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AAC’s Ti-Rant and SilencerCo.’s Osprey are both 9mm suppressors, and they compete for the same audience. They have their differences and their trade-offs, but they cost about the same amount of money and they do exactly the same job. So the question then: which one is better? To answer that, the nice folks at Austin’s Silencer Shop brought out a couple of each version and we shot them side by side. To my ear, AAC’s Ti-Rant is the winner — but only by a hair. And honestly, I might prefer the Osprey’s unobstructed sight picture over a hair more noise suppression. Listen for yourself. When the audio in the video cuts over (the wind stops) that’s where I used the more accurate audio from the device near the muzzle.

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  1. I could hear the slight difference in reduction and it sounded to me like the Ti-Rant was slightly better. YMMV.

  2. They sounded pretty damn identical to me. So I say go for the unobstructed sight picture.

  3. How about with all the bashing of The Freedom Group and AAC’s mistreatment of Kevin, why support AAC if both are virtually the same?

    • Excellent point.

      Between this, and Michael C’s point above about the sight picture, seems like a no-brainer to go for the Osprey.

  4. Sound performance between them is trivial. The most important feature is that the Tirant can be taken apart and cleaned, unlike the Osprey.

  5. Y’all need to get some wind muffs for your cameras. Considering the amount of video Leghorn shoots, it would be a worthy investment.

  6. can’t play the video (yet). what are some other trade offs?can you really use stock sights with the osprey?

  7. You should have compared the Silencerco Octane to the above models. I’m curious how it would perform again the osprey and the TiRant, but has a major advantage stainless steel baffles. My friend has the TiRant 45 and cleaning the baffles is a HUGE rectal irritation.

  8. The last time I went shopping, SWR and Silencerco were two separate companies. I found a Youtube on the two, side by side, and the SWR was noticeably quieter than the Osprey. Not what I was expecting. They did an accurate side by side comparison, in a controlled indoor environment, with calibrated decibel meters, and the SWR reduced the db level the most. Size isn’t everything.

    • the osprey is monocore, the ti-rant is k-baffles. monocores almost always lose out in head to head vs non monocores.

  9. Well the TiRant started off quite but raised in dB over the use of rounds. You should have done a wet test. The osprey operates veryquite wet but can’t be opened/serviced.The Osprey in my opinion is a better choice.

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