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“Some of these individuals who have CCW permits are not people we feel comfortable about carrying a firearm on our campus.” – Jack Moorman, NC State University Police Chief in Ross to lawmakers: Keep guns off UNC campuses [via]

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  1. That’s the central theme of the advocates of gun control/civilian disarmament – “It makes us uncomfortable”.

    No logic or reason, only feelings.

  2. Some of these officers are not people we feel comfortable about carrying firearms on our streets.

    • Some of these politicians are not people we feel comfortable about making laws in our country.

      Some of these judges are not people we feel comfortable about interpreting the Constitution.

      Some of these journalists are not people we feel comfortable about the lies they spew in our newspapers.

      Some of these teachers are not people we feel comfortable about the propaganda they indoctrinate the children with. Remember, its for the children!

      I could go on and on…

    • Oh boy don’t I agree. There are cops who have questionable firearms safety handling issues.

    • Two campus police officers at Wesleyan University were fired Tuesday, accused of recording video of a female student in her room. And this is the second such incident and they are worried about CCW holders Ha!

      cannot agree more

      • It never ends, does it? Campus badge-toters never seem to change. Not since the sixties, at least.

        When I was at Virginia Commonwealth University in the late 60’s early 70’s, the chief was all up on campus “militants”, as was his chief deputy… both were busted and sent to prison… WAIT…. this is gonna KILL ya! Wait for it…

        For stealing and selling DICTAPHONE MACHINES from the university!!!! They were O SO ‘militarized’.


  3. Sometimes I wake up in a good mood.

    Then I find an idiot on the internet.

    Stupid idiots ruin everything.

    • No. Not unless you let them. Be of good cheer. Be good to yours and others deserving. ABIDE.

  4. A law officer who intends to carry themselves lawfully has no reason to not accept, if not embrace, an armed populous.

    • This is what I don’t get. The more good people with guns, the higher chance that bad people will be stopped. We don’t see many(any?) ccw people going on shooting sprees or just randomly murdering people. I guess some police want a monopoly in crime prevention.

      • I keep coming back to this. I was a cop, was never such a complete and total WUSS about armed, law abiding civilians. Different culture that many years ago, but not a different country.

        Or so I used to think.

        (sp edit)

      • The more good citizens with guns, the less need there is for massive police forces. That’s the real crux of the issue, the more CCW spreads the more likely their jobs will disappear. As such, they’re going to keep speaking out against CCW to protect their paycheck.

        • That’s the long-term idea, but most are thinking short term. They have the power and they want it to stay that way. It seems most police have an elevated opinion of themselves, probably because politicians keep using them as the exception to the “no guns allowed” rule. I’ve met police that don’t have that attitude, but they seem few and far between.

        • That seems like REAL common sense, RIGHT? How do people get so twisted-up? Stop the fear. Calm down… what we need is the opposite of NWO para-militarized cops… we need PEACE. We don’t need WAR on American citizens.

          But we’re gonna GET it. So.. as the saying goes (para bellum); “SEEK PEACE, BUT PREPARE FOR WAR.”

  5. I’m from NC, and this is a battle we are fighting tooth and nail here. There is a lot of good stuff in the HB937, and I’m afraid it won’t pass because of these liberal ass hats in the UNC system who aren’t willing to let CCW permit holders to have a weapon in their locked car on campus. Do these people not think that there are ALREADY guns on campus?

    • Of course there aren’t guns on campus. It is illegal, and we all know that a piece of paper stops all evil.

      In all seriousness I had a professor who was against concealed carry on campus because, someone might get mad at him and bring a gun to campus to take revenge. I shared that nothing really stops them from doing that now, but this was lost on them. Liberals mostly( and in some cases conservatives) think that if we just make a law nothing bad will ever happen. When this logic fails they usually either bury their head in the sand or claim that they just didn’t do it hard enough.

    • Not about feeling, and that’s the problem. It’s about wishin’ and hopin’, to quote the late Dusty Springfield…

      They refuse to grasp one can’t simply WISH the world into being the way they want it to be. However twisted and torn that way may be. We’ve somehow become a nation of simplistic dreamers. How that came to be would fill hundreds of volumes. But that’s for future historians.

      If there are any.

  6. Well…….Yeah. As an LEO I can tell you that just because you can TECHNICALLY fulfill the CCW requirements (which are often minimal) does not mean you should in REALITY do so. We all know individuals who are dangerous behind the wheel of a car, whos mental or physical capacity to operate a motor vehicle is really not where it should be. But the signs are more obvious, and a system is in place to deal with that. But even with a Drivers License, you usually have to get caught doing something wrong for it to be revoked. 9 out of 10 times its usually something minor. No such system exists for CCW permits. Revocation processes are usually not carried out until something criminal occurs. You know, after bad stuff happens. Just like the bad driver who you know really shouldnt have a DL, everyone has seen the CCW holder at the gun shop that everyone can just tell is a powder keg waiting for the chance to explode.

    • Ummmm most people who are terrible drivers NEVER have their licences revoked. I work with a guy who is a Multiple DIU offender and even when he is sober his driving is somewhere between demolition derby and the junk yard. He has had his licence suspended a couple of times but never revoked. While sober he has caused several accidents but his licence was never revoked, he has hit two garbage men and a LEO but he has never been given criminal charges. So no, there really are not systems in place to revoke the licence of bad drivers.
      Unless you get caught with nail polish on your dash board after a fatal vehicle V pedestrian accident, odds are you get a slap on the wrist and maybe a 30 day suspension for all but the most serious accidents.

      • If Im working the right area, I stop at least one person with a revoked license a week. Then they go to jail, there car gets towed, and they usually do anywhere between 30-60 days in jail (up to a year). So just because “You know a guy”, does not mean you are not completely wrong.

        • Peoples licences do get revoked and in the right area I am sure you will find them, I am saying the system for revoking peoples licences at least here in Illinois is very very broken. Your state may be a bit more effective than mine in revoking licences of bad drivers, but Illinois downright sucks.

        • In LA, nobody goes to jail for driving without a license – the jails are already crammed and they’ll let the guy out before you would even finish the report. Isn’t that wonderful? I’m not comfortable with all the unlicensed and retarded drivers on the road. That’s why I have uninsured / uninsured motorist insurance. Ah, insurance. I pay for crappy driving even if I don’t crash.

          By the way, I support CCW on college campuses, whether the low information campus “cops” are comfortable with that or not.

        • Sending people to jail for 30-60 days for driving with a revoked license? Really? What sparsely populated area of our great country do you serve?

        • As DLs now get ‘revoked’ for something as innocuous as not paying a traffic ticket, the thought that anywhere in the country has the resources to lock anybody up for more than a day seems a bit fanciful.

          Sure, driving on revoked for multiple DWIs will get you 30-60 if you are a nutjob, or don’t have money for a lawyer.

      • This is SO true. In New Mexico, from north to south of our country’s fifth-largest state, something about the endemic old, Hispanic culture makes drunk driving absolutely ENDEMIC.

        There’s no way I can explain something I only half-understand to you. Unless you’ve lived there. License suspensions, revocations, even PRISON TERMS have little to NO effect upon the problem. Innocents slaughtered EVERY WEEK by blink drunk drivers: an entire car of Navajo high-school girls going home from a basketball game. Children run over. An old man on a lonely reservation road, walking home…

        There was one the other day. A FOUR-TIME DWI LOSER, who had an INTERLOCK on his ignition.

        KILLED. ANOTHER. PERSON. What to do? Do we go to public floggings? I have no answers. It’s an affront to public decency and human law.

    • Likewise, there are some cops that shouldn’t be there. But, we don’t throw the baby out with the bath water.

      So… what’s your point? Because there are a few bad apples, we should restrict the rights of MILLIONS???

    • No, I have not seen a CCL holder who is a powder keg waiting to explode…mainly because in Florida, violent offences on your record will prevent you from getting a CCL. In fact, I can’t think of a single spree/rampage shooter that had a CCL, and I’m pretty sure the anti-gun media would be trumpeting that fact about any rampage/spree shooter that did.

      • you dont have to commit a mass shooting to be a known potential threat to the public. Not every person who has mental illness has met the criteria to be baker acted. However they may be known to law enforcement as a result of contact, but not known as ccw holders so that they can be reported.

    • But there is a fundamental problem with subjective issuance based on mere feelings from a government bureaucrat. If you are not toting the correct political opinion or they believe no one should carry, no one will be allowed. For you, with the financial issues affecting government throughout the US could get laid off at any time. If I recall correctly, unless you officially retire, you will have to get a CWP just like everyone else. Some bureaucrat could see that you posted on this website, declare it subversive, and deny you a permit. Or they could just deny it without a dumb reason. Anyhow, For me, being a former USAF SP with many apprehensions under my belt, I likely will never get through the permit process in places like New York regardless if someone I apprehended wanted revenge. Yes, there are people I see that I feel uncomfortable if they had a CWP, but there are LEOs that I have felt uncomfortable with having firearms as well. Personally, I think those with CWP should take it upon themselves to train significantly harder than an LEO, for they will be treated harsher than an LEO and a DA after any shooting, and will be often attacked solely based on the political leaning of the DA or LEO. In other words, a CWP holder does not have a free pass to say “whoops” after a shooting like I have seen in LEO involved shootings.

    • Uh, John. Where’s your stats to back this up.

      According to Wikipedia, Using publicly available media reports, the Violence Policy Center claims …that concealed carry permit holders committed less than 0.01% of the murders by firearm. And that was just the first credible cite of many I found.

      So your chances of having a violent confrontation with a CCW holder are statistically about like getting struck by lightening.

      You have to worry about the potential for a nut job or fleeing felon on EVERY traffic stop. You have to worry about the wife stabbing you in the back while you are trying to cuff her abusive husband on every domestic. It can be a dangerous job. I get it. I been there. I done that.

      But to worry about CC permit holders, is to worry about lightning strikes. And let me check the book here…yes, it says that officially makes you one pussified cop. You embarrass me.

      • If you are under the impression that CCW holders are not often convicted of violent criminal charges you would be wrong. It simply doesnt make the news. I believe the point of Chief Norman is that LEO’s are regularly exposed to individuals whos mental state is an indicator that they should not be carrying a firearm. Can you deny that you haven’t met a person just like this? Someone you know is unstable, but not yet diagnosed?

        • I hear what you’re saying, but CCW holders are the most responsible demographic I’ve ever met. If you look at the arrest stats of CCW holders vs. the general population (there are some studies from TX and Idaho out there, among others), you’ll find that the statistics support our opinion. CCW holders have arrest rates 6 or 7 times lower than the general populace.

          I have seen a single incident where a non-LEO CCW holder “lost it.” The news desperately wanted the Zimmerman / Martin shooting to be an example, but that DGU is looking pretty legit so far.

        • Bull. Statistics are released yearly showing that the percentage of people with CCW’s being convicted of any crime is a fraction of the rate of the general population.

          Can you deny that you haven’t met a person just like this? Someone you know is unstable, but not yet diagnosed?

          Well, I don’t know you well enough to know if you’ve been diagnosed, but you definitely seem unstable enough that you shouldn’t own a gun.

        • John you do realize CCW holders commit crime at a lower rate than LE right?

          If you were a woman would you rather be married to a LEO or a CCW holder?

          The DV rate is significantly higher for LE than CCW holders, and I would suspect this is an artificially low number as officers are less likely to prosecute fellow officers for DV due to the fact that it makes them a ‘prohibited person’.

    • John, John, John, “Everyone Knows a CCW looking like he’s ready to explode” PLEASE stop with your irrational fears, because those fears are not backed by facts; you know, those pesky things that a rational person bases their beliefs upon, unless your a liberal, then your FEELINGS are what is important, then you don’t need “No steenking faks”

      Every state keeps a record of CCW holders that lose their license because they broke a law, you know, that stupid idea of innocent until PROVEN guilty, your FEELINGS not withstanding.

      A fraction of one percent of CCW holders lose their license because of some law they broke, let me repeat that, A fraction of ONE percent. CCW holders have a lower criminal rate than cops, you know, your brothers in arms; our protectors, our sheep dogs, the only ones suitable and worthy to carry arms in public, (is my sarcasm a little thick?)

      So get over it, your superior, “The only ones” mentality is not suitable or acceptable in America; if you actually believe in individual rights and the constitution that acknowledges them as pre-existing rights.

      • Many years ago I was told by my instructors that the problem with handcuffs is that in LE, you can wear them on your belt, and almost as easily on your wrists. Its true. But since your local cop is less likely to commit a crime than your local Clergy, I will take my chances with the cop. You may not realize that I am PRO CCW. However what you fail to recognize with your stats is that many CCW holders are making straw purchases for persons who are NOT allowed to possess a firearm. And the criminals take advantage of them. Local LE could add insight, NOT FINAL DECISION MAKING, to who is or is not allowed to procure a CCW.

        • Sigh, I’ll say it again, John, John, John, ” Many CCW holders are making straw purchases for those who aren’t allowed to possess firearms” FACTS John, FACTS, because what you say CCW holders are doing is a very big felony, where are the facts for your very broad statement.?

          Or are these CCW holders of the fraction of one percent that are charged with a crime and there for lose their license to CCW?

          If so, for you to say many CCW holders are buying weapons for those not allowed to own guns, is an outright LIE.

          Are you a liar John?

          If you are not, then you need to apologize and beg forgiveness for painting many CCW holders as being criminals.

        • John thanks for the laugh. “Almost as easily wear [handcuffs] on your wrists”. Please don’t insult our intelligence.

          If that was true, why are the officers who tried to kill the newspaper delivery ladies in LA walking free? How about the Oscar Grant shooting in Oakland? Would a citizen in a similar situation get the same 2 years for involuntary manslaughter in a private cell? Had Harold Fish been an off-duty LEO do you think there even would have been a trial?

          Even when we are innocent we still need to retain counsel and cannot speak with you without risking our freedom. Shouldn’t need to point this out but we must pay out of our own pockets for our defense, we don’t have free representation like LE does.

          I could keep going all day long but you would still probably ignore the point.

          BTW there are some LEOs who post here regularly and you all give me some hope there are still some who see themselves as citizens with a job, and not a special class of citizen that is better than the rest of us poor schmucks. Please don’t take my remarks as disparaging you, but those in LE that view themselves as a citizen+ because they wear a badge forces us to view all of you with distrust.

          Bottom line John, your (LE) distrust of US (citizens) has strengthened our distrust of YOU.

        • “But since your local cop is less likely to commit a crime than your local Clergy…”

          Clergy usually restricts itself to a bit of the child buggery, coupled with alcoholism and the occasional prostitute.

          Cops? Are you kidding? Skating on daily DWI until a crash with multiple vics, beatings, theft of evidence, involvement in drug distribution, cars illegally procured from impound up to and including the Chief, bribery, extortion, just for starters. That’s just a tiny slice of the things I know 1st hand about, and that have made it past the blue wall to actually be prosecuted.

          I have no doubt John’s LE background is deep in the fine traditions of Paul Blart and the Six Flags Justice League.

    • John just because some LEOs can TECHNICALLY qualify to wear a badge does not mean in reality they should be allowed to do so. When LEOs do something criminal, they are rarely if ever given more than a paid vacation and another chance to gun down citizens and violate rights.

      Get back to me when there is a system in place to remove LEOs before they commit crimes, pay out of their own pocket for constitutional violations, and happily out their own because they are a shame to the badge.

      • Without dialogue there will always be distrust. I tried. Some of you are so irrationally fearful of LE, you wont allow for reasonable dialogue to occur. You resort to attacks and fear mongering.

        I had an opinion, based on what I have learned and thru experience. That is all. Chief Moorman had a point. Its not a bad one. If you cant see it. Thats on you.

        • John I have been attempting to have a dialogue. My “irrational” fears are based on well known incidents where LE has abused the public trust. Furthermore, it is not my fault people do not trust police, it is your job to earn our trust now that your “brothers” have abused that trust.

          So I guess if you could attempt to explain the actions of LE in some of the cases I mentioned above I’d be willing to have some “dialogue”.

          Can you please explain why I should trust the LEOs who shot the newspaper delivery ladies in the blue Tacoma (Dorner fiasco), shot & killed an unarmed man who was laying face down at the BART station in Oakland and only got 2 years (Oscar Grant fiasco), or the LEOs who routinely planted drugs & guns on people in west Oakland and got off without criminal punishment (Oakland Riders fiasco)? These are only the most publicized incidents and constitute the tip of iceberg, so to speak. I could easily keep going until I am blue in the fingers.

          I should (again) add that in every single one of the above mentioned cases, LE was treated with velvet gloves whereas a citizen would be treated with an iron fist.

          I know there are some good LEOs. It is a necessary profession in this society. However, since you don’t wear labels that distinguish between the good ones and the ones that will kill me and plant crack and guns on me, I am forced to treat all of you with great suspicion until proven otherwise. Your professions lack of enthusiasm at ‘outing’ bad apples increases my distrust of LEOs generally.

    • Well, we know Johnny boy is a fan of “may issue” or “no issue” CCW.

  7. His position is understandable to a degree, cause you got to be shitting me if you aint never seen one of our “colleges” in the CCW world and said to yourself…”man, what a nutjob”. Where he goes wrong is thinking that the person doesn’t have a basic right to defend himself.

    As a public official, he could have taken the position, that he has encountered many CCW persons whom he has concerns over their level of training and awareness (more politically correct sounding) and would like to see widely available and cost effective training programs made available to the public.

    But no, he takes the jackass route….

    • Campus cops are usually petty tyrant jerks. While you guys on the streets have better things to do, they come down hard on small potatoes violations.

      Bicycle not locked up properly? That’ll be a $60 fine.

      They know every little obscure piddling ordinance and law passed over the last century and will try to hit you with it as long as there’s a fine involved.

      I swear they’re a scam run by the state and whatever institution they’re part of. County officers cover the same area and have to help them out from time to time, which makes the whole situation even more ridiculous.

      • It varies widely by jurisdiction whether they’re sworn officers or just upgraded mall cops.

        But even in the places where they are “real” cops, they weren’t good enough to make the grade for “real cop”. (Which is a scary low bar not to pass over.)

        • This. At my school a little while ago there was an issue with someone continually patching in a spot they had not paid for.the the person who had actually paid for the spot finally wrote a note on their window saying something about threatening to piss in their gas tank and/or charge them for the spot. Campus police charged the owner of the spot with extortion and terrorist threats. Really.

  8. Don’t forget that the NC State administrators pay his salary.

    He better say what they tell him to or he will be a mall cop faster than he can say, “Yes, sir!” ” Kiss…kiss…kisss.”

  9. “Some of these individuals who have CCW permits are not people we feel comfortable about carrying a firearm on our campus.”

    Sorry, dude. You don’t have a RIGHT to “comfort.”

    • Amen Brother racer88! His comfort is none of my concern. My Rights and my safety ARE my concern.

  10. Guy needs to close his trap, but good. I will say that there are indeed many college students who have no business carrying anything as dangerous as a pen or pencil, to say nothing of a firearm, but I would also submit that CCW holders would be the LAST demographic he should be concerned about.

    What’s that bleating noise in the background I keep hearing?

  11. I don’t feel comfortable with the majority of police officers carrying their tazers/mace/handguns either – can I ban them from my local University?

  12. I’m entitled, you’re not. The root of just about every problem in today’s society.

  13. There are some great aspects about North Carolina, but nanny state things like this seem to be popping up everywhere of late.

    The coast is great, the mountains are great, but everything in between might as well be New Jersey. Sadly, this is a trend that will never be confined and I fear all states are destined to suffer from Progressivism and Big Gov. unless the people of this country wake up and undergo a radical philosophical transformation.

  14. But it is ok for him and other TRAITORS LIKE HIM to carry on these campuses to protect themselves but not ok for the students. If the citizens cannot carry on campus then neither should them.

    • Should a police officer who has been vetted and observed for months prior to release, then observed for another 6 months before allowed on solo, be allowed to openly carry on campus? Over an 18 year old who took a class for 4 hours and got a background check? Are you serious? Im aware that many posters on TTAG are anti LE, so I was prepared for attacks, but not stupidity. Of course it is the interwebs so I should have been. I agree with COMMON SENSE rules on CCW. Not outright denial.

      • Like those COMMON SENSE gun control laws, huh John? It’s cops like you that lead to an anti-LEO atmosphere. I always thought there was no one more pro LEO than me. But bullies and elitists, I have always found distasteful. No matter what they are wearing.

        • can you please quote where I was a bully or elitist? After I was called a traitor, unfit to wear a badge, unstable? I guess cops cant have opinions. We arent people. And if we are, we better be perfect all the time, or else lock “Stone HIM!!”

      • Right, because there’s some incredibly rigorous vetting involved in becoming a standard issue copper in the US.

        19-21? Citizen? Had your juvie record sealed? No felony convictions? Frankly, it’s a lower bar than CCW holders, because they don’t get to “explain” that domestic violence/bar fight arrest at boards.

        I’m not sure if you think we’re all stupid and don’t know how easy it is to pass the psych boards, or if you really don’t know yourself.

        • So that year or so of training and supervision, and the supervision thereafter counts for nothing? So what exactly should govt do to guarantee “Perfect” cops? At $53k a year?

      • I’m not aware of any states that issue CCW / CHL permits for 18 years olds. My understanding is that it is 21 or more.

        When I was in college, I was also in the USMC Infantry reserve. I’d fire full auto on the weekends, and had to store my guns at the police station because the campus didn’t allow firearms. That always pissed me off.

        I don’t think anyone here is saying that police should not carry, they support and advocate concealed carry. Even on college campuses and in school. Mass murderes have this thing for gun free zones.

        TTAG is tough on police, but with shooting the wrong pickup and other such things, I can see where they are coming from.

        • I remember reading something years ago about some exemptions in TX (and maybe NE or ME?) for active duty military over 18, but I wouldn’t bet a nickel that I’m current on that.

          You’re right, it’s generally over 21. Though there are moves afoot in those states to bring it down to 21.

  15. These elitists may as well advertise that all the people on campus need to be unarmed so that they can continue to be easy prey to the criminals.

    • College campuses are giant, flashing beacons to criminals and creeps everywhere. Thousands of unarmed and situationally unaware kids walking around, many of whom don’t exercise much caution and walk alone at night, all with iPhones, laptops, LV purses, etc, ripe for the pickings.

      It’s a downright travesty that our educational system claims to broaden horizons and open minds, yet colleges do everything in their powers to blind students to the harsh realities of the world and deny them their Natural Rights.

      How did we stray so far from the Enlightenment?

  16. Hmm. University police?

    I’m not comfortable knowing none of you can run 40 yards without wheezing, have a combined cholesterol count that rivals the whole of China, and probably know less about the law than your average rightist blogger. Not to mention I am suspect of your ability to hit a moving target.

    University police are one step above that….oh, what’s it called…mall police mindset.

  17. Law enforcement agencies are now encouraging people to fight back and take more aggressive approaches during active shooter scenarios (Even in CA campuses are training for this). The NC university police should get with the program – its critical that people are trained to deal with scenarios in the 5 minutes before the police arrive. And that may include you know, having a gun. If people have made “threats” as the article implies, perhaps we should address those specific people not the rest.

  18. The H937 bill being debated in the NC House covers several topics. Some highlights:

    1. Allows CHP holders to keep their firearm locked in their vehicle on campus so that are not forced to be disarmed for the entire home-school/work-home journey. It does NOT allow the CHP holder to carry on their person while walking around campus or while in class.

    2. A similar locked in vehicle provision of other State property.

    3. Allows restaurant carry in dining establishments which sell alcohol for consumption on premises. Does NOT change the current law banning consumption of alcohol while carrying.

    4. Corrects language in a statute regarding parks which was intended to allow cities / counties to ban carry from some buildings and athletic fields but had been abused by cities and counties to ban carry almost anywhere in a park.

    5. Allows a process for concealed carry rights to be restored after mental illness adjudication.

  19. When not on duty, police commit 15 times as many violent episodes as CHP holders.
    In Boston, they missed the guy in the boat, then sprayed over 200 rounds at the boat and hit others homes, etc.
    LEO’s are good for writing tickets. The FBI says they hit what they are shooting at 18%+- but others say it’s more like ~12%.
    I’m not comfortable with any LEO having a gun.
    I love these no knock SWat teams that kill innocent people. Check out the Heritage Foundation. . .hundreds ahve been killed.
    You LEO’s work for us,we don’t work for you!

  20. Because our Bill of Rights is all about making the police comfortable….

  21. Remember the TV show Dragnet and Sargent Friday: “Just the facts ma’am just the facts”. In modern America it is increasingly: “Just our feelings everyone it’s all about our feelings”.

    I suspect America’s laws and cultural attitudes will get much worse before things gets better.

  22. So, Jack, are you also uncomfortable with those same individuals carrying everywhere else? What bit of magical business happens when these folks cross that invisible line marking campus property?

  23. Some of these individuals on the police force are not people we feel comfortable about carrying a firearm on our streets.

    I expect all police officers to disarm whenever you’re within 10 blocks of my house. Because it’s all about my comfort level. So go on, Captain Conundrum, do it. Disarm. If you feel safe enough to walk around without your Glock, then I’ll leave my Springfield behind and we’ll all hold hands and sing together.

  24. “Some of these individuals who have CCW permits are not people we feel comfortable about carrying a firearm on our campus.” – Jack Moorman

    Some of the people who wear police uniforms are @ssh0les — Ralph

  25. I’m not thinkin Mensa gradyeate here, old jack looks like he can eat dinner & little else, way to go jack! Randy

  26. This. At my school a little while ago there was an issue with someone continually patching in a spot they had not paid for.the the person who had actually paid for the spot finally wrote a note on their window saying something about threatening to piss in their gas tank and/or charge them for the spot. Campus police charged the owner of the spot with extortion and terrorist threats. Really.

  27. Another worthless political hack that some liberal dean hired to be there campus top cop. Campus police are worthless hacks. Armed Security is more trained then they are ignore this idiot.

  28. Commissioner Farquhar told the media that under the new initiative, no long barrel, high powered guns, such as rifles will be authorized, with the exception of legally-owned shotguns.
    “There are no large game animals or predators in TCI, so there is no justification for any type of hunting rifle. The only exception will be shotguns in particular circumstances with a valid Keep License,” he said.
    Additionally, a cultural move from cash to using credit and debit cards, along with increased use of security firms will reduce the need for gun-ownership amongst business persons.

  29. Not suprisingly local news is sensationalizing this in two main ways.

    1) they come off as CCW holders will be packing in class (as if that’s bad). they will use the law to be able to carry to work. if passed CCW holders would be able to defend themselves going about daily business to and from work, ie. errands etc.

    2) CCW holders would drink themselves into a stupor and shoot everyone in the restaurant. No CCW holder I know would drink if out since it’s ILLEGAL. they just want to be able to defend against asshattery.

    My great state is in danger of becoming the southern most North East state. While I’m not referring to the Yanks who love freedom and individuality, most that invade NC are not of that design. It’s very frustrating and you can see politics changing on local and state levels for the worse.

  30. Thats a great idea just all the illigal unregister firearm carring nut cases out there know that everyone at NC State Univeristy is a sitting duck.

  31. I have never met a campus cop I felt comfortable with having a firearm. Lower than township cops.

  32. So how many people are willing to admit they know someone who hasnt been arrested, yet really shouldnt be able to CCW? Maybe that person who has an explosive anger issue, or maybe isnt physically able to control a firearm. As I recall there is no physical exam, so technically a person with parkinsons could CCW.

    Let me remind you all, I am referring to CCW, not possession within the home or legal transport.

    • Quite true. There are many LEO’s that fit that description, so I agree with you. Testing for steroid usage and constitutional knowledge might also help.

      This site isn’t anti-LEO in any way. Many LEO’s post here. We are anti-elitist/submit-to-us if that’s what you mean by your rude and arrogant comments.

  33. And some of the citizens are not comfortable with certain cops carrying weapons, they are not all universally respected and admired.

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