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Some of you didn’t appreciate our recent gun giveaways. A few of the daily posts attracted more comments expressing outrage at being affronted with a chance to win a free gun than we’d get under a booth babe shot back in the good bad ol’ days. You know who wasn’t upset by those posts? Ray in Texas. That’s him, above, holding his brand-spanking-new desert tan Kel Tec KSG courtesy of the Kentucky Gun Company. And from the looks of things, he knows his way around a firearm. Congrats Ray and happy shooting.

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  1. Congrats to Ray.
    Does anyone from states that don’t have a robust and open gun culture ever win one of these give aways?

    • No. Too much bad karma floating around in those places.

      Also, people who don’t have Facebook accounts and abhor junk mail tend not to win those things either. Not that I’m complaining…that’s just the way it is. You makes your choices, you takes your chances. Or something like that.

  2. Saw a dude at the local range last night with a KSG. Beautiful gun but good lord those things are loud. I really want a bullpup shotgun but I think my heart’s set on the UTS.

    Hey Ray if you’re in the DFW area, let’s hit the range!

      • An hour?! That’s one hell of a review. One thing I like about the UTS is the automatic switch between the mag tubes whereas the KSG has to be manually switched. I like the styling of both though.

        EDIT: Wow in the first 2 minutes of the vid, it FTF’d like 4 times. Nevermind, KSG for me then.

        • Wouldn’t the SRM 1216 be better? I mean who wants to pump that much? There is probably a joke about self-pleasure here somewhere but I can’t find it.

        • @lolinski, wow I’ve never seen that one before. Doesn’t win on the looks factor in relation to the KSG or UTS but that has got to be the coolest shotgun magazine system ever. As nice as it is, the price is hard to justify.

        • Nutnfancy’s reviews are an hour long because he’s not mentally capable of saying what he needs to say in less time than that. The man rambles entirely too much and frankly strikes me as a bit of a whackjob.

    • Disclaimer–I’m a KSG owner (and fan).

      What I gather is that both the KSG and UTS-15 had their share of problems initially, but both have undergone design refinements and are better now. Nutnfancy had nothing but trouble with the UTS; MAC had problems with the KSG. Plenty of internet commandos still dismiss both platforms and question why anyone would choose a novel polymer bullpup design over a proven Remington or Mossberg pump.

      My experience with my KSG has been nothing short of stellar. When I picked it up I treated it with a healthy dose of skepticism based on the mixed reviews online, but it has lived up to all of my hopes and expectations. It has even managed to supplant my 590 as my go-to home defense shotgun. It has done equally well with high and low brass, all sorts of loads over 6+ months and hundreds of rounds. $1000 is still pretty pricy, IMO, but that’s been the going rate for a while and it is a great gun….

    • me too. Must have tried a half dozen times before *I think* it went thru…
      wahhhh…. well, if they REALLY want to make it up to me,
      I can think of a shotgun at a discount deal…hehe

  3. Congrats to Ray from Texas! I hope that gun is as awesome as it appears!

    Be assured I will NOT be stopping by your place after dark for a free, no-appointment-necessary-just-walk-in demo.


    It wasn’t the giveaways as such, it was the fact that they cropped up every day, unpleasantly like being nagged.

    And the first one was for a gun that (apparently) is regarded as a POS. (I didn’t mind the KSG but then I do associate it with the Day By Day comic now, and it seemed to run for fewer days.)

  4. Dang- thought I posted once but its not popping up—
    trying some new stuff on the ol’ puter-

    apologies if it dupes- CONGRATS RAY!

  5. Dan, it may be a free gun, but its a crappy gun, combined with the non stop spamming of it, and the fact we have to use Facebook? No wonder people hated those posts

  6. Can’t even walk down the street without someone trying to give me a free gun, I’m just sick of it! You know its all a conspiracy by the safe manufacturers, dang thing is overflowing cause I need a bigger one.

  7. Congratulations my friend can’t wait to see it couldn’t have gone to a better person I know ray since high school great man and dam good hunter


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