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Lisa Madigan (courtesy

No surprise here. The Seventh U.S. District Court set a deadline for the Illinois legislature to enact a concealed carry bill. The Chicago Machine has used that time to do everything in their power to pass CCW legislation so restrictive residents wouldn’t be able to exercise their Constitutionally protected right to bear arms. (Cough New Jersey cough.) Thanks to gun rights advocates’ constant vigilance and dogged determination, the Machine’s perfidious plans have come to naught. And so Attorney General Lisa Madigan [above] has requested an extension on the deadline so that the State can ask the U.S. Supreme Court to sort out all the contradictory rulings on concealed carry. [Click here to read the writ.] This could be The Big One.

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  1. Who didin’t see this one coming? The Illinois state gov’t pissed 6 months away on bills to give illegals drivers licences and to ban lion meat all while trying to force through bills that would have made NY’s CC laws look welcome. The bad part is she will get the extention and keep pushing it out until after the 2014 Gov. primary next spring.

  2. Reading the request, it sounds like they’re doing more than just asking for an extension on the CCW bill. I don’t speak legalese (or jive). At the top of page 7 it appears they’re asking for a certiorari petition. As near as I can tell, they’re asking SCOTUS (Kagan) for an extension so they can write another request to SCOTUS to review the lesser courts opinions (and contradictions)??

    Petition for Writ of Certiorari. (informally called “Cert Petition.”) A document which a losing party files with the Supreme Court asking the Supreme Court to review the decision of a lower court. It includes a list of the parties, a statement of the facts of the case, the legal questions presented for review, and arguments as to why the Court should grant the writ.

    • They’re asking for an extension of time to file a cert petition. To date, Madigan has rebuffed Quinn’s requests to appeal the 7th Circuit decision to the Supreme Court. She wants to be Governor and is no fool; fighting this to the Supreme Court would not play well downstate. Accordingly, she was hoping the Illinois legislature would agree to something and moot the issue. Now that it is becoming clear the legislature may not act — at least in the fashion that she would prefer — she’s trying to leave the door open for an appeal to the Supreme Court. Whether she ends up filing that appeal is still an open issue.

    • “Perfidious”.

      Great description of Democrats’ and gun grabbers’ deceitful efforts wherever they are actively trying to impose disarmament oops I mean restrictions.

  3. Anyone who makes a conscious decision to live in that open sewer we call ‘Illinois’ deserves what happens to them.

    • Hey now, Chicago is a sewer, not all of Illinois. Once you get out of the city is is a pretty decent state.

      • Hey now. I’ll be the first one to slam my hometown, but it’s far from the entire city that’s a sewer. Anyone who lives here, and quite a few TTAG’ers do, know that there are two Chicagos. There are the well off, popular with the younger set neighborhoods that are quite safe with good schools and all that. Then there’s other Chicago that is a literal hellhole/warzone. If one were to de-annex the hellhole part of the city, you’d have one safer large cities in the country vs another Detroit.

        Illustrating Chicago’s Murders, Homicides, Violence and Idiocy at

    • Easy for you to say. Having no choice but to stay here and fight for my rights, why do I deserve that condescending dribble from you?

      If things were to change in a bad way where you live could you literally abandon everything with little or no financial recourse, give up good paying jobs, leave family and friends in the dust and move to a place where you have no support and start from scratch on the hopes that it will be better?

      You are assuming that we are all gun hating liberal sheeple just because folks up north and a few down south vote a certain way. I can assure that is not the case.

      • If you think you can’t leave the state, you must be tied to a Union Job. Better open your eyes now, unions are a dying breed, and should be…

        • Right. We have no other ties here other than a non-existing union paycheck. Sorry no love for a union here.

        • A little respect please. Like many Americans, some of us are stuck where we are because our mortgages are underwater and leaving is not a viable financial option at this time. When the real estate market recovers a little? Yeah, can’t wait to get outta here. Heck, I would be fine with driving 20 miles east and settling in Indiana.

        • I work in IT, no unions there. You want to give me a job doing 3rd level IT support and provide relocation assistance?

      • I’m sorry, how do you have “no choice but to stay”? Unless you’re under threat of imprisonment or death for leaving, you’re free to flee to greener pastures any time you want. You’re choosing to stay of your own free will.

        • Still think choice has a lot to do with it when you are upside down on your mortgage? Living close to family?

          My wife and I lost around $250 K on the real estate collapse. After 5 years of 55-90 hours a week, I’m still not even. Many people have it a whole lot worse.

          I’ve never understood why so many commenters are so derogatory towards those in Chicago, NY, CA, etc. Fight crappy gun laws wherever you are. They could spread to the entire nation – Colorado certainly took a hit.

        • Right! “No choice” – a nifty lie we tell ourselves. There’s no one that doesn’t make this or similar mistakes in reason.

          Mortgage crisis? ENDING? What have you been smoking? Obama = unending crisis. If you don’t thing – no, SEE – that Obama is making plans to be President-for-life, you’re missing something.

      • I hear you, if Milwaukee were a sewer I couldn’t pack up & move either, best of luck, Randy

    • Yeah and screw those people in California, New York, New Jersey, Ma, CT, Colorado etc etc..wait…thats a huge portion of the gun owning population?

      This attitude of “screw those guys if they live there” attitude is exactly what the antis want to do, they want to divide gun owners .

      • Except what all of you keep missing is that if people fled those states for Free States, the Free States would have an overwhelming proportion of the House of Representatives and no anti-gun legislation would ever pass at the Federal level ever again.

        • Yes, like Texas will be in about 20 years. Face facts, no state in the union is safe. We have to fight everywhere, not run away.

    • Hey, I’m trying to get out as fast as I can! We can’t all move to Texas (I like four seasons, not just cool and earth-scorching).

      I think Madigan is praying for the extension so she and the gun-grabbers can file their appeal to the Supreme Court. Given the split among the circuits (carry doesn’t mean carry outside your house???), there is a strong likelihood the SC would take the case, and that would punt the issue down the road for another year (while leaving IL draconian laws in effect).

    • SD3, it’s comments like that from douche bags like you that are as bad as the liberal gun-grabbers.

      We have enough enemies outside of the spectrum of gun ownership. If you’re not being helpful, why don’t you make like Chris Christie and pound some sand?

      • Really?

        Someone is trying to take away your rights and the other said something you don’t like, and you think it’s as bad?

        • Absolutely. I’m here fighting in Illinois to keep my rights and some dickhead says I deserve what’s coming to me.

          I’m voting pro-gun wherever I can… always have, always will. My representative was against any AWB ban and is pro-CCW.

          How do I deserve to have my rights taken away? Because I cannot afford to move out? Piss off.

    • Like others have commented, just because Chicago and Cook County are messed up doesn’t mean rest of the state is. Madigan, Quinn, and other Chicago Democrats gun grab will maybe finally open the eyes of the southern part of the states Democrats who are actually Pro-Gun. Personally Chicagoland needs to become its own state and leave the rest of the state alone.

      • I love my home state of Illinois. Even the City of Chicago has its good points. The problem is certain politicians are making the California(sorry) of the mid west. Failed fiscal policy? Check. Over-Reaching State Govt? Check. Anti business policies? Check. Out of control entitlment programs? Check.

        Can Illinois be saved? Maybe, time will tell.

      • Fence off Cook, Dupage, Will counties and form the State of Lincoln. Or better yet the State of Reagan (that would cause thousands of welcome strokes).

        Then deport your prision population of _____-Americans back to Chicago.

        • Screw you. I live in Will County… BTW, did you know the Will County sheriff is a Illinois CCW supporter.

          we’re not all jags.

        • REAGAN? You mean the huckster who pretended he was reporting live baseball plays, but was actually getting them by phone? About sums up his administration: Hollywood-style LIES.


    • I live in Terre Haute, Indiana. We get lots of Illinois plates over here,
      on our streets. Shoppers and students, etc. I know many good folks
      from Illinois that are still fighting the good fight. I have asked the same
      questions that have been asked here, for years. IMO it is almost (but not quite)
      Like saying “I wanna leave the USA if it gets much worse” but at least
      Illinoisans have the option of moving to Missouri or Indiana, etc.

      Public Sector Unions with auto-increases in everything is BS. But I
      have a good union job, and we earn every penny and negotiate based
      on Free Market Economics. Construction is highly competitive and
      I am proud of my training and skills. I was tops in my apprentice class
      and I stay sharp in my trade. But not all “unions” deserve that label.
      To Wit: the NEA

      • Absolutely. Without unions, we’d be still working 60-hour weeks, six days, if not seven. Pity that some have gotten too big for their britches, but when did that NOT happen?

    • Our members will not speak ill of Republicans when they stand up for the 2A!

      JUST SAYIN’!

      Most of us own guns. More of us are pro-gun and pro freedom.
      I’m just trying to educate our members about voting as such.
      We need to hold ALL our politicians accountable for all their votes.
      Not just the ones that help our own personal cause. If we lose the
      First and Second amendments, we will lose our voice as Workers.
      And everything else we have as derived “rights” that are benefits of
      having a Strong BILL of RIGHTS. Workers Rights are derived from
      our Constitution. We need to protect that before our secondary items.
      I Guarantee!

    • Absolutely! I’ve lived here most of my life. Kids grown, Wife’s dead and I’m retired. I’ll move to Mo. in a heartbeat if they blow this one. Tired if the Dems in Chi Towns BS!!

  4. I speak leagalese and jive. It is a Stall tactic. She doesn’t want to file an appeal that will kill her chances @ being governor and the deadline is approachin to file for cert so . . . This is essentially asking the teacher for more time on an open book take home exam. She would need to show some good cause and sitting on your ass for 6 months aint it. I need to look up scotus rules to see the exact standard, but given the lateness of the scotus session, this may be a crappy hail mary pass.

    • Along with your good knowledge of legalese and jive, you also understand as well as I do the mind of the Progressive. Just another sneaky tactic in their War On Guns.

      The real question though, is: MILF or NOT MILF?

      • NOT MILF

        She looks shrill and mean. It’d be like having sex with an accountant. Or my ex-wife.

      • I’d let her Lewinsky me, but I wouldn’t go so far as MILFing her. 😉

        • REALLY? Took that long? Shovel that over to your Pit of Terrible Ideas, have a nice hoagie and a pitcher of cold beer, and move on.

          Good food and cold beer. THERE’S something you can bank on.

    • Can’t this trigger a general review of all carry and possess laws? As RF says, The Big One?

    • Makes me think she purposely waited this long to file for extension hoping that the Supreme Court would deny her request. This accomplishes two things. One, she can say that she “tried her best” to stave off legal carrying in Illinois. That makes the gun grabbers happy. Two, she fails to block the lower court’s ruling thus forcing legal carry in Illinois. That makes the gun rights proponents happy. This would help her appease both sides of the debate and improve her position if she runs for governor. Not a bad strategy actually.

      • she still has the right to file a true cert petition so they will give her grief for that as well. . . . .perhaps if she had Daddy stop farting around and implement a shall issue CCW with certain restrictions that favored chicago, perhaps.

      • Congratulations. You passed with flying colors! “Watch what we do, not what we say.” – John Mitchell, crooked Nixon AG.

    • the CPD and Rham hate to say this but the weather does have an effect on the crime. Chicago has had one hell of a cold spring, all this pent up tension is going to make for an explosive summer.

    • After I got my homework all done went to take the grandmas doggie out for a walk, drop off a donation at the church, and get daddy a newspaper. How to know there would be 200 other members of the diversity club doing the same thing. Then this spaceship came over and heard these popping ….

  5. Ms. Madigan is either a tiny lady, or that crib is for some giant sized baby? Sorry, couldn’t help but notice that. As for her delay tactic, it sounds like she is trying to cover both sides of her butt at the same time with her party and the electorate.

  6. “And when our agenda is fully implemented, this is where you, the insignificant peons, will sleep at night.”

    (Oh, sorry. This isn’t a caption contest?”)

  7. It’s the 7th *Circuit* Court of Appeals, not District Court.

    Federal goes District (“Central District of California”) -> Circuit (“7th Circuit Court of Appeals”) -> Supreme Court.

  8. After refusing to grant cert in Kachalsky, it seems unlikely that SCOTUS would grant cert in this case, much less a petition to extend the time to file for cert. I think that this is a Hail Mary. Time will tell.

    • or mybe she is hoping the supremes grant cert in the Wolligan (sp?) 4th cir case? that way she can ask for cert and delay implementation

      • Could be, DD, but after hearing two 2A cases in two years, I think the gun show window at SCOTUS is closed for a while. Also, the Woollard case is very close to Kachalsky, which was denied cert. And even if SCOTUS granted cert on Woollard, why would it grant cert to Ms. Madigan? The two cases are completely unrelated.

    • Who determines if the SC will review or allow an extension, she addressed it to Kagen. Does it have to be all or just one or Chief Justice Roberts?

      • The Justices are assigned to handle applications from the various Circuits. I guess Kagan has responsibility for the 7th. She will decide whether or not to extend. I don’t think she will. The SCt isn’t exactly hurting for business these days.

  9. Meanwhile Madigans senior has his reps sending questionnaires to their population asking where they stand on gun restrictions such as AWB, magazine limits, FOID fee increases, etc.
    This seems like they are delaying to get support on gun control.

  10. Could go either way, but if the Supremes want to actually do their job and follow the Constitution (HA! I’m a jokster!) they will need to say states either need to allow open carry or concealed carry to abide by the “keep and BEAR arms” part, as putting a ban on both essentially bans the 2nd, which, you know, is unconstitutional.

    • Personally i’d love open carry, I would so try to get a photo op with Rham or McCarthy while I OC my scary black rifle.

  11. Chicago tribune has an article today saying there were 20 shootings last night and 3 deaths. Just fyi.

  12. Whoa! Almost forgot to congratulate you on the photo, Robert! Stroke of genius, that.

  13. 2nd Amendment supporters from IL would like to know why Duty to Inform w/criminal penalties is still included in the NRA backed HB997 sponsored by Rep. Brandon Phelps? The bad language was not placed in the bill by the Chicago machine, but supplied by NRA contract lobbyist Todd Vandermyde! Way to go Todd! With friends like these, who needs enemies!? The only Reps. trying to get the DTI language out of the bill are evil Chicago Democrats like Will Davis. Something smells on this deal. The Federal judge hands the NRA victory on a platter but the NRA contract lobbyist and 2nd Amendment activists from downstate are working hard to snatch defeat from the jaws of victory… Way to lose, folks! Let’s all pretend real hard we live in Harrisburg, IL where you will simply hand your LTC over to the local deputy (who happens to be your cousins brother in law) who will then wave you on after chewing the fat with you about your new Galco rig, after inviting you to the barbecue for the FOP down at the local VFW hall. Meanwhile, Otis McDonald is spread out on the sidewalk held down at gunpoint by the local CPD tac team on saturation patrol…

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