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Hype. It’s a word synonymous with 10mm Auto. Developed by Col. Jeff Cooper, carried by Sonny Crockett, known in the firearms fraternity as “the cartridge the FBI couldn’t handle,” 10mm Auto has achieved near mythological status. If everything on the interwebz is to be believed (tip: it’s not) the 10mm auto was so powerful it was putting petite FBI agents on disability. To separate fact from friction [sic], I contacted Glock to get a full-size G20, deep diving into the veiled world of 10mm auto aficionados. First things first . . .

The Glock 20 is a big gun. In its non-short frame (SF) configuration it’s a tenth of an inch wider than a G17 and three tenths of an inch longer. Believe me: you feel every tenth of those inches. At 27.68 ounces the G20 outweighs its somewhat comparable cousin by almost 6 oz. Even without considering the recoil issue, that’s some heavy firepower.

Gen3 Glocks have always felt big in my hands. The G20 is certainly no exception—and then some. That said, with a two-handed grip, the Glock 20 felt comfortable enough for a large framed gun. When I tried it with a one-handed grip I felt as uneasy as a Mormon at the First Baptist Church of Dallas, Texas.

At first I attributed my enervation to the Glock’s grip size. That wasn’t the whole problem. I’m an aggressive grip texture kind of guy; the Gen3’s somewhat smooth side panels made the big ass G20 feel a bit slippery in my palms. A bit of grip tape and the G20 was GTG (Good to Go).

I won’t bore you by describing the Glock’s design characteristics. By this point I think we can all agree that Gaston’s guns are black, they aren’t known for their looks and they have one of the best stock triggers found in striker fired pistols.

One nice touch to this particular G20: Glock sent it with night sights. I’ve never been a fan of the stock Glock dot-in-¾’s-of-a-box sights. These tritium filled 3-dots fit the bill perfectly; they’re easy to see in the day, easy to see at night and make target acquisition as simple as Forrest Gump.

For my first range trip with the G20 I headed-out to my local sports store and to buy whatever 10mm ammo they had hanging around. I ended up with Remington 180gr FMJ target loads. All my slow fire shots were touching, my rapid fire strings were beautiful and that Glock trigger was as crisp as an autumn morning in the Bridger Mountains.

Hang on. Where was all this battleship-level recoil I’d read about? Why did I feel like I was just shooting a huskier G22? Slightly disappointed, I dutifully shot up the remaining ammo and returned home to do a little research.

Turns out that when the FBI decided they couldn’t handle the full house 10mm loads, they dumbed them down to something called the 10mm lite or 10mm FBI load. Eventually Smith & Wesson realized that they could replicate the ballistics of that load in a smaller cartridge. Thus the .40 S&W revolution was born, effectively relegating the 10mm to historical obscurity.

With the new information in hand I set out looking for some serious 10mm rounds. Slightly more than a week later, my friendly UPS guy brought me a box full of goodies from Double Tap Ammunition. Wanting to get a full spectrum for testing, I procured some 200 gr hard cast and 135 gr JHP to test as defensive loads. I also ordered some 200 gr FMJ target load to compare to a similar offering from Blazer. The table below lists the rounds’ advertised velocity and energy.

Type DoubleTap 200 gr WFNGC Hardcast DoubleTap 135 gr Nosler JHP DoubleTap 200 gr FMJ Blazer 200 gr FMJ
Velocity at Muzzle 1300 fps 1600 fps 1275 fps 1050 fps
Energy at Muzle 750 ft/lbs 767 ft/lbs 722 ft/lbs 490 ft/lbs

For testing, I fired a five-shot rapid fire strings from 7 yards at a Birchwood Casey Shoot N’ C bullseye target. I went with the 200 gr hardcast and 135 gr hollow points first.

Needless to say, the G20 gun was bucking a bit more with the big boy rounds, evidenced by my throwing a round off target in my first string. The G20’s heavy slide and polymer frame soaked up enough of the recoil to make it comfortable—while retaining enough oomph to let me know I was shooting a very aggressive gun. I needed to work a little to keep the G20 on target, but that’s not what I call “work.”

Shooting the slightly less powerful target/practice ammo, I again managed to throw a round on each of the strings. A little disappointed in my shooting, I tested the viability of the G20 as a duty weapon. I ran the qualification course we use at the Sheriff’s Office utilizing the DoubleTap 200 gr FMJ.

In short, the course requires that a shooter fire 18 rounds and start from 25 yards moving towards the target, utilizing cover, performing two reloads and firing two one handed strings. The results of this test were more than satisfactory. I hit 18 out of 18 for a perfect score. Obviously this would be a very viable and powerful choice for LEOs who can handle such a large handgun.

In the end, I don’t think recoil is what turns people away from a gun like the G20. Contrary to internet lore, the recoil was pretty mild for a cartridge that’s putting up better ballistics than a .357 Magnum. The problem is size.

It takes a relatively large handgun to handle this round; that can be a serious turnoff. I’ve grown more comfortable with the gargantuan G20 as the weather has gotten cooler in the mountains and people have started donning their coats. But this is not the EDC you’re looking for.

As an open carry gun, the G20 has a loyal following among outdoorsmen as a good defensive weapon against all sorts of two and four-legged creatures. So much so that Denmark outfits their Sirius Patrols in Greenland with the G20 to defend against polar bears.

And that, my friends, is where the G20 has found its niche: as an uber-reliable gun that can take any abuse you throw at it while shooting a hard-hitting round that will incapacitate large angry targets in a hurry. The G20 in 10mm isn’t entirely suitable for urban conflict (unless it is), but it’s the perfect hiking companion.


Caliber: 10mm Auto
Barrel Length: 4.60”
Overall Length: 7.59”
Weight: 27.68 oz
Finish: Parkerized Tenifer
Capacity: 15+1
Price: $590 MSRP

RATINGS (out of five stars)

Style *  
One star for anti-style style.

Ergonomics * * *
If you’ve got small hands you’ll think you’re in The Land of the Lost. But the G20’s comfortable to hold and fire.

Reliability * * * * *
It’s a Glock. It ate everything I fed it with unwavering reliability.

Customizable * * * * *
Like its lesser caliber brothers, accessories abound for anything and everything Glock.

Carry * * *
About as concealable at Peter North’s third leg. But you’d be hard-pressed to find a more effective handgun for bear country. So that counts.

Overall Rating * * * *
An excellent defensive handgun suited for nightstand duty and woods carry.

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  1. “Ergonomics * * *
    If you’ve got small hands you’ll think you’re in The Land of the Lost. ”
    Is that not why they offer the SF?
    Thanks for the review. The G20 is on my short list for a White-Tail deer hunting sidearm. Also already considering adding a longer aftermarket compensated barrel.

    • I have had the glock 20 10mm for 10 years, I love it. my 8 yr old son can handle it so what else needs to be said. also have the 27 ./40 cal, I prefer the 10mm all day long!!!!!!!!!!

      • I love the glock 20 10mm.when I was a cop in 1992 I carried a gen 1 glock 20.i now own the gen 3 sf glock has been stated.the 10mm round is more powerful than a 357 mag.kind of between the 357 and 41 mag.15+1 of 10mm.good god.i am in the army now and have been for 16 years.believe it or not? I actually conceal carry my glock 20 daily.both in winter and summer very easily.i am only 5,10″ and 200lbs.nobody has ever been able to tell I am packing such a large badboy.either in shorts with an xlarge shirt or pants with a jacket.i have never found the g 20 to be to much gun recoil wise to handle.but I do a lot of training with it so there you g 32 357 sig is pretty stout as well,but it’s no 10mm.sorry for my rambling but I am truly a fan and lover of the 10mm.not just glock,but all 10mm guns.i would love to shoot other 10mm’s.but for now the glock 20 is my baby and the gun that protects myself and my family.unless it needs a rest and the 357 sig goes on duty for awhile with his buddy mr 12 gauge LOL. long live the 10mm. knock it all you want.just don’t get in front of it or you will be the one getting knocked!!!!

        • Can you tell me the brand and model concealed carry holster you used, and liked the best please? Thank you.

        • The 10mm is not more powerful than the .357 Magnum.

          .357 Magnums in modern production are often just as down-loaded as your 10mm Lites. In this case one can thank Smith & Wesson, who convinced SAAMI to lower their specs in order to build ultra-light frame revolvers where the ammo wouldn’t jump crimp.

          When identical bullet weights are compared, the .357 Magnum beats the 10mm every time.
          The advantage of the 10mm is that the heaviest bullets it can fire are larger than the heaviest the .357 can fire, due simply to volume.

          To say this makes the 10mm more powerful than the .357 is simply incorrect, and is an example of the mythical over-the-top projections of the 10mm’s power common on the internet.

          If one wants to mosey on over to Buffalo Bore they will see the highest energy for a 10mm is 728 foot-pounds. The highest energy for a .357 Magnum is 802 foot-pounds.

        • Jack Whistler, I find your little rant amusing in the extreme.
          You claim that 10mm isn’t more powerful than .357 Magnum because of the neutered “FBI” loads created because the wimps in the FBI couldn’t handle a real gun?
          No, S&W didn’t get SAAMI to reduce pressures; the ammo companies took it upon themselves to reduce their loads.
          It’s even more amusing seeing you use Buffalo Bore’s inflated numbers instead of actual chronographed data.
          My current defensive handload uses the 155 grain Speer Gold Dot backed by a maximum charge of Accurate Arms #9, which generates 1420 fps, which comes out to 694 foot pounds.
          Those numbers are from my Chrony with my S&W 1006, not speculation or exaggeration, and not fired out of a pressure barrel or extended length barrel such as a T/C Contender.
          Find me someone with loads that really DO measure 800 foot pounds from .357 Magnum, and you might have a point.
          As it is, you’re just a blowhard .357 fanboy.

        • @oldpink

          Ask and you shall receive.

          My own chronograph results out of my Coonan .357 has shown me no evidence of “inflated” buffalo bore numbers. In fact my results are within 10% consistency of what they show for a 6″ revolver, out of my 5″ barrel.

          I’m sorry if your love-affair with the 10mm turns truthful information into a “rant” for you, or an excuse to exhibit your own fanboyisms while you talk out of your ass. I’ll also note the buffalo bore who tests their loads out of stock firearms, still shows lower threshold figures for the 10mm, meaning even if they were using testing setups the 10mm STILL comes out behind at any identical bullet weight. Again, the advantage of the 10mm is its ability to fire heavier bullets, not deliver superior power at equal weights. Maybe, don’t bother responding to a comment if you’re too stupid to understand what the comment was telling you.

      • Ok, I have to chime in here because I own several Glocks to include a full size G20/10mm/Gen 3. A G31/.357Sig/Gen 4 (with a .40 Full Size Bbl that I can swap out at any time and use in the G31 and have the EXACT SAME OEM SPEC .40 as I would if I bought the whole G22 Model/Gen 4. Last but not least I have an S&W 686P (the “P” is for “PLUS”, meaning the gun has a 7-Shot Cylinder). So I feel first off I’m a bit unbiased, and I have a “BETA” Model Chronograph that prints a nice little adding machine style data sheet when you use it to measure velocity at the range. Now I know I’ll certainly make some people mad and some people happy, but facts are facts and I have a friend who’s the owner of a large Gun Manufacturing company and I got the inside scoop on testing plus his input on the issue of “10mm vs. .357Mag”. He and I agreed after a few minutes that it’s not as straightforward as setting up a chrono at the range. Muzzle Energy is usually the best way to resolve this question, but simply put you don’t have to be a math wizard to know the simple answer is ABSOLUTELY the 10mm is in a COMPLETELY DIFFERENT CATEGORY and also for the record I’ve NEVER heard of any .357Mag load coming remotely close to 800ft. lbs of Muzzle Energy. First thing my friend said was like taking the words right out of my mouth… Even in a gun as robust as my S&W 686P (all Stainless, fairly heavy Bbl, Cylinder & Frame), the gun would probably blow up at the cylinder if you have ammo loaded hot enough to produce 800ft. lbs of M.E. It’s not even realistic, even if you were to fire the hottest factory load out of a heavy Bbl Carbine you won’t achieve 800ft. lbs of energy from the .357Mag. That said you can actually argue that the .357Sig (one of my favorite calibers, along with the 10mm) is almost like having a .357Mag Revolver, except if you own a high-capacity autopistol like the Sig or the Glock 31, you’ve got 15rds to influence the output. These are all facts, and they are undisputed because I pulled them right off of manufacturer’s websites, wikipedia, and other sources where one can get “Gun Factoids”.

        As a general rule in comparing rounds one can’t really use manufacturer data anyway because as most all manufacturer’s will tell you they use a very simple and straightforward system to test their own barrels, or in this case (and more pertinent to the dispute) the bullet manufacturer’s use a generic bolt-action barrel that’s affixed to a workbench at a range inside the facility. They also use very highly-accurate chronographs that are never moved or even really touched unless they need cleaned or serviced. This barrel is more often than not, not representative of the real world because of (A) the bolt action which bleeds off almost no kordite (gas pressure) from the firing of their round. Also (B) the barrel they use will have an optimal twist rate for the rounds their manufacturing, which, along with the longer barrels they use that also (C) aren’t really like the real world firearms they’ll likely be used in. This allows them to advertise the highest possible velocity for their company’s round, which of course when taken with the bullet weight translates into what their advertised Muzzle Energy (M.E.). This is the closest (M.E.) thing you’ll find to accurately translate stopping power from a certain round, even though in the real world there are so many other factors that I could go on and on. I just wanted to point out that the guy who posted the “bloated” figures from Buffalo Bore was clearly partial to the .357Mag round and didn’t want the 10mm to rain on his party of “make believe”. Likely both guys were a bit childish in their rants to each other, and I think everyone needs to be a bit more civil to each other online, but the simple fact is that neither guy pointed out the most important fact, and that is that you can’t compare apples to oranges without pointing out a lot of personal preferences, but if you’re going to get right down to the facts then there’s really not much room for interpretation of the facts here, and by that I mean the 10mm is really more like “heavyweight”, while the .357Mag is at best a light heavyweight.

        If you really want to compare the 2 rounds then compare them at the same SAAMI Pressures, using the same length and twist rate Bbl, and the same chronograph to finish your comparison (don’t forget you’ll have to have the same bullet weight, and that’s going to be the hardest part because the .357Mag (commercially) is pretty much industry-wide capped out at 158gr’s. The 10mm has a 155gr bullet weight, but 3gr’s can make a difference that’s definitely notable when you finish calculating the M.E. at the end of your experiment.

        ENDGAME: I hope that this puts a period on this argument though, because if I were to say to your average gun aficionado which is more powerful, the .338 Lapua Round or the .50BMG, you’d at least be able to fire one of each round out of the same rifle since there are a few manufacturer’s that make the same Sniper Rifle (length, action, muzzle brake, etc) so you’d have at least the start of a fair comparison, but as we all know the comparison really isn’t fair, because we all know that the .50BMG would win out EVERY SINGLE TIME because the round itself is more than twice the weight of your average .338 Lapua Round.

        ******* NEW DEBATE: .357 Sig Round vs. .357 Magnum Round. Which would you prefer to carry, which do you think has more stopping power, and why? I’m also interested in hearing which firearm you would like to carry if given a choice of any you want. *******
        When I first read this little “WEB-RAGE” incident between two guys I knew that one of them was clearly right on several points and in the overall argument, but the other guy then lost his cool and started to make it personal as if the other was attacking his gun collection, and it even went so far as to spark off a debate between some other folks, even though most of them were right from the beginning, and in the end if you look at the 2 rounds side by side there’s really not much to argue about because one is just in another category altogether, ESPECIALLY WITH TODAY’S MODERN LOADS! Incidentally if anyone has any input on a much better comparison, I’d love to hear what everyone has to say about the .357Sig Round vs. the .357Mag round. Let’s make it a bit more fair though and pick 2 guns with barrels of about the same length, like 4.75 inches, which should be easy enough to find. I’ll let whomever wants pick whichever round they want an start off the debate, but let’s try to keep the debate confined to a real world scenario like this: “If I could only carry a 6-Shot .357Mag Revolver with 4.75″ barrel OR a Sig P226 .357Sig with a 15rd Magazine and of course the same 4.75″Bbl (I believe they make the 226 with a 4.75″ Bbl), which would you choose for your primary carry/duty weapon, assuming you’re a police officer working Foot Patrol in a dangerous are of Chicago?”

        ***THIS is actually an ongoing debate that should spark some interesting remarks, but I do ask that people try to remain civil and not make the answers personal, even though you may have a weapon in mind that you already prefer, as do I, I’ll try to step in and debate for whichever side I think is falling behind, but only if necessary. I’m really more interested in what others have to say here. Try not to make this about the wheelgun vs. the Autopistol. That’s an argument that nearly every PD and the Army itself has for the most part put to bed!

    • If your still looking at getting a Glock 20 and a Aftermarket longer Barrel you might consider a Glock 40. It comes with a 6″ barrel and ready for a MOS tactical sights.

  2. Thanks for the fine review. Now I want one but we only have black bear around here to contend with on hikes. I do wonder though: will one of these really ward off a polar ( or grizzly ) bear?

    • On my one and only trip to the artic regions I noted that the Inuit and Athabascan women carried the Ruger sp101 in .357 magnum with a three inch barrel. I figure they knew what they were doing. If this gun outperforms the .357 revolver cartridge it should be adequate. My guide did say they carried the guns to “discourage” bear attacks, not to actually kill bears.jd

      • A.357 Magnum on a Grizzly or Polar Bear with ANY length barrel would not be effective against them. . . . I wouldn’t pack less than a .500 Smith & Wesson as a sidearm to a .375 H&H rifle. . . . . Even 30-06 rounds have been know to bounce off the foreheads of the big bears. . . A .357 Mag would have to be a direct hit in the eye to stop a big bear, and I’d hate to bet my life on even that.

        • A Jacksonville doctor salmon fishing in AK about 15 years ago, killed a charging brown bear with a .357. Dumb luck? Maybe, but it only took one round to the noggin.

        • JLin, the key word here is “effective.”
          Yes, that doctor was able to kill a brown bear, and yes, it’s unquestionable that a hit in the brainpan with even a .22 LR beats a miss with a .500 S&W.
          But the whole point is that you have a much smaller margin of error with a .357 against the big Alaskan bear compared to the more powerful calibers with a properly constructed (either a heavy hard cast or thick jacketed flatpoint) bullet.
          For example, if this particular bear had lowered his head a particular way, that .357 slug could very well have bounced off, turning what should have been instant lights out into one massively pissed off bruin.
          You get a greater certainty of penetrating heavy bone and muscle with the bigger stuff.

        • I’ve read more stories of bears who withstood handgun shots to their torso, including but not limited to, a .44 magnum. One bear who killed two campers, was shot a number of times with that .44 at close range (he was in their tent). The bear died sometime later from its wounds but “LATER” was too late for these two men. Iit proves to me that handgun rounds are not effective to STOP dangerous game when fired into the torso of a large, angry and determiend bear. The operative word is STOP – not KILL. That AK dentist was lucky IMO.

          I’ve been carrying my Glock 29SF for 8 years. There is no other caliber I would carry because the 10mm has excellent stopping power when used against humans. It is an important issue to consider today when we are increasingly faced with deranged criminals or perps who are “high” on bath salts, PCP, cocaine or other drugs that significantly increase their ability to withstand one or more shots to their torso. The shooter is experiencing typically elevated adrenalin levels that could affect his aim, so a torso shot would need to have enough energy and velocity to dispatch the threat especially when the perp is closing distance quickly. Ten milimeter meets the demand.

          My Glock is not difficult to handle. I added the Glock 20 mags to give me 15+1. I carry full power Double Tap 180 gr. hollow point 10mm. It is not a problem for follow up shots to stay accurate. I have a “Lightning” trigger, nite sights and upgraded springs – that’s it. It’s reliable and shoots every load I feed it. I wear the gun on my hip comfortably using a leather holster and a thick 1-1/2″ gun belt. It hides well under my shirt. A barrel swap allows me to shoot .40 and .357 SIG.

          It is also the loudest handgun at the range. 🙂

          – Rick

      • I doubt you have much experiece with big bears! It all depends on where you hit them. I have killed Brown bears, grizzlies and black bears with everything from a .375H&H to compound bow. Use a weapon with a well constructed bullet that you can shoot accurately. 06 bouncing of a bear skull….no way. Might have been a glancing shot but come on….

        • Exactly what I thought. The 06 isnt that far behind the 30 magnums and Ive seen them go through some pretty thick tree trunks.

        • I find more credence in a 10mm killing a large bear (gizzly or polar) thatn I do a 30.06 ‘bouncing off a bear’s head! Im mean, come on! I’ve shot a lot of 30.06 and that round goes through railraod spike plates at 100 yards no problem and a steel railroad plate is harder than a big bear’s skull, although maybe not for the skull of the person who tellsa tall tales about high velocity .30 caliber bullets ‘bouncing off’ a bear’s skull!

    • I have one and it funtions perfectly and never fails to fire. All of my Glocks function flawlessly. It will also stop anything charging at me. When you grow a little, put on your big boy pants and get over yourself lurker.

      • I have a G22. Can it be adapted to shoot 10mm? Also, what is the difference between the G20 and G20SF. The specs read this same. What am I missing? Is it for a smaller hand?

        • JLin, the G22 defnitely cannot be adapted to 10mm.
          For one, the slide is much thinner and less able to deal with the greater recoil, and more importantly, the magazine well simply can’t accommodate the longer 10mm cartridge.

        • I agree with oldpink that the G22 cannot be adapted to fire the 10MM rund. . . . Possibly you are thinking of the G30 or the G21. . . . . Compare the magwell length and slide width between a G22 (.40 cal) and a G29 or G20 (10mm) and it will be evident why this cannot be converted. . . . . . BUT, the next best thing would be to convert your G22 barrel to a .357 SIG. . . You can use the same mags. . . . I did this with my G24 and it’s quite “zippy” ! . . . . I taped over the “40 cal.” on the slide with a note of “.357 SIG” so as not to cause any confusion. . . . The SIG is basically a .40 cal. with a 9mm bullet. . . Very zippy indeed !

        • Well here’s a little update as things change so fast in the gun world…
          which can alter the narrative significantly.

          As of this writing, what most persons overlooked are the current ‘other’ advantages of the G 20 and 10mm round compared to the .357 Mag now which makes almost everything said here previously moot at best or more misrepresented conjecture at worst.

          The differences in the cartridges are really not equitably comparable when it comes to pistol applications due to the .357 being a rimfire.

          Apart from custom wildcat loadings the top of the line bad boy commercial loads wind up being so close in actual energy performance that not withstanding the special purpose bullet itself, the ‘power’ factor is so negligable that other factors like shot placement and firepower capacity outweigh the summary conclusions. Especially when Only that is debated in the mythical realm of Center Mass man ‘stopping’ power. (Cranial hits notwishtanding because more small caliber rounds account for terminal or instant incapacitation head shots than any other calibers in the big cities)

          But–and that’s a big FAT BUTT– if you want a modern tried and true pistol that for a generation has been the standard by which all others are measured for general police and self-defense use, that’s user friendly and affordable with acceptable ergonomics and performance right out of the box but easily tricked and enhanced to then compare with any other brand , with the 10mm upgrade t’s hard to beat a G-20.

          Add one of those slick new folding pistol braces on the market, a high Cap 32 round Magaxine loaded with (very impressive) super frangible RIP rounds which are about as close to ‘max stopping power’ as commercially available in a pistol right now, and you have an ultimate bedside nighttime home invasion firearm, Not to mention a literally perfect PDW (Personal Defense Weapon) with all the advanced accessories and options available that a skilled shooter can feel confident using in any CQB situation out to 100 meters that commonly deploys AR-15s.

          Only it’s compact enough, unlike most AR PDWs, to actually wear comfortably concealed in a Shoulder holster rig or on your hip under a long jacket!

          There’s nothing anyone can do with their disadvantaged capacity Shotguns or over penetrating AR-15s that I can’t do just as well or better, with a Glock 20 PDW set up.

          In fact, due to the epiphany many G-slingers are having when they think about this, I predict that more accessory innovators will make very minimalist light carbon braces and ammo to come down enough to where the 10mm full size Glock pistol platform will evolve to become the ‘Go To’ home defense or CQB platform in the future.

          Oh by the way, in an emergency you can fire .40 S&W rounds in your G-20. Yup, there’s some good info on that by some expert shooters. The pistol itself wouldn’t be harmed because of the lesser powered rounds and the headspace is long and the barrel throat is not that much distant to cause problems. Ar least in the Glock I tried it in. Not even any feed or extraction jams? Now I know manufacturers do Not recommend this, which is why it would only be an ’emergency’ contingency.

  3. I’ve been tossing around the idea of the G20 for ages. I found that only DoubleTap and BuffaloBore are offering full power 10mm loads and that they aren’t cheap. If it’s not as impractical for plinking as the lore would have you believe I may get one simply for the novelty but since I used to be on the .40 wonderbullet bandwagon (with a G23) I should probably get one to see what the fuss is really about anyway.

    What’s your opinion of how it handled one-handed with the full power rounds?

    • The muzzle jumped a good bit more, but it wasn’t uncontrollable. I was able to get all rounds on target from about 12 yards when shooting three from my strong hand and then three from my weak hand during the qualification run.

    • Underwood manufactures the most potent, accurately rated premium ammo available for purchase. They have the best customer service and shipping is flawless and effortless. Stock up while you still can.

    • 45 has much less recoil do to the cartridge having a slow moving projectile with much less energy than the 10mm

  4. I have a G20 SF. I also have a G21 with standard frame. The G20SF fits me better, but my hands are not huge. I like it.

  5. I do get slightly annoyed with the 10mm hype. No doubt it’s a powerful round, but I hear a lot of guys (who more often than not don’t even OWN a 10mm handgun) treat it like a magical death ray that kills anything it touches.

    My biggest issue with 10mm is ammo price/availability. To me, it’s a caliber for the rich or the serious reloader. I’m perfectly happy with my .45ACP anyways.

  6. Certified 10mm fanboy here 🙂
    I agree on the recoil. To me, it feels like a slightly punchier .40 but I’m not really recoil sensitive.
    And it’s really not all that huge. It works well under a coat or jacket like you said but mine also hides surpisingly well under a Charlie Sheen shirt.
    Although it can out perform the revered .357 mag, I don’t get real carried away on the uber “stopping power” of the 10mm. I mostly picked it because it was everything I liked about the .40 (a very nice balance or overall energy, bullet diameter, jacket mushrooming, and penetration) only better.

  7. Get the Lone Wolf conversion barrel and shoot .40 SW all day. Save the 10mm for hunting. I’ve had both G20 and G20SF, and the SF is almost imperceptibly different.

    • I havn’t owned either but shot both. I have larger hand and had no problems with the 20. the 20sf asked me to put a bit more finger on the trigger than i like. I also have shot the 29 its little brother and enjoyed how the kick came back instead of up. or at least that’s how it felt. I’m buying the 20 as long as its around and if it isn’t the n i’ll go with the 29 and loose some of the ballistic performance

      • Why the conversion barrel? Just shoot .40 out of your 10mm barrel. YES, it works perfectly fine. Just clean the chamber a bit better than usual since there’s going to be a bit more soot and such in there than usual.

  8. The 10mm round was really hampered by it’s history and by most of the guns that fired it. Its first gun, The Bren Ten, was an epic fraud (thanks, Col. Cooper) and it was followed by the underwhelming and gargantuan S&W 1006 and the overpriced Delta Elite and its initial durability problems.

    The G20 is the best gun to ever chamber the 10mm, and there are plenty of shooters out there who just don’t like Glocks much. I was always hoping for a compact semi-automatic 10mm carbine, which could be dynamite for defense *and* big-game hunting.

    But it never happened. The FBI abandoned it,and the 10mm’s thunder was stolen by the .40 S&W. The carbines and N-frame revolvers never materialized. It’s been left as a formidable but almost orphaned cartridge for handloaders and collectors.

    • N frames? What’s wrong with .41 Mag? Slightly better ballistics, especially with heavier bullets (250 grain Cor Bon hardcast at 1325 fps) and no moon clips.

    • Chris, two points to your comment.
      1) N-frame revolvers never materialized?
      I’m assuming you never heard of the S&W 610, which was the last gun of any sort in 10mm S&W made that went out of production.

      2) The 1006 is “gargantuan” and “underwhelming?”
      Now, I admit to being just a wee bit biased in saying so since I have one, but does anyone claim that the ubiquitous 1911A1 — which is of nearly identical dimensions and weight — is oversized or underwhelming?
      Matter of fact, the 1006 is arguably the finest handgun, most able to handle the considerable energy levels of the full power 10mm load.
      btw…I easily and quite comfortably conceal carry mine, even in the summer under nothing more than an ordinary t-shirt riding in the top shelf (inside waist band horsehide) Kramer IWB#2 holster.
      It’s 100% reliable and quite powerful without being at all intimidating with full bore loads, contrary to all the mythology about ammo at those power levels.

    • S&W has two N frame revolvers in 10mm, the 610 and the 310. The new 5 shot L frame .44 would make a nice 10mm launcher.

      Want a carbine? Some ARs are converted to ten. Then there is the Mech Tech.

      One outfit used to convert M1 carbines to 10. Now that would be fun!

      Class 3? The MP5 was chambered in ten. I used to get a lot of brass from the Illinois State Police when they practiced with it. Sounds like the ultimate sub gun to me.

  9. I have the Glock 20SF picked up with case and spare mag barely used for a very good price,
    I have shot handguns for 47 years and a lot of 45 ACP and Colt in that time as well as 357 and 44 Mags.
    I find the Glock 10mm to have a recoil no worse than a 45ACP+P-a lot less punishing than a 45 Colt Georgia Arms “Deerstopper”out of a Blackhawk.
    The drop in barrel convertible aspect is also good.I have a Lone Wolf conventional barrel for lead rounds and am thinking of getting the 357 SIG and 40 S&W barrels,but am slightlty concerned because the 10mm uses a large pistol primer and the other two a small pistol primer.If the firing pin is hitting anywhere but dead center,it could pose a problem.

  10. I fail to see what the 10mm does in a pistol that the .40 S&W does not. However, I also think full power 10mm is an excellent, if not ideal, sub-gun/PDW round.

    • 50% more energy, and typically heavier bullets with a greater sectional density. The same reason why most people choose 9mm over 380 Auto.

    • The big thing that 10mm offers is muzzle energy. Against a human target the ballistic increase may not be needed or warranted as the extra velocity will aid richochet in an urban setting more often but this is what you’d like in the woods with you. Heavy bullets, high velocity and you can break through the heavy bones and skin of wild animals too dangerous to gamble with a 9mm or other EDC flavor that’s more common. The .40 is more suited for concealed carry and human target incapacitation. If you’re talking strictly the bullets themselves, they are identical usually. The powder charge is the only magic there is and only then if you’ve got the full power loads.

    • I enjoy the baby 40 but in its hottest load found it cant even come close to a mans10 mm! I shoot all d tap or underwood ammo in my combat coly 45 acp… my 9 year old shoots all my full power stuff, the 40 is for wimps!!!!!The power of hot 10 mm id about the same recoil as my 45!! i have a g 29 inuse my hottest 10 s in ,, shoot a wimpy 500 round 9 mm or use a 10 mm ,, one shot!!! I shot 45 super all the time in my colt, felt like 10 mm, spray and pray,, ask ourvtroops about the 9 mm,, its a joke and needs giaint clips, Marines are getting 45s again and planninf on 45 super ammo!!! ive had 10 mm for years,, Anyday ill stand behind a 10 mm, sorry girls, tell my 9 year old grandson????best auto cart ever made, i like 40 cal but it cant ever be compared ta full power 10 mm ,, put jeans and boots on metroman,, ha ha ha lol

      • Brad,, agreed have owned a g 20 since the clinton era with mepro light sights , ive had rookies shoot it and very easily ,,it soaks up the recoil and is one of my most accurate glocks im thinking about a 29 for carry ,,metro s need not apply ,,lol

  11. I am also very impressed with how I shoot 10mm, but the going price of ammo keeps me from adapting to it fully.

    For those who do not like the Glock grip/Feel, do not dismiss the 10mm Sidearms offered by EAA.

    I have a Full Size Polymer Witness, which feels very much like my Jerichos, and shoot very well in 10mm.

    And, if you didn’t already know, .40 S&W stands for “Short & Weak”.


  12. The FBI dropped the 10mm because women and men with smaller hands couldn’t easily handle weapons chambered in the round, from what I’ve read.

    • I have heard the same stories as well, to which I can only retort, ‘Annie Oakley was only 4 foot 10 and she was able to shoot every firearm better than any man and these firearms were full-size caliber and full-length weapons to boot. Back in Annie’s day, men and women were made of sterner stoock and didn’t complain like little children about ‘everything being too hard, make it easier for me Mommy and Daddy’.

  13. Gentlemen,
    I owned a G20 and was shooting big-boy ammo and the kick was not unpleasant but my wife hated it. The G20″C” models comp is awesome. My petite wife can shoot it one-handed now. She LOVES it. The power when loaded with “real” ammo makes it an everyday carry for me. I use an IWB carry rig with pants deliberately bought 2″ bigger and it disappears under a decent shirt. I’m 5’10” and 200 pounds, so not a huge guy. I’m not sure what “too much power” is, if the weapon is reliable and controllable. Try the comped one if you get a chance…I now own 3.

  14. I have the S&W 625 in .45ACP and the 610 in 10mm and I think both are great, I got rid of the S&W .41 cal once I got the 10mm. Oddly enough the wife loves the 625, and I favor the 610. I probably like the 610 better because in seems to be a tad more accurate, plus when I go out to the range I like to shoot more rounds, the .45 isn’t what I’d call an endurance shooter. Yes the moon clips are a pain, but I have plenty of them and they are always full.
    The 10mm is under rated IMO, and while the Glock sounds like quite a nice auto, I have more than enough guns as it is.

  15. i have been shooting the 10 mm now since the 80s i have 3 G20, smith 1006,and a kimber target since recoil isnt a problem with me i load it full power i love it and i would carry it anywhere and anytime i can tell you when you turn one these rounds loose you know its a horse where can you let go a 200 gr bullet running well over a 1000 fps with 16 rounds thats 41 mag ballistics in a pistol

  16. A G29, the compact version of the G20 is surprisingly shootable, if you are looking for something that conceals easily. A decent inside the waistband holster, and any sort of jacket or vest or over shirt, and most folks never know.

    Also interesting is that if you have a G21 or a G30 in .45acp, acquiring 10mm barrels and mags for their 10mm cousins, at least with Gen3 guns, will allow you to convert from .45 ACP to 10mm in less than a minute. I have tried it, and it worked without a hitch. Your results may vary…..Pistols shot to the same point of aim at 7 meters–.45acp or 10mm. The 10mm has sharper recoil, but is very controllable.

  17. After the sale of another pistol I’ve been looking long and hard at the EAA Witness full size steel in 10mm. Any experience with one? I’ve wanted a 10mm since the Brens came out and now have my chance. The G20 is a bit out of my price range but not impossible. The only fly in the ointment is I’m a reloader/caster and as I understand it I’d have to also purchase an aftermarket barrel to shoot my cast bullets as well as warmish reloads. It’ll take a few months to save the extra bread for the Glock and aftermarket barrel as opposed to buying the Witness straight away (with a heavier Wolff recoil spring). Any opinions between the two for a reloader of modest means?

    • I just broke the slide all the way through on one side and 3/4 on the other side. They are going to send me a new slide. I ordered a 10 mm buffer for this gun from” Fire Dragon” @”R & B Treasures”, and went to a Gun Show in Bloomington, IL the next Day, and found a Thompson-Auto-Ordnance in 10 mm. It looks like a Colt 1911, and the only thing wrong with

      • and the rest of the story. The barrel bushing was cracked. It uses Colt Mags in 10mm. The one mag that came with it held 8 rounds and didn’t like hollow point with a full mag. With 7 rounds, OK. With ball ammo, Great.
        I ordered a buffer for this gun also. I just love a dubble stack mag., and my Whitness has them. I’ going to try glock 20 or 29 next. I just love the 10 mm round.
        The Whitness shot great and so did the Thompson. I picked up the Thompson for $400.00. I’m not apposed to Dan Wesson 10mm either.

        • The EAA Witness is sure a neat looking gun. . . . I want one ! . . The Gunsmiths at browning said other than the Glock 20/29 (because they flex) that the 10 mm Witness was one heck of a strong frame and would hold up to the 10mm full power loads like Double Tap better than most others. . . I lucked out and bought a Colt Delta Elite from one of the Browning gunsmiths that was his personal go to gun. . . It’s tricked out superbly and has honed trigger pull and all. . . I was warned however that a “buffer” must be used at all times or the slide would crack. . . I’m definitely a 10mm lover.. . All my .357 SIGs , .40 cals, and .45’s have definitely taken a backseat to my 10mm’s. . . . . I don’t have a Dan Wesson Semi Auto, but I have been collecting Dan Wesson .357 and .44Mag and .445 Supermags for many years. . . If the DW Auto’s are anything even close to the quality of DW Revolvers, they have to be great ! . . . CZ now owns Dan Wesson Arms, and supposedly they have maintained the quality that Dan Wesson himself insisted on.

    • I have the 10 mm. full size steel witness and love it. I have also owned a Glock 40. cal. which I really loved also. The witness has very manageable re-coil in my opinion and is a very comfortable gun. It fits the hand very nicely. I personally like “plastic guns” very much… this is an exception. I own an extra barrel and slide in 22. LR and plan on buying other calibers as well. The “caliber” conversion can be accomplished in a matter of seconds so that I can train with the same gun for less money. The 45. cal. fan club bemoans the higher cost of 10 mm. ammo, but when everybody was running scared a couple of years ago and hoarding ammo… I could still get 10 mm. and the 45. was scarce to non-existent. My local gun shop said this was because not many people shoot 10 mm. so advantage 10 mil.
      Hope this helps, D.G.

  18. Sounds like the tested model was not the SF variant. Any impressions of the SF variant as compared to the “normal” frame? I have a Gen3 G21SF and a G20 slide and barrel for uber-flexible large-frame work and find that it does feel a little larger than my Gen3 G17 but not dramatically larger.

  19. Smith and Wesson makes a 10mm revolver that uses moon clips.

    And you can shoot .40 S&W from it too, rather like the old .38 Special/.357 Magnum or the .44Special/.44Magnum combo.

    About as concealable as a brass trumpet, but perfect for a Indiana Jones Flap Holster.


    • Hey 3PERCENTER ^ , . . . . . Try those Double Tap 10mm’s. . . . You’ll love them. . . They have some at 767 ft. lbs. . . . I love the Cor Bon’s too, but DT has some varied ones with 2 bullets, kinda like buckshot, and some very nasty HP’s up to 230 grainers and they’re all match quality stuff. . . No, I’m not a salesman for DT. . . . I just want 10mm guys to know about it because if you already love the power, a little more is a good thing !

  21. Just bought a G20sf. Took it to the range with my G17. World of difference. Much tighter cluster from the 20 on the same target type at the same distance. I’d heard all these stories about recoil. Didn’t notice it. It’s now my favorite handgun.

  22. I have a Remington 1911 R1 that I just got a good price for as a trade on a G20. He says it’s Fourth Generation, no night sights, fixed, but $559, and $400 for my Remington. I’m looking for a little better accuracy, and a more modern weapon, and round. I think it’s 10rd magazine, vs 15 on Gen 3.

    • I got my Glock the other day, and had a chance to fire it yesterday. Got some Remington 180 gr target rounds, and some Hornady 155 gr XTP hollow points. Shot twenty eight of the Remington’s, and was so happy, will save the Hornady’s for another time. Want to also try the Winchester silver tips, but my dealer doesn’t carry them. Have to ask if they can be special ordered. Was able to put ten of eighteen rounds on the target at 25 yds, most in the center of the target, and six of ten on the target at fifty yds, three touching in a string near the bullseye, standing, two hand hold, no support. It’s Gen 3, I think the dealer thought it would be 4, but I’m ok with it. I really like it, it’s also easier to disassemble, clean, and reassemble than the R1. Glad I made the switch.

      • Shot Winchester 175gr Silver Tip JHP’s the other day, and some Hornadys. Boy, those Horandy’s sure mean business! The Winchesters were more managable, and I liked the smell of the gun powder, but the Hornady’s were impressive. Like to get some Double Tap, just to see what a full load is like. The recoil spring is stiff, soaks up some of the recoil, but you need to really grab the slide to chamber the first round, it’s that stiff. I like it. Very accurate at 25 yards, and fifty yards.

  23. I’m a recent convert to the G20 SF. Like it very much for field carry with the DoubleTap loads, the 200 gr gas-checked HL. The G20 SF is exactly the same in dimensions as my Gen 4 G21. All this from an old 1911 type…. I like the lightness and recoil-absorption of the G’s.

  24. I had a G20 and have owned, at different stages of collecting firearms, every 10mm save for the Bren 10. No, you cannot fire the .40S&W out of a 10mm; the case is shorter than the 10mm and this will create issues in chambering! My Gen 4 G20 had an OD green lower and black slide. Other than failure to fire due to light striker hits with certain ammo; the G20 was a looker but not my taste in firearms. I am old school. I like steel and safety’s. Of all then tens I have owned, I kept my compact Tanfoglio (or the EAA Witness) with the CZ 75 inside the rail system and safety/decocker; the S&W 1066, a tank that will digest any ammo; and finally the Star Megastar, a rare beast of a weapon that is often mistaken for a Desert Eagle that will handle hot loads that have been clocked an astounding 1765fps with no case mutilation and negligible recoil. Of all the 10mm’s I have owned one of the best is one that has been abused by gun writers is the Wyoming Arms 10mm. It is in the style of AMT’s from the diagonal ribbed black plastic grips to the stainless steel and flat, sparse frame. The Wyoming Arms gave me the least problems and I am convinced that had it been offerred in a compact version it would have done much better on the market. The absolute worst 10mm is the Auto-Ordnance (aka Thompson). Only 500 were made and AO made them cheaply. Only 500 were made. The frame and slide were cast; not milled from a steel billet. This method is the same as their current .45 ACP’s.
    Customer Service and pride in their product was non-existent. When, after approximately 300 rounds were fired, the first cracks manifested in the frame slide rail and slide rail slots. There were signs that catastrphic failure was imminent due to violent recoil due to the fact that these pistols were only .45ACP pistols with minimal steps taken for conversion to 10mm. The only steps AO took to compensate for the power of the 10mm round were recoil springs. In fact, springs were so strong it took almost Herculean strength to rack a round into the chamber! And…forget about simple take down…the AO pistols were near to impossible to reassemble. Even with pics to reinforce the complaints AO responded that they were now a different company and they were not responsible for their 10mm’s. With no satisfaction from the company I boycotted their products and warned all that I knew about this dangerous pistol. Who knows how many lawsuits were filed with quiet settlements concluding the complaints? This 10mm is bad news! I warn all I know about this company and I get satisfaction when I hear that their rendition of the M1 carbine is tanking.
    The Colt 10mm’s are ok but they are priced beyond their worth. The best buy category must go to Tanfoglio, which is milled steel and has a large magazine capacity. My Tanfoglio compact is about $150 less than the G20 and has a smaller feel than the compact Glock 10mm. The only sign that the Tanfoglio is a lesser price than Glock is that the pistol uses roll pins extensively, as does the AR-15. BTW, roll pins have more tensile strength than high carbon pins that must be driven in by (the best way) leather clad vise grips that slowly, effortlessly squeezing the roll pin with no fear of scratching the finish or bending the pin. When building an AR-15 from scratch, mastering the art of installing roll pins is a must. When seeing a friend buying an AR-15 I always advise them to check the receiver upper and lower, especially with a small flashlight around the roll pins, as amateur builders will cover up their (mistakes)
    with black magic marker or black refinishing make-up. I have also seen T6 aluminum receiver protrusions (think of the trigger guard “wings”) super glued back to the receiver and the upper and lower receiver painted to hide the mistake. I had a buyer of my G20 agonize over the price of 10mm ammunition
    until I showed him the selling price on some of the online auctions. Popular ammo can be bought as cheaply as $5 and up for a box of 50. I usually go for any good deal on ammo as with many things has gone up dramatically. Well, I think I got too wordy and seeing that this isn’t a rerun of “Oprah,” I gotta go!

  25. To all 10mm owners and prospective owners.Right now ammo can be had from UnderWood produce the real Norma spec loads and more at a great price.Ck em out.Also one might want to bump up the recoil spring to around 22 lbs on the G20 with the heavy loads.UnderWood uses the G20 to test their rounds.

  26. “About as concealable at Peter North’s third leg. But you’d be hard-pressed to find a more effective handgun for bear country. So that counts.”

    This is only true if you wear dorky, tight pants. 5.11 makes plenty of great pants that allow a person to EASILY carry the full size G20. Their pants have double, reenforced pockets that include magazine slots, and are perfect for CC of virtually any handgun….even large ones like the G20.

    Anyway, I love this gun because it is more than suitable for four and two legged creatures. I don’t have to carry a special gun while hiking in the backwoods, and it fits in my pocket for normal carry. It is my idea of a perfect handgun….a modern day dragoon.

  27. I bow hunt in grizzly infested western MT. Last fall I had a sow and 2 cubs within 30 tense yards. She was jaw popping but never charged. I typically carry a 51/2″ SBH but the dang thing gets really heavy hanging off my belt. This year I am switching to a G20 in a drop thigh holster.

  28. I bow hunt in grizzly infested western MT. Last fall I had a sow and 2 cubs within 30 tense yards. She was jaw popping but never charged. I typically carry a 51/2″ SBH but the thing gets really heavy hanging off my belt. This year I am switching to a G20 in a drop thigh holster.

  29. Geez, I can’t believe how many people have an issue with a gun that has a large grip or a bit of recoil. Mountain ?…meet Molehill…. ( the lineup for 22 Colts is forming to the right, girls. ) Sorry if I seem a bit sarcastic but really, ladies… join the FBI or something. I have a Gen 4 G21 and it fits my hand well and I don’t even notice the recoil. ( I’m 5’8″ and 160lbs of ‘fang ‘n claw’ ) The only reason I bought it over the 20 is because of ammo cost and availability….that’s it. If I had to have a duty gun or needed it for the bush, I would get the 20….no question.

  30. You should probably test fire the other weapons chambered in 10mm. The colt delta and the older SW models are the ones with more recoil. The G20 is relatively light on recoil due to the glock design. The Colt kicks a hell of a lot harder than the glock.

    Also, you put a lot of emphasis on the shape and bulk of the weapon, but never mentioned that people with big hands don’t have a single problem with the size of it, and if you have girl hands, you should get a sw40 or a SF model of the 20.

    The 10mm is useless if you don’t use the real loads. The boxed ammo from people like remmington is basically the same as a +p .40. It makes no sense to carry the 20 loaded with weak practice ammo. The gun should only be carried with the fully loaded rounds, otherwise it is just a +p .40.

    The “hype” is quite real, if you consider there are no other auto pistols that carry this amount of fire and “knock down” power. The 20 has the ability to carry 16 rounds, and if you carry a few extra mags, you have more than enough to lay down enough fire in any given situation you are in. The 10mm is not a revolver round, and should not be compared to the 357 or 44 mag. If you want the power of a 44, then carry a 44 revolver. The 10mm is not for you. The 10mm is for people who need an auto pistol, but also need longer range and more power from the muzzle than the other auto pistol rounds.

    If there is one undisputed area where the 10mm actually lives up to the “hype,” it is the increased range of the round. The 10mm can reach out past 100 yards, and carries more energy at that distance than a 45acp does from point blank range. It’s flatter trajectory as a result of it’s shape and velocity ensures that it can travel a longer distance than any other auto pistol round.

    I believe you had bias prior to conducting this review, and suggest you try again in your assessment, and try to test fire more than just the g20 to realize how well the glock actually operated with the 10mm round.

  31. Is it in fact as easy to convert a 21 Glock .45 to 10mm by swapping barrels and mags? What about the recoil springs? Thanks Dun

    • My research on that subject over the internet is that the question has been asked many many times before. Lone Wolf used to sell Glock 20 Barrels, but I don’t think they do anymore for that reason. People with G21’s like me would simply buy a conversion barrel and mags and just convert. While it could work in theory, the extractor on the G21 is not the same as the beefier extractor on the G20; thus, while you could do it, you would most likely not have the reliability from that. Actually, if you check Glocks website, the dimensions of the full size G20 and the full size G21 are exactly the same except the G20 weighs about 1 oz. more, and is a little more reinforced from what i have heard. I would not do a conversion, but i would buy a G20 and make sure that if I was using very hot ammo, I would probably get a better spring and guide rod depending on how good the G20 one was.

      One thing you could do is buy a .40 S&W barrel from Lone Wolf, change to the .40 mags, and shoot .40 out of your 10mm all day and save some money over your expensive 10mm loads.

      Just sayin.

  32. my friend’s 5’4″ girlfriend loves shooting my g20sf,she placed 15 rounds in center of mass on the target from 40ft away,and says any man that cant handle it needs to get a sandwich and check his package lol!best handgun ive ever owned and absolutely no thoughts of selling it.

  33. I was always a 1911 man.I hated Glocks.Then, I bought a G-19.That was followed by more Glocks.Now, I`m a Glock man, and I hate 1911`s. Thats life…

  34. Awwwww….crap.

    I hoped I would read a review that would conclude, “Nah, don’t bother, this really is just a gimmick”


    Well, thanks a lot bro, my order has been placed for one.

  35. It goes completely against my nature to say so, but your thinks fits exactly with mine. My Glock 20c is not my every day carry gun, not by a long shot. I’m an old guy who prefers a small revolver or my Springfield XD45 for that purpose. The Glock 20c is what I bring along when I want a really powerful automatic. I take it along as a car gun on road trips (on the theory that the 10mm can buck an obstacle or two), and sometimes as a trail gun. It is particularly attractive because it is so durable, and at the same time (to quote you) it will adequately handle any two or four legged creature I encounter.

    Oh, and the 15 round capacity is reassuring.

    Thank you for giving me the chance to say, “I agree,” for a change.

  36. I have several 10mm handguns, my first being a Springfield Omega with a 6” ported barrel and slide, then a first Generation G20, and finally, the dreaded AMT Javelina with a 5” barrel.

    I will confess that I am a wussy and I am recoil sensitive and, of course, have small hands. All purportedly problems with “large” guns.

    The Springfield is essentially a 1911 frame with a 6” linkless barrel and slide. It’s fun to shoot and handles Double Tap ammo just fine. The flames emanating from the ports is very nice and really gets everyone’s attention at the range.

    The G20 was my second 10mm and I shot it for a couple of years in IDPA using a KKM 10mm to .40 conversion barrel. It ran flawlessly using stock 10mm mags. I was forced to shoot in the ESP (Enhanced Service Pistol) class because the “FrankenGlock” is a .40 conversion and the largest frame Glock (G20 and G21) was not offered in .40. I have small hands but am able to handle the gun just fine. I practice using the .40 conversion for familiarity with the gun and controls, then move to 10mm for some drills. It saves on the price of ammo. It is very large gun, but not really any bigger than my 1911s or Beretta 96.

    My most recent 10mm acquisition was the AMT Javelina. I have several other AMT 1911s and had been wanting a Javelina. It’s an odd barrel length (to me, at least) for a Javelina. I understood that they were made in the 7” Longslide and that’s what I was looking for when this became available. It’s essentially a stock 5” 1911. It shoots well and is quite manageable.

    I will say that there is, as observed by others here, a world of difference between 10mm gun shop “shelf ammo (Remington, etc.) and those like Double Tap that offer Target (quite stout) and full house ammo. The shelf ammo is like a semi-hot .40 while the DT will show you what a 10mm is all about.
    I like the ballistics that 10mm makes available in a semi-auto.

    Matt G

  37. You are a pussy if you honestly believe a .45 has more punch than a 10mm. You have all let me down as men. With 15 rounds per magazine and stats better the .357 mag and just below a .44mag, you cannot beat this pistol. I concarry everyday with this beast. Man up! Just got some pinky extenders and grip sleeve if yall want to try my wifes Taurus TCP in .380 if you can handle the “recoil”

  38. Ok…but what about the “pressure” capacity of the G20? Shelf bought 10mm is fine, but the hotter loads create much higher pressure. Does anybody have the info on how much a G20 can handle without going through customized changes? I don’t want to swap barrels/etc, and I don’t want to ask a G20 to fire a cartridge with the higher pressure created…if it’s more than the manufacturer recommends.

  39. I love my Glock 20 but the cost of ammo is driving me back to 9mm. This is not the gun to have for EDC or if you like to just put rounds down range. The cheapest plinkers I can find are $25 per/50 box. Mid-power JHP run $35/50 box. That is just ridiculous, considering when I bought the gun 3 years ago, a box ran me $15. Love the gun, just can’t afford it anymore.

  40. I’m a Mormon, and I’ve been to a First Baptist Church and I’m a Texan. Your metaphor is just silly, I’ve visited many churches including Catholic, Church of Christ, Living Stone, and a Synagogue.

    You’re probably unfamiliar with our faith, because we often visit other churches with friends and have them visit ours.

  41. I bought the Glock 20sf for my 50th birthday. My first 25 yard two hand offhand groups averaged 2 1/2 inches. I was using CCI Blazer ammo, it was all the range had on hand. I have shot Buffalo Bore, RBCD, Hornady and many others through the gun. They all run flawlessly. As my home defense gun, I have it loaded with RBCD. It has about 1000 ft lb of energy at the muzzle, and is of disintegrating bullet design. Great stuff. As far a recoil goes, I dont see it much more than a 45 acp, but I am not recoil shy either. It is a great outdoors gun. I live in Washington state, so it’s use would be for black bear. For that I load Buffalo Bore. I think the Glock 20sf is a great gun, and the 10mm cartridge a great round. Ammo availability is sometimes sketchy, and more expensive than 9 or 45, but if you reload, it’s not much more than a 40S&W.

  42. Really, it was a gun article with a less than an accurate analogy in an attempt to be humorous. I’m doubting anyone was reading to gauge the tolerance of Mormons to other faiths. Grow some thick skin.

  43. I used to own a Glock 20. I loved it right up until I visited the ammo counter. Other than that, I wish I still had it.

  44. i have a g-20 and the remark about accessories abound for all things glock, is an understatement for this particular glock and the g-21( g-20 and g-21 are the same frames) for those that don’t know.. you can launch 10 different calibers from this one platform. with the 10mm slide/magazine you can have the 10mm-9×25 dillon-.40s&w-357 sig. all barrels from wolf. can get the .45 slide/bbl/magazine for the g-20 and from that you get 45acp-400 corbon- 45 super. you can also get a 460 rowland conversion for the g-20/21(from rowland) as well as a .50 cal. slide/bbl/magazine conversion from guncrafter industries. and last but not least..advantage arms offers a .22cal conversion unit. so the old adage that i didn’t buy a 10mm cause i can’t find ammo when i want to shoot.. is a comment lost in history. if you can only afford one gun make it a glock 20/21. why the g-20 is so big beats me cause i have a 10mm 1911 dan wesson c-bob. and kimber makes a 1911 10mm as does colt.. sure is nice though to be able to wake up in the morning and figure out what i’m going to do and slip a barrel on to suit my needs. and you have no idea what peace of mind it is to slip that .50cal on before you turn out the lights at night. now i have to buy a safe for all this ammo.

    • I have also heard of x25 Tok and .224 Boz being custom chambered in the 20. 10mm is cool as it gets till you’re talking going .50 GI to 9×25 Dillon in seconds, best of both worlds. The plastic LAR Grizzly, no doubt. 9×25 would be kicking in a longslide with RMR and Kriss mag extension, a waistband M1 Carbine. Barring a 1911 or revolver, what other sidearm could make better hits 100 yd. out? Certainly beats a trunk gun left in a trunk.

        • I guess it depends on your philosophy of what works or preference but both are extreme performers.Significantly different too, compared to differences of 9×19/40/357/45ACP.
          x25 shoots so flat that you hold on the same spot @ a hundered as you do seven yards. Plus you get jaw dropping velocity and energy figures (and wide variety of bullets).
          Fifty GI, ultimate in the world of low pressure, slow and heavy for momentum. Those one inch copper mushrooms (or fan blades?) look so damn good too. Drawback there is capacity. Would be a good carbine and derringer round I’d think.

      • The 7.62 x 25mm Tokarev rounds are really neat and very zippy, but not even close to a full blown 10 MM. . . . I have some CZ-52’s and one TT that fires the little Tokarev rounds and I love them. . . . The military surplus Tokarev rounds have all but dried up now and mostly only “new mfg.” ones are available. . . The military surplus ones used to be about 6 cents a piece, and now they are more like $.50 each and up. . . . . . Also hollow points in the 7.62 x 25 Tokarev are virtually impossible to find. . . Sportsman’s Paradise sells a little jig for about $25 to make your own hollow points as “SHOOT THRU’S” are a problem with the super zippy “hard ball” full metal jacket. . . . . ALSO, beware of the military surplus SUPER HOT machine gun rounds. . . . The CZ-52 is the only pistol that will handle them safely and not crack a slide. . . . . The TT’s and TT-33’s won’t hold up long with the machine gun stuff. . . . and they look the same as the normal rounds !

  45. Contrary to what is noted above, G20 will fire 40 S&W ammo in stock condition and is reliable. I have found the cheap 40 stuff at Walmart works fine and is about 1/2 the price of 10mm lite ammo that Remington puts out.

    I also support Underwood ammo – their 10mm stuff is reasonably priced and hot stuff.

  46. I owned a g17, hated it. Couldn’t shoot it accurately if my life depended on it. Sold it, bought a Kimber 1911 and haven’t given a glock another glance, until I shot my dad’s new G20, first 5 shots were more accurate than I ever shot with the g17 (500 rounds). I NEED ONE!

    • If you put a $109 Lone Wolf Match barrel on your G20 or G29 with the threaded end for a little more length, you will be amazed at how a Glock can shoot. . . I have some high dollar fancy schmancies and the Glock 20 and 29 I have will shoot with any of them. . . . Be sure to buy a Wilson buffer as a safety precaution against cracking a slide with the HOT loads like Double Tap Ammo. . . . . The 135 grain ones are as fast and more accurate than any other I;ve seen, but the 230 Grain Double Taps are super good too.

  47. i have no problem shooting a 10mm all day i wear a size 24 ring and a 45acp 1911 i need a grip extension i prefer a large gun you all need to grow some hands

  48. i trained on a 45 in boot and had been looking at buying one eventually, but their accuracy in the service weapons as well as barrel recoil reminded me of some of the other big calipers. When the 10mm came out it was touted to send the 45 into extinction (didn’t happen) I have been looking into the 20 with a compensated barrel. Granted because of my disability im not thinking of shooting anything near the max power loads. As my dad would say i dont need to shoot the deer behind the truck and the house and the tree, cause if i can’t see it, then i can’t shoot it. How good really is the compensated barrel ?? half kick? 3/4 kick? please let me know.

    • Chris, check out this video if you want to see a side by side comparison between the much heavier S&W 1066 with the ported Glock 20C –
      As you can clearly see, the ported Glock has a clear advantage with recoil control, albeit at the price of much greater muzzle flash and blast.

  49. Thanks for all of the reviews and comments. Do folks have recommended holsters, preferably with level one security, IWB?

    About to pick up my Glock 20SF after the paperwork clears. Handled it for the first time yesterday. My hands are medium sized (5’8″, 180lbs) and my fingers felt like they were just on top of the ridges. With the web of my hand on the backstap just below the “beavertail”, my middle finger rubbed fairly aggressively into the triggerguard. The grip did feel kinda big. May try the hogue slip on, see if that helps the finger ridge problem. May also have the triggerguard and possibly some of the backstrap shaved.

    • Try using a inner tube bicycle over the grip , been doing this for 50 years. It smooths out rough edges and gives a sticky grip…………..

  50. The .40 cal WAS obtained from shortening the 10 MM case length and somewhat lightening the bullet weight, but the .40 has nowhere even near the ballistics of the original 10 MM FULL LOADS. . . Double Tap Ammo still makes the full load 10 MM’s and they are in the range of a .41 magnum. . . . . The watered down versions of the 10 MM even pack more punch than the .40 cal. +P+ loads, so to compare the two as remotely equal is lunacy. . . . Add the 6″ hunting barrel to your Glock 20 or 29 and you have a h3lluva hunting handgun. . . . Also the 20 SF is quite manageable with my smaller hands. . . . I have a Colt Delta Elite also, but I’ll take the Glocks with the Lone Wolf Match Grade barrels over it any day. . . . They are tack drivers and very comfortable to shoot with even the full load 10 MM Double Tap Ammo. . . . Best to use a buffer in any 10 MM though, so you don’t crack a slide.

  51. Wow. We really need to get a vote down or hide button on the replys to get rid of the advertisement garbage. I was looking at a kimber eclipse II but i read everything here and looks like ill be money ahead to get a g20 and lone wolf long slide and barrel, and even a compensator. And have a much cooler looking rig for whitetail this year.

    • AlenE, if you see a bunch anywhere in the future, just let them know about it at [email protected]

      I’ve already added these to my list for deletion, so you don’t have to worry about them.

  52. are you kidding me? a 10mm not taking down a black bear? just last weekend there was a little girl about to get snatched up by a black bear out near the Kenai River(I think) here in Alaska and he took down the bear with the 10mm no problem. A .45 or .40 wouldn’t work because the round is so short, so it can’t get the velocity to penetrate. A .357, 10mm, .41, or .44 are your ideal pistols in bear country. I rock a G20 with an aftermarket 6.6″ LoneWolf barrel and a magazine of 200gr hard cast rounds. That would easily kill a bear up here.

  53. The 200 gr. WFNGC cartridge is the primary cartridge used in a G20 with a 6″ bbl, extraheavy spring and titanium guide etc.,etc. by us poachers up here in Northern Maine. This cartridge is extraordinary in that the animals are usually dead before they hit the ground……which means we don’t spend any time tracking wounded game at night. Black bear and moose quiver when they hear this gun ‘s report! 5 stars for this combination!!


  54. no doubt. Last weekend i killed a big ol pickum up truck with my glock 29. It will kill anything inits path brother, and yea that one dude is a pussy, stick to your 45 man, cuz the tens recoul is toomuch for ya. Yourol lady iz cheayin on ya to. Ya loser.

  55. The 10mm does have quite a bit of recoil. The Glocks temper it really well. I had shot the S&W 1006 and it was a handful on recoil (I am not a small guy, and am use to magnum recoil), The Glock for some reason was MUCH milder than the steel frame Smith. The Glock was closer to what I experience shooting my .40SW HiPower with 180gr.

    Recoil in the original guns the FBI were to use was probably a major issue. If they had been issuing glocks, they might have been fine. And we never would have gotten teh .40SW!

    Ryan – find a used 1006 or a Colt Delta and try those in comparison.

  56. Have the G21 w/6″ slide & 10mm barrel-love it. Also have the G21 45acp original barrel & slide. My question is switching the barrel length from 6″ to 9″ a good idea? Will the extra velocity be worth it? Is there such a thing as a 9″ long slide for the G20/21?

  57. This was a great review to read. I am looking for some advice between purchasing a Glock 9mm and a Glock 10mm. A while ago I golfed with a Navy Seal who told me the 10mm was by far his handgun of choice, so for that reason I’ve always wanted one. Yet, I have very small hands, so I am wondering if it would just feel too massive in my hands. I shoot a Beretta 9mm just fine, but that’s about all of my experience. I’m getting the gun basically just to have in the house for self-defense and for some fun at target ranges at this time. I don’t spend much time dealing with polar bears at this point in my life.

    Any advice?

    • I have the SF version of the Glock 20 and it fits my smallish hands just fine whereas the standard 20/21 frames are simply too big. I’m assuming you’re referring to a Beretta 92 in which case you should be perfectly fine with a Glock 20SF.

      On another note the Glock 20 is amazingly easy to shoot. I stoke mine with Underwood’s 135 gr. Noslers @ 1600fps and it’s almost disappointing when you’re expecting the mythical “ferocious recoil” of the 10mm. HPR’s 180gr XTP @1270fps isn’t a biggie either.

  58. I’ve been carrying the G20 for over 12 years now and have had zero failures. Granted, mine has been customized (by myself, of course). I found the factory barrel and sights to be lacking for a rural duty weapon and opted for the Lone Wolf 5.2″ threaded match grade barrel and ghost ring night sights for rapid acquisition out to 100yds. I made a few other upgrades, but were mostly for balancing and aesthetics (magwell, plug weight, extended chrome controls, 3.5# trigger job and +2’s with new magazine springs for all of my duty mags). End result: sub 8″ groups at 100yds, sub 6″ groups at 50yds, sub 3″ groups at 25yds and 2″ groups at 15yds & 7yds. One of my past partners was always talking smack about how he prefered the .45acp over anything else, so I tricked him into shooting against me at the range one day. We started out with our .45’s (his SR-45 and my P-220). We shot a pretty even heat at 7, 15 & 25yds. He decided he was going to use some Winnie Elites so I switched over to the G20 with some HPR 180TMJ’s. I whipped him at 7, laid the smack down at 15 and killed him at 25. Of course the excuses started flying about how he had factory sights and mine was modified. He had his 10/22 with him with a 4x scope…… I challenged him to the rifle lanes. His Ruger against my Glock at 100yds. He printed a 8″ group with Remmy Vipers and I printed a 6.75″ group using the same HPR TMJ’s. Then it was how I had been shooting longer than he had (I’m 8 years his senior and was a rifle/shotgun instructor for 6 years). Luckily, he had his petite little wife with him (who had only been shooting 3 or 4 times and had run less than 600rds in her entire life). I handed her my pistol and aside from the first shot (we agreed it was a flier), she printed a sub 8″ group and he again printed an 8″ group. Then it was the scope, he couldn’t see clearly enough with the meager 4x optics….. we’re on open sights…. so, we moved over to the 50yd line and she decimated him again. Isabelle is about 5′ tall and tiny with very limited shooting experience and small hands. She handled the G20 like a champ, granted the first round was very slow and deliberate, but once she got accustomed to the deafening report (and it is VERY loud) she was cracking out 18rd strings in under 15 seconds while posting some tight groups center mass every time (nearly had to wrestle her to get it back). Needless to say, they both have G20’s now. It’s the happy medium between the .357mag and .44mag with a 17+1 capacity. I highly recommend for all you brown shirts who work the burbs and backwoods. As for lethality, I’ve seen 350# hogs dropped instantly from 25yds with this pistol and have personally taken a 180# 11pt buck from 60yds using Winnie 175gr silvertips. As for the weight, we cleared a bomb call at a plant that took more than 2 hours and experienced no fatigue. Now, the drawbacks, for duty carry, you’ll want to upgrade to a level IIIa vest (always wear enough to protect you from what you carry). Ammunition, it’s hard to come by but recommend HPR for range and Winchester Silvertips for duty carry (they have the best expansion and cause the most immediate trauma). Overpenetration, it’s a VERY hot load and a smaller target with light clothing won’t be enough to stop the round, so you have to factor in everything within 50yds or better behind your target. Percussion….. it’s loud as hell. None of the officers will line up next to me for 3 or 4 lanes because they swear it caves their chest in when I fire it….. but it has a very distinct report and can be heard for over a mile (great for when you’re very rural and coms are shoddy at best). Now for the biggest benefits of the 10mm round: they penetrate a car windshield easily and very accurately and still deliver 9-10″ of penetration in soft tissue. Range and accuracy, covered this but will touch on it again, sub 8″ groups at 100yds putting all 18rds on target in under 10 seconds. Again, I highly recommend a Lone Wolf match grade barrel and tritium ghost rings sight set. I added a flash suppressor to mine for low light shooting since the muzzle flash looks like a cannon blast and will blind you. You may be asking “why the ghost ring”? Simple, a 12″ round target lines up in the ghost ring perfectly at 50yds and you just put the front dot on the X ring. I posted a link to a pic of Bertha (she’s big, bad and beautiful). If you are interested in switching over to the 10mm, feel free to hit me up for recommendations or pointers (highly recommend the Gen3 and a Pachmyr slip on grip sleeve for absolute control in all weather, even single handed) if you want to turn it into a tack driver, semi-race gun, or the perfect hunting pistol. As for the comment above about a guy taking down a black bear with the 10mm, I have zero doubts it will as I’ve seen a Kodiak harvested with one. Welcome to the Big Boys Club ;~D

  59. I think jthe guy who wrote the article on the 10mm is a bit confused as to what large and small hands are on a man. I do NOT have large hands by any means and I control my Glock model 20 (3 of them) with no problem. Perhaps he meant weak hands, don’t know. I have arthritis in both my hands from being a fighter years ago and I still can handle the Glock pistols model 20 & model 29 (sub-compact) these are very close to the ballistics of the .41mag by about 80%. One who is experienced can let go 10 rounds in 2 seconds are less. Penetration is excellent with a 180 or 200 grain bullet on animals like a bear in the woods…..Please use headshots only, they will penetrate. All I do is draw and fire my model 20 Glock, which does have a 22-lb heavier stainless steel spring and night sights. I shoot 3 inch groups at 25 yards, 2 inch groups at 15 yards. I draw this Glock pistol and fire upon target in 1.5 seconds. GLOCKS are Ugly but you certainly can bet your life on them!!!

  60. Unlike 98% of all 357 magnums , my Glock 20 holds 15 +1 , I keep a extra mag now can you imagine the firepower your toting , check out underwood ammo online look at the velocity and energy he selling its really great ammo

  61. I have lived in Alaska for 50 years, born and raised. I have carried them all, .357, 44’s, 45lc, and the 10mm. The 10 is adequate for a black bear. For anything else bigger rules. I did have to kill a small 9 ft grizzly once. I used a 44 automag. But my heart was beating, and I thought I had to clean my drawers. If you are going to put yourself in those conditions carry the biggest gun you can handle.

  62. The issue the FBI had with the original 10mm full power loads wasn’t that they couldn’t handle it, but that many shooters developed a flinch from the report or the recoil so had accuracy issues. Thus they went to the cut down loads. Not a problem with the gun or rounds themselves.

    For those that practice and control that flinch, there really is no better autoloader available. In terms of stopping power, firepower and ranged capability there is no equal to the Glock 20 as any other gun/caliber falls short in one or more of the 3 categories. I have 2 of them, one tricked up much like the Captain’s above (albeit mine has an RMR parked on top instead of ghost ring nights). The drawback on my modified one is it MUST use full power loads or I get feed issues (the pathetically underpowered commercial target loads aren’t even up to .40 S&W standards and won’t fully push the slide back with a metallic spring on board).

    The gun is a cannon, or howitzer as some say. But if you have to defend yourself against all possible threats with a carried handgun, this is probably the best all around (other than conceal ability in warmer weather).

  63. When are Kel Tech going to release the Sub 2000 in 10mm using Glock magazines? Wouldn’t it be a good trunk duty carbine for back up to go with Glock 10mm?

  64. Several things strike me about this thread:

    1. The trigger: give the Glock trigger a chance. Spend some time, it will grow on you.

    2. The ammo cost: A new scientific discovery has been made to deal with this. Those of us who do it call it “reloading.”

  65. Patrick.. MecTech makes a carbine conversion kit for the g20.. Which sounds to me like it would be very fun/ practical in the truck.

  66. I have a Glock 21 SF with a Storm Lake barrel for 10mm. This conversion is AWESOME. No problems at all. Only changes were the barrel, mags, and guide rod with spring. Switched to a 20lb spring. No problems at all except for some reason Underwood 220 grain hardcast will fail to feed about 1 round in 8-10. All other rounds like DoubleTap 200 grain and Underwood 200 grain FMJ have zero problems. Recoil is heavier of course than 45acp. When firing this round, everyone at the range takes notice. Storm Lake support is as good as it gets. Glock 20 is good, but Glock 21 is great. Best of Both worlds.

  67. The 357 magnum is a more powerful cartridge than the 10mm. It has more case capacity and will shoot the same weight bullet faster in the same type of gun. As the barrels get longer the 357 leaves the 10mm in it’s dust. 125 grain bullets at 2300fps, 140 grain bullets at 2000fps and 158 grain bullets at 1900 fps is way beyond what the 10mm is capable of. The 10mm fanboys are delusional with their craptastic Underwood ammo that blows up guns.

    • Jerry, you are a troll, and not even a very good one at that.
      “Craptastic” Underwood ammo?
      Were you even aware that Underwood is still Saami spec?
      Were you even aware that the absolute max loading of .357 Magnum is a 158 grain loading from Buffalo Bore that registers 774 foot pounds?
      But wait, there are dozens of loadings for 10mm Auto from Buffalo Bore, Doubletap, Corbon, Underwood, and even Norma, that all register well over 700 foot pounds, including Underwood’s 155 grain load that registers 775 foot pounds.
      Further, I have clocked my own handloads with my Shooting Chrony F-1 to find that they were generating between 635-650 foot pounds.
      And these weren’t loads I just threw together without following the manuals; they were listed in black and white in my Speer, Nosler, Hornady, and Barnes manuals.
      Further, I get not a hint of pressure signs with any of these loads out of my S&W 1006…no bulged or blown case heads, no flattened or blown or flattened primers, no split cases, nothing but 100% feeding and ejecting reliability, not to mention 4″ five shot groups offhand at 25 yards.
      Then, as if you didn’t look silly enough, you start describing the velocity of .357 Magnum out of rifle length barrels vs. 10mm out of handgun barrels?
      Does the old saying “Apples and oranges” come to mind?
      You’re wrong, and any ballistician or experienced handloader can prove you wrong with the data.
      Now, run along junior.

  68. I hunted brown bear this past April w/my .338 win mag. My G20 w/Buffalo Bore was my tent gun + conceal carried a couple days around Anchorage

  69. Lets make this very clear. A 10mm or a .357 WILL kill any bear. If you arent a good enough shot, or dont know where to shoot a bear, then you should not be hunting them because they will jack you up. I personally shot a brown bear with a 10mm, hes dead

  70. What most people don’t know is you can fire a 357 sig out of a 40, or a 10. But your best bet is converting your 10mm or 45 to a 50 cal. One good tip, if the 10 mm grips are too big- file them down. Then wrap them in duct tape for a professional look. A half dozen .25 autos will stop a bear. So will one 9mm. Kill it? No. As for a 30-06 bouncing off a grizzly head? Please… Lmao.
    Now then, back to me telling you stuff you don’t know- the best way to store a handgun is to fill it with toilet bowl cleaner or drain opener and freeze it. Then put the ammo in your microwave on high for 8 minutes. Add a tsp of vanilla to taste.
    A 357 mag not stopping a bear- the biggest and meanest bear- is absurd. I’d rather use a 22lr shot shell. The 10mm is pretty much useless. Unless you’re hunting, or even if you aren’t, a 357 sig will be easier to handle. Viagra and enzyte is cheaper than a box of real 10mm. A 44 mag as defense is equally absurd. Hunting, not so absurd. A 500 s&w is a little mans gun. Period. A monster truck or a Harley is less likely to stress fracture your wrists, and they serve the same purpose.

    The notion that a bonded 9mm won’t stop a bear is just silly. Here’s what the bear is thinking…” Ouch ouch ouch ouch ouch ouch ouch ouch ouch ouch ouch ouch ouch ouch ouch ouch ouch ouch”.

    What hurts worse? 17rds of zombie max or a squirt of pepper sauce? Bear mace works. Shucks, boat horns work. What do I know? I’ve only seen a half dozen bears run at the clap of my hands.

    ” look out jimbo he’s comin right fer us!!!”

    Just don’t let Obama take your guns…. Actually thanks to him, maybe you’ll be able to actually use that mythical 500s&w as you legally carry it in a damn park.

    • 500 s&w a little mans gun? Are you serious? I was 12 years old when my father bought a brand new 500 when they came out. I bet you haven’t even shot anything besides a 9mm. Go back to googling and play call of duty little boy

  71. Btw, no question a 10mm out does a 357.

    Btw, no question a sledge hammer out does a 24 oz claw hammer.

    So go frame a house with a damn sledge hammer.

      • Made sense to me. I don’t know that I agree with him, because I really don’t have an opinion, but I understood perfectly the point he was trying to convey.

    • I love my glock 10 mm I have three and the 10 mm is my baby but the only problem most guns stores do not carry bullets for the 10mm but there is no love lost 10 mm is still my top gun

  72. Great article but I have to disagree about the 20SF not being a great EDC gun. I carry mine everyday in a sticky holster. If it’s not in it it’s in a serpa level 2. I’m sure my build has a lot to do with it but for me I wouldn’t have anything else.

  73. I know this is an older review, but I thought it should be mentioned that Alaska State Troopers (brown shifts I think they are called) carry the G20.

    Personally I carry the G29SF and a concealed carry. I’m about 5’10” and 145lbs. No probelms.

  74. I simply do not understand why someone would carry a semi-auto in dangerous game country. I’ve shot my S&W M27 (6″) with hot hard cast handloads for thirty years. I’d not want to take on any bear with a handgun, but I would not feel unarmed against a black bear. Also, I’ve backpacked with a S&W M57 (8-3/8″) and/or S&W M657 (6″), both in .41 mag for at least 25 years. I’ve shot both in IHMSA matches for at least that long. I don’t have malfunctions. My .41 handloads shoot all the way through wild hogs. Dangerous game does not need 15 rounds. Anybody who believes that a 10mm will outperform a stout .357 or bigger magnum in a wheelgun with a decent barrel simply is not adequately informed.

  75. I think i need one of these fine shooting tools! My carry piece is a glock 26 with glock 19 mag. They never jamb i feel their reliability is almost as good as a revolver.

  76. I’ve never owned a Glock 20 but I did try one out at a rental range one time and was VERY impressed with it. They told me they hand loaded the ammo (the range was Bulleseyes in Lawrenceville,GA-an awesome gun shop and range [maybe one of the best in the South-no kidding]if you’re ever in the Atlanta GA area).

    My question to all the 10mm guys and hand loaders is-can the Glock 20 hit accurately (i.e. Human or deer torso sized targets)at 100 yards with standard factory fmj target loads and hollow points? How far will it reach out-200 yards?

    I’ve shot Beretta 92s and it’s easy as pie to hit B-27 sized silhouettes at 100 yards with fmj target ammo. I love a gun that can do that-only other that was that good @100 yards was a Sig P226 in 9mm. 1911s tend to sink like a stone and the Glock 21 is abysmal at distances and even struggles at 30 yards. The Glock 20’doeant even feel like it’s getting started at 30 yards (would’ve shot it further but the range was indoor and 30 yards was all it had). I love shooting pistols at 50 and 100 yards just to see what they’re capable of.

    When people talk about good trajectory/flat shooting in a round I agree 100%. Some bullet weight and mass matter too-one day I shot an 20″ 5.56 Ar-15 in 20-30mph winds and was having trouble hitting paper @100 yards (pathetic in my book$ but this guy had a Stg58 20″ 7.62×51 FN FAL and we could both hit with ease @100 and 200 yards in those kind of winds. Heavy bullets buck the winds.

    So fellow firearms enthusiast-
    Is the 10mm THAT good? Can kill lower 48 game, can buck the wind, can you hit steel plates or B-27s @100 yards or better, etc?

  77. Gentlemen,
    An interesting read on a viable topic. As a Federal LEO of some 27+ years, I’ve seen calibers and guns come and go like winter snow.Yes. I have large hands and yes, I loved the 10mm until it was taken away and replaced.
    Yesterday I ordered a G20 SF and I expect to love it! I live above 5000 feet in central Arizona. About the only real threats are cougars and bears. When camping or afield I carry a .44 and a 12 gauge slug gun but have never used either in 12 years here. Best wishes to one and all, Sandy

  78. I bought a G20C barrel/slide assembly from a company that sells gun parts minus the registered receiver, the receivers are destroyed… the guns were police confiscations and they sell the parts but no receiver…I found a G20SF frame complete and put my 20C on the 20SF; this gun shoots so nice. Recoil is light and the SF frame fits my hands well. The 10MM is a great cartridge!

  79. Caliber wars. Interesting but the caliber does not really matter. .40 .9mm,10mm,44mag, .45acp .41 does not matter. Use a ball bullet and shot placement will take down a Black bear,polar, brown bear ,dog, cat, horse, moose, human.
    Put your bullet through an eye socket and you will take down and kill your target with one shot. A Brain hit, brain stem, will do the trick.

  80. How I love all three GLOCKS (G-23/22 in .40 S&W and the G-20 in 10 AUTO) Gen2.
    I have retired now, put my time in and due to declining eyesight – when a vitrectomy surgery did not produce the desired results – my eyesight in my right/dominant eye is still blurry, it’s time to give it up. I am in the process of selling off all three GLOCKS and a STEYR M-III Professional hunting rifle. While I reside in rural East Texas, I can ship these anywhere in the USA, and willing to throw in a black leather holster and an extra pre-ban high capacity magazine. Please give them a good Home.

  81. I love reading the feed back on all the firearms, ballistics of ammo, and the love someone has for their EDC. I carry several hand guns and the 9 mm has been and is still the best controlled firearm to many, but there is many others to compare. Not everybody can handle a 9 mm +P, .40 SW, 10 mm, .45 ACP +P, .357, .44 Magnum, or any larger or hotter round. We are not all the same. It takes time, practice, and expensive work to be the best and I have seen a young lady and a house wife out perform in military training with a AR 15 (.223), she out ran 12 other women with more training. Please be safe, train hard, and everyone is the best. Here is the last note: At 5 yards or 15 yards, a well placed shot from a firearm is deadly and not everyone goes BEAR hunting.

  82. I have a G40 and bough a Lone Wolf threaded barrel. It would not feed two different brands of 10mm ammo. I sent it back for a refund and got a KKM threaded barrel. It works perfectly.

  83. I just picked one up today, I’ll be my own Judge.. I have many pistols, only three Glocks.. G19, 27, and 20

  84. I’ll have to pull out the old videos and look to see if Peter North had large hands… But, I do have a 20 that I did a small grip reduction on the stippled it. It’s my go to sidearm when bear/boar hunting or hiking where there’s a chance to run into some big critters.

  85. I’ve read with interest and occasionally amusement all the foregoing comments regarding the 10 mm vs numerous handguns. Caveat: though retired USCG, have no experience with personal PERSONNEL stopping power – BUT – have been on more than 20 Kodiak brown bear hunts having carried (beyond my .338 WIN MAG rifle) variety of back up small arms, including: .45 Long Colt, .41 mag, .44 mag (all revolvers). Then I ran into (2011) a Glock 20. Admittedly, never (thankfully) having had to use the back up, did the rough math comparing all the foregoing small arms. Without boring all readers with the data – know, the 15 rounds (albeit of less individual weight) I can fire much faster at a dangerous brown bear from a 10 mm than the 6 rounds from the revolvers convinces me carrying the Glock 20, especially considering the lesser weight, a much more effective and efficient side arm. Translate to a personnel stopper – DUH. I’d love to hear any refutation. Jeff

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