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I gotta admit, I’ve never been drawn to AR pistols. The guns have reliability issues, ear-splitting muzzle blast and so-so ballistic performance. And those are just the minor issues. The real deal-killer: accuracy. I can no more hit the target with an AR pistol than I can by throwing a piece of popcorn at the bullseye. Others have tried and failed to make AR pistols more functional. Now SIG SAUER is entering the fray, selling a $139 doodad—the SB15 Pistol Stabilizing Brace—that might succeed. If it remains legal . . .

SB15 Pistol Stabilizing Brace

The SIG SAUER SB15 Pistol Stabilizing Brace is a padded sleeve that mounts to the buffer tube and slips over your forearm to hold the gun in place. Of course it also looks like you could ignore that silly wrist sleeve and just stick it up against your shoulder, but you’ll notice that none of SIG’s co-ed demonstrators are using it that way. Would a legal device become illegal if you ‘accidentally’ forgot to stick your arm through it?

SIG promises that they’ve received ATFE approval for this device. If it works like I’m guessing, if the ATFE doesn’t pull the regulatory rug out from under it, this might actually persuade me to order an AR pistol upper once there’s some ammo to shoot through it. Watch this space.

Oh and we know someone who’s got to be really pissed right about now. Either that or he’s cashing a serious check.

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  1. Why not just brace the tube against your shoulder like a standard AR? I’ve used one that way and found it to be almost identical in accuracy over short to medium distances.

      • No it doesn’t. You’re not changing the weapon. You just put the tube on your shoulder.

        • Dude…if you have a registered “PISTOL” AR 15 lower, you can’t have a SBR/Pistol upper on it and shoulder it without it essentially turning into an SBR. Check your laws. There is a reason why at the range, the range masters make sure we’re chin-welding our AR15 “pistols”, not shouldering them. Shouldering them essentially makes them a felony here in CA. Crazy.

        • You’re misunderstanding. Don’t change the pistol AR at all. You can brace the tube that’s already there on your shoulder just like a standard stock and shoot quite accurately with it

      • @ matt & MotoJB:
        A firearm is classified based on its design. It does not matter how you choose to hold it. You cannot put a vertical foregrip on a pistol, even if you do not use it because a pistol must be “designed to be fired with 1 hand”. You can grip a pistol’s handguard, even though a pistol must be “designed to be fired with 1 hand”. Holding a pistol with 2 hands does not make it an AOW. Holding an AOW with 1 hand does not make it a pistol.
        You cannot tell me that 2 identical gun designs can have different classifications based on how the owner chooses to hold it.

    • Shhh. Let ’em keep thinking they have to hold it in an Isosceles or Weaver stance, that way they’ll sell the things for cheap when they get sick of how much they suck.

      I’ve got one with a red dot (if you run irons, you’re a better man than I am, Gunga Din) – runs like a top, accurate, reliable. It’s not a rifle, it’s a PDW. It’s useful out to SMG range, maybe a bit further (if you could land hits that far). It’s very fast and capable within 25 yards.

  2. Tempting … The reason I’ve never like the AR15 pistol is because it’s bore is too high above the hand to really manage the recoil and make fast and accurate follow-up shots. And, I’ve toyed with the idea of having a shoulder pocket that the receiver extension could sit in for more rifle-like firing, but it all seemed a bit too convoluted. This simplifies the problem … As I said: Tempting.

  3. This seems like a poor idea. If you are at a static range, punching paper, well, ok, but in a home defense, or professional protection/contractor/warfighter situation, who has time to put that crap on, and be able to get it off for malfunction clearing, mag changes, or transition to support weapon?

    If you want/need an SBR, get an SBR, if you are in a state that prohibits, and you have no means to get one, I.e., special permits etc, go another direction.

      • It looks like a “workaround” for those of us in states that don’t allow SBR. Not that you’d use it in any way other than as a strapped to your forearm…By the way, how easy do those come off?

    • Which you will promptly be charge hundreds of dollars extra for that mil-spec duct-tape.

      • Wow, my son brought a roll of the Colt duct tape home from his last deployment to Afghanastan. I had no idea this stuff cost so much. He said it comes in both sand camo and the regular green camo. My roll is the sand stuff.

    • Same as I do with my PTR91 pistol.
      Start fires at the range by being within 5 feet of the cardboard target!
      Some stuff is pure, unadulterated, selfish, fun…

    • Have you ever shot one? I am pin point accurate at 25 yards. Reliably and quickly kill-shot accurate at 50 yards. Very functional for CQB situations. It’s just like anything else. Spend some time learning how the use the platform and it can become functional. The buffer tube addition on the AR pistol platform enables this accuracy…if it weren’t for the buffer tube, yeah, it would be a “range toy”.

  4. My state doesn’t allow SBRs, so this or something like it would be our only option.

    • Same. This is clearly meant to be a shoulder stock without counting (per the ATF) as such. Their marketing will NEVER hint that it’s anything other than what the video says/shows it is. But… nobody will use it that way. That’s why it looks like a normal AR shoulder stock that’s fully collapsed. Cuz… it basically is haha

    • If memory serves this was designed by a combat vet that only had one hand. TTAG showed the prototype about a year ago.

  5. What a terrible idea. This thing takes away the ability to use your arm to do anything but keep it fully extended and out for someone to lever against yourself. Wanting to draw a BUG? Good luck in a tussle with one hand essentially bound and the other one underneath you or trying to stop a blade or attackers fist. What a joke.

    • Oh please, give your flamer a rest. This “scenario” you have dreamed up is ridiculous to start with. No one is going to be carrying an AR15 pistol in a self defense role, especially with this device attached…”Excuse me Mr. Badguy while I strap this on” You’re just complaining to be complaining.

      • Great point, Max. So you have come to the conclusion that this is a useless toy as well? Good to know.

        • Great to know that you think something designed for our wounded vets and those with a disability is a “useless toy”….why don’t you keep those useless comments to yourself instead of showing how insensitive you can be towards those less fortunate than you. By the way…every gun is a tool and not a toy…it’s how you use it that counts. So is writing and discussing in a forum…if you shoot your mouth off as well as you shoot a gun, maybe it’s better you keep yours under lock and key.

  6. I have several AR pistols in various calibers, I don’t think this is going to work well. Those pistols get heavy real fast once you extend your arms out with it. The fatigue from keeping your arm extended by itself will hurt accuracy I think,

  7. Hmmmm, maybe this is he ‘shoulder thingie that goes up’ that all the gun grabbers are talking about. Personally though I have never felt the need for an AR pistol. Seems like a really loud, heavy, expensive, range toy, and this is coming from a guy with a 9mm AR equipped with a Beta mad a Slidefire stock.

  8. Brace the buffer tube against the cheek…I’m accurate as need be at 50 yards. Perfectly acceptable for CQB. This Sig contraption is ridiculous. Who holds an AR pistol like a normal pistol anyhow?

    • WHAT ARE YOU, RETARDED? If the ATF has approved it and says it’s not a stock and therefore not a SBR, it’s a brilliant idea. When the ATF gives you a gift like this, you accept it and stfu about what you might be able to do with it.

      You’re obviously too stupid to be allowed to own a blunt stick let alone an actual firearm.

      AK wrote:

      “How is this NOT a stock? Looks really easy to shoulder this.”

  9. I think what you really need is one on each hand with chainsaws mounted underneath.

    • Now there’s an apocalyptic idea that would sell with the tacti-fool, zombie-killing wanna-be’s.

  10. I think the funniest/silliest thing about this is how they show some fat hunter in a tree stand using an AR pistol. LOL, WTH? They always have to throw in the idea of these ridiculous contraptions being valid/useful for “hunters”. What use a hunter in a tree stand has for an AR15 pistol is beyond me.

    • I take white tail deer with .223 75g Hornady TAP out of a 16″ barrel. I have a 12 ” 5.56 that i can use this contraption with and I guarantee you that inside of 80 yards I will take Whitetail Deer with one shot.

  11. While the recoil and rate of fire is obviously way different, my Henry .22 ‘pistol’ is very easy to shoot. The not-stock makes for comfy cheek rest, has an easy to hold foregrip, and is very easy to be accurate with. I feel like a shark-fin shaped buffer tube to use as a cheek rest would be the best solution to quickly use an AR pistol.
    As for this strap it on thing – why? You can’t use it quickly, and once you do get it on, I seriously doubt it comes off very fast. Not to mention get yelled at by a LEO to put your weapon down. I think there are folks out there who would like to have an SBR but can’t, so the AR pistol is a viable home defense alternative (i.e., suburban Illinois).

  12. I think you are all missing the point of this.

    It’s not a stock….but it can easily BE a stock. So long as the accessory remains legal, you can have this on your gun and have an SBR in your home. Dont put on the straps and shit…just grab the thing and get going. In a high stress situation, you aren’t going to have an ideal shoulder pocket placement anyway. Its not the most ergonomic stock out there, but it performs the duty well enough, and stays within the confines of the law.

    And for my buddy, whose gripping ability is limited with his off hand due to an IED blast, this would pu the weapon stable against his forearm, requiring less effort from his non shooting arm.

    Its a great idea if you already have an AR pistol. Probably not a reason to go out and BUY an AR pistol though.

  13. Between the wrist brace and two hands this the pinnacle of AR pistol stability without a tax stamp. Depending on how flexible the brace is one could eschew the strap as well. But the real joy involves advertising: “New from Sig-Sauer, the SB15, a strap-on the whole family can enjoy!”

  14. Wow… LOTS of lipstick on THAT pig… TALCUM POWDER NOT INCLUDED. Local restrictions may apply.

  15. Isn’t this just reinventing the original Gwinn Firearms “Bushmaster” pistol (based on the Colt IMP project?)

  16. Those who don’t know how to shoot an AR pistol, probably need more practice to begin with.

    Its not that hard, really. Stick that pistol tube into your shoulder to stabilize the gun. Or use a sling and push the gun away from you.

    I can shoot my AK pistol just fine at 30yards accurately. An AR pistol should be even easier.

  17. A customer of mine brought one by the shop last week and I actually did see the BATFE letter that they include when you purchase this item. I also thought the slide-fire stock was going to get banned at some point too.

  18. Guys there is the design purpose and a potential alternate use. It is very good (suprisingly so) at one of them-virtually without compromise-and pretty poor (not suprisingly) at the other. As an added bonus, my setup is a bit over 26″ long 🙂


  19. Hahahaha!!!! I think it is real funny, so many people can’t appreciate this device for what it is. I have one and love it. I was ringing steel at 300 yards with it today. Works well with a Leupold pistol scope mounted far enough up on the front to make eye relief requirements. Love my addition of an angled grip, also legal to have on a pistol. With the government being as far away from reality as they are these days it feels kind of good to get my digs in where I can, no sympathy.

  20. I just took my 9mm Glock fed 7″ AR out with this on. With a cheek weld this is basically a no stamp SBR. Why are people complaining? I have a 22″ OAL 9mm SBR like “pistol” I was hitting everything at 100 yards with an Aimpoint on this. I guarantee you can fire faster and more accurately with this over a bare tube. This lets you keep it up high like a rifle and still have shoulder contact. This and slidefire make me wonder what the point of NFA is any more. As long as it isn’t defined as an SBR it can look exactly like one according to them, whatever. Anyways, “shouldering” this is perfectly legal and does not magically turn it into a rifle. Does firing a rifle with one hand make it a pistol? I think not.

  21. Over regulation and inflation of laws. Its a unworkable hole in a sickly broken Federal system setup to attack anyone they deem an irritant. Ive been tempted (why I was reading this) but don’t need the knock on the door the day they decide I’m to free minded to be free.

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