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“I travel to New York City every week to host my TV show on the Fox News Channel. Because the show originates from there, most people think that I surely must live there. I’m quick to say, ‘I don’t live there and won’t unless they will let me duck hunt in Central Park.’ I’m quite certain that isn’t going to happen since it’s all but impossible to own a gun in New York City, much less legally use it. Unless you’re a cop or a crook, you probably don’t possess a firearm in New York City. In fact, you’ve probably never seen one in person.” – Mike Huckabee in his book, God, Guns, Grits, and Gravy [via]

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  1. Well, apparently the only chapter in his book is the one where he tells Beyonce to get off his lawn, so you must have made this up! 😉

  2. Huckabee is yet another idiot politician turned C list celebrity. Not only can you own a gun in NYC, you can even get a concealed permit. Is it a PITA and unconstitutional? Absolutely, but there is a process, and the process does work. I have sold several firearms to NYC residents (and DC as well). There is even a gun store/range right in the heart of Manhattan.
    The irony is thick with Mr. Huckabee as he was all ready to pull up his Arkansas, duck huntin’ roots and transplant them right into gun control central for 4+ years until the public saw through the “aw shucks” BS.

    • “Absolutely, but there is a process, and the process does work… by keeping the proles in their proper place.”


      • EXACTLY!

        Just how many “unconnected” people (and people unrelated to cops and/or the “made” political princelings) in NYC have you sold to? In NYC AND DC?

        Recall that in DC a normal person like Emily Miller couldn’t get a permit pre-Heller, and almost couldn’t get a DC permit to buy a legal gun post-Heller. And a normal Virginia resident is facing prison because of an arrest and show trial based on possession of a black-powder ball.

    • Let me assure you, I CANNOT get a conceal permit in NYC (I can in upstate NY). I don’t know who the “you” refers to in your message, but I doubt it’s anyone here.

      Somebody wins the lotto jackpot too.

    • “… you can even get a concealed permit [in New York City].”

      Sure, if your net worth is north of $50 million dollars, you have very good friends in high places, and you have a spare $5,000 to spend on the license. Otherwise, not so much.

      How else do you explain the fact that New York City has only issued a few thousand concealed carry licenses in a city of about 8 million people? That works out to something like 0.05% of the population versus something like 5% of the population in a long-standing shall issue state … a 100-fold decrease in New York City.

    • I live upstate in a county with a population of about 28,000. I would not be surprised if we had about as many permits as NYC. They usually have some restrictions (target, hunting, camping, hiking) so I am always on my way to or from the range at my Fish and Game Club.

    • There is a process, but it involves clicking your heels together 3 times and ending up in Kansas. I know of no one who has a conceal carry permit in NYC. They must only issue them to foreign types because of “diplomatic immunity” ’cause the folks I know are s.o.l.

      • And they keep changing the law so that even a Fudd semi-auto is illegal if it holds more than 5 rounds or whatever. Yes, an intelligent person with lots of free time and a penchant for bureaucratic buggery can eventually acquire some lame-ass guns and a couple of hundred rounds of ammo, but even then the process is the punishment.

        In this case Huckabee is right, and I don’t much like the guy.

    • eh. I lived there for a few years. I looked at the “Process” and the reality was that I couldn’t afford the “process”. A $200 dollar application to keep a long gun in your apartment, which they can refuse for any reason they wish, and the fee is nonrefundable. I was living on a grad student’s stipend. I was living hand to mouth. Barely covering expenses. I couldn’t afford to keep my shotgun in my horribly overpriced apartment. Dropping 20 bucks on something unnecessary was out of the question, let alone giving the NYC gov a free gift of 200 dollars.

      No. The reality is normal people cannot own firearms in NYC.

    • Selling versus registering and obtaining a carry permit are 2 different animals. Put your numbers out there, lest we see through your “male bovine stool”.

  3. Why is it all of these Rep presidential contenders are becoming talk show hosts… Is that one of those play stupid games, win stupid prizes deals?

    • I think in this case it’s the real prize… run and lose for president occasionally on the losing ticket and you get fundraisers, hosting positions and maybe a reality show.

      Easier and probably pays better, too.

  4. Get a gun for your home … doable.

    Concealed carry … only for Donald Trump and friends.

    Lived there many years.

  5. Even had New York gun laws akin to those in Vermont, I’m not all that keen on the notion of someone blasting ducks in Central Park.

    As to Huckabee in general, let’s just say that I don’t heart him and leave it at that.

  6. Because the 2nd Amendment is totally about hunting, you guys…

    You know, the right of the people completely hinges on ducks and/or other migratory birds…

    Yep, only reason to have a gun.

  7. Huckleberry also CHOSES to support the tyrants financially by going to NYC to yap on his show. As I understand it NY State and NY City income taxes are charged to those who travel into the collective to work. There are plenty of studios in flyover country he could go to.

  8. Don’t trust your individual rights, any of them, to a populist. They talk a good game but when you peel back the layers, they’re as tyrannical as the ones on the left.

  9. I like Huckabee. You guys would bitch and moan if Jesus Christ ran as a Republican.
    Fair tax, repeal Obamacare, veto regulation bills and any in violation of the Bill of Rights, yeah he’s horrible. They aren’t lies if he isn’t in office yet to act any differently. You have to back somebody, and I will take Mike over Jeb, Marco, Mitt, or Chris. But I would take any of them over anyone from the Dem’s.

    Huckabee is in my top 5 along with Cruz and Walker. At least Walker has a record of beating the shit out of socialists.

    Oh and the last time he ran, Chuck Norris endorsed him. ’nuff said.

    • Anyone who wants to repeal the First Amendment and add language making the U.S. officially a theocracy ain’t O.K. by me.

      He is on record with this.

      If you do like that, you’d best stay off my land.

      • Wow! You would think that a celebrity Conservative that was on record wanting to repeal the 1st amendment would have this all over the main stream media. But I never heard of it so…you must be full of shit.

  10. What is this guy talking about? There are tons of urban parks in gun friendly places where you can’t duck hunt. I don’t know for a fact, but I would bet that you can’t hunt in parks in the middle of Little Rock Arkansas. Why would you assume you should be able to hunt in Central Park? A very crowded park in the middle of the most densely populated city in America.

  11. I would vote for Mike in a millisecond. BTW boys he quit his weekly talk show on FOX. Keep up. Too bad he has no chance. Go ahead and vote for your libertarian guy…

  12. I consider myself rather libertarian, I also consider Huckabee one of the least offensive choices we’ll have next election. Duck hunting in Central Park is kind of off the rails…but I hear there’s a big Whitetail Deer overpopulation problem happening in NY state that could use some attention from hunters.


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