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Really, How Bad Are Milwaukee’s Prosecutors?

TTAG regulars may remember the sad tale of Otis Lockett. We awarded Otis our IGOTD on the first of August after he managed to almost separate himself from Mr. Johnson and noted that his problems didn’t end with his anatomical re-arrangement. Having obviously shot himself and given his criminal record, he’d also be facing felon in possession charges. And he has. But what we didn’t count on was the apparent incompetence of prosecutors in the land of cheese curds and inferior beer…

Lockett’s attending physician told police that his wounds were consistent with someone who prefers Mexican carry. They even got a court order to remove Lockett’s bandages to memorialize the damage he’d done to his penile region photographically. But that evidently wasn’t enough for the court.

…Circuit Judge Charles Kahn dismissed the charge, saying the prosecution failed to meet its burden of proof. He said prosecutors failed to interview other potential witnesses and failed to demonstrate the suspect is right-handed.

The judge warned Lockett, who had said he was shot from behind by an unknown party, to stay away from guns.

So the judge knew damned well that locket almost blew his own naughty bits off, but the mental marvel playing prosecutor didn’t make the case. Legally speaking. It seems that correspondence law course degrees are enough to secure a job with the City of Milwaukee district attorney’s office. So Lockett walked. Maybe with a limp, but he walked.

But never fear, Milwaukeeans, Lockett’s been warned by the judge. There’s no way he’ll touch a gun again after that stern talking-to. Right? If Mr. Lockett does decide to tempt fate and pick up another gun to do something less than legal, though, you’ll know where to direct your complaints.


  1. avatar HSR47 says:

    This sound more like a case of judicial malfeasance rather than prosecutorial incompetence.

    Seriously; an expert witness testified that the injury was consistent with a ND brought on by Mexican carry. I don’t see there being any REASONABLE doubt about it. The legal standard isn’t beyond possibility of doubt, it is beyond a REASONABLE doubt. The prosecutor offered such a case, and the defense’s alternative is so far-fetched as to be laughable.

  2. avatar GS650G says:

    Since his vasectomy, WI put CCW in place so he might not need to shoot himself next time.

    1. avatar miforest says:

      felons cannot posess a firarm. federal law. never, anywhere, any kind, no hunting etc. so he won’t be getting a ccw.

  3. avatar Moonshine7102 says:

    And the revolving door of American justice continues. Is that judge up for re-election this coming cycle?

  4. avatar Blinky Pete says:

    A key point missing in the article is the defense attorney’s argument. The prosecutor can present every fact known (lacking, of course, on successful motions filed by the defense to suppress them), but all the defense has to do is introduce one speck of doubt. General juries will seek the reason in reasonable doubt, but since the defense get to decide between trial by jury or trial by judge, the defense lawyer can select the latter depending on the judges record.

    That said, isn’t the only victim in this case the perpetrators penis? Certainly worthy of this weeks IGOTD ding dong or maybe a Darwin award, but not the tax payer’s money.

  5. avatar Tim McNabb says:

    That’s right – he said inferior beer.

    1. avatar Moonshine7102 says:

      I dunno. Lost Lake and Boxer Lager are pretty good for their price point, IMHO.

    2. avatar karlb says:

      There are plenty of great small breweries in Wisconsin, and even Point and Leinies have some wonderful tasting products. Don’t blame us that most Americans would rather drink a mass-produced swill (I’m looking at you Miller and Bud) than actual beer.

  6. avatar Aharon says:

    “in the land of cheese curds and inferior beer…”

    Wisconsin does have good bratwurst…

  7. avatar Gerard says:

    Inferior beer? F-ck you! I won’t bother listing all the great brews we have.

    1. avatar NR says:

      Every place produces great brews. Some places, however, are noteworthy for producing tremendous quantities of not-so-great brews.

      1. avatar Gerard says:

        Yeah, those places are called St. Louis and Golden.

  8. avatar RKflorida says:

    Gerard if you want everyone else to appreciate the good beers you have, why don’t you sell them to the rest of the country instead of the crap that comes out of your state now?

    1. avatar karlb says:

      The question is not why Miller makes the crap they do, it is why people buy it.

    2. avatar Gerard says:

      Liquor, wine, and beer distribution rules and regulations are as Byzantine as gun laws.

  9. avatar Ralph says:

    The case was dismissed because the evidence wouldn’t stand up in court.

      1. avatar Ralph says:

        More like -6, if you get my drift.

  10. avatar Chris Dumm says:

    At least his anatomical breeding license has been revoked. Looking on the bright side (for him) at least he won’t have any additional child support cases.

  11. avatar AznMike says:

    Inferior beer? True we have stuff like PBR and Miller but the micro’s we have all across the state are pretty good, though some can be a tad expensive, especially for a college student like myself so I am stuck with the crappy beer.

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