Joe Biden, Kamala Harris
Democratic presidential candidate former Vice President Joe Biden and his running mate Sen. Kamala Harris, D-Calif., (AP Photo/Andrew Harnik)
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By Larry Keane

The national election is less than 80 days away. Millions of voters will head to the polls in November and cast their vote for candidates at the local, state and federal level, including for the President of the United States. Many will vote for candidates based on new firsthand knowledge regarding the critical importance of the Second Amendment and how policies affect their right, and ability, to obtain firearms and protect themselves, their families and their property.

Current events across the United States demonstrate why 230 years ago the Founding Fathers had the foresight to recognize why the right to keep and bear arms would still be vital today. It’s also why NSSF launched the #GUNVOTE campaign to help voters register to vote and encourage them to be educated about exactly where their elected officials stand on the Second Amendment. That includes the nearly 5 million recent first-time American gun owners.

Dangerous Circumstances

Americans across the country have gained a fresh recognition and a new urgency for the importance of taking their safety and self-protection into their own hands. The coronavirus pandemic struck earlier this year forcing businesses to close down, law enforcement to become stretched thin and leading to wide-spread uncertainty and worry among families and within communities. Spread of the virus spurred local officials to begin releasing criminals from jail. Many immediately began committing violent crimes once again.

Michigan Governor Gretchen Whitmer
Michigan Governor Gretchen Whitmer. (AP Photo/Paul Sancya)

As spring turned to summer, some elected officials declared the firearm industry and local gun stores and shooting ranges specifically “non-essential” forcing them to close. Governors in a handful of states even declared statewide orders shuttering businesses. That didn’t allay Americans’ concerns and the buying surge continued.

Fast forward through the summer and riots, looting, violence and calls to “Defund the Police” have had a profound effect. It’s no wonder law-abiding Americans of all backgrounds, minorities and women especially, continued buy firearms for self-protection.

Anti-Second Amendment Track Record

As Americans have watched family businesses and stores on Main Street be destroyed, their elected leaders have failed to quell the violence. Governors rejected President Trump’s administration’s declaration that firearm businesses are essential and should remain open. Local officials tried to usurp their citizens’ rights by enacting laws that violate their rights.

portland riots
(AP Photo/Noah Berger)

On the federal level, the Democratic-led U.S. House of Representatives already voted on a gun control grab bag that would restrict the Second Amendment and turn law-abiding Americans into felons, ignore due process under the law, ban firearms that have become increasingly popular for self-defense and eliminate the rights of Americans that are simply, in fact, just the Second Amendment.

Higher Stakes Ahead

Now the election consequences for the Second Amendment couldn’t be greater as Americans hold the balance of the U.S. Senate in their hands, as well as who will occupy the oval office.

In the upper chamber, former 2020 Democratic presidential contender billionaire Michael Bloomberg is going all out and pledged to spend millions for more gun control. He had his own “do as I say, not as I do” moment during the campaign, stating he deserved protection from firearms but not regular Americans. The balance of the Senate will also backstop policies from the House that infringe on the Second Amendment, but also matter for filling federal court vacancies, including potential U.S. Supreme Court vacancies.

Michael Bloomberg
(AP Photo/David Goldman)

The presidential ticket including former Vice President Joe Biden and his newly anointed running mate U.S. Sen. Kamala Harris (D-Calif.) have already earned the notorious banner as the most antigun presidential ticket in history. They agree on several Democratic National Committee party platform planks calling for more gun control, including a complete elimination of the firearm industry. Former Vice President Biden offloaded his VP search process to the antigun groups Everytown for Gun Safety and Moms Demand Action before landing on Sen. Harris as the one he’d have literally a heartbeat away from the presidency.

Don’t Risk Your Rights

On every level of government, voters get to decide whether their Second Amendment rights will be protected or infringed upon. Elections have consequences and there is no more important time than now to see the very real outcomes that November may hold.

Polling Place Vote Here gunvote

NSSF launched the online resource #GUNVOTE to help register and educate voters so they are informed and confident heading to the polls. Understanding the role and rights protected by the Second Amendment are as critical now as ever. Voters, including those first-time gun owners, must be informed so that on election day they don’t risk their rights.


Larry Keane is SVP for Government and Public Affairs, Assistant Secretary and General Counsel of the National Shooting Sports Foundation.

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  1. What about setting up voter registration tables at gun ranges? It would be a great way to sign up more of us, but it might make ranges a target for Democrat politicians. In Virginia, Dems introduced a bill last summer that would have shut down almost all indoor ranges. Maybe we could fend them off with a “voter suppression” charge like they are fond of doing.

    • Gotta say if your a gun person & not registered to vote……Then you’re not a Real Gun Person!!!!
      Just someone with a drawer gun that’s never used.

    • We’ve offered to register people to vote at our booth at gun shows. Perhaps 5500 people come through the door in a weekend, probably the best we ever did with a lot of on microphone advertising was 10 all weekend.

      You have to understand- the vast majority of gun types either are all out to vote for the Second Amendment already or they’re the type who want to bury their SKS in the backyard somewhere and don’t want anyone to know they have a gun. Those types also don’t vote all that often when you press them.

      Doing so at ranges would likely yield similar results, except- with all of the new gun owners since the anarchy and riots, it would be good for any of us who are articulate and not off some cliff would be smart to talk to people at the range or show and help form their opinions on their new-found tools. We’ve always engaged people at our booth regardless of who they are and it often pays off.

      • When I was working tables at gun shows for FOAC here in PA I got the same two groups. They were either already going to go vote for pro gun candidates or they would say “I voted for Trump. He’ll protect my gun rights!” and “I belong to the NRA. They’ll protect my gun rights!” Those attitudes are why we lost the PA Supreme Court in the 2017 elections.

  2. So, when the Dems delay the results of the election over claims of uncounted mail-in ballots, and the Speaker of the House becomes President because of that delay … will the POTG heed the call of our Founding Fathers??

    I guess we’re about to find out.

    • That is not how the Constitution works. As much as it may satisfy you to be scared of Nancy Pelosi, the answer is she cannot become President that way. It’s a load of fear driven bullcrap.

      Go back and read the Constitution.

      • enuf…Pull your politically inept head out of your butt. The Constitution of The United States means nothing, nada to marxists. If you were not such a self serving lowlife slacker who sits around talking guns and buying guns and ammo off the backs of those who defeated hilliary clintoon and elected Donald John Trump POTUS you’d know that…peewee.

    • Inauguration Day occurs January 20. There will be a much bigger problem if the winner isn’t determined by mid-Dec.

      • “There will be a much bigger problem if the winner isn’t determined by mid-Dec.”

        The popular vote for president doesn’t matter….yet. IIRC, the Electoral College must report the EC vote by Jan 6. If that doesn’t happen, maybe things get entertaining.

          • “Not a thing was said about the popular vote…..Read my lips!”

            Get a grip !!! Not everything is an attack.

            Was addressing two different matters: the general chattering about any delay in counting the popular vote, and the machinations of the EC (your discussion).

            One day, however, the EC will be irrelevant as the popular vote will dictate that the Electors vote IAW not the result of the popular vote in the respective state, but the result of the national popular vote. A constitutional amendment regarding the EC will not even be necessary.

        • Flashback to 2016…Remember when the “experts” in the media told us that some Electors wouldn’t vote for Trump…then it turned out that some didn’t vote for Hillary? Now that was funny.

          • “Remember when the “experts” in the media told us that some Electors wouldn’t vote for Trump…then it turned out that some didn’t vote for Hillary? Now that was funny.”

            Yeah, yeah. That’s where I was going, but my time ran out, and I had to stop. Then my wife (or her sister) found me in the front yard counting cars driving by. Once I was back in the basement, and ran that damned squirrel off somewhere, I found out I was looking at my watch backward, and had more time afterall. Then I went on with the EC thing. C’mon man. You’re a lying dog faced pony soldier.

    • Read Article II, Section 1 of the Constitution. The House picks if there is an Electoral College tie, or no majority. They get to pick from the top 5 vote getters.
      During that choosing, each state gets 1 vote, so Wyoming has as much influence as California.

      The 12th Ammendment modifies it to be a choice of the top 3. It also stipulates that the Vice-President becomes President is no decision is reached by March 4th.

      The 20th Ammendment moves the deadline back to the beginning of the Presidential term, which it declares to be January 20. So again, Pence would be President. Congress is given the power to write laws about who can serve it no President or VP qualifies.

      • Anymouse,

        In the scenario that you described, Pence would not become President because the 20th Amendment specifies that the Vice President-elect would serve as President — except there would be no Vice President-elect either if there was no President-elect due to election turmoil.

        Saying it another way, the 20th Amendment does NOT specify that the current Vice President becomes President if there is no President-elect.

    • Jimmy Beam,

      If election results for President of the United States are unclear, then that almost certainly means that election results for United States House of Representatives are unclear as well. That is ginormously important because all current members of the United States House of Representatives — which includes Nancy Pelosi — vacates on January 3rd and there would be no clear winners to replace them. In other words the United States House of Representatives would have ZERO members to elect/appoint a new U.S. President.

      In that doomsday scenario, the 33 United States Senators who completed their six-year terms would also vacate on January 3rd and there would be no clear election winners to replace them, either. Thus, the remaining 66 U.S. Senators who still have terms to complete would be the only remaining body in United States Congress to elect/appoint anything.

      If I understand the 20th amendment correctly, those remaining 66 U.S. Senators would then elect/appoint the U.S. Vice President and only the Vice President. At that point, since there would be no President, I believe the Vice President would then almost immediately assume the office of President. How we would then get another Vice President after that I have no idea. Perhaps the U.S. Senate would again elect/appoint the replacement Vice President?

      • Since the popular vote does not elect a president… is possible Electors can still be selected, meet, and elect a president and vice president. If Electors cannot be chosen, and vote, that would be total popcorn time.

        If there are not enough members of the House to form a quorum, we could find ourselves with an executive, and no functioning House. Even a full Senate would be problematic as far as the normal means of legislating. Interesting. No spending legislation could be passed until the popular vote for House and Senate is resolved. With a functioning quorum, the Senate may be able to approve presidential appointments, but maybe not.

        Imagining a situation where Trump can run the country entirely through EA/EO. The end result could be mass numbers of strokes afflicting the Dimwitocrats and fellow travelers. What a gas, gas, gas.

        • Sam I Am,

          Oh, interesting point: the individual states choose their Electors who then vote/choose the President of the United States. And those Electors could vote/choose a President even if the general election results are uncertain, unconfirmed, contested, etc.

          Thus, while various causes could result in no general election vote tallies, the Electors (Electoral College) should still be able to assemble and still choose a President and Vice President.

          As you stated, if something somehow stops the states from selecting their Electors, that really gets into popcorn time.

  3. I know my local petty tyrants, and Joe Braindead and Cami the Commie Hairyazz are also out of the question,I’m ready to cast my ballot Now.

  4. Let me bold it out, right here….the 2020 elections are not, not about “gun rights”. The elections are about all your rights being up for grabs, and the is what is really important.

    As often noted here, even POTG will subordinate the Second Amendment to other issues. We know this because we read and hear about apparently emphatic 2A defenders refusing to leave “slave states” and move to “free states”. Now, that statement is not to shower ridicule or disrespect on POTG, but an acknowledgement that some things are more important to gun owners than owning guns. And that has never been more true, than now. How’s that?

    Because the 2020 elections are about all our rights being on the table, at one time. The 2020 elections will determine whether government has the power/right to constantly and continually to force citizens into house arrest any time government declares some matter or other is about “public safety”, and the states and feds have constitutional authority to literally suspend the constitution without a formal declaration of martial law. Do not think the Covid-19 scam was coincident. The advent gave leftists/statists/authoritarians the opportunity to subjugate the population, indefinitely.

    Some on the Left are declaring their populations will be in some form of lockdown until a vaccine is available, some are saying the lockdowns will continue until there is a cure. Note: it is not “We the People” who determine when a vaccine is at hand (viable), nor do we determine what “cure” means. Right now, we have a split of opinion among governors as to how to address the current “health crisis”. Some are enforcing draconian measures regarding individual movements, where people can go, if they can work, how to live their lives. These governors will not easily relinquish this power. At the same time, we have demands for a nationally mandated and enforced near-complete lockdown of the nation (because some governors cannot be intimidated).

    The Covid-19 disease demonstrated just how easy the nation can be made captives in their own home. Just how long did that take? Where was the armed resistance to suspending the First Amendment regarding religion, while proclaiming that people, in very limited numbers, had a superior right to be entertained in public venues (ok, casinos)? The future is about so much more than a federal court decision about magazine capacities, outlawing semi-auto firearms, concealed carry laws. The entirety of our freedoms are on the line. Only an overwhelming victory by anti-tyranny politicians at all levels can turn the culture around.

    Down ballot elections are crucial, like never before. (The same will be true in 2022)

    • Correct, could not agree more that many voters are not “single issue” voters. The primary threat factor to all of our freedoms, all of our enumerated rights, to our American form of representative democracy is the current resident of the White House.

      These are indeed worisome times. Many difficult decisions and choices to be made. And none of them are easy ones.

      • Thank you john enuf kasich you stupid libelous slanderous lowlife democRat lint licking worthless pos.

      • enuf,

        I asked before and I did not see/notice your response.

        How exactly is Trump — in his capacity as President of the U.S. — a greater threat to our civil liberties than Biden/Harris? I want specifics.

    • “The 2020 elections will determine whether government has the power/right to constantly and continually to force citizens into house arrest …”

      No, it won’t. That horse is already out of the barn. Government at all levels has arrogated that power to itself, and the populace seems to be okay with it. The only question left is which set of liars and snakes goes full tyrant first.

      • “No, it won’t.”

        To date, only the Dimwitocrat states are bent on authoritariansim. The vote in November, and again in 2022, could result in all the governors going full dictator. If November elections result in a Dim takeover of the legislature, the path will be easier for follow on victories all along the line. If the constitutionalists win big in 2020, it will make a third blue wave inevitable. That is the reasoning behind my statement.

        • I don’t have any projections in mind for future elections, beyond the authoritarian disease getting steadily worse for the foreseeable future.

          I do think this COVID “crisis” proved beyond doubt that the overwhelming majority of Americans, no matter what state they live in, will knuckle under when the government tells them to. And the tiny minority that doesn’t knuckle under will give only token resistance, as nobody is really willing to fight anymore. The Founding Fathers would’ve started shooting long before now, and finished it and established a new and better government, too; we just grumble and slog on.

          The Democrats love their emergencies and edicts, true — but if Republicans did the same thing, their constituents would go along with it just like everyone else. We’re not getting constitutionalist or freedom-loving government out of any election at the state or federal level in this country, no matter who we vote for.

          • “We’re not getting constitutionalist or freedom-loving government out of any election at the state or federal level in this country, no matter who we vote for.”

            Well, there you went and spoiled it for everyone. You can leave, now.

    • Joe Biden: “Every single American should be wearing a mask when they’re outside for the next three months at a minimum” “It’s not about your rights. It’s about your responsibilities as an American”

      Trump: “I think it’s something we should all try to do when we are not able to be socially distanced from others” “But I leave it up to the governors.”

      It’s not about your rights. Remember that one. Who’s the wannabe authoritarian again?

      • “Joe Biden: “Every single American should be wearing a mask when they’re outside for the next three months at a minimum” “It’s not about your rights. It’s about your responsibilities as an American” ”

        Precisely my point.

    • I like your points.

      Lately, I remembered an interesting conversation I had with a guy, about 10 years ago.

      He was pretty stoned, and we were talking about conspiracy theories. You know, fema camps, aliens, time travel. It was a lot of bullshit. But he did make one outstanding point when in his glazed glory looked at me and said:

      “Man, you know what I think? I think the cities ARE the concentration camps.”

      • “Man, you know what I think? I think the cities ARE the concentration camps.”

        That’s priceless. He was quite the insightful man.

    • You are correct. And, that is why the 2A is so important. However, 2A is merely words on a piece of old parchment. A right not defended and preserved is a right lost. Freedom concept was conveyed by our Creator to be used….or not……free will choice…..aka personal responsibility. As a Founding Father advised, “A Republic, IF YOU CAN KEEP IT.” God gave us “FREEDOM, IF YOU CAN KEEP IT.” As does America, God promised us opportunity…….choice, not guaranteed outcome certainty. What matters is whether real patriotic Americans will do as our Founding Fathers did…….pledge EVERYTHING for the cause… negotiating with England, no compromising with England, no England peaceful demonstrations accepted, no England votes counted/considered. Ironically, Freedom is free, but has to be chosen and paid for each generation. Our Founding Fathers would have already been finished shooting a second time. These struggles will forever remain in turmoil…at risk, at peril….until Patriots implement the 2A for its intended purpose and settle these squabbles once and for all. MUST enforce….THIS is the way America is and will be……as our Founding Documents read literally….not as activists long for. Those intent on “radically transforming” America will never stop until they are terminated. This lap the fight will be against internal traitors, tryannts. Wolves are carnivores…won’t stop preying on sheep/elk til wolves’ hearts stop beating….wolves continually stalk, don’t negotiate with prey. It’s in the DNA of wolves and tyrants. All this voting, campaigning, “peaceful demonstrations”, et el, et el are merely meaningless acquiescence hoopla. Trump wins in November nothing changes, merely delays the inevitable maybe four more years and we’ll do it all over again against a better prepared enemy. Here’s the situation: American is under attack; has been for 100+ years…..death by a 1000 cuts…..insidious creeping corrosion from tyrants within; has been over run; enemy sits in the Command Post; Patriots have played the enemy’s game rules; today’s “patriots” are wussies/keyboard commandos/big talkers-small walkers asleep at the switch. Freedom is never won at the ballot box or on the soap box, only compromised and lost. Only the cartridge box wins, preserves freedom. As one tyrant noted, “All power comes from the barrel of a gun.” And, there, friends is the sum total why of gun control agenda…..not your worthless safety. Decision time. Tick….tick….tick….tick….tempus fugit.

    • “Do not think the Covid-19 scam was coincident. The advent gave leftists/statists/authoritarians the opportunity to subjugate the population, indefinitely.”

      In one fell swoop, the Leftists did something I thought previously would have been impossible – They seriously wounded their mortal enemy Trump, and the vibrant, booming economy he built and turned the majority of the middle-class into paupers begging for a handout from the government.

      That’s a seriously powerful weapon they used, and we just let them use it against us.

      What’s more amazing to me is, even that didn’t turn Trump’s supporters away from him in numbers that would insure his loss in November. It’s still gonna be close. That has to terrorize the cabal out to get rid of him any way they can…

      • “That’s a seriously powerful weapon they used, and we just let them use it against us.”

        I do respect the ability of the leftists to reverse course, and recover quickly. Originally, the leftists decided the way to destroy Trump was to “prove” he was overracting, and would force extreme restrictions on the public. After about six weeks, the leftists realized the best way to destroy all that Trump had accomplished could be ruined by government imposition of extreme restrictions on the public. Have never experienced the Republicrats being so agile in their political actions. Indeed, their elites seem to remain convinced Russian collusion was real, and will end up removing Trump from office.

  5. *Flame Suit On*

    No matter what: Molon Labe

    Vote Republican Gov, AG, House, Senate etc. etc.

    Vote Jo Jorgensen for president.

    No matter what: Molon Labe

    • Sure vote Libertardian. Y’all can already get high. I have a myriad # of reasons to vote Trump. Pro guns,morality(amazing ain’t it?),Pro-baby, pro Christian,pro-Israel,pro-America,pro-capitalism,etc. Dims are the party of Satan. Libertardians are the party of Bacchus…😏😏😏😏

      • Good word play. You’re hilarious.

        Jorgensen is far more pro gun. Look her up.
        RIP bump fire stocks. Trump took you away from us too early.

        Pro baby. Sure. Trump is pro baby. Does he eat them?
        (Other, other white meat?)

        Pro Christian? Hahahah. Does he want the Christian vote? Of course. Is he a Christian? Hopefully one day soon.

        Morality? We must be talking about a different Trump.

        Israel can take care of themselves. If not, oh well.. Not our pig, not our farm.

        Pro America Trump? Trump would be pro human sacrifice if it granted him more popularity and money. America rocks. Easy to love.

        Pro Capitalism? Fine. You get one.

          • There’s not much Biden could do with a Republican House, Senate etc. But it could give the Republicans a few years to think about a more reasonable candidate then President P.P. Grabber.

        • Even if Jorgenson was the perfect candidate in every way, it doesn’t matter. I wish there were more choices in play, but in reality there are only two people who have any chance to win the election.

          • Correct. But if the Libertarian ticket keeps gaining traction, just enough to make the next Republican presidential candidates realize they don’t have a monopoly on conservative leaning voters, it might actually produce a better Republican product for us long term.

            Competition is good for consumers and voters alike.

        • dk… I hate to pee on your parade of libertarian stupidity but this is not an election where you or the rest of the omni directionals have a choice. Around 3 weekends ago I listened to your candidate on a weekend radio show called Gun Talk. The host leans libertarian so he had your gal on his show. Her laundry list of trinket promises for suckers made me want to puke. I sent the host an email and let him know that. The next weekend the host Tom Grisham backpedaled because in the previous week after-show conversation with your gal she claimed she did not know she was on a gun related radio show, etc. In that off air conversation the host took her apart piece by piece and she won’t be making any reappearance on Gun Talk. The host said yeah yeah he knows about bump stocks but it’s time to man up and put that aside and do what stops a party that will go way far beyond stocks, etc. Like hillary clintoon would have had she been elected POTUS.
          Needless to say…If your candidate doesn’t have a snowball’s chance in hell of winning and you vote for her then you actually voted for obiden/oharris….That’s chiseled.

          • So she didn’t know she was on a gun show, but her fundamental beliefs in gun rights still flowed like a fountain of truth. That’s reassuring, if anything.

        • “But if the Libertarian ticket keeps gaining traction, just enough to make the next Republican presidential candidates realize they don’t have a monopoly on conservative leaning voters, it might actually produce a better Republican product for us long term.”

          You do realize it was H. Ross Perot calling Mexico as “That great sucking sound” that pulled enough Libertarian voters away from G.W. Bush that handed Leftist Bill Clinton the presidency?

          Do you remember what happened to gun rights under Bill Clinton? It was the 1992 ‘Assault Weapon Ban’ that outlawed further production of magazine-fed semi-auto rifles, and over 10 round capacity magazines.

          Now, do you know why that law doesn’t exist any more? It had a 10-year sunset.

          Now, this gets a bit complex, but try and follow along – The only reason the 1992 AWB was allowed to sunset was fewer than 500 voters in the state of Florida in the 2000 presidential election.

          That’s it, less than 500 votes kept that AWB from being permanent.

          And you want us to vote for your little Libertarian fuckwit when this election is already going to be close?

          Fuck you, and fuck your little Libertarian candidate (no matter how attractive she may be), we need every last vote to keep ‘Joe and the Ho’ the fuck out of the White House, asshole…

          • Did I strike a nerve? Call us names and throw all the tantrums you like. Dr. Jorgensen is not Perot. I am not the wife that left you. But we’ll both be here to oppose the next anti gun law with you, whether it goes into effect under a Trump or Biden presidency.

        • Jorgensen is an anti-American worker, pro-corporate, open border shill. She embodies everything that has destroyed the middle class in America.

    • As a reformed libertarian the whole lot of them need to pull their heads out of their asses.

      Live and let live is great as long as everyone adhears to that philosophy. Most ideologies and mist people do not. Libertarians are the first fools to lower the drawbridge and welcome their conquerors.

      Libertarians are goddamned fools and children who seem to believe the world is a nice, just place and deep down everybody simply wants to be left alone. Well that absolutely is not true. Even if most people felt that way all it takes is one Atilla to run your ass over and libertarianism will roll out the red carpet for him.

      I’m all in on live and let live as long as anyone in opposition of letting me live gets the rope. Any other path gets us back where we are right now.

      • Please note that I didn’t reccomend Libertarian votes wherever possible. But not for the unfounded reasons you state. If you’re so enlightened, please back up your potty mouth comments with some fact.

        I’m not so sure a Republican House and Senate would allow a Libertarian president to lower your imaginary drawbridge. And I’m even less certain that’s Jorgensen’s nefarious intent.

        • “If you’re so enlightened, please back up your potty mouth comments with some fact.”

          Here’s a fact for you, jizz-stain – H.Ross Perot running as a Libertarian pulled enough votes away from G.W.Bush that it put Bill Clinton in the White House.

          And Bill Clinton in the White House gave us the 1992 ‘Assault Weapon Ban’ that banned future manufacture and sale of magazine-fed semi-auto rifles and magazines over 10 rounds in capacity.

          And you want a repeat of that nightmare again, this time without a 10-year sunset?

          What part of NO are you incapable of understanding, moron?

          • Youre gonna play the copy and paste game. Ok. I’ll play for a little, then I have to get back to work.

            Did I strike a nerve? Call us names and throw all the tantrums you like. Dr. Jorgensen is not Perot. I am not the wife that left you. But we’ll both be here to oppose the next anti gun law with you, whether it goes into effect under a Trump or Biden presidency.

      • “I’m all in on live and let live as long as anyone in opposition of letting me live gets the rope.”

        Me too. (hashtag?)

        Which is why, although I do believe in some of the libertarians’ core principles, I can’t vote Libertarian. The Libertarian party isn’t serious and wouldn’t know what to do with itself if it ever did win something.

        • You’re probably right. Libertarians can get a little silly. But if they keep gaining traction, just enough to make the next Republican presidential candidates realize they don’t have a monopoly on conservative leaning voters, it might actually produce a better Republican product for us long term.

          Competition is good for consumers and voters alike.

        • Maybe. The Tea Party tried to introduce competition and push from within, and they did have a little bit of success, but not enough.

          I wouldn’t mind seeing a Libertarian win, and I like the idea of pushing the Republicans in a better direction, but if there’s a reasonable chance that my vote could help a Republican candidate defeat a Democrat, then that’s top priority.

          I actually hate the Republican party and would love to have a strong alternative, but I hate, despise, and revile the Democratic party. Defeating Democrats everywhere is job #1. That loathsome conglomeration of evil needs to die, and I don’t much care how, as long as it does.

          • I get it. It’s certainly a pickle we’ve found ourselves in. Hence my approach of voting Republican down line. Just not for P.P. Grabber. I’ve got a wife and daughter to protect.

        • “Just not for P.P. Grabber. I’ve got a wife and daughter to protect.”

          Then you must be referring to Joe Biden grabbing Tara Reade? If you recall Trump said, “…they let you.” From what I understand, Reade’s encounter wasn’t consensual.

          • Tara Reade is likely telling the truth. I’m not a fan of Biden in any way. It turns my stomach to think this is the world our daughters grow up in, whether we vote Red or Blue.

            But no Dude, even your written tone indicates you know who P.P. Grabber is. As our beloved Fox News has covered:


            Suggesting that all beautiful women will let you grab them inappropriately because of your wealth and status is a far cry from the “moral” and “Christian” picture of Trump some of us are trying to illustrate here. Some may consent. But to imply that all women will consent is an insult to women, a terrible example for our sons and dare I say, “a little rapey”.

            Insert Jo Jorgensen. Likely grabbed no P.P. without consent.

        • “the “moral” and “Christian” picture of Trump some of us are trying to illustrate here.”

          I assume you’re probably a smart guy and feigning ignorance, but one should never assume, so I’ll explain how it works. “Moral” and “Christian” people don’t really give a rat’s ass about how Trump conducted his life before becoming president. What matters are the policies. There’s a massive gap between the Trump administration and a Clinton or Biden administration, as I’m sure you probably know. Christians aren’t trying to elect a pastor, they’re trying to elect someone to fight for them. They know Trump isn’t a saint. Get it?

          “But to imply that all women will consent is an insult to women…”

          Feigning ignorance again, or do you truly not understand how the world works? Some people are allowed to get by with more than others. Whereas you might get slapped, Brad Pitt or Jeff Bezos might end up with whatever they want. That doesn’t literally mean ALL women, but again, I suspect you probably know that.

    • Don’t know where you are but in Arizona the Write-In candidates are not all known yet. They have to register with the Secretary of State. Many are registered on the down-ballot, but Presidential is still not set.

      No, I will not be voting Libertarian or Republican Nominee for President/VP. Will watch the polls for Arizona and decide based on that if it will be another Republican write-in, or Biden/Harris. The first priority is removing Trump. If that’s going to happen, if it’s close, I’ll likely vote Biden/Harris. If it appears unlikely, then there should be a Republican write-in who is not a Trumpista.

      Same set of problems as 2016, except much worse.

      Arizona list of candidates for the November election:

      • That’s a bitter pill to swallow, but I respect your approach. P.P. Grabber has got to go.

        Will you at least be voting for other Republicans this year?

        • Biden not only raped multiple women but also has said far more racist things on national TV then Trump ever did.

          • So we have to pick between the less racist raper of the two rapey racists?

            I reject your reality and substitute my own: Dr. Jorgensen 2020.

        • Normally I vote by the individual and ignore the party affiliation. Wasn’t always that way, voted fairly straight GOP ticket from 1968 onward, broke with the party over GW Bush.

          However, the worst case is always either party taking all three centers of power. The House of Representatives, the Senate and the Presidency. The odds of that happening this years are high enough on the Democratic side of the equation to be worrisome.

          So yes, on the down-ballot, I plan to vote GOP this year.

          Martha McSally is a complete bummer. Republican candidate for Senate. She should be a shoo-in. But she has copied Trump and has turned off a lot of voters with her poor performance of a Trump Clone. Nobody believes her, nobody believes she is showing her real positions, she practically foams at the mouth adoring Trump.

          This places, of all people, Democrat Mark Kelly (Gabbie Gifford’s wife, er, I mean, “husband”) well ahead in the race for US Senator from Arizona. I’m voting for McSally, but no one in the state expects her to win.

        • Biden literally held a woman down and forcefully sodomized her.

          And you want that in the Oval Office.

          Believe women.

          • You might be right. But do we only believe women that have possibly been raped by Democratic candidates and wash our hands of the the guy most likely to further our agenda?

            I’ll stay on my moral high horse and vote for Dr. Jorgensen. Then Republican everywhere else.

        • “So we have to pick between the less racist…”

          Thank you DK for outing yourself as a shill or a consumer of fake news.

      • enuf…your attempts to weasel out of your political sleaze is hilarious. Shifting blame because you are too ignorant and gutless to post names of who gets your vote. We already know who doesn’t get your vote. We want names. You stated months ago you would be selecting someone and you need to quit beating around the bush…Perhaps that’s in the nature of a self serving lowlife pos like you who enjoys his ability to purchase guns and ammo and to speak freely about guns and ammo all on the backs of those like me who defeated hillary clintoon and got Donald John Trump elected POTUS.

        TRUMP/PENCE 2020.

      • Well, she’s the most pro gun candidate we have to choose from, and this is a gun website. But I won’t ask you to care. You can also vote for a giant douche or a turd sandwich. Do what you like. God Bless America.

        • DK,

          Sorry to rain on your parade: Jo Jorgenson is NOT a viable candidate. Like it or not, that is a fact.

          In spite of their many faults, Democrats are incredibly monolithic/cohesive and intensely loyal to their party. They have a proven track record of supporting their candidate and NEVER voting for a different party. At best (in terms of advancing our inalienable rights), some Democrats might stay home on election day if their candidate is monumentally repulsive. What they will NOT do is go to the polls and vote for other parties. Like it or not, that is a hard fact.

          The same dynamic happens to a lesser extent on the Conservative side of the spectrum as well: Conservatives are incredibly reluctant to vote for a Democrat. That is another hard fact.

          So what does all this mean? It means that something like 45% of the U.S. population are died-in-the-wool ardent, reliable supporters of Democrat candidates and something like 40% of the U.S. population are died-in-the-wool supporters of Republican candidates. Therefore, a mere 15% (give or take) of the U.S. population is up for grabs at election time. Let me say this in absolutely concrete terms: a Libertarian candidate CANNOT POSSIBLY WIN A GENERAL ELECTION WITH 15% OF THE VOTE. That is a hard fact whether you like it or not.

          As I stated in my other comment, the time and place to advance Libertarian candidates is Republican Primaries. If you do not like the outcome of the current Republican Primary, then immediately start your efforts to promote your favorite candidate at the next Primary election. Meanwhile, do NOT undermine the current general election and help Democrats rise to power. Given enough time and power, they will find a way (whether legal, ethical, righteous, or otherwise) to ensure that no other party can ever unseat them and you will have ZERO ability to advance candidates who espouse Libertarian principles.

        • You actually believe that. Well, more likely paid to pound away on your keyboard.

          Folks, this is what the DNC-paid troll looks like. Almost sounds… reasonable.

          Fully-designed to pull gun votes away from Trump to a nobody candidate in just enough numbers so Joe and the Ho get elected president.

          Notice he/she/it has *zero* little or no history here in TTAG. This is someone paid to be here and pull votes away from Trump.

          Those that pay you, ‘dk’, are very frightened. They are scared shitless Trump just might win and replace Ruth Bader Ginsburg with a reliably conservative vote. That will fundamentally change the balance of the SCOTUS in a way that will destroy *decades* of ‘progressive’ policies.

          Guess what ‘dk’. Be scared. Be very afraid of the American people who will re-elect Trump and destroy the ‘utopia’ you wish to create… 🙂

          • Anyone with conservative, yet different opinions than you is not necessarily a “troll”. You might as well call me the boogie man, because you’re obviously the who’s scared.

        • “Anyone with conservative, yet different opinions than you is not necessarily a “troll”.”


          You’re not conservative, you (claim to be) Libertarian. A different critter entirely, to anyone with more than two neurons firing.

          And, …you didn’t deny the accusation on it’s merits.

          Wow, they really put in the effort on training you, don’t they?

          How much are you paid, anyways?

          C’mon, fess up… 😉

    • DK,

      Promoting virtue feels wonderful. Note that promoting virtue often FAILS SPECTACULARLY to achieve its desired purpose — like an unarmed woman promoting the virtue of respecting women as a violent rapist begins the process of raping her. Will the joy of promoting Libertarian virtue outweigh the horror of a man violating her? Nope.

      Promoting a Libertarian Presidential candidate in the November general election feels wonderful and will fail spectacularly. Not only will the Libertarian candidate fail to win, the candidate will ensure that a Democrat will win — and the resulting Democrat policies/laws will pull us even farther away from Libertarian principles than a Republican.

      The time and place to advance a Libertarian candidate is during the Republican Primary election. If a Libertarian candidate cannot win the Republican Primary, then there is no way on God’s green Earth that such a candidate can win the general election. (Note that there is absolutely no point whatsoever in a Libertarian candidate running in a Democrat Primary election since Democrats are trending toward full-on Communism which is fundamentally incompatible with Libertarian philosophy.)

      Stop promoting what feels good and start promoting what is effective.

      • “Not only will the Libertarian candidate fail to win, the candidate will ensure that a Democrat will win — and the resulting Democrat policies/laws will pull us even farther away from Libertarian principles than a Republican.”

        A Ross Perot presidential election redux, with equally catastrophic results, if successful…

        • “Stop promoting what feels good and start promoting what is effective.”

          The effectiveness of a RINO like POTUS P.P. Grabber is like that of antibiotics. They’re only effective for so long, then they create the Democratic super bug you fear.

        • DK,

          Your response doesn’t even make sense.

          This isn’t rocket science. Which pizzeria are you more likely to patronize: the one that produces a great pizza really fast for $12 or the one that takes four hours to produce half a pizza that is terrible for $30? So it is with political parties and elections. The more that a political party actually produces results, the more likely they are to get re-elected.

          Propose something that is actually effective and produces results rather than endlessly shouting, “Orangemanbad!”.

          Pro-tip: asking people to vote for a third party candidate who cannot possibly win an election is NOT actually effective and does NOT actually produce results.

          • “Orangemanbad!” Haha! You said it. I only implied it.

            I love pizza, so I’ll play along here. I get your point and I almost feel sorry for getting you worked up by possibly taking more votes from the bad orange man.

            In 2016 the Libertarian candidates had a little over 3% of the popular vote. It’s basically zero, I know. But it’s a lot more than 4 years before that, and so on.

            Competition is good for both consumers and voters. If this competition breeds better Republican candidates, I’ll vote for them, as I imagine others will. If it snowballs into a viable 3rd option for my kids or grandkids one day, fantastic.

            Oh yeah, pizza! We have more than two options for pizza, because when one of the two pizza restaurants took away bump fire stocks, then threatened to take away suppressors, I realized I don’t have to eat that pizza anymore and found a 3rd pizza restaurant. The 3rd pizza option is a far drive, but it’s edible enough to actually drive the prices down and the quality up from our original two options.

            So better, cheaper pizza! I love this country! I think I get it now! Thanks!

        • DK,

          Your pizza analogy is flawed because your third pizzeria cannot actually produce pizzas. And yet you claim that going to the third (defunct) pizzeria is a good idea because that third pizzeria might actually be able to produce pizzas in 20 or 30 years if enough people keep showing up and handing over money. Meanwhile, people starve outside that third pizzeria because pizzas never materialize.

          You keep ignoring the HARD FACT that Democrat voters will never cast more than one to two percent of their votes outside of the Democrat party. And, you keep ignoring the HARD FACT that Republican voters will never cast more than something like 10% of their votes outside of the Republican party. And with only something like 10% of the voters being “moderate/undecided”, a viable third political party is a Mathematical impossibility because a third party would ALWAYS lose to Democrats.

          For the record, I am not a Trump groupie and I did NOT vote for Trump in the 2016 Republican primary. I do not see Trump as an outstanding candidate. What I do see is that Trump, out of all the viable candidates, has and will continue to deliver the best possible overall results for our populace. That is the ONLY reason that I will vote for Trump in 2020.

          But go ahead and put emotions ahead of facts and platitudes ahead of results. And sleep soundly knowing that you helped screw your children and grandchildren out of the best possible outcome — even if all outcomes were less than wonderful.

          • Ha! You crack me up. You’re officially the fuhrer of pizza analogies. You win. Everyone should vote correctly now.

      • “Stop promoting what feels good and start promoting what is effective.”

        The leftists realized that opposing the Dimwits was a losing proposition, and took over the party from within. Libertines Libertarians, don’t seem to be as smart as they are convinced they are.

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    Democide – › wiki › Democide
    Jump to Defining Democide – Democide is a term proposed by R. J. Rummel since at least 1994 who defined it as “the intentional killing of an unarmed or disarmed person by government agents acting in their authoritative capacity and pursuant to government policy or high command”.
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  7. Always a critical election. And always a slow slide to disarmament starting with NFA 34 to the Trump Bump Stock ban and ATF empowerment. But it least we can relax now. The reaction to the scamdemic has proved that this nation will collapse and we will be totally enslaved. Only question now is if you die fighting or in a camp and if it’s next year or sometime down the road. The elections determine the timeline, at best.

      • I will fight, and that includes exposing ‘dk’ for what it really is… 🙂

    • When I first saw a bump stock contraption I knew it was an accident waiting to happen. It happened and if it happened under hilliary clintoon it would have been the entire weapon with the addition of enhanced background anal exams, etc.
      If someone wants to waste ammo and make noise they can buy a bianary trigger or better yet buy the real deal. Unlike some others who hear bump stock and go lemon face I don’t go along to get along with sour puss crybabies.
      This all over the map crap needs to come to an end. Omnidirectional crybabies need to grow up, stand up and reelect DJT or cry about their bump stocks to obiden/harris.

      • Let’s talk.

        Yes, a ‘bump-stock’ is a ridiculous ammo-wasting toy. No, nobody ‘needs’ one. That’s not the point. The problem is not the ‘device,’ it is what the ‘device’ modifies. If the ‘device’ ( also known as a semi-automatic rifle) can be so easily modified by a piece of plastic with a spring to emulate the function of a ‘machine gun,’ then it would behoove legislators to not only ban the ‘toy,’ but also the ‘device’ to which it attaches and any similar device. Why ban the thing that, without the semi-automatic rifle, is a poor-quality club, when one can ban the actual thing from whence the evil, armor-piercing–cop-and-puppy-killing incendiary bullets come at 600 rounds per second?

        Put another way: If a ‘bump stock’ can be classed as a ‘machine gun,’ albeit one without any barrel, receiver, magazine, or firing mechanism, then clearly a semi-automatic rifle having all of those things can be classed as a ‘machine gun’–that is, if all it takes is the stroke of a President’s pen, or a few keystrokes on an ATF bureaucrat’s laptop.

        Once the cascade effect begins, it will not stop. Bump stock begets binary trigger begets adjustable-stock-flash-hider-muzzle-brake-bayonet-lug-thing-in-the-back-that-goes-up-compass-in-the-stock and, finally, the operating system itself.

        THAT is why the People’s Right to Keep and Bear Useless Range Toys must not be infringed.

      • “If someone wants to waste ammo and make noise they can buy a bianary trigger…”

        Not in Florida, it’s now a felony, thanks to school-murder boy…

  8. You’d think if gun-owners were actually considered ‘critical’ the GOP would have done passed literally SOMETHING in their favor in the past 4 years (2 of which they held both the white house and Congress)

    I guess gun owners are to the Republican Party what minorities are to the Democratic Party.

    • The GOP supported anti 2A legislation in FL, following the Parkland H.S shooting in Broward Cty.

    • Hannibal,

      … 2 of which [Republicans] held both the white house and Congress …

      Your statement is false with respect to passing non-budgetary legislation — and changing firearms law is non-budgetary legislation.

      For all intents and purposes, Republicans did NOT have control of the U.S. Senate because they did NOT have at least 60 U.S. Senators. That is a critical detail because the U.S. Senate requires affirmative votes from at least 60 U.S. Senators before they will bring a non-budgetary bill to U.S. Senate floor for full debate and to finally vote on its passage.

      Please make a mental note of this and stop stating deceiving information.

  9. Trump has depended on the Federalist Society for judicial recommendations mostly getting real original textualist picks. RBG can’t last much longer and Breyer won’t be far behind. Do you want good solid Federalist Society picks to replace them, or do you want Biden to pick people from the same lists that Obama used?

    Vote Trump or kiss your rights good bye!

    • Trump could give a rat’s ass about your rights. Had conservatives been half as smart as they claim and supported a real conservative for the 2016 GOP Nomination, we still would have gotten these judicial appointments. Why is because the project by the Federalist Society to influence these appointments has been going on for a long time and was at its peak coincidental to Trump’s hijacking of the
      GOP and destruction of that political party.

      Everyone who supported Trump going into the 2016 GOP Convention owns a piece of this mess, this failure, this ruin. If Biden/Harris now win, well it was predictable that one way or another Trump would be a single term and gone.

      That’s how the odds are looking now, how the polling is leaning. Doesn’t mean anything is certain, I don’t don’t make predictions. But I’ll vote to help kick Trump to the curb, if we are so lucky.

      Trump constitutes an existential threat to American Representative Democracy, massively more so than a couple of liberal Democrats winning the White House. It’s as simple as that.

      (There’s also the matter of 177,557 American dead at latest count. Which Trump treats as some sort of fake news affront to his personal image being engineered by people who, inexplicably, do not like him)

      • “Real conservatives” in 2016, such as……….? Right, they ALL stink. I mean at some point you have to realize just to make it to that level in politics you have to be a soul-less, lying, corrupt POS. It is inevitable, at least in our modern societies. Trump like others before him understood the “middle class” in America is pretty darn stupid and manipulated by the media.

      • “..Trump constitutes an existential threat to American Representative Democracy..”

        Not that we’ve even roughly enjoyed what the Founders ACTUALLY intended, but go ahead and explain why President Trump is such a threat.

        I’m betting you won’t, betting you can’t do anything except parrot a few speaking points from the lincoln project.

      • enuf,

        Trump could give a rat’s ass about your rights.

        Trumps apparent/perceived level of care for our rights is irrelevant. What matters are results. And Trump has a proven track record of appointing judges to federal benches who uphold our inalienable rights. Why he appointed those judges is irrelevant. For that matter, whether or not some other 2016 GOP candidate would have appointed those same judges is equally irrelevant since none of those candidates are running in this election.

        Speaking of results, Democrats have a proven track record of appointing judges to federal benches who consistently subordinate our rights to government power.

        So, how are you going to contribute to actual results? The fact of the matter is that there are only two viable candidates for this election: Trump and Biden. If you vote for Trump, then you are contributing to his judicial picks to federal benches that are upholding our inalienable rights. If you fail to vote for Trump, then you are contributing to Biden’s judicial picks to federal benches who will subordinate our rights to government power. It really is as simple as that.

        • uncommon,
          I see you’re trying to use logic to make sense out of enuf’s comments on Trump. We’ve all taken a crack at it LOL. Good luck.

    • “Virginia Health Commissioner says he’ll mandate a COVID-19 vaccine”

      If only little ‘pee-gee two’ lived in Virginia, I swear I would die *laughing*, watching him squirm as they jabbed the (hopefully infected with venereal disease and rusty) needle in his scrawny arm. 🙂

      (If you haven’t figured it out yet, I’m not a very nice person… *snicker* 🙂 )

  10. My vote, Vladimir Putin. He knows how to keep the communist pinko fagms from gaining office and ruining his country.

  11. Still believing in that democracy thing? How many times do you need to get F in the butt? Since the GOP also screwed us in my state regarding gun rights, they can all go F themselves. This isn’t Zimbabwe or Bangladesh, it shouldn’t be about the “lesser of two evils.” Joe and the hoe or Twitter Trump, I don’t give a shit anymore, they all suck.

    • Exactly. Voting does nothing. The 2-Party System is broken.

      I am done voting unless there is a decent 3rd Party. Even the Libertarian Party has a wacko candidate.

      Voting makes the Masters feel like Benevolent Masters. Slaves don’t vote for their Masters.

      • Red,

        Exactly. Voting does nothing. The 2-Party System is broken.

        No. A huge percentage of the population of the United States (and the entire world for that matter) is broken. That is the root problem.

        When you have a bunch of people that are irrational, hysterical, emotional, impulsive, and lazy narcissists, of course government will suck since those irrational, hysterical, emotional, impulsive, and lazy narcissists will comprise most of those government positions.

        There is nothing that you nor I can do to fix all the brokenness in the masses. All we can do is make the best of what we have. And that often means picking the lesser of two evils.

    • “… I don’t give a shit anymore, they all suck.”

      Then, perhaps now would be a good time to exit, stage left?

      • “Then, perhaps now would be a good time to exit, stage left?”

        The ‘Professor’ already did, a few months back.

        R.I.P., Neal… 🙁

    • Update – “Riley will be receiving a new MAGA hat, autographed by President Trump.”

      7 years old. Democrats truly are scum…

      • You ain’t kidding.

        This is a perfect bookend for that video of all the Hillary supporters attacking an old homeless woman for holding Trump signs in Hollywood before the last election.

        Progressivism is a progressive social disease. The Democratic Party needs to die.

  12. Value gun rights?

    Trump has handed the anti-gunners the present that will keep on giving. I refer to the bumpstock ban.

    Why? Because the ATF was allowed not only to reverse their position, but also claim a bumpstock is a machine gun.

    If you can call a bumpstock a machine gun, you can call semiautomatic weapons tanks. Trust me, this will come back to haunt us big time.

    Screw both parties. They trample our rights. Both of them. Screw them all. They don’t represent me. Boycott them all.

    Articles like this actually believe there is a real choice and that the candidates actually care about us little people. I have stopped believing this crap. Voting is just making them feel legitimate. Let’s take at least that much away from them. It is the only power we have left. Even the Libertarians have a wacko candidate.

    • I myself too have not been satisfied with Our choices of candidates. I ask an Army sargent whom was he voting for in the last election. He said Daffy Duck so that’s who I voted for too. It will never happen, but a boycott of voting for Prez should send a message. I’ve always thought presidential votes do not matter and still do, “They” no they don’t,They just hope we dont no they don’t. It’s moral/propaganda survey, voter registration up, the people have faith they can make a change and believe the lie. Dempublicans or Republicrats, good cop, bad cop, both the same…. ..”,but, but, but, if you don’t vote, so and so will get in and do this or that!!”. Uh-huh yeah I know, and the last 14 did too.

      • Once the movement to force presidential Electors to vote for the winner of the popular vote nationwide (“winner” does not mean “majority”) gains sufficient agreement, voting against the totalitarians definitely will not matter. Avoiding voting is like throwing away your watch in order to save time. This is not a game of who offers the best of anything, but how fast the authoritarians can make elections entirely moot, resulting in single party rule forever.

        The harsh truth is that both parties want absolute control over the populace. One party seeks to kill the republic with great alacrity. The other party wants to slow the process (and get invited to all the cool events and cocktail parties). A quick death, or a slow death? Those are the only available choices (not voting endorses the quick death). A slow death holds at least some sliver of possibility things can turn around.

      • ” I ask an Army sargent whom was he voting for in the last election. He said Daffy Duck so that’s who I voted for too. It will never happen, but a boycott of voting for Prez should send a message.”

        It was only 500 votes that insured the Clinton AWB and magazine ban from sun-setting.

        A ‘protest vote’ can put tyranny into power…

  13. In November the Election becomes a choice between retaining the American Constitutional Republic, or enabling the Far-Left {nominally represented as “The Democratic Party”} to nullify the Constitution and impose a socialist dictatorship in the Constitution’s place. A LOT more than our right to keep and bear Arms is at stake. There is no viable alternative to choosing between Democrat or Republican in this upcoming Election, except to try to launch an open rebellion, which,… “son of a bitch!”…the Democrats have already done…

    Whichever “Party” wins the Election for POTUS and control of COTUS in November can claim they are the “legitimate” power in the U.S.. Now consider which side, “Democrat” or Republican, would you want that to be at this juncture in history. Which side can we, the people (who are the actual only “legitimate” source of power in the Republic), work with to retain and revitalize OUR REPUBLIC?

    I think it is very certain that if the “Democrats” lose in November, they will escalate the Civil War they already started to a hot, wholesale rebellion. It will become a terrible time in American History and you will DEFINITELY need your firearms. So, regard your 2A-protected rights as your single issue, if that’s all you can envision, but try to grasp the situation is much, much broader in scope and consequence.

    • The Burn/Loot/Mayhem and AntFarts domestic terrorism in Portland, New York, Chicago, et el is merely initial probing, de-sensitization, local government coordination, tactic development, training maneuvers. Regardless of who wins in November, the domestic terrorism will explode. If Trump, to destabilize and overthrow. If Biden, to implement the promised tyranny. Don’t feel left out Fly Over Country……coming very soon to a street in front of your house.

      • “Don’t feel left out Fly Over Country……coming very soon to a street in front of your house.”

        Antifa showed up at a BLM rally here in my little shit city in Florida.

        They are already here, and Polk County Sheriff Grady Judd went on TV and showed a picture of an Antifa in the crowd, and directly let BLM know Polk County residents are well-armed :

        • “Polk County Sheriff Grady Judd went on TV and showed a picture of an Antifa in the crowd, and directly let BLM know Polk County residents are well-armed”

          Good Show !!

        • I live beyond the suburbs and off the beaten path. If a stranger shows up here, it means they’re lost. The mostly peaceful rioters would lose interest before they made it this far. That doesn’t mean I’m okay with what they’ve been doing to other people and places.

    • @DerryM “…I think it is very certain that if the “Democrats” lose in November, they will escalate the Civil War they already started to a hot, wholesale rebellion….”

      Now where have i read about that before…Oh yeah, that is what the mad tyrant lincoln said.”

      Leaving out the argument of the term ‘Civil War’ for now, why do you believe there will be a war? Are you willing to put down a ‘Rebellion’ as the tyrant did? Is that what the founders actually envisioned when the States created the Federal Government?

      History does seem to be repeating…somewhat.

      • @MANSE JOLLY
        There will be a war, or a wildfire of violence in the streets that looks very much like a war (“What’s in a name?…”). It will not be as the Civil War of 1860-1865 was. That close a parallel is not possible considering today’s technologies and habitation structures. Democrat Governors, Mayors and Attorneys General, if nothing else, have taught ANTIFA/BLM that they can do what they want without concern for severe consequence.
        If Trump wins POTUS and the Republicans retain control of the Senate, or the Republicans also gain control of Congress, the Democrats [who are crazy-desperate to depose Donald Trump] will significantly escalate the violence seen since Memorial Day 2020. To date the worst violence has been confined to Democrat-controlled States and Cities (seems ironic, but those locations are merely a testing/proving ground for greater violence to come).
        If Trump only wins POTUS and the Democrats take control of Congress, the violence may subside as the Democrats make another attempt to remove him by Impeachment and subsequently also Impeach and remove POTUS Mike Pence. That could make Nancy Pelosi POTUS.
        The only significant parallel between today’s situation and that of 1860 is that Americans are as deeply and intractably divided. One side’s declared intention is to overthrow the Constitutional Republic and impose a Marxist/Socialist, Globalist Government upon the American people. The Founders would have opposed that advent of tyranny with all the resources they could muster. Thomas Jefferson summed it up, “The tree of liberty must be refreshed from time to time with the blood of patriots and tyrants. It is its natural manure.”
        So far, the American people have been pretty docile with the alleged Pandemic, violence in the streets and other Democrat-fabricated antics. I don’t know yet what to make of it. Some say Americans are on a slow burn that’s fast approaching boil over.

  14. Their Adrenochome supply is dwindling the Demoncrats grow weaker by the minute 😂😭

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