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I hope each of y’all find a sweet new gun to take home this weekend!*

*Californians need not apply


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  2. Not me…making my AR more functional. Sling, LPVO, perhaps a new forend(my UTG foreend is ok though). Ammo stash is ok.

  3. I rationalized the purchase of my Ruger mini by telling myself that I would not need any more guns after that. But, now I am trying to find a reason why I need a 10mm pistol. Maybe, if I plan to go hiking in bear country…..

    • I have all the guns I need. No desire for any more, really.

      Except maybe a nice PCC carbine in 10mm. Because yes.

      And a classic wheelgun + lever gun, both chambered in .357 Mag. With custom leather swag. And matching case hardened decor. Yes, please.

    • You could always get some hard cast bullets for your 9mm. I’ve had countless encounters with black bears throughout my life. I was always unarmed except for maybe a cheap knife. I was never worried about it either because it was the norm. I carry now of course.

      • Dude,

        No, no, no, no ,no….not hard cast 9mm….shiney new pistol….chambered in 10mm…..

        No,no,no,no,no….bears…dangerous…bears…ferocious….must… have…10mm… pistol…must…have…

        • lol, buy the 10mm because you want it.
          Just go hiking. PA is bear country. You live here.
          DO NOT read Codrea’s tally of bear defenses over at that other gun related web site. It will illustrate that you don’t need a 10mm for bears. Your .22 will do just fine.
          Buy the 10mm because you want it 😉

        • “What doesn’t kill you Makes You Stronger Except Bears. Bears will effing definitely kill you.

      • Crimson,

        By golly, you are correct!! I do live in bear country!!

        Actually, the only reason I am not purchasing a 10mm is Bidenomics. Around here, we are cutting discretionary spending, anticipating runaway inflation and shortages. My ammo supplies are reasonable (well, maybe another 1k rounds of 5.56), but the shiney new pistol can wait.

        ObamaBiden is destroying this country economically, socially, militarily, and educationally. Yeah, I know, if the Fed crashes the dollar, currency won’t be worth much, but prudent spending now is how we get ready.

        Pray for the world….fight back.
        We only lose when we stop fighting.

        • “ObamaBiden is destroying this country economically”

          Strange sort of destruction… More people working and unemployment claims down:

          “Jobless Claims Hit New Pandemic Low—Number Of Americans Receiving Unemployment Benefits Falls To 1.4 Million
          Jonathan Ponciano
          Forbes Staff
          Mar 24, 2022,09:02am EDT“

        • Maybe by economically you mean are gross domestic product?

          “U.S. economy grew 5.7 percent in 2021, fastest full-year clip since 1984, despite ongoing pandemic
          GDP report by Bureau of Economic Analysis offers the latest snapshot of a resilient recovery”

          By Rachel Siegel and Andrew Van Dam
          January 27, 2022|Updated January 27, 2022 at 4:17 p.m. EST”

          Woopsie, looks like Biden is not doing all that bad.
          Especially when you consider the GDP is the same level as the 80s before Reagan crashed the economy.

        • “Woopsie, looks like Biden is not doing all that bad.”

          Wow. Do you believe half of what you say? You aren’t growing the economy when you’re just allowing some people to go back to work. Next I suppose you’ll tell how well The Puppet did at eradicating the Wuflu. The government could have done nothing. Yes nothing, and we would be adding record numbers. It’s only a record because it wasn’t the norm to begin with. A fifth grader could understand that. Wake me up when we’re blowing away the pre-Covid numbers.

        • “You aren’t growing the economy when you’re just allowing some people to go back to work“

          The indisputable fact is the economy is growing:

          “U.S. economy grew 5.7 percent in 2021, fastest full-year clip since 1984, despite ongoing pandemic“

          And you say: “the pre-Covid numbers“
          Dude, 1984 was 38 years before the current pandemic.

          That’s a pretty good recovery, especially coming off of the woo flu.
          And that’s after Biden has held the office of President of the United States for over one year, can’t claim that’s Trump’s economy.

          So who do you think he’s not being allowed to go back to work?

        • Stop playing dumb. Pre-Covid means 2019. It isn’t an achievement when you stop something, then start it back. The dems have been obsessed with putting people out of work in the name of public health. Tyrannical dem governors and mayors crushed the little guys while they allowed the big corps to flourish.

        • Meanwhile in the real world inflation is around 10% and wages depending on sector are flat to up 3% and most economic growth is in flyover territory and/or red states. Thanks for playing.

        • Much of that recent “growth” was people going back to work after the covid shutdowns. Not exactly real growth.

  4. I tried one of the three boolits I found in the bottom of the clothes washer, it didn’t work, now I’m afraid to try out the other two Ive got left because if one of the two don’t go off I’d feel I was defenseless.

      • All of God’s critters have built-in weapons.

        (Please pardon me as I lift a cheek to expel some built-up gas. Ahhhh… 🙂 )

    • Well, if saving the last round for yourself goes bust, you’ve always got defecation and thanatosis as a last resort.

      Try rotating the cartridge so the firing pin hits a different spot. Of course, if it pops, then you really are down one.

      Tough situation, no good option.

      • There you go again with them big college words. Thanatosis, of course possums breaths smell bad, we eat dead shit.
        Dont judge me.

        • *chuckle*. Actually, I didn’t know the technical medical name for “playing possum” until I looked it up last night. When I first saw it, I thought big purple bad breath, so I checked other references and yes, it’s playing possum. Another name I learned is “tonic immobility” but that one when spoken, sounds like it oughta involve ‘shine. I’ll let you decide which one you prefer.

  5. Parts thus far for another carbine…free float hand-guard, gas block, gas tube, flash hider, USGI silent sling, barrel. The barrel is a White Label Armory 1-8 Nitride. Stripped upper and lower are waiting at my FFL. Probably going to be the last don’t need it AR for me for awhile but that’s what I said about the last one.

  6. Guns are cheap. Shooting them regularly is expensive.
    My Gen1 P99 Titanium was purchased for $500 last summer, I’ve fired over 4k rounds thru it in the last five months.

    Those who regularly shoot don’t have a gun problem, they have an ammo problem.

  7. Took them all out this week. With some of them it was like running into an old friend that hadn’t been around for a long time. Guess I don’t need any more, a lot of these are “new again”.

  8. I started printing my own a couple years ago. I am currently obsessed with printing the Harlot. I can churn one out in less than a day for about $4 in plastic and parts. My wife thinks they are so cute she want one for her purse…..

  9. Sorry about this, but I am the exact opposite. I buy ammo. In fact I probably buy too much ammo. Literally almost all of my disposable income is spent on stockpiling ammo. I’ve only bought one gun this year. And only two last year.

  10. I alternate. Right now, I’m getting parts to build a lefty AR for the wife. Once that’s in action, back to topping off the ammo locker.

  11. ‘I hope each of y’all find a sweet new gun to take home this weekend!*’

    I’m hoping my tax stamp arrives so I can take my Rugged Obsidian 45 suppressor home.
    First suppressor.

    Form4 has been certified and tax payment has been processed, waiting for the call from my FFL.

    • Take a close look at the Rugged Oculus 22 for your next can either that or the Sparrow…can’t go wrong with either one. Suppressors are like Lay’s potato chips…it’s hard to stop at just one.

      Did you file on the old paper form or on the e-file system?

      • I e-filed using the Silencer Shop kiosk in my FFL/range. The e-form4 was ready for certification in only 13 days. The tax stamp payment processed a few seconds after the e-form4 certification was completed.

        It seems like the e-file system is finally up and running properly.

        Picked up the Griffin Armament CAM-LOC system for three guns, PPQ45, P99, and Mark 23.

        • Nice!

          All of mine were old-style paper. May have to try out the e-file system. Been eying a SilencerCo Hybrid 46 at my LGS.

          The two I use the most are the two .22lr cans that I own…they’re fun (and cheap-er) to shoot.

        • That e-file system couldn’t be easier, and Silencer Shop acts as a buffer, reviews everything before submitting it to the alphabet agency.
          The accuracy average for all submissions is around 60%, Silencer Shop e-submissions are 99.5% accurate.
          I purchased an in stock Obsidian 45 from Silencer Shop, then did the kiosk process. Took around 15 minutes, used my phone to take a “passport” type selfie, then used the SShop free app to upload it to my application. Super simple and fast.
          The morning after I made the purchase and completed the kiosk process, I received an email from SShop. It had an attachment of all the documents (completed by SS). Very conviently, it opened up in a DocuSign app (I didn’t need to download the DocuSign app to my phone), I signed with my finger, then tapped each highlighted box in the documents. My signature popped up in each box when I tapped it.
          When I got to the bottom of the docs there was a “complete and send” button. Tapped that and everything was updated and returned to SShop.
          I kept is quick and simple by choosing the “single shot” trust at time of suppressor purchase, $25.

          The process was a breeze.

  12. Money in hand equals ordering more powder, bullets and primers. Refill the brass and keep the firearms I have going. Unless my wife wants something else, I doubt I will be buying another firearm any time soon. Of course last time I said that, Mrs. wanted that Glock. Then it was the Walther. And I’m still using the old Browning Hi-Power and the old 1911.

    • Does she have an StG44? She needs to get one of those if she dont, to go along with them other two nazi gunms. 😋

  13. More projectiles and other reloading supplies or new guttering for the house?

    Unfortunately my house is my biggest investment.

    • Thank you for posting the link. That is one methed out looking 21yo. Hopefully justice will prevail and he will get exactly the final, definitive, non-recidivist treatment he so desperately needs.

  14. Bought a Behring knife yesterday, Scagle style handle, crotch stag, so l won’t be buying a new gun this weekend. Unless… Wait! My son came home yesterday with the best looking Mosin-Nagant I’ve seen in a long time. Can I count it?

    • Thanks for the heads up.

      I live 150’ish miles from Missoula…did not know about Behring knives. Will have to stop there sometime on way through Missoula…nice stuff on their website. The WWII pattern fighter is beautifully rendered…that and their Alaskan patterns appear particularly useful.

      Prices not too extravagant for custom work.

  15. New gun? I have everything I could need realistically. Maybe for the fun of it I’d get a Ruger made Marlin lever gun in .44 mag when they come out.


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