rest of the comment before you comment. “Gun Control” meant “Two hands”.

        But good to know you’re 100% on the opposite side of that.

        • Cognitive dissonance sometimes obscures irony, Casey. Chalk it up to the one-dimensional aspect of ascii.

    • Those new gun owners will still lean Left with a mantra…”Guns for me, not thee.” It’s in their liberal DNA. Liberalism is a negative mental disorder.

      • ^^This^^

        I personally know a lot of gun owning liberals who understand the necessity of firearms and vote for people who erode that right. Those same liberal friends then scratch their heads and wonder what happened to their liberal utopia. I used to talk to them about political issues, but a lot of them are severely infected with the TDS. These are the same people who would rather die than take Hydroxichloroqine, because: Trump. These are also the same people who are fleeing California in droves and moving to your states. California is in the bag for the Dems, but all these evacuees can swing the vote in YOUR toss-up states.

      • I know a lot of moderate gun owners, some of which are slightly left leaning. For example, they may choose the environment (climate change) over some of their 2A rights. These types of gun owners don’t get that you support all-or-nothing. I’m a republican voter, I don’t care for the bump stocks, however I still support keeping them legal. There is no “I only hunt so I dont care about ARs”. There is no “I only care about keeping pistols for self-defense”. There is no “we only need 10 rounds”. We need to support it all aspects gun ownership, the right of the people to bear arms shall not be infringed.
        If the Dem party focuses to hard on gun control and less on giving away money (and other Dem crap), they’ll lose voters. I dont think gun control is is a hot topic for most americans the way Dem politicians and the media make out to be. I could be wrong.

        • “I don’t think gun control is is a hot topic” (right now)

          I think that’s a correct assessment. The hottest topic is the democrat self-imposed chaos, democrat self-imposed [insert adjective] racism and race relations, democrat self-imposed unemployment, and the China virus. The big question is, will voters be able to see through the BS narratives pushed by the dems?

  4. Do they mean those middle of the road voters who queued for hours to buy a gun this year? Or those shop owners who watch mobs loot their business and beat the shit out of them?
    How about those white people being told to get the fuck out of the homes and turn it over to BLM?

    Yeah I bet they are all about disarmament, defunding police and opening up the jails.

    Pull this one it has bells on it.

    • Seemingly intent on pulling the other as well. Idk, I don’t have as much faith in humanities ability to reason, nor listen to it. Even whilst it needles them from within their own skull. Cognitive dissonance is rife.

    • “How about those white people being told to get the fuck out of the homes and turn it over to BLM?”

      BLM using Antifa’s ‘muscle’.

      If Trump wins, I seriously hope he thanks BLM and Antifa in his victory speech.

      People at home, holed up in isolation, and watching civilization dissolve on livestream will be what wins it for him. A live demonstration that the police cannot protect you from violent burning and looting mobs…

    • Gun control is their way to buttress their law-and-order credentials after so many of them called for defunding the police, emptying the jails, and accusing federal agents of “kidnapping peaceful protesters”.

  5. Golly I live in a middle of the road suburb south of Chiraq. We even have really good gun ordinances(for Cook co.!). After savages invaded on May 31 I’m doubting they’ll go full retard😏😏😏😏😏😏

  6. The democRat Party bet is for votes from politically inept history illiterates who have no clue about Gun Control being rooted in racism and genocide. Once informed and they continue to vote for democRat Gun Control makes them racists and nazis. There is no way around that…no matter what they say or do.

    TRUMP/PENCE 2020.

    • “The democRat Party bet is for votes from politically inept illiterates who have no clue”

      FIFY. You don’t even have to look back on history, just check out the present. Every single narrative they push is based on lies.

  7. They have plans. They failed the coup four years ago. They licked their wounds and and learned from that failure. What we see happening right now is a reflection of the plan.

    We have a plan, but are we as dedicated as they are?

    • “We have a plan, but are we as dedicated as they are?”

      I fear not. We’re complacent, our guy is in charge. They are fueled by nearly 4 years of hate and rage.

      Angry voters show up…

  8. It is a serious error in judgement to elevate a gun control agenda to such a height now. They did not need the issue to beat Trump, and beating Trump is the most vital issue in front of them. If they lose, exit polling is very likely to reveal their gun control push to have been the thing that handed the worst President in our history a second term.

    Hoplophobia is a basic fear response and like all such fears responses, it cancels the afflicted persons ability to Reason.

    • enuf…it’s about time you formally announce the candidate that you said you would write-in to vote for. You are long on gun talk and short on letting the forum know who your candidate is. Do keep it in mind…no matter who you find to vote for at the end of the day your vote goes to obiden/oharris. There is no song and dance way for you to keep that poo 💩 off of you.

      • Again, that depends on what state he is in. Here in Pennsylvania the vote could go either way. But if he is in a state where democrats dominate then his vote is not going to change it.

        • He said he’s in Arizona. Arizona already has one democrat U.S. Senator, and they’re on the verge of electing another one. enuf supports the group that is trying to flip the Senate for democrats. In other words, he’s supporting the gun grabbers he pretends to mock.

      • Debbie I admire your tenacity but you need to understand that this enuf person isn’t a gun owner, or a conservative, or a libertarian. It is likely troll, and if not he definitely is a solid democrat. He outright admitted this the other day when he stated:

        “I’ve been voting democrat ever since the 2000 election because Bush.”

        Whatever anyone’s opinion is on Bush, I don’t care, that’s not the point.

        If someone has been voting one way, democrat, for TWO decades, they can’t claim to be middle of the road, or a fence sitter, or a libertarian, or a “Lincoln project” republican. 20 years of voting democrat means democrat. And that means your not going to change his mind.

        But by all means, continue to harass him/she/it. He deserves it. He’s a democrat after all.

    • There’s worse. Woodrow Wilson re-segregated the government. I could name a few others too but that alone puts Trump at minimum #2.

    • Trump can NEVER be the “worst President” so long as James Buchanan, Woodrow Wilson and Barrack Hussein Obama sullied that office.

      • The tyrannical fascist FDR gets my nod for the bottom spot of all time. There’s also Franklin Pierce and Jimmy Carter, both paragons of ineffectiveness.

        • FDR certainly deserves dishonorable mention on principle for dismantling practically all the Constitutional walls that excluded socialism from our Republic, but from today’s perspective most of his actual programs seem like moderate workfare. Johnson’s “Great Society” lurched the nation into across-the-board, cradle-to-grave redistributionism and dependency (and permanently bought whole demographics for his party) practically overnight.

    • “If they lose, exit polling is very likely to reveal their gun control push to have been the thing that handed the worst President in our history a second term.”

      Why I want them to beat that drum as long and loud as they can.

      Visions of stores looted and police precincts burning will motivate middle-America to reject Leftism…

  9. Do they seriously or is it the agenda and they will die on the hill of anti Constitutional gun control regardless.

    The Commicrat thought process would go against record arms and ammunition sales as America arms up as never before, however the religion of the Marxist Left prevents them from being able to comprehend what is clear as day.

    • It is very simple. They are not communists, nor are they Marxists. They are scared of guns and believe guns are the root cause of human violence.

      That’s the whole deal with them and gun control. Take it any further and you are over thinking their thought process. They just don’t get any deeper than being very, very afraid and scrambling for an easy, simple and quick solution.

      • “They are not communists, nor are they Marxists.”

        Not only is that NOT true, THEY say it isn’t true.

        Just about the only they they say that you CAN believe is when they say they want to destroy capitalism, liberal democracy and the nuclear family.

        • And you actually believe all that?

          You do know that the Easter Bunny is a made-up thing? Right? There’s even proof on that one.

        • More than firearms, Karl Marx believed the common worker should own cannon.

          Marxism is evil for good reasons, but not for gun control.

      • Actually they are very similar to Maoist communists.

        Different branches of communism can be quite different, but still communism none the less.

        I know, I know, I’ll save you the time:

        “Not muh real socialism.”

        There. Now we can go about our day.

  10. As other posters have pointed out, it is clear that the left is driven by a nonsensical, intellectually bankrupt secular belief system which demands absolute adherence to its bizarre precepts, and simultaneously demands complete abandonment of the faculty of critical thought.

    The belief that middle America desperately wants to surrender fundamental constitutional rights in order to comply with global communist directives is an inescapable conclusion for them, as actual events, and evidence to the contrary must necessarily be ignored in order for their belief system to remain intact.

    This of course comes at a price….. It causes lefties to be both extremely rigid, and psychologically fragile to the extent that when their bankrupt belief system is contradicted in the real world by actual truth and reality, they actually begin to psychologically decompensate.

    There will be a significant post election reaction to the re-election of the Commander in Chief.

    Be prepared!

    • Bullshit.

      Gun Control types are afraid of guns and think that getting rid of them will make the world better. That’s it. There is no complexity there, only the cognitive malfunction of unthinking, unreasoning fear of weapons.

      This urge people have to build a vast believe system around Hoplophobia is just plain silly. It is just not all that complicated.

      • You need to meet more “gun control types”.
        There are plenty that own guns and want a heavily armed police to subjugate their enemies.

      • “Gun Control types are afraid of guns and think that getting rid of them will make the world better. That’s it.”

        And that’s why they don’t believe in having armed security with firearms, right? Right? Let me guess, they’ll give up their armed security as soon as the rest of the country is disarmed, right? You first.

      • With gun control, there’s types and then there’s types.

        Enuf is right about the average voter just pulling the lever for a simple, easy solution to something unfamiliar that scares them.

        About the hardcore believers and the leadership on the Left, he’s absolutely wrong. Those people are rabid, power-hungry authoritarians for whom Marxism is a means to their personal utopia, in which they saddle the proles and ride us like beasts of burden.

      • Hoplophobia and more importantly the fear it represents is merely a means to control and direct their mob of useful idiot Democrat voters. The ultimate goal is Civilian disarmament so that only the Global Communist (calling them *Marxist* has become too mild) state has guns.

        The entire focus of the ‘defund’ movement is really complete civilian disarmament and subjugation. Once Law Enforcement and the Military have been satisfactorily subjugated to the will of the mob, the next step – which is to take all civilian means of self defense – becomes much, much easier.

        This is not at all complex once the blinders are off.

      • “Gun Control types are afraid of guns and think that getting rid of them will make the world better. That’s it. There is no complexity there, only the cognitive malfunction of unthinking, unreasoning fear of weapons.”

        Little ‘enuf’ is 100-percent correct on that.

        It’s the emotional vehicle they will use to gain power…

        • “It’s the emotional vehicle they will -“TRY”- to use to gain power.”

          There… fixed it for your Geoff. And, we’re on exactly the same page on that.

          The tool they are currently using to that end in cities which refuse to defend themselves are violent Riot Mobs consisting of Joe Biden voters.

          They will fail.

      • When grabbers surpass 0.1% of the overall populace, it is time to check who is raising/teaching them to be fearful of inanimate objects. IOW, enuf, yes they are simply motivated by abject terror of firearms, but someone deliberately cultivated that terror, it doesn’t occur naturally.

    • ” the left is driven by a nonsensical, intellectually bankrupt secular belief system which demands absolute adherence to its bizarre precepts, and simultaneously demands complete abandonment of the faculty of critical thought.”

      A perfect descriptor of your average mentally diseased Leftard nut job.

  11. Read the whole article. The “journalist” doesn’t even mention the record sales since the hoax virus started. I doubt she’s even aware of it.

  12. I want to vote for the party that turned hordes of totalitarian political terrorists and violent criminals loose on society, wants to disarm their intended victims, and wants to disband the police that they claimed were the reason why nobody needed guns… said NOBODY, EVER.

    • Democrats and their pathetic propagandists are a complete joke. An honest press would mean an easy landslide victory for Trump.

      • “Democrats and their pathetic propagandists are a complete joke.”

        Wrong, they currently wield considerable power. If you don’t respect what they are capable of doing with it, the joke will be on you and the rest of us…

        • If you don’t respect what they are capable of doing with it, the joke will be on you and the rest of us…

          They pretty much put on display what they are capable of after four nights of “Orangeman Bad” and Biden’s trip down memory lane for the big finale, NO substance Hell they laid out a speech for him that they HOPED he could get through because he lived it all yet he STILL struggled at times… If you want to know what they REALLY want just go to Biden’s website and read the 110 page Biden/Bernie “manifesto” ANY person that reads that abortion and still thinks Biden/Harris is a good idea is NOT an American…..

      • Imagine the devastating attack ads from the Trump campaign

        ???? Did you watch ANY of the DNC clown show? BLACK people were standing outside telling reporters they would NEVER vote for another Democrat.. All the Trump campaign has to do is lay out everything Trump did over his first term for ALL people, expound on what they will do to end the domestic terrorism running rampant in the streets of major Dem run cities and replay the speakers from prime time at the DNC interspersed with the actual FACTS to refute all the lies they told… Then Trump shows up for the debates with or without Biden and (without the name calling, eye rolling and Russia jokes) proceeds to decimate Biden with the TRUTH… The DNC is their own worst enemy and anyone that can read and even gets a glance at the Biden/Bernie “manifesto” agreement will quickly understand what they plan to do.. California power grid is about 40% wind and solar and still has one of the highest energy costs in the country yet on Aug 14 with persistent cloud cover and insufficient wind nearly four million people had their power cut off in spite of record high temperatures “WELCOME TO THE GREEN NEW DEAL”!!!… OBTW as of yesterday many of those folks were still without power (6 days?), wonder if they are charged anyway because…you know…. California.. (and wait til Diablo Canyon Nuke plant goes off line in a couple of years taking 20% of California’s energy production with it) “GOOD TIMES or HAPPY DAYS?” Hmmmmm..

  13. Gun control is inherently unpopular. However these tyrants may get elected despite that, snd force it down our throats anyway. God help us!

    • God if you believe. Only Helps those who Help themselves. Courage will get you farther when under attack than Faith.

  14. Unfortunately I don’t think its going to impact them negatively. While many liberals may have purchased and own firearms, they remain ignorant of firearm laws or how those laws impact them. The people proposing these laws dont even understand what they mean because gun control orgs just feed them the bills. The best example recently was Virginia rep Mark Levine’s attempted explanation of his own bill.

    • Empathy is hard.

      How many of them can understand the plight of a young black man who has to carry an unregistered handgun to protect himself because he has to work late-nights in high-crime neighborhoods to support his family, and who is unable the register a handgun because the police do not think that having to work late-nights in high-crime neighborhoods to be “good cause” or “justifiable need”?

      • and who is unable the register a handgun because the police do not think that having to work late-nights in high-crime neighborhoods to be “good cause” or “justifiable need”?

        Yet that same young man AND his family will continue to vote for the same people who make and enforce those laws… “Empathy is Hard” indeed when you realize that a free thinking adult is not capable of picking up a readily available key and unlocking the door that would allow them to walk among the free just because someone told them over and over again as a child that the key would bite them…

  15. “Her vote, like so many others’, hinges on where a candidate stands on guns.”

    So does mine.

    • Arms are a primary, but only a tool to protect & further the ultimate goal. Freedom. Those I hold most dear.

      That is all.

  16. That Emma Gonzalez girl makes me sad. She’s beautiful, but any female who voluntarily shaves her head isn’t right in the head. Ditto with anybody who has face tattoos. And the Ctrl/Left has got its hooks into her, too, so she’ll be using her appeal against the rest of humanity until she has none left.

  17. That plan MIGHT have had some success IF BLM/Antifa had stayed downtown but, their forays into suburbia are upsetting a lot of folks who initially thought that they were safe/immune from the riots and assaults or that cops would be there to “serve and protect”. Then the cops were pulled back, defunded, diminished and when the rioters spread out from downtown in search of new plunder folks in suburbia realized they are on their own… So, good luck with that strategy as the Progressives “thug army” continues to terrorize and demand that people give up their homes they are helping to create a whole NEW class of gun owner…

    • I hate to be a downer but, as a lifelong resident of California, I can tell you that west coast liberals are stone cold idiots who are brainwashed beyond all reason. They are completely dissociated from the world of normal human rationality. Many urban white libs have advanced degrees and yet are some of the stupidest people you could ever imagine.

      They will whine and scream when the riots come to their doorstep and then they will still vote for the candidates who will defund the police. They are lost forever. They will never vote for anything but infinite amounts of leftist destruction from now until the day they die.

      • I was referencing the REAL world.. California and North West, New York and New England, Illinois are all foreign countries to me even though I briefly lived in the once Conservative Haven of Orange County (Huntington Beach) in the early to mid 70s…

        • MADMAX,

          ALL of N.Y. is NOT N.Y. city as many people think. (even though we are always “outvoted ” by those cities. “Up north” (above Syracuse) life DOES exist , and many of us are ARMED (like myself) However we have a “governor” that believes he is the “supreme commander” of N.Y. the ONLY “law” in this state (by his HITER-LIKE “speeches”) and “we” are his “subjects” to be used, abused, taxed to death, or “eliminated” as HE sees fit to impose (the nursing homes he sent “control-us” virus patients into ring a bell?) I am afraid no matter how much this tyrannical tyrant toots his own horn, as well as mayor “debalsio” (AKA warren wilhelm) the people of N.Y. are tiring of these morons, and will TRY to vote them out. Unless the usual rampant voter fraud is shoved through like he is trying desperately to do (fraud by mail)..
          People in this country need to wise up, and rid this country of the demon-crats and their party that has turned into the COMMUNIST party

          • If you live in NY then the Bobbsey twins (AKA the Cuomo Bros) and Castro’s head cheerleader are YOUR problem. I’ve got all I can handle trying to keep all the democRATS deserting the good ship NYC and the holdover refugees from Puerto Rico from destroying ANOTHER once very SOLID blue state.. Assholes move in here and the first fucking thing they want to do is change FL into the shithole they just ran away from… I really can’t help but wonder about the mentality (or lack of it) that keeps voting for the same shit over and over hoping(?) it will get better and when it totally fails they just move out and congregate in another backyard where they continue to do the same STUPID shit somehow convinced that this time it will work the way they envisioned it decades ago…. Good luck, but unfortunately you are on your own, thanks to a lot of bad decisions made by a lot of stupid people you don’t know… who have decided they now need to fuck up my world as well…

  18. I don’t believe they really think it’s a winning vote issue right now. I do think they’re going to take the votes from everything else (primarily the anti-Trump vote) and pretend like it’s a mandate for gun control, unfortunately.

    • One mass-shooting before the election and all that instantly changes…

      • One mass-shooting before the election and all that instantly changes

        It will have to be a Walmart because there aren’t enough schools open to pick from to make it APPEAR random… As long as Chicago and New York keep their shit in unrelated incidents we should be okay…

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