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[ED: See original story here.]

From the AP . . .

A 21-year-old man has been arrested in connection with a fatal armed robbery at a Georgia gun range that left three members of a family dead last week.

Jacob Christian Muse, of College Park, is charged with three counts of malice murder, the Georgia Bureau of Investigation said in a news release Friday.

When Grantville officers arrived at the scene of Lock Stock & Barrel Shooting Range on the night of April 8, they discovered the bodies of the gun range’s owner, along with his wife and grandson. The victims were identified as Thomas Hawk, 75; Evelyn Hawk, 75; and Luke Hawk, 17.

Jacob Christian Muse gun store triple murder georgia
Jacob Christian Muse

Investigators said that as many as 40 guns and the range’s surveillance camera were also stolen.

The shooting range is in rural Coweta County, about 50 miles (about 80 kilometers) southwest of Atlanta.

Law enforcement agents investigate the scene of a fatal robbery at Lock Stock & Barrel Shooting Range late Friday, April 8, 2022 in Coweta County, Ga. (Clay Neely/The Newnan Times-Herald via AP)

Police Chief Steve Whitlock said the Hawk family was well-known and well-respected in their small, tight-knit community. The Hawks had operated Lock Stock & Barrel for nearly 30 years. Their grandson was on spring break, helping his grandparents at the shop.

Muse was booked into the Coweta County Jail, officials said. Authorities did not release additional information about his arrest and it was not immediately clear whether Muse had an attorney who could comment.


Post has been updated with a new photo of the suspect. The original photo that was published was incorrect. 

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  1. Good, they got him.

    What a disgusting fat sack of shit.

    He looks much like how I imagine my obsessed, obviously brain-damaged and mentally-ill demented troll (who deserves to live in New Jersey) probably looks like.

    Enjoy death row, jerkoff… 🙁

    • In the last article announcing the crime, commenter ‘JP Ruiz’ had this to say :

      “Yup. Easy for scouting and wandering Gangbangers from Da’ Hood in Atlanta to hit.

      Guarantee you that’s what transpired.”

      That’s the fattest, whitest ‘gang-banger’ I’ve ever seen.

      So much for your prediction, ‘JP Ruiz’… 🙁

      • 👍
        Hard truth……..
        No race has the market cornered when it comes to douchebaggery.

        How about TTAG putting up the CORRECT perp pic in this story. That’s the wrong white gun.

    • To all the knee jerk bigoted jackasses who because of proximity to Atlanta pointed their bigoted fingers at Black…Next time leave your bigotry at the door and wait for witnesses, etc. before speaking out your ignorant behinds.

      On the other hand…Let’s hope justice is swift and certain on this earth and in hell for the despicable perp.

      • There’s nothing ignorant, bigoted, or irrational about making predictions based on patterns overwhelmingly supported by statistics. I get the feeling you are overcompensating for something, or just virtue signaling. Thats for leftists, Debbie. It’s not a flattering look.

    • I come here looking for insightful comments, and find at least five inane comments from your dumb ass. Get a life, you f*#king loser 🖕🤡!

      • avatar Geoff "A day without an obsessed, obviously brain-damaged and mentally-ill demented troll (who deserves to live in New Jersey) PR

        Widdle peegee is cranky!

        Suck on it long and hard, jerk-wad! 🤣 🤣 !

  2. Ummm, the photo in the story is actually Anthony Todt. He happens to be a pretty big POS as well and was just convicted of killing his wife and three small children.

    I agree that both this Ahole and the guy in the photo don’t deserve the right to enjoy oxygen.

      • … charged with three counts of Malice Murder. Does Georgia have “friendly murder” ? I take it that’s what southerners call “premeditated”?

        • I always favour the return of the firing squad in cases where the crime was perpetrated by the use of a firearm. Something very “equalising” about the perp facing precisely what HE caused his victims to face. No hood, face the line, hands secured behind the back. standing up straight. Ten on the line three rounds each. Each rifelman choose the impact point.

        • thanks for the website. I gaggled it without a space in between and some freakshow artists webpage comes up.

  3. A terrible thing. Those GBI boys talk slow. Don’t let that fool you. They’re thinking the whole time. Quick arrest on that type of case. I’d like to hear the details from the case file when available.

    Off subject, something I think will be of interest to the TTAG family. My friend Mike had some bad luck yesterday. Tori’s vehicle was burglarized Thursday night at their home. Mike lives at a dead end. River on one side. Canal on another. Dogs. Security system, including Wi-Fi cameras. Not a soft target. A SIG and cash was lost. Tori left her car unlocked. Camera picked up Mike and Tori arriving home. Their son coming home from his after school job. Tori discovering the buglary Friday morning. Nothing in between. It seems a Wi-Fi jammer can be purchased for $10. Renders RING, etc. useless. He’s going to a hardwire system next week.
    Don’t leave your firearms in your vehicle overnight and lock them anyway. Before it comes up; Tori has a CCW, but just won’t carry on her person.
    OP SEC is great as long as you remember that someone, somewhere is trying to defeat it.

    • “Don’t leave your firearms in your vehicle overnight and lock them anyway.”

      Good advice, I’m hyper-paranoid about that. I have kept a weapon secured while I’m away from the vehicle with a cable lock, but never just loose in there…

      • Geoff, Mike’s situation is far to common. I’ve worked it several times. Not only was he hit, but several of his neighbors. All vehicles were left unlocked. Unlocked means no alarm/noise. There were five people and two dogs sleeping in the house. No one heard anything.

      • My state makes it an offense to leave a firearm in an unlocked vehicle whilst owner is away from it. Makes me lock the car every time I’m away. Hard to enforce, most times it comes to light when the gun is stolen and the investigation determines the car was not locked. Double loss.. the gun, AND the rap. Cabled to something solid inside is not a bad idea…. but in some situations difficult. A bolted down safe is also a good idea, but, again, in some situations difificult to execute.

        • “Cabled to something solid inside is not a bad idea…. but in some situations difficult.”

          Rare is a vehicle without an exposed seat post, in my experience. Through a hole in the spare tire works as well, but you may lose your spare tire and gun…

    • My home’s security cams are hardwired. No Wi-Fi, for the very reason you mentioned, Gadsden. With one of the cams focused directly on the driveway.

      A ‘Ring’ isn’t preferred, but it’s better than nothing for anyone who’s wanting to put something up to watch their perimeter. Best to save up your pennies for an upgrade down the line, though. Preferably something proprietary and not associated with Amazon/Bezos, Google, Apple, Zuckerberg-The-Lizard-King, et al.

      • IHAQ FTW.
        Several neighbors and I have hard wired security cameras, AND maintain ALL the data collection and storage. Not to the cloud either.
        We even have cameras covering neighbors homes.

        Rely on a “buy the box/installs in minutes/wireless/cloud storage” system exclusively? 🤔
        Not a good idea.

        • and CERTAINLY Not The Zon. NO telling HOW those clowns will use what they collect. Don’t trust Jeffie and his minions farther than I can throw three of them at the same time. And I’ve got a bad shoulder on my throwing side.

        • For wellunder $1000 you canset yourself upwith a quality Honeywell Vista panel, an alphanumeric keyboard so you can do programming, 3 days worth of battery backup, four cameras, three good motion detectors, and a internet communicator through hard cabling, oh and a couple of very loud sirens. I don’t bother with third party monitering anymore as it got so expensive and the local PD wont respond anymore without video verification, which I can send to them directly in addition to going to a gig memory card. Nothing wireless should be considered as remotely secure.

    • “Tori has a CCW, but just won’t carry on her person.” Pretty much defeats the whole reason for a CCW permit doesn’t it? If she did carry on her person, she’d still have her Sig….
      A gun locked in a car isn’t much better than just leaving it in plain site. Glass is easily defeated.
      Unlocked? Bad Ju Ju….

      • many states require the Mother May I Card to carry a loaded firearm inside a vehicle, which means Tory having that Card make sense, IF Georgia is one of those states. Mine is. No Mother May I Card, no loaded weapon in the car. Then I caught myself driving accross a bridge in =t the neighbouring state, same rule applies there, and realised I could easily forget and have that loaded handgun ready to hand in a state requiring the Mother MayI Card to do so, and don’t have it. So I got mine there too. Now I don’t even think about it, just carry. Or have a spare lying under the front eat, whatever.

    • You can build a little electronic warfare box for about $300… jam wi fi, jam radar, send a radar signal back at another speed or on another radial, etc.

    • “Quick arrest on that type of case.”

      The county medical examiner discovered the bodies, they were his immediate family, both parents and child. Being ‘one of the GBI’s own’, so to speak, they went hard at it, for him…

    • Your friend is making an assumption the theft happened there/then. If it’s not on camera, how is he sure of that? Maybe it happened elsewhere earlier and wasn’t noticed. Just a thought.

  4. The article forgot to mention that somewhere within 2 days to 2 months, we’ll be told that the FBI had been informed about this guy but failed to do anything.

    • Oh, Haz, I don’t know that it was a RING system. Just that it was WI-FI and was shut down.

  5. Thank you GBI! For some reason I’m not exactly sure why but this story is literally bringing tears to my eyes. I want this animal to suffer big time.

    Gadsden said,
    “Those GBI boys talk slow. Don’t let that fool you.”

    That’s right let the perps think you’re a stupid southern hick then play them like Columbo. God bless the men and women of GBI for capturing this monster.


  7. The white boy in the photo looks like some meth head who was just supporting his habit. No matter. The dumbass needs a date with old sparky in his very near future. Were it my choice, he would get the same manner of death he gave his victims.

  8. They found their patsy I see….. what a joke…. and a LIE by your government….

  9. Another Einstein who plans the perfect crime and is captured by incompetent bumbling cops in a matter of days. Too bad he won’t be hanged.

  10. Thank God. Hope his shyster lawyer doesn’t pursue a plea deal for life in prison.
    In a functioning justice system he would be fried and forgotten

    • A member of Stosstruppe Dacian requisitioning firearms for their summer activities?

      Since kit guns are no longer available they have to use other sources.

      • Re “ Stosstruppe Dacian ”

        I get the first word but whats the Dacian refer to?


  11. I hope this SOB gets executed without too much delay. This was an utterly inexcusable crime. Bad enough to kill the old folks but to take a kids life before it even really began is heinous.

  12. Perfect case of trial, conviction, public execution by volunteer firing squad in public in front of the Court House! This violent felon needs to be publicly executed. All these stolen guns traced and all felons who have them to be charged, convicted and also executed by public firing squad as they contributed directly to the MURDER of three innocent American Citizens! Let’s go Brandon.

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