Rep. David Smith: Open Carry in Florida Would Spook the Foreign Tourists

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Open carry is publicly wearing a sidearm wherever you want in the state. … And there are some states that have it. I don’t believe open carry is right for Florida. Why? Because those European tourists spend, you know, seven times as much…South American tourists spend four times as much as American.

Our economy…does everybody like not having an income tax in Florida? Yeah. So we have a sales tax and our economy is tourism. And cultures that don’t grow up with guns, don’t have the NRA and gun safety…The NRA is the single largest gun safety organization in the United States. That’s why I’m a life member of the NRA.

And so, for business reasons, I don’t think that open carry is right for Florida. Constitutional carry, or permitless carry, is different and I’ll tell you, I’m undecided on the issue. I’m open, and if the bill gets filed and we’re gonna hear it, you’re welcome to come talk to me and lobby….

— Florida State Rep. David Smith meeting with Florida Gun Rights

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    • Are these same tourists in fear of the police who open carry everywhere, every day?

      And if it would convince some of them to spend their money somewhere other than Disney World that might be a good thing for the U.S., if not for Florida.

      But the bottom line point here is that this Florida State ELECTED Representative is stating PUBLICLY that he is absolutely willing to violate your natural, civil, and CONSTITUTIONALLY PROTECTED right to keep and bear arms if it means a few more foreign tourist dollars in the economy.

      That says about all you need to know.

      • Cliff, I feel safe saying that most native Floridians wish Disney had picked another state. Any other state. At least those of us that can remember Old Florida do.

      • At no point did he say he was against gun ownership.
        He said he was against open carry.
        While I don’t agree with his stance on carry you do not do yourself any good putting words to him that he did not say.

        • Sorry Link but I disagree. Open carry is part of the “Right to Bare Arms” I am reasonable certain that the founding fathers didn’t envision protecting wealthy licensed folks only
          Further this political is at best unwilling to commit to Constitutional Carry. Read his own quote.
          I live in a state (Arizona)that is a major tourist destination. Low wage jobs and profits shipped out of state to wealthy politically woke corporations are not worth selling any civil rights.

        • “Open carry is part of the “Right to Bare Arms” I am reasonable certain that the founding fathers…”

          There are “Bare Arms” everywhere in FL, esp in the beaches. Men, women, kids…

          What’s the big deal?

        • With Respect Link, it is clear in his heart that he holds the 2nd Amendment not a right of The American Citizen, but simply a privilege allowed by ruling non patriot politicians.

  1. Okay, s***bag, then pass concealed carry, so we don’t spook the GFWs (gun-fearing wusses). I don’t prefer ‘open carry’, so I’d be fine with that. Or is it that you aren’t actually LOOKING for a “solution” to your imagined problem???

    • “Okay, s***bag, then pass concealed carry,…”

      Florida was one of the very first states to pass ‘shall-issue’ concealed carry, in the late 1980s…

        • “I think he meant constitutional concealed carry”

          Constitutional Carry already failed; the actual US constitution prohibits any and all interference with RTKBA; that didn’t work. Legislative Cary is a temporary and precarious tactic to also get around the US Constitution…for the purpose of protecting a right through political machinations that exist only at the whim of the voting public.

      • Geoff,

        Shall issue is NOT “permitless carry”, and we should be clear about the difference. When the Leftist/fascists like dacian the stupid and MinorIQ start backing mandatory picture ID to vote, maybe I’ll start considering agreeing to jumping through hoops to secure my RKBA. Nah, no I won’t – inherent rights are inherent rights, and I don’t need a permission slip to exercise them. F*** right off, Lefist/fascist scum. I’ll apply for a permit to carry when you @$$holes start carding people to vote.

        • Last sentence directed at dacian and MinorIQ, Geoff, not you. I agree with you on much that you post, but this time you are dead wrong – “shall issue” is better than what KKKalifornia, New York and the like do, but it is NOT recognition of our inherent right to self-defense, INCLUDING RKBA.

  2. Right on ‘International Drive’ in Orlando, Florida (a giant tourist trap), there are *several* gun ranges in business, catering specifically to the European and other foreign tourists that can’t wait to shoot a real gun.

    They happily pay a *lot more* if it’s a machine gun.

    Now, what’s that he was saying about tourists freaking out about seeing a gun?

    • Yes, and not just Florida. A lot of people from countries that infringe on their rights plan one or more shooting range trips as part of a US vacation, the same way my wife would plan a Harry Potter visit as a day or 2 sidebar into any Florida trip.

      • ^^THIS^^

        I’m tangentially associated with a major university, and I’ve had multiple international students (here on student Visas) come with me to the range and/or desert, and then tell me they’re envious of our 2A.

        The only foreigner I’ve ever encountered who wasn’t keen on guns was a Kiwi (New Zealander). Funny enough, tho…his wife was. So does that count? 🙂

        • No doubt Haz’ ‘tangential association with a major university’ involves him sneaking into the sorority houses to sniff unsuspecting coeds’ panties. What a weirdo!

        • No doubt All Hail just woke up from his nap and fired up his (old, hand-me-down Pentium Pro) PC to see if anybody here at TTAG finally thinks he’s witty.

          The answer is still ‘no’.

        • avatar Geoff "A day without an obsessed, obviously brain-damaged and mentally-ill demented troll (who deserves to live in New Jersey) PR

          “… ‘tangential association with a major university’ involves him sneaking into the sorority houses to sniff unsuspecting coeds’ panties.”

          Well, that makes him far more experienced with women than you, obsessed, obviously brain-damaged and mentally-ill demented troll (who deserves to live in New Jersey). 🤣 🤣 🤣…

        • nameless, brainless, d***less troll,

          Is the whole “sneak into sororities to sniff panties” intended to be an insult, or just your mental Tourette’s playing out your own fantasies????

          Your “insults” are becoming even more puerile, juvenile, and unimaginative. Seek help.

    • Like CP said….
      Had a foreign exchange student a few years ago. Took him and one of his buddies to the range. They both said it was the highlight of their visit.

    • My daughter married a German citizen and when his family came over for a wedding celebration we did an outing to the gun range and they loved it.

  3. Oh, good! I think every city and every state should craft their laws to please tourists!! One European’s sensitivities should trump our Bill of Rights, and all of our votes! /sarcasm

    The word “tourist” has been a curse word for most of my life. Tourists are generally idiots who should have stayed wherever they came from. Browse Youtube for selfie videos with bison or bears in the background. Ask anyone from a tourist town about the out-of-state drivers blocking roads for pictures, or traveling at less than half the speed limit. Ask any Southerner about the Yankees, and their “That’s not how we do it at home!” Tourists. If your laws cater to idiots, you know you have idiot laws.

    • Absolutely!

      We get millions a year to visit Glacier National Park. Whiny, self-important, non-driving idjits. I will say that most foreigners are more polite than the yahoos arriving in NY, MA and CA plated vehicles.

      There is a very nice indoor range on the way to Glacier NP and it’s parking lot is full (in summer) of out-of-state and rental vehicles.

      Unfortunately, Montana does not have a sales tax…these “visitors” impose massive stresses on our local infrastructure and don’t contribute to it’s maintenance or expansion. I would, gladly, swap our State income tax for a sales tax tomorrow.

    • The world has a lot of rich foreign tourists who could spend dollars here, and some of the places they come from punish public occasions of: (a) “misinformation”; (b) protest against government edicts; (c) blasphemy; (d) obscenity; (e) drugs or alcohol; (f) adultery; (g) homosexuality; and even (h) unchaperoned women. Once you’ve established the principle that natural and Constitutional rights are for sale, which other ones shall we put up for bid? As the old joke goes, now we’re merely negotiating price.

  4. The financial impacts generated by firearm carry are not something to be completely ignored by the people of a state.

    However, if the Second Amendment is absolute, then it is TS for the populace regarding economic impacts.

    In an interconnected world, foreign visitors should just accept fear as a “thing” in the US, and learn to either live with it while vacationing here, or stay home. And if Florida is a one-industry economy, TS if they cannot figure out a means to recover the potential lost income by diversifying their economy.

    Now, if only we could get the illegals crashing the southern border to understand how dangerous it is to live in the US….hhhmmm, maybe more emphasis on the number of people already here who can legally walk around with firearms just might be a virtual wall.

    Part of legislative efforts to recover our 2A right should be emphasis on the fact that illegals must learn to live with the fear and danger that someone standing next to them just might be carrying a firearm, and simply mentally snap, and start shooting up places where illegals congregate.

    Make uncertainty our tool, not our master.

  5. I have to say I agree with him.
    Open carry would upset many foreign especially European tourists.
    As long as we have shall issue, or even better constitutional carry, I have no problem with requiring that gun owners conceal carry.
    We have a law here that transient, inadvertent exposure of your concealed firearm is not a crime.
    We do have open carry on your way to hunting and fishing.

    • doc ..Don’t take it personally but the rep. successfully played you for a fool…What are the odds an individual you see exercising lawful open carry is going to be a prohibited possessor? I mean felons are generally stupid but most are not stupid enough to risk open carry. Carrying Open posses a risk of being asked to show your ID and everything should show clean just like your 4473 and if not you can go straight to jail.

      Frankly doc…It is doubtful you’ll see streets filled with open carry. In fact when the law is passed it’ll probably be just another day. Besides if prone to be upset sensitive people are OK with millions of 3000 plus pound bone crushing projectiles rolling around on the streets and in parking lots they can certainly learn to handle the sight of a side-arm, etc. Don’t you think?

    • Docduracoat,

      I was just in South Florida for vacation at the end of March, 2022. Florida’s absolute requirement to conceal was a significant pain-in-the-@ss in spite of the allowance for transient/inadvertent exposure.

      Note that concealing at all times requires sloppy looking attire (oversized and untucked shirts) or unnecessary attire (vests or jackets when it is too warm to wear them). I much prefer a more classy dressed look with properly fitting shirts which I tuck into my pants or shorts. That isn’t an option in Florida.

      Oh, and concealing at all times often involves part of your handgun touching your skin in your waist area. Warm and humid weather which makes you sweat means salty moisture in contact with your handgun which is really bad.

      Alas, Florida will always cater crater to the $100 billion annual industrial-tourism complex and we will not see legal open carry in Florida unless the U.S. Supreme Court somehow requires the states to allow open carry.

    • This guy successfully distracted you from the major problem with not allowing open carry. Florida has a problem with what happens when a lawful carrier has his gun exposed accidentally. Additionally most of the foreign tourists spend the majority of their time and money in Disney and Universal which have a no guns policy for customers. Plus citizens rights are a terrible thing to subordinate to a foreigners sensitivities.

      • avatar Geoff "A day without an obsessed, obviously brain-damaged and mentally-ill demented troll (who deserves to live in New Jersey) PR

        “Florida has a problem with what happens when a lawful carrier has his gun exposed accidentally.”

        Incorrect. Maybe then, not now.

        That loophole was patched at least 10 years or so ago…

    • It has had zero negative effect on foreign tourism in Alaska. The Rep is assuming his premise and providing zero evidence based on the actual impacts on tourism for any of the states which allow it. In many have allowed it for decades.

      In any event, the default is always liberty and the burden of production of evidence is on the person asserting the need to create, or continue, any restriction on such liberty.

  6. “Rep. David Smith: Open Carry in Florida Would Spook the Foreign Tourists”

    LoL 🙂

    And violent crime in Florida doesn’t spook “Foreign Tourists”?

    “Foreign Tourists” probably are not used to seeing open carry by the general public, there are probably a lot of uniquely American things and activities they are not used to seeing.

    But one thing that is familiar to “Foreign Tourist” and Americans, common to both, is they are also not used to seeing police there when they need them in that few seconds when they are about to become a victim of violent crime. At least the (concealed or) open carry person has a better chance to stop the violent threat and survive with less chance of injury or death (only 6% – 7% likely to be injured or killed with DGU), and the open carry can provide visual deterrent to keep the violent crime from happening to begin with, the “Foreign Tourist” has no chance and must rely on luck to survive a violent crime (more than a 75% chance to be injured or killed without DGU).

  7. Exactly where are the “European tourists” and “South American tourists” going to visit instead of Florida? The answer certainly isn’t Cuba, China or Dubai. The truth is that open carry will have little to no effect upon tourism to the Sunshine State.

    • Ranger Rick,

      You bring up a good point. I have a pretty good command of geography including the political/legal landscape as well as the propensity for violent crime. Off the top of my head, I cannot think of an equivalent alternate location for Europeans unless they want to travel all the way to the South Pacific.

      A few choice locations on Mexico’s Yucatan peninsula which have substantial armed private security might be a competing alternate.

  8. The wishy-washy d. white needs to move to Europe and shine their shoes. In America we have a Constitution that comes first and we do not cater to those who are too stupid to understand freedom.
    To deny Constitutional Carry caters to criminals. Such a denial lets criminals know the odds of a victim being unarmed are highly in favor of the criminal. If European tourists cannot see the benefits of Constitutional Carry, etc. then they need to stay the f out of America.

    • Debbie W,

      Agree. The author:

      1. Implies that he knows the minds of the people who visit us from foreign lands, and that they all think alike.

      2. Implies that foreign visitors do not come here to see how we live, instead they want to see how we kow-tow to their cultures and mannerisms.

      3. Is clearly stating that all tourists have the same mindset.

      4. Ignoring that this country is so fantastic that people are breaking into it every day, to live and stay.

      Despite the leftist onslaught, we shall fight to maintain our country as the land of the free….

      • The author is also saying that the safety of American citizens takes a back seat to the tourist dollar.
        Besides these visitors are adults or at least ruffly the same size as an adult, nonetheless they need to grow up. Wonder how they managed an airplane ride where they have no control!

  9. Up to when he stated he was “open to it”, I do believe the man was speaking his honest thoughts. Not saying I agree with them.

  10. Open carry even “spooks” most Americans because MOST Americans do not carry firearms. This is unfathomable to the Far Right because they live in their own little paranoid world of ghosts, goblins and commies under their bed.

    The Far Right is so out of touch with reality they reject everything that does not fit their political agenda, even proven science, that is why so many of the morons died of covid-19. All the better for sane Americans who want a safer America and one that vets all gun purchases, has safe storage laws and gets vaccinated when a pandemic is upon us and believes in democracy, not a one party far right dictatorship that was attempted on Jan. 6th. As one can see the Far Right is the most dangerous threat to the American way of life.

    The Far Right have egg on their face when they scream “A safe society is an armed society”. Again Science proves them wrong as America, that has more guns per person than any nation on earth, has the highest homicide rate with firearms in the industrialized world. Of course the Far Right reject science with the wave of the hand because it does not fit their own warped political agenda.

    • dacian, the Dunderhead. Open carry only “spooks’ people like you who are afraid of guns. For some reason you keep referring to people who want to exercise their 2nd Amendment rights as “Far Right”. Speaking of political agendas, isn’t yours control of the populace? “Safe storage” (sic) laws make suing a firearm for self defense in the home borderline impossible. I remember how you told us that trigger locks can be removed in a “second”.

      Medical choices are the choice of the INDIVIDUAL, not you control freaks. Democracy means that I get to choice what is right for me.

      There was no “far right dictatorship …attempted on Jan 6th.” That was a demonstration that got out of control and resulted in a riot. Now I know you know all about riots. Remember the summer riots by ANTIFA and BLM of 2020?

      FACT, “A safe society is an armed society.” It keeps us safe from ANTIFA and BLM thugs that you seem to support.

      Science? The only science you Leftist Radicals know is political science.

      • To Walter

        quote————–“Safe storage” (sic) laws make suing a firearm for self defense in the home borderline impossible. I remember how you told us that trigger locks can be removed in a “second”.————quote

        Yes and I will say it again you can definitely remove a trigger lock in less than a second. You just proved you never used one. One fellow I knew wore his key around his neck and another had a touch combination lock.

        The above people unlike you did not suffer from advanced paranoia that makes them incapable of sound and logical thought nor do they reject reality with the wave of the hand.

        quote———–Medical choices are the choice of the INDIVIDUAL, not you control freaks. Democracy means that I get to choice what is right for me.—————-quote

        Submitting to a mental test would be voluntary if you wanted to purchase a firearm as it is in all civilized countries. It is proven to work far better than letting anyone who wants a gun to get one.

        quote————-There was no “far right dictatorship …attempted on Jan 6th.”———quote

        The Far Right Jackbooted Storm troopers were armed including with bombs. They tried to murder both Republicans and Democrats and overthrow a legitimately elected government and they were screaming they were going to to just that as well as kill people. Video and audio evidence proves it beyond all doubt except to the mentally deranged people of the Far Right who are now desperately trying to find excuses for what happened.

        The Storm Troopers were led by and organized gang of Far Right Racist Nazi’s “The Proud Boys” many who have been indicted and imprisoned.

        quote———Science? The only science you Leftist Radicals know is political science.———-quote

        We of the Far Left (The Socialists) are still alive after 2 years of rampant Covid-19 because we trusted Science and got vaccinated and wore masks, many of the Far Right are now dead because they did not. So who were the fools???

        • dacian, the Dunderhead, You are out of your mind. There is no way in God’s good earth you can remove a trigger lock in under a second. You must be talking about a pretty shitty trigger lock. Most of them have a key, and you have to spin the bolt that holds the device in place to get it off and then it usually comes in two part making it more cumbersome. The only paranoids around here are you Leftists.

          Here is a hint for you, Dunderhead. If you have to “voluntarily submit” to a mental exam to be able to buy a gun, it is not “voluntary” by any definition of the word. I am sure that even your favorite Webster’s would agree with me. LOL

          ROFLMAOBT! There were no bombs on January 6th. The only bombs that were hurled were hurled by your Fascist jackbooted ANTIFA and BLM thugs during the summer of 2020. There was nothing, repeat nothing legitimate about the 2020 election. You Leftists padded the ballot boxes every chance you go with your mail in ballot schemes.

          You Leftists are only alive because you eat three squares a day and get your beauty rest. There are plenty of people who have not been vaccinated who have survived the Chinese Virus Pandemic. Much to your chagrin I am sure. How about that wonderful guy Fredo Cuomo who killed off abut 5000 senior citizens here in NYS in nursing homes. Is that how you thin out the population to make room for all those illegal aliens?

        • This knucklehead always has to weigh in on matters of freedom. He’s against it.
          But to the point of the article…I found the opposite to be true. I lived in the desert southwest for decades and found that foreign tourists generally love to go out and shoot; many for the first time. Its the cowboy thing I guess, but they take pictures with the guns and generally have a blast. (pun intended). Be careful with the Germans though. Every time one gets a gun he tries to take over the world.

        • To Walt (King of the Out House gang)

          quote————– There were no bombs on January 6th———–quote

          More demented ranting, an unexploded bomb was found as well as a vehicle which also had bomb making supplies in it. Millions of people saw it on TV. You were obviously still locked in your padded cell.

          quote————- There is no way in God’s good earth you can remove a trigger lock in under a second. ———-quote

          More refusal to face reality. I used a trigger lock for 18 years when I had children at home and it took only 1/4 turn of the key to unlock it. A friend of mine had a touch key pad on his lock. Ditto for a safe I owned that had both a key pad and key lock. You hit the touch pad quickly, opened the door and there was your gun. It took less than a second.

          quote————If you have to “voluntarily submit” to a mental exam to be able to buy a gun, it is not “voluntary” by any definition of the word. I am sure that even your favorite Webster’s would agree with me.———–quote

          Walt you are so demented you claimed Webster’s dictionary was infiltrated by far left conspirators, beside proving you are incapable of even understanding the definitions that are in it when we debated over the word “racism” and its meaning. That one was really over the top.

          I might add the word VOLUTARY means that you agree to submit to the mental test, you are free to walk away or free to take it. I cannot make it any more simple than that to any sane person. THIS WOULD NOT BE AN EXAMINATION OF YOUR PRIOR MENTAL HEALTH RECORDS THAT YOU WERE RANTING AND SCREAMING FROM THE ROOF TOPS ABOUT.

          Of course all of this is all way over your head.

        • dacian, the Dunderhead. Nice try, Ole boy. The bombs you are talking about have not a darn thing to do with Jan 6th. ( They have NOT been connected to the riot. You Leftists love to conflate what you can’t connect.

          As to your contention that you can remove a “trigger lock” in under a second, you are batty as a four alarm fire with your pants on fire. There is no way in God’s green earth could you remove a trigger lock in under a second. You must be talking about imaginary trigger locks. You really have to do something about that mental illness.

          Yep, your buddies a Websters have been changing definitions to fit your Leftist agenda for many many years now. Again you are in a sorry state of denial. As to your claim of “voluntary mental exams being mandatory to buy a gun”, that would make the “voluntary” involuntary, dummy. Not to mention, the HIPPA law would still preclude any disclosure of the results of such an exam. You really need to get some help. Not to mention a new dictionary.

          Are you off your medication again?

        • Hush, they sure do. dacian, the Dunderhead needs a colonoscopy to be sure. Not to mention an enema.

        • “Not to mention an enema.”

          Not possible, Walter – dacian the stupid has few brain cells left; an enema would wash those few away. Can you even imagine “dacian the even-more-stupid”???? It beggars the imagination.

    • And why should America cater to the feelings of weak minded foreigners? Hell, do you know how many people come to American and specially go to have fun at a gun range? Leftoid freaks like yourself have fetishized european governments to the point you can’t even fathom how many people over there look upon America’s free access to weapons with envy.

      • Dog,

        Tell that to Albert the Subject – he seems to think we’re all about what the “civilized countries” in Europe do/think.

    • Just when I think herr dacian cannot do anything more to prove what an uneducated moron he is he surpasses his personal best.

      Here’s hoping he stays on their side. He’s much more valuable to us if they have him.

  11. I don’t know what Florida this guy lives in, but it’s not the one I woke up in this morning. In my experience visiting Europeans are curious about my firearms when they’ve seen them. Not alarmed. Especially the Scandinavians. The South American tourists just want to know where they can buy one. We had some Australian tourists pass through a few years ago. I understand they rented an RV to tour the U.S. I was told they stayed a week at Talon Range renting weapons and buying ammo. A large time was had by all. Yeah, those tourists are terrified of American weapons.

  12. At an outside gun range we have had people from out side the USA come to the gun range.
    We had a Danish couple there once.
    He was military so he knew his way around pistols but wife had never shot any gun ever.
    He selected a 22lr for her and Glock himself
    She decided she would like to have more gun range vacations again!
    I have also seen a lot of Japanse people at the gun range I go to

    • Lady,

      Ever fly into Honolulu airport? There are posters throughout the “International” arrival area advertising gun ranges (many emphasizing that they FEATURE full-automatic weapons) . . . and a good percentage of them are in Japanese. Went to a gun range in Honolulu, once, for my younger son’s 16th birthday. We may have been the only Americans in the place.

      No, I don’t think the foreign tourists will be scared away by carry . . . not that I give a s***.

    • Texas Lady, I don’t know which outside gun range you’re referring to in Texas as we are a very large state. But there’s one particular range that I frequent in Central Texas that has a rather large world map in their reception area. There are small pins pushed into the map by patrons from their respective countries/cities. The map is literally covered in push pins.

      It’s amazing to see all the folks who made the trek to this gun range, mostly from foreigners from countries where it’s verboten to possess or shoot firearms. It’s not unusual to hear a foreign language spoken on the firing line.

      I like to visit with these folks to see where they’re from and their thoughts about doing something that is probably forbidden in their home country. They almost to a person say they wish they had the freedoms we enjoy in this great country. We have something precious in our 2A and need to defend it jealously…

  13. Disney is hurting tourism more than guns ever will with their indoctrination ideology. I think Disney shot themselves in the foot.

  14. We now have 25 Constitutional Carry States. The Majority of those who choose to carry, do so Concealed. Why give the Bad Guys any advance warning? However, I saw many Foreign Tourists around Dollywood and they didn’t seem to care that local residents walked around strapped openly. It’s a good fit with the boots and hats prevalent in the area. I haven’t read all the stories of the CC states losing out on their Foreign Tourists, and do not believe it will happen here. Yet another scare tactic from those who prefer their citizens dependent upon the State for their safety and security!

    • I have no say in Floriduh. But my elder brother does(near Dizzy World). He’s an anti-gat Leftard so bring on open carry!😎🤓😃

  15. I worked with a number of Europeans several years ago. Most seemed to be unconcerned with my carrying a sidearm. The only 1 that seemed concerned was a Hungarian who was frightened of guns in any form. He was the only 1 who wouldn’t come out to the range with me. Those from former Eastern Block countries wanted to go. Although they also needed a serious course on gun safety before I would allow them to actually handle a weapon.

  16. There are lots of gun ranges in locations like Las Vegas that rely on tourism. The only English that you hear at those ranges will be spoken by the staff or by tourists from the UK, Canada, NZ, or Australia. Everyone else will be speaking German, Spanish or an Asian language.

    US politicians are more afraid of guns than the tourists are.

  17. …would spook the foreign terrorists.

    Personally, I think it only spooks Democrats and pansy republicans.

  18. I can tell you how I felt as an American when visiting a poor Easter European Country. I was sitting in a restaurant with a local born girl friend of mine when 4 men walked in with pistols on their belts. The one sitting nearest to me had a nickel plated Colt 1911. To say I was apprehensive would be an understatement even though as an American I am used to seeing guns, but not used to seeing them displayed openly in a public restaurant. As near as I could figure these guys were Middle Eastern security plain cloths guards protecting some important visiting dignitary. I might add that in this Eastern European Country you usually see only the police and military with arms visible.

    Now I can imagine what foreign tourists in the U.S. would think when seeing openly armed crazy hillbillies as it would only remind them of how lawless and violent the U.S. is to try and exist in even for American born people who are forced to live in a society gone completely insane.

    • If they want to see “lawless and violent” they ought to make a wrong turn into the hood. They won’t get it with pasty rednecks

    • Other than your story is often repeated in a similar fashion by those who oppose the law abiding citizen to carry a firearm, the stories have one thing in common. They are fine with a security detail protecting someone who has the money to afford it. They do not respect the common man and feel he is not due the same protection.

      Yep, the far left is all about rich people and keeping them safe.

    • dacian, the Dunderhead. Well, I can understand you fear. You are a such a coward. I’ll venture a guess during the Vietnam War you spent a lot of “quality time” ducking the draft in Canada.

      I would think that the tourists would be more afraid of your drug dealing buddies.

    • Dacian, no one here cares how you feel. Don’t you understand that now? You are not changing anything you claim you want to change. Waste your time elsewhere.

      • Gasden, I doubt dacian the Dunderhead has ever been outside of the US. If he had been the Immigration people would have never let him back in. LOL

    • Dacian, I have been in rooms where people open-carried guns, and I felt no fear whatsoever. I have also been in rooms where people not clearly carrying any sort of weapon made me feel anxious.

      If you’re basing your fear of people based on the tools they carry with them, and not their overall demeanor, I pity you for your lack of ability for self-preservation. The only thing I can recommend is to learn to be aware of your surroundings, and learn to read people, so you could identify people who would likely try to harm you vs those who would likely leave you alone, and learn to act accordingly.

      Oh, and learn to be polite, and learn to swallow your pride, so you don’t give others a reason to try to hurt you, and if you are still afraid, leave the area. This is something that a lot of people, particularly those who choose to carry a gun, but hope they never have to use it, learn to do.

      For a country to be free, we shouldn’t unarm the people who wouldn’t likely harm you because you are afraid of them, particularly when that fear is unjustified.

  19. Last year South Carolina allowed Open Carry if you have a CWP. I have been asked only once by a little old lady in a grocery store “Is that a real gun?” Nobody else cares. I open carry everywhere it is allowed. I do not even patronize any business that forbids carrying a firearm. Their loss. Most retailers, grocery and DIY stores do not forbid it.
    If there is a legal “No Concealable Weapons Allowed” sign that complies with South Carolina State Law Signage, they lose a customer. If the there is no sign or it does not comply, I ignore it. Should they ask me to leave I will and give them the middle finger on my way out and leave behind everything in my shopping cart (buggy or trolley) and they can KMA.
    BTW, I also shop in North Carolina where NO PERMIT is needed to Open Carry. Never had a problem there.
    Walmart is problematic. No signs, but their policy is no open carry after that unfortunate incident in Texas. I have not tested that yet, so I do conceal carry at Walmart.
    I don’t eat out, so Restaurant’s “No Guns” signs are not relevant. Too expensive for me on Social Security.

    • Yup, I cant figure out why resturaunts dont accept food stamps, that and how come my food stamps wont buy beer? It’s a cereal malt beverage.

      • Federal Law says Food Stamps (SNAP) cannot be be used for alcohol or tobacco or non-food items.
        Eight States can now accept SNAP at restaurants, but the same prohibition against alcohol is still in effect.
        The program is widely available in Arizona and California. Other states such as Hawaii, Michigan, Maryland, and Rhode Island offer the restaurant meals program in select cities or counties. Illinois and New York have passed laws allowing the respective state social services agencies to apply to the federal program.

  20. God forbid we scare the Eurotrash visiting Disney World

    Don’t they want the real American experience? It’s healthy to get out of your comfort zone sometimes

  21. Well that explains why Kansas doesn’t have much in the line of tourism. Here all along I thought it was that the excitement of watching cows eat grass wasn’t that exciting, nope it’s our gunms.

    • Well that explains why Kansas doesn’t have much in the line of tourism. Here all along I thought it was that the excitement of watching cows eat grass wasn’t that exciting, nope it’s our guns.

  22. This reptile followed the Fudd script down to a tee

    -“I support the 2A BUT…”
    -“A-rating from duh NRA imma life membuhr”
    -“I don’t actually oppose this I am just supporting X!”
    -“For hackneyed and contrived reasons this would somehow be bad for business and I love tax revenue more than life itself”
    -“I conclusion I can’t support it because the Chamber threw a hissy fit and I am a slave to them and the almighty dollar”

  23. Open Carry = Constitutional Carry
    Concealed Carry = Constitutional Carry.

    Rep. David Smith doesn’t know ..”the right to keep and bear arms shall not be infringed ??
    Sounds to me like he’s really saying, Fuck your Rights, it’s the big money is more important.
    Vote his ass out ASAP!

  24. Who cares if they are? Well, besides you, who are probably getting tons of cash from businesses, but besides that, nobody cares..

  25. “Unlocking a trigger lock”, means, in a time of stress(like 3BF men trying to force your door open) and you have to retrieve your handgun and the key/combination to unlock it. Unless you have practiced this every day, you will have to stop a small amount of time to remember where the key/combination is. You have to retrieve it and then go to where you have stashed your firearm. Then you have to open the lock, under stress you(and me) can be fumble fingered. Now, you have to be sure it is loaded and the safety is off, then you may have to cock it(rack the slide or advance the cylinder? maybe slide the mag home).
    Just the time opening up the lock(under stress) can seem like minutes and even that time is enough that you may not have the gun ready to defend your family.
    I realize that I should train for this scenario, but I, like most other people, am lazy. I could train for a while, but will give it up, rationalizing that having a self protection gun or 10 is enough for me and the family.

    • All the complications and delays you mentioned are the entire point of the requirement. Your safety is not the issue (because you can run away, or beg for your life). The issue is that because it becomes very difficult to deploy your gun, others will not be killed or injured. The point of the regulations is to prevent death, not assist death.

      If you want to use “logic” against gun control efforts, you must understand that logic, embrace it, and use it to destroy the gun-grabbers. Freedom and liberty are not logical to the anti-gun mafia.

      Oh yeah, and don’t forget, “If it saves only one, it is worth it.”

  26. A well regulated Militia, being necessary to the security of a free State, the right of the people to keep and bear Arms, shall not be infringed – unless there’s money in it.

  27. For business reasons, the Second Amendment is right for America. That frightens some people living in other countries. It should.

  28. When is Open Carry a good idea? Isn’t CC smarter? How many here practice being a Grey Man? On the other hand, how many advertise certain things about themselves?

    • There are sound tactical reasons for carrying a gun openly, including: you’re more likely to carry it because it’s more comfortable, some criminals will see the gun and realize you’re too much trouble to be bothered, and it’s easier to deploy if needed. Granted, this needs to be balanced with the danger that a criminal will make you a target to take you out first, or someone will harass you by calling the police and claiming you pulled the gun on them (and they can describe the gun because they saw it), among other things — but it’s a balancing act that should be left to the individual.

      One of the biggest reasons to make open carry legal is to remove the ambiguity of what to do about the person who’s trying to conceal carry, but the gun prints, or the person takes off their jacket, or the wind blows a shirt and exposes the weapon. Open-carry-legal makes the default “leave the person alone if they aren’t committing a crime.”

      Overall, the biggest reason why open carry is a good idea, is because even if it’s a bad idea, it’s an even worse idea to make it illegal.

  29. “…shouldn’t we be more welcoming our friends from California, New York, New Jersey, Rhode Island, and Massachusetts, when they come to visit us in America?”

    No. They will think you want them to stay.


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