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The Brady Campaign can skip the Viagra today.

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  1. This. Is interesting.

    It strikes me that this is the way it should be-citizens keeping the police in check (or at least that’s what their claim is)-but it also strikes me that we shouldn’t have to worry about such things as police overstepping their bounds.

    It also strikes me that this type of thing-the open display of weapons and voicing intent to use them-could not take place in any other state but Arizona.

  2. That was weird. Was that an interview? Or a speech? “JT” made his point pretty well early on and then they lost me with the currency diatribe.

  3. The best thing about that video is that I can almost guarantee that the dudes in camo disagree 100% with the “occupy wall street” message, but the guys in camo are still out there supporting the protesters right to protest.

    • @Sam

      I find that to be the most compelling thing about this. Even though my cynical side wants to say it’s a publicity stunt on their part.

  4. Defending the second amendment is hard enough when we don’t have “Paul Blart: Mall Ninja” writing the Brady Campaign’s ad copy for them.

  5. I can’t blame them for getting some attention. Everyone is using the occupy movement for their own reasons. He should have talked less.

    More valuable, silver or brass?

    • This makes me ill. I gave props to this jackass in a previous comment… I stopped the video when he said “holo-hoax.” This guy needs to have an AD in his head.

  6. I’d pull this entire page now and have nothing to do with this guy. He’s nothing more than a murderer and the tip of the iceberg of the sheer insanity of the current American Conservative movement.


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