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“Last week, the [Wenatchee] City Council repealed the ban on graveyard guns to better conform with state laws on where cities and towns can or cannot allow firearms,” reports. “No to guns in schools and courthouses. Yes to guns in many other public places, including the city’s own (sort of) Boot Hill.” In other words, the graveyard. “The council’s action followed a request from the Bellevue-based Second Amendment Foundation, a gun rights group which has taken aim on firearm quirks in municipal policies and codes around the state and country. Somehow, they noticed firearms were still banned from graveyards in Wenatchee.” Hmmm. “Years ago we removed parks and other locations from the ban, but forgot to do the same with the cemetery,” said Dan Frazier, a public works director for the city. Hmmm. “Now the city has made that adjustment.” Huh. It looks like Washington’s undead just got a little undeaderer.

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  1. Anything that reduces the hassle of “can I or can’t I carry here” is a good thing. I’m sure that they didn’t care about the cemetery specifically, but the thought of accidentally running afoul of the law while I’m paying my respects to the departed scares me to death.

  2. I checked with Funk & Wagnalls Dictionary…..It is official, Robert will get credit for a new word:

    “Undeaderer”..Line up folks. Robert will supply an autograph for only $5 !!!!! (Since he will now become famous)

  3. Guns won’t be needed in graveyards if we can reliably and with 100% certainty ban rusting 55 gallon drums of greenish glowing toxic waste from going anywhere near graveyards. Of course if green glowing toxic waste is banned only zombies will have green glowing toxic waste.

  4. It’s offical folks
    Farago has now officaly jumped the Zombie Shark
    What does a graveyard and a local Ord. have to do with a Marketing Ploy?
    The Zombie Meme has been done to DEATH!
    (See what I did there?)

  5. As a Washington resident, I’m a huge fan of our state pre-emption of local firearms laws. They’re not self-enforcing (and some local governments tend to ignore them) but they make it easy for the Second Amendment Foundation to kick the stuffing out of them in court.

    My county and city have been prodded to repeal several silly local gun bans, and had to be prodded even more to remove the obsolete and illegal signage.

    • As a Seattle resident, I am constantly thankful for state preemption, which is basically what’s keeping the city’s officials from turning it into Chicago on Puget Sound. Defending the state preemption law is one of the main reasons I’m a member of the SAF and donate whenever I can.

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