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“I hope President Obama will finally give a substantive response to the [gun control] question I first asked him during the October debate. But before he does, perhaps he should first answer this: How many more Americans need to die before Washington stops sitting idly by?” – Nina E Gonzalez, After Policeman’s Death, Can Obama Finally Answer Gun Law Questions? [via]

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  1. If barry intends to operate with in the laws of this country there’s really not a lot he can do in regards to gun control. Call a constitutional convention I suppose. Otherwise, there’s that whole pesky,”Shall not be infringed.” thing.

    Now, will barry operate within the laws of this country? That’s the 64 dollar question.

    • … If barry intends to operate with in the laws of this country there’s really not a lot he can do in regards to gun control. …

      Remember; 5-4.

      • You should’ve also mentioned that the SCOTUS doesn’t care about the Constitution anymore, merely their own political views.

  2. That’s the question that “Dare Not Be Asked”
    1 Adm. 3 Gen, 1 CIA chief sacked because of “sex scandels”
    1000’s of Guns shipped to our enemys
    20,000 Stingers to Al Queda plus Lord knows what else
    Unknown #s of NDAA arrests and internments
    Total Police State
    An entire family murdered near DC because of what the parents knew

  3. Dear Ms. Gonzalez:

    How many more times do nitwits like you need to be told that you cannot keep dangerous people from acquiring the means to do harm to others? The only thing you can do is make sure that law-abiding people have the means to protect themselves from criminals. That is accomplished by loosening the existing restrictions on lawful gun owners.

    Thus endeth the less0n.

  4. Do something? Last I checked murder was already illegal, aggressively prosecuted, and harshly punished. And yet people still die by poisoning, stabbing, slashing, bludgeoning, burning, drowning, strangulation, struck by vehicles, and so on. Gun use doesn’t even account for the largest share of homocide methods!

  5. “How many more Americans need to die before Washington stops sitting idly by?” Good question; CONSTITUTIONAL CARRY NATIONWIDE!

    • Right Mark. Washington needs to make sure everyone has the option to defend themselves with deadly force if need be. How many more Americans need to die before Washington stops sitting idly by?

  6. “Over 443,000 Americans (over 18 percent of all deaths) die because of smoking each year. Secondhand smoke kills about 50,000 of them.”

    Where are the politicians? Why are they silent? Where are the tobacco grabbers?

      • True.

        Tobacco smokers cause everyone’s health insurance rates to increase to support their medical care needs and contributes to every non-smoker’s personal physical space being violated. Minors, of parents that smoke, are also forced to inhale tobacco smoke at home and elsewhere.

        I was of course being mostly sarcastic regarding politicians and the immoral anti-liberty pro-nanny-police-state types since the cost/benefit ratio of having no-guns/vs. gun ownership clearly indicates that overall guns save lives and reduce other types of crime ie robberies, burglaries, etc.

  7. Does she definitively know how many people were ostensibly saved by the AWB while it was in effect? I want a number. And a basis for that number. I want proof.

  8. Well, we know Obama let 4 Americans die in Benghazi while he sat idly by ….

    And he didn’t seem to care about all of the Mexican citizens who were killed by his Attorney General’s conspiracy in Fast and Furious.

    And we know he doesn’t care about the American soldiers who die in Afghanistan, because their families only get a computer-generated, pre-printed “sympathy card” from the gummint.

    So why should he care about the drug gang members who kill each other – who represent about 90% of American murders. Hey, they probably don’t vote anyway.

  9. This is the woman who committed a fraud by claiming to be an undecided voter. It’s clear that she votes for gun control candidates, likely as a single-issue voter. But I’m not surprised. Control freaks are pathological liars, despite being shown repeatedly that we don’t believe them.

    • She’s a shill for MAIG, something she somehow fails to disclose. Perhaps MAIG has realized that it has no credibility?

  10. More people died last year from automobile accidents than gun deaths as a whole. The most dangerous thing any of us will do is sit in a vehicle-yet, I stand amazed at Washington’s unwillingness to keep us all safe by banning cars.

    Why, any felon can just buy a 500HP Mustang with just a handshake. No background checks or motor vehicle records. Its the perfect way to get a getaway car for a robbery or assault. As such Washington needs to take on Detroit and do something about these 3400lb weapons all over our nation. Only police & military *need* vehicles to get around anyway, so lets make sure only the right people can own cars . 40,000+ people died last year because of permissive sale of automobiles, and Washington needs to do something about it! I demand specifics on how D.C. can regulate the sale, transfer, ownership, and use of automobiles.

  11. And where did the policeman die? Just outside of New York City, smack dab in the middle of gun control country. Of course, they blame the rest of the country for not having the same laws, because it couldn’t be that the laws themselves don’t work.

      • You are correct. Nothing renews your appreciation for high capacity magazines like the threat of life-sucking aliens.

        Rodney’s a favorite of mine because while he’s often arrogant, and sometimes overconfident, he’s also brilliant, and his brains save the day on multiple occasions. That particular episode is when he starts becoming a bit more comfortable with guns as well.

        • Yup, I recently watched all three series on Netflix. I was lucky to get that done before the first two stopped being available for streaming. Universe should have gone longer, but apparently, the SyFy channel wants to be a thought-free zone.

  12. I am a huge fan of the “straw man argument” so I’d like to pose an equally ridiculous question.

    Aging is a major issue in our society, it leads to people being less attractive and less physically capable. One of the leading causes of this epidemic is a moledule called Oxygen which causes “oxidation” a process of decay which you all might know as “rust.” Maybe now that the POTUS is in his second term he will finally once and for all find a way to eliminate our dependance on this noxious and harmful gas so that Americans might spend their lives without suffering the ravages of age…. or maybe he’ll ban all guns because a fraction of a percent of the population is victimized by gun crime… just saying…

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