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From: Dan
To: Nick, Chris, Tyler, Joe, Ralph

With Robert and me in the air tomorrow, please feel free to cut loose and post whatever you’d like. Again, we’re posting every two hours to cover the time. I’m not saying you should go ahead and post that knife review you’ve had rattling around in your head all this time, but . . .

From: Chris
To: Nick, Tyler, Joe, Ralph

Dudes, did you hear that? Nick and Tyler, you can finally post The Truth About Shiner Bock! And The Truth About Chuy’s Mexican Food! And I’ve got a 13,300 word article on the back burner for months, a retrospective on my favorite British progressive-rock band of all time: The Truth About Yes!

It’s absolutely brilliant, and Farago will love it since he’s going to be playing Jeremy Clarkson all weekend; Jezza loves that shit. It’s got lots of YouTube clips and photos of cover art, but I’ll put that picture of the SIG/Sauer P226 Mk.25 at the end to make sure Farago likes it.

But remember, Dan said no knives so keep it about food or music or something else. Just no knives.

My Yes article takes about 45 minutes to read, so that should keep Farago preoccupied while Joe finally gets to post The Truth About Burning Man. All those pictures of naked, paint-covered hippie chicks will probably bring in an extra 20k or 30k hits, easy. Porn really sells; we’ll just put an NSFW tag on the story to keep it legit. Man, those Gunup guys will be impressed with our numbers!

From: Ralph
To: Chris, Nick, Joe, Tyler

I could post a really nice recipe for peach cobbler.

From: Tyler
To: Ralph, Nick, Joe, Chris

I’d definitely read that.



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  1. OFWG = prior Yes audience.

    That’ll work. Key demographic being ‘old’. Maybe I’ll throw in my $0.02 about seeing them at the Philadelphia Spectrum back in ’75.

    • My ears are still ringing from seeing them in Roanoke, VA on that same tour in ’75.

      Well, from that among other stupid college student tricks. . .and that all expense paid summer at Ft. Bragg.

  2. The video game gun experts strut their stuff. Now let’s say OMG! over and over to make it real adolescence. What a bunch of losers. I will bet not one of you “experts” has ever been in a firefight.

      • I have no stories to tell but I don’t go on the net or in print and claim I am self-defense expert either like these donkeys. I admit to never killing an American citizen or even a non-citizen on American soil. I am actually proud of that and never expect it change. These guys act like they have killed dozens of “bad guys” when they haven’t done a thing except in their minds. What exactly makes them experts? Reading a lot? Shooting lots of paper? Thinking about it a lot? Oh, video games! A much of Walter Mittys is what they are. Expert! Yeah, right. The most dangerous thing most of them have ever done is drive on an icy road. Kind of like you jwm. Now you tell us about all your hair raising experiences since you are the one that asked. Yeah, none. Thought so.

        • Who exactly are you talking to? This is a silly post about the inmates running the asylum for a day. There’s a picture of peach cobbler being made, for Pete’s sake. If this is about the site in general, um, your choice in where to make your thoughts known is a little poor.

        • “If we shadows have offended, think but this and all is mended; that you have but slumbered here while these visions did appear and this weak and idle theme no more yielding but a dream.

          Gentles–do not reprehend; if you pardon, we will mend.”

        • Well since you asked so nicely John M. Isreal,73…Saigon 75 and Thailand 76. I’ll let you do the google seach on those dates and places.

          And when it comes to driving, I’ve actually rolled a car. Now that was a lot of fun.

          Not as much fun as the lather and rinse on Okinawa, but exciting in it’s own way.

        • @ John M

          These TTAG guys know their guns, how to carry them, and have quite a bit of experience shooting them. They are good guys, and are honest about the gun flaws that you will never hear about in a Guns and Ammo or American Rifleman Mag, etc. There are a lot of voices out there, so who you listen to is your choice, but these TTAG guys have earned my respect.

    • Who pissed in your Shiner Bock? We can’t have goofy articles here on the weekends? Seriously, calm down.

  3. That peach cobbler recipe looks good and easy! I’m going to try it soon. Just label a post about knives as edged tactical non-projectile-firing multi-purpose self-defense and field-survival tools and you can write posts about them. Dan won’t ever know. I like reading posts about knives since they are tools that go naturally with guns. BTW, good post 🙂

    • Shiner Bock is brewed not far up the road from me, in Shiner, Texas, it is $30.00 a case, plus tax, (24 count, not 20). Have to buy it in two 12 paks. If you do find a case, they open it, and price each six pack therein. I like Texas, but drink another beer, I can get a 30 pak for $18.00 and change (yes, a “name” brand), and no difference in taste, that I can tell. Never tried any of Shiner’s seasonal beers tho’. “And, that’s the truth”………

    • Mmmm… Chuy’s

      I love their green chile stew in a way that… well I’m just not sure I’ve ever felt that way about anything before.

  4. Dammit Ralph! Now I have to make a midnight run to the grocery to get ingredients for peach cobbler! That got my mouth watering

  5. Who needs shiner bock? I’ve got an awesome (and legal, Mr. BATFE internet post reader guy) apple pie moonshine recipe.

  6. If you’re ever in that part of Texas, make sure you visit the Shiner brewery and take the tour. Great folks, and a very patriotic and veteran-friendly company.


    • This is what happens when the mobs and masses replace a blog’s principles and rules. The same thing happens when whimsical democracy majority gets manipulated by celebrity politicians and replaces a republic.

    • Burning Man has been co-oped by the leftie-greenie crowd, for the most part. Its still a hell of a lot of (gunless) fun, but, alas… its not gun friendly anymore. I think 1996 was the last year of the “drive-by shooting range.” Understandably, things had to change – what works when there are a few thousand people present does not work as well when there are 60,000 people present. I still highly recommend it!

  7. This thread was a nice vacation…

    Now back to work! Who has a good gun review in the works? I still think a guns comparison review would be really cool – two or three or four similar guns reviewed at the same time by the same people. The boss is away, so now is the time to spend all the budget on one really big story!

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