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“They want guns because it gives them an artificial sense of power to people who are inherently impotent, and who have swollen lumpy amygdalas. People who have real empowerment and competence and potency don’t need guns to know they are powerful human beings who can cope with situations by their intellect and skills. They don’t have problems with civil society and law enforcement that only uses lethal force as a last resort.” – mikeb302000 on declining violence stats

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  1. I read this as a swipe at the “gun grabbers,” not the gun owners. Yes, Colbert does use stereotypes in his description of gun owners, but that is the norm for him . . . it is a straw-man to be destroyed. The butts of the joke are the people who are against guns, except when they are used in their names by the police. These people are not against violence; they just want it done by someone else.

  2. 1. Truly powerful people don’t need guns because they have people with guns protecting them. Obama doesn’t walk around with a gun but the 5 secret service guys next to him do.
    2. If I got stuck somewhere with things that could kill me and I had an ar-15 with a couple of magazines sitting next to me, I’d use it. I’d also employ my intellect and skill but I’m not going to leave something that could save my life because of something mikeb302000 said on the internet. And at the end of the day, neither would he.
    3. There are enough unjustified shootings by the police every year that’s it’s pretty clear lethal force is not always used as a last resort. We also don’t live under the false assumption that society will always remain civil.

  3. I’d love to see you use your “intellect and skills” on a couple of gangbangers as they beat you down for a couple of dollars. Then you can explain to the police how smart you are on your way to the emergency room.

    • The threat of that one night about a year ago is the reason I carry every day. I could have taken one of them in a fist fight, but together, I couldn’t have stopped them.

      I use my intellect at work every day. My intellect also tells me that 2-1 are not good odds, unless I am carrying my Glock.

  4. Attempting to force an opinion by demeaning and belittling anyone who opposes that point of view only proves your position is not strong enough to stand on its own merits.

  5. “I say ol’chap, how ’bout a rousing game of checkers to sort this whole ‘home invasion’ thing out. Winner gets the TV and my wife. Tea?”

    • Mikey runs his blog with an iron fist. Anything that’s written by a “co-blogger” is directly attributable to mikey. He loves to use “stalking horses” to make himself look like the oh-so reasonable, common sense gun grabber. Don’t fool yourself into thinking otherwise.

      • Well, Ralph, that’s not exactly what I do. As it happens I don’t like the aggression often expressed by my co-bloggers, but I allow it. That’s different than what you described.

        The ideas behind the sharp words I usually agree with.

    • thanks Ruff, I was just about to ask where that came from. I knew it couldn’t have been me, I don’t even know what the “swollen lumpy amygdalas” is.

      Yet, I do agree with the sentiment.

  6. Doesn’t whoever wrote that piece get a sense of superiority and power when he talks about taking out rights away?

  7. I love how pseudo-intellectuals use big words to try and show their “intelligence”. Just because one chooses to exercise their Constitutional RIGHT, does not make them less intelligent than those who are afraid of the RIGHT. Exactly the opposite, comrade.

  8. We should ask the students who died at Virgina Tech how they used their intellects and skill to overcome the gunman. Oh, wait…

    Funny enough, intellect and skill is EXACTLY what a gun owner needs to come out alive in a hostile situation. Knowledge about the weapon the bad guy is carrying can save your life. How many shots does it have? What caliber? Did he take the safety off? Is the hammer back? Knowing this can help tip the odds, assuming you get a decent look. And do I even have to go into skill to argue why gun owners need that?

    What “skill” exactly is this clown referring to that can best a gun shoved into one’s nose? How fast they can run away screaming?

  9. Maybe I’m daft, but I didn’t see/hear anything particularly “gun grabber” in that clip. Maybe a bit of snark about the value of human life suffering from inflation, but no call to strip the RKBA from folks.

  10. Violence has not declined. Pinker completely discounts the violent deaths of the pre-born which numbers in the many millions in the USA.

    If you look at the African American community in New York, by far the most dangerous room in the hood is the womb.

  11. So are we commenting on MikeB’s inane post or the Colbert video? I am never quite sure.

    I will say this, you have to be pretty arrogant to say “yes” when someone asks you if you are part of the “Harvard elite”. I knew then that he could not be trusted and actually started to wonder how he would be able to fit his ego out the door of the studio after Colbert blew so much hot air into it.

  12. Am I the only one to link the use of a tool (i.e. a gun) as the ultimate triumph of brains over brawn? It was intellect that invented the gun. It was intellect that made the biggest, meanest bully caveman irrelevant. In this fantasy world without tools, are these people preferring to live some crummy existence of the strong vs the weak?

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