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“We’ve talked to a lot of customers, and everybody is very upset about the fact that we’re closing. This was not an easy decision, but they have to understand that with the new regulations, it’s impossible to survive.” – Jackson Guns and Ammo Owner Kordell Jackson in Jackson gun shop closes amid regulation trouble [via]

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        • He sure is welcome here…with one caveat: I hope he does not bring other NY styled northern statist attitudes with him and become just another Carpetbagger telling us how we should be doing things.

          Sorry to show my mistrust. I live in an area covered up with retirees from “up north.”

          He’s more than welcome, and I may go out of my way to look him up and make a purchase. I’m wary, but willing to give him the benefit of the doubt.

        • “Sorry to show my mistrust. I live in an area covered up with retirees from “up north.””

          You think you have it bad?

          Florida’s concentration of ‘Northerners’ is at least 2X that of North Carolina’s…

  1. We’ve all seen the pictures/video of Ct gun owners registering magazines, waiting in huge lines. The same mentality is alive and well in Nazi York. Screw slave states. You will NOT win legislatively. You must win in the courts (lol) or COMMENT MODERATED. You’re not going to do that so just move if you value your right to bear arms that much.

      • Well as our density increases in the free states it will be harder and harder for anti gun candidates to even win primaries. Wendy Davis ( complete left loser) was on record as supporting open carry here in Texas.
        Most states now are red states. And we have the senate. Many of the anti gun democrats got washed out either after the Clinton gun ban or this last fiasco. Only the strongholds really survive anti gun HAwaii, CA ( to some extent ) NJ, NY and now CT and DC. And the Chicago area of IL. Most states have fairly reasonable laws to some degree. Federal gun laws are a non starter for the next 8-12 years, maybe forever as the other side had a bad whipping and they are NOT likely to go down that road. Maybe if the dems had both houses again, and their was another newtown. I say maybe because they know they would lose the majority right away, some states would nullify the laws and it would just be a mess for their base.
        I’d say states are battle grounds in court and at the ballot box. Bloomberg ( may his soul burn in hell for all eternity) and his ilk seam to think so. They are working to try to get as many state laws passed as they can.

        • “Wendy Davis ( complete left loser) was on record as supporting open carry here in Texas.”

          She admitted after the election that she lied to get votes.

        • CuteNFuzz- I agree the sea change is underway, but I would not get complacent- I dont trust this POTUS not to pull an Executive Action or dozen, under some manufactured excuse, even some kind of in-country terror attack.

          And with the “under the radar” effort by Bloomberg, Gates, et al, running sockpuppet campaigns to abuse and end-run the normal voting process, by putting Propositions on ballots, we can’t be too wary. Alinskys rules included the ends justify the means, and pushing thru the resistance. The progtards took 40 years to get here- they arent going to give up without a dirty fight to accomplish their goals on gun control.

        • “Wendy Davis ( complete left loser) was on record as supporting open carry here in Texas.”

          She was lying, her tune would have changed quickly had she gotten into office.

    • Yes, move. Admit that the constitution and BOR are not the law of the land. Aknowledge that 2a is null and void. Quit donating to gun rights groups and start backing mda.

      I would much rather see your kind on the other side of the fight.

    • You don’t understand. The libturds are like locusts… Once they consume all natural rights in one state they move on. If more and more states keep falling they will be in your state, mark my words…

      • We keep hearing about how any regulation of firearms violates the Second Amendment, with the example cited of how the Constitution prohibits placing any restrictions on speech. Alas, this is not true – check out this article in the New York Times about speech restrictions:

        Why Tolerate Terrorist Publications?
        In 1791, our forebears, anxious lest the new government adopt some of the restrictions that had been imposed by the king, adopted a basic commandment barring the government from making any law “abridging the freedom of speech.”

        Does that mean what it says? Obviously not, because we have adopted many laws abridging speech, such as in cases of child porn, perjury, false representation, libel and slander, criminal conspiracy, etc. The list is substantial. When it comes to political speech, how do we distinguish the good speech from the bad? We look to bedrock principles.

        For example, threats are not protected because they provide no social value. The idea behind the First Amendment, wrote the founders, was that the citizens be free to criticize their government. And over the next several centuries, our courts have developed a great body of law refining and expanding that concept. In the area of national security and politics, there are no wrong ideas, and free speech is indispensable to the disclosure of truth.


        The logic of this article shows the very real Constitutionally-permitted restrictions on speech. It also demonstrates the dangers of a slippery slope – imagine one’s political opponents claiming that anyone opposing them was a “terrorist” organization, and thus worthy of being made illegal. (“Gun-grabbers” silencing the NRA, or vice versa.)

        So, should terrorists have a First Amendment right to publish how-to guides for conducting terrorist attacks? If not – should laws restricting other Constitutionally-guaranteed rights be subject to a “strict scrutiny” balancing test, or do we limit this only to speech?

        • Neither you nor the author of that article understands what the 1st amendment is or what it protects. Just as the 2nd dose not protect one from criminal prosecution for murder with a weapon the 1st dose not protect one from prosecution for conspiracy or other crimes that may be falsely interpreted as protected under speech. In other words it is not illegal to shout fire in a crowded theater but you may be prosecuted for the effects of shouting fire in a crowded theater. The 2nd protects your right to bear arms not any action you may take while bearing arms.

        • I fail to grasp why some random writer 200 years ago talking crap out of their ass is somehow an argument for limiting ANY constitutionally protected right. You can be wrong 200 years ago just like you can be wrong today. If Shannon Watts wrote an op-ed piece for the New York Times about restricting the second amendment, none of us would be like “Oh, well Shannon Watts said it… let’s go ahead and restrict away!”

          I sincerely hope that 200 years from now, assuming we’ve avoided tyranny or complete annihilation of the human species due to our own stupidity, that someone doesn’t read some crap Shannon Watts said in some popular publication, taking that to mean restricting rights and editing the constitution is A-okay.

  2. This is the ultimate goal of libtards and big business. Regulate small businesses out of existence. When there are one a couple large corporations in any market segment, it is far easier to control the market. The corporate winners love this because they consolidate market share and block out new competition.
    And this is how it is applied to the gun market.
    The large retailers, Bass PRo, Gander Mountain etc, can absorb to cost of the regulations by spreading the compliance cost over their national market.

    • In progressive terms, this man is not minority enough if he does not tow the line to our their way of thinking so it is not considered a minority owned business. At least that is how it has been explained to me by progressives. In their world, you are not Black enough if you do not agree with them.

  3. Liberal/progressives and statists.(which includes too many Republicans)

    The enemy of freedom, personal responsibility, iniative, entrepreneurship, traditional families, children and of the human race.

    • “…includes too many Republicans…”–I have to admit, you’ve got that right, and most certainly in NY state. Will never forget the top Repub in the NY Senate crowing about how the SAFE Act “respects the Second Amendment”. Traitorous idiot. And yes, this is me, not a website name-changing glitch.

      • Sorry about that ID glitch. Apparently it was a “load balancing issue.” We moved the laundry around and fixed it. Thanks for your patience and understanding.

        • Thanks for your efforts, too. I was just making a little joke on myself there (if anyone actually follows my posts consistently, they know I’m firmly in the “Republican party is better than Democrat Party on guns” camp), no offense to you guys intended.

  4. Where have I heard about this sort of thing before? Something about Federal Firearms Licensees and/or background checks driving lots of small firearms dealers out of business.

    We all know that criminals by their very nature do not follow laws so New York’s [un]SAFE Act will do absolutely nothing to reduce violent crime. Could it possibly be that New York passed the [un]SAFE Act to simply drive firearms owners and businesses away? Say it isn’t so!

  5. Fully agree with fishydude and Pascal. Except that both major parties are against small business. Always have been. Always about control.

    • You don’t understand. It’s not D’s &/or R’s.
      It’s the G’s.
      Governments have always been about control. Always have been, Always will be.
      That’s why the Founders took such pains in an attempt to LIMIT the Federal Government’s powers when writing the Constitution.
      If only we would follow it!

      • Quote DickG:

        “That’s why the Founders took such pains in an attempt to LIMIT the Federal Government’s powers when writing the Constitution.”

        You know, I love the Constitution for what it is, but the Founders as brilliant men of their time were, they were not omniscient nor could they have forseen what is happening today.

        To be candid, the Constitution is not perfect, for if it were, it would have had built in provisions for immediate rectification of the passing of laws that are Un-Constitutional, and punishment, additional codified reasons for treasons (though the all of congress should have been punished for passing the Alien and Seditions act and again for allowing the Supreme Court to invent judicial review for Marbury v Madison), and built in term limits for city, county, state, and federal elections.

        • “Avarice, ambition, revenge and licentiousness would break the strongest cords of our Constitution, as a whale goes through a net. Our Constitution was made only for a moral and religious people. It is wholly inadequate to the government of any other.”

          John Adams, 11 October 1798.

          They may not have foreseen the specific circumstances, but they knew human nature.

        • “Avarice, ambition, revenge and licentiousness would break the strongest cords of our Constitution, as a whale goes through a net. Our Constitution was made only for a moral and religious people. It is wholly inadequate to the government of any other.”

          He was prescient and then some. He perfectly and fully described the why the graduates of the Ivy League schools in this country are unfit to serve in elected office, and that’s why we’re losing our country.

          When there’s a candidate with an Ivy League degree on the ballot, no matter whether for local dog catcher or for POTUS, vote against them.

        • The Constitution is fine it is We the People who have failed ourselves by sacrificing Liberty of ourselves for security by the government. The second amendment was reaffirmed from Natural law and recognized in Constitutional law by Our Founding Fathers as the moral mans last recourse of restoring Liberty, when avarice and greed has infected the benevolent men that are supposed to represent us…

  6. You mean gov’t regulation can choke out businesses and prosperity…

    Say it ain’t so… Hey listen, don’t worry about your business, you didn’t build that.

  7. One quick question because I don’t get it. FBI says a total of 357 homicides were reported in Arizona last year (2013). But when I open “2013 Crime in Arizona Report” downloaded from the Arizona Department of Public Safety it says there were only 312 homicides. Both values generate different murder rates: 5.4 and 4.7.

    Could you please explain this to me?

  8. Well at least Karma is working in our favor. A whole host of New York politicians are heading to the big house on unrelated charges. The law may not bet repealed but at least the Assembly Speaker will have an opportunity to learn first hand how criminals buy guns. All he will need to ask is “how d’you get em?”

    • I’m quite pleased to see Silver and his buddies come under real scrutiny. Anyone who has watched NY politics for more than a couple years knew from outcomes and positions that Silver was on the take, and there’s a veritable mob mentality of shake-downs by Silver’s buddies and supporters.

  9. Remember, these are the people Cuomo openly said he does not want there, and that they should leave NY. Not overly surprising but sad to see nonetheless, regulations killing small business.

    • They are driving away big business as well. Democrats with rather not have a lot of high paying jobs in any industry. The real reason that Cuomo killed fracking is that it would shift wealth and power to upstate Republican areas at the expense of NYC.

  10. The NRA, gun manufacturers and the NSSF have given up on NY and other serfdom States.

    Rather than see the potential of an untapped market with penetration down around 5-10% of the population. There’s not another industry I can think of that would not exploit that potential. But it’s ignored by the gun industry. Sad.

    People want guns. Everybody wants guns. Whether they’ll admit it or not, they want them. Because they’re cool. They’re fun. They’re literally and metaphorically a blast. But rather than embrace and invite non-gun owners or first time gun owners into the community, we scare them away with arrogance and condescension.

      • I’m not talking about the 5-10%. I’m talking about appealing to the other 90-95% of people in NY, NJ, CT, MA, etc. who DON’T already own guns. Many of whom want to but don’t know where to start. Believe me, I used to be one. There is a barrier to entry and it’s not money. What other industry allows that to continue?

        • Many, I’m not sure how you think business works in NYC but regulation being what it is most larger industries are locked down tight enough to make alternatives near impossible to start up.

    • I worked in a gun store once too–well, I worked the gun counter at an Academy store. Obviously I have to agree with the “don’t be an asshole” part. I will note, however, that many of the first-timers were kind of put off by the most gun-knowledgeable employees, who could come across as confusing and even somewhat intimidating to newbies. Gunnies need to be careful not to get to the point where they can only talk to other gunnies if PR is an issue.

      • I think the gun-sales business, especially small privately owned stores, were entirely unprepared for the recent surge in gun-sales. My experience at several Academy stores, privately owned old-line gun stores, and my favorite gun-range here in Texas was that, with a few exceptions, I saw both the sales staffs and knowledgeable customers go out of their way to offer helpful advice to newbies. What I specifically didn’t see was the stereotypical OFWG condescension I kept reading about in other people’s experiences. Was I just experiencing southern good ‘ole boy politeness or something else? I really can’t say. Maybe I was just there on a good day. Nonetheless, when the range owner’s daughter could carefully and accurately explain the difference between .32, .380, and 9mm to a unsure 20 something female elementary school teacher, I knew something was going the right way.

    • Of course.
      And a Black Citizen in control of that many firearms (think: a whole store full) is a threat to their Liberal/Progressive, lilly-white, Rabi-Blanco, White-A$$es!
      I know. I’m not saying what I REALLY think.

    • And I think a lot of black people are coming to see that People Of The Gun are not their enemies and that, in fact, we have common interests. Personal safety and self defense are not race-specific issues.

  11. This is too bad, but in the long run will be better for Mr. Jackson. The Fed is working ardently to destroy the Firearms Industry and Gun Stores behind the scenes. The fact States like New York are willing participants in the overall goal and enact laws that drive small businesses out their State just exacerbates the situation. This story highlights the fact that, once again, it is the ordinary Citizens who lose.

    Yes, Jackson is in a Business, not a Public Service, and his goal is to make a profit, which will be modest, but that also means when that profit margin shrinks below a certain point he has to act in his own self-interest. He’s “not Black enough” because he’s standing on his own two feet as a Small Businessman and not suckling at the teat of the Progressives Big Government Plantation Nanny State. I wish him all the best in N.C.!

  12. This is how the government will ultimately win the battle for gun control. Over time, demonize the gun culture until the public turns against gun and gun owners. Then, enact legislation (taxes, surgeon general warnings, etc.) that makes it nearly impossible to own a gun and/or ammunition. This way, it is not an out right ban on firearms and therefore not a violation of the 2A, yet you are still effectively getting rid of guns.

    All it takes is pressure, time, and manipulative use of language.

    • What ever they may say the goal is not gun control, certainly not effective gun control. They will never get rid of guns. They may well criminalize them and ruin countless lives but history shows they could never meet their stated goals and some of them must know this. Bathe real goal is gaining control and favor through placation. And a segment of the population plays into it constantly. Anyone who suffers an injustice or is scared by abpotential issue and demands action by the government is serving to diminish their own freedoms. It dose not even matter that there will never be the results promised. Each event simply triggers more demands for security from the people and more demands for power from the gov.

  13. Kordell and Pro-Gun are two LGS on their way out. Although you can also blame the new Field and Stream that set up shop next to Jackson Guns and a new Bass Pro shop that will be popping up next o ProGun soon. I do recall that a good chunk of Kordell Jackson’s business was black rifles, until the unSAFE Act was “passed”

    We will miss Kordell also for that fact he was a black LGS/FFL, and very vocal to newspapers and TV in this area. Shows some diversity (not an OFWG), and he was very outspoken, bringing awareness to the issues.

  14. The same thing happened in Maryland too. Many gun stores have closed by now or are letting their licenses expire because they see the writing on the wall.

    The problem with those who say they should stay because of the “untapped” markets do not take into account the regulations, taxes, and costs that make it unprofitable to run a gun shop in these deep blue states without charging exuberant prices that many would find appalling in free states. Not only that there is a reason anti-gunners keep getting elected and that is because most people in those states don’t like guns or don’t care so there is not much of a market to begin with.

    It is why I am glad I left Maryland. You can stay and fight to have your voice and vote drowned out sevenfold by useful idiots or you can experience freedom in your lifetime by moving to a state that supports it removing your tax money from the tyrannical state coffers that work against you anyway as well as taking your electoral vote redefining voting districts to our favor.

  15. This is my backyard , Jackson’s was a rather small operation, Beikirchs however is a large wholesale/ retail operation with several loading docks for tractor trailers, 8 or so guys behind the counter with 20 or more years working there.

    I believe their first shore they opened across the state line was as much a FU to the state as anything, rumor was they were going to open another in NYS but the safe act came and they moved the location a bit.

  16. There you have it folks. Yet another example of statist control of the people ruining peoples lives. When are people going to wake up and realize that freedom is better than government control. Liberals (Democrats, progresives….whatever) are a pox and cancer on this country. Good luck in North Carolin Mr. Jackson

  17. Recently released wiretaps of Cuomo’s office detail the governors response to the news of the closure of another conservative businessman’s business as the following:

    “Bum, bum, bum;
    bu bum bum ba bu bump.
    And another one gone, and another one gone, another one bites the dust.”

    The governor could not immediately be reached for comment, but his PA representative assured reporters that his comments had absolutely had nothing to do with the Japanese mafia, and emphasized it with, “…not a thingy dingy.”

  18. As far as I can tell, andy cuomo’s safe act has driven more folks out of business than it has taken violent criminals off the streets.


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