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“Should you seek to get a degree, further your education and become a productive member of society, you should use your rights to protects yourselves and the people around you.” –¬†Erek Culbreath, president of Students for Concealed Carry at Florida State University ¬†[via]

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  1. Since when are our rights and responsibilities as Americans predicated on having a college degree? The way that statement is constructed makes no sense at all.

  2. I’d bet dollars to donuts that in states with conceal carry, there are spiked crime areas in and near known gun free zones like college campuses.

    • Universities have always been hot spots for sexual assault. The concentration of young women who often walk outside at night, alone, sometimes drunk, is an enticing place for predators. The usual efforts at deterrence revolve around police presence, lighting, and encouraging students to travel in groups.

      Finding a statistical difference between the armed and disarmed campuses would prove difficult, since there are so many variables involved.

      • My school (U Miami)had the requisite amount of blue-light emergency phones, police presence and “student security” (students playing rent-a-cop and often being drunk or asleep on the job) and assaults, sexual and otherwise, still happened on campus. The school was an open campus, and thus all sorts of wonderful people could lurk there after-hours.

        The downside is that campus carry legalization would not affect UM one bit, since it’s a private institution overseen by limousine liberals.

  3. What does this story have to do with Europe’s central bank? TTAG doing a little product placement advertising?

      • Don’t try that baloney on us Dan . It’s a conspiracy for sure.
        I’m looking at the post again, I’m sure I can tie it to the Zionists and Masons. Probably the Bush family too.
        BTW, I’m not MKK, but I can’t change the name, reverts to MKK every time I try. But that’s a conspiracy for another day.

        • Quit wasting our time with your hackneyed conspiracy theories. it’s obviously the work of the lizard people.

        • Come on, everyone knows the lizard people are with the Illuminati. Not involved in this at all. Or are they?

        • Looks like the disinformation dupes, ie..Alex jones, David Icke, Jordan Maxwell to name a few, have done their job well.

        • Yale Cultural Cognition Project: Democrats about 20% more likely to subscribe to conspiracy theories

  4. I believe firearm safety and defensive use of a firearm should be required classes at colleges much like fencing used to be required. Kids like this should get all the support and praise we can muster.

    • As a fencing gun enthusiast (in college, hat trick!) I absolutely encourage anyone and everyone to give the sport a try. Its a beautiful game (soccer can suck it) that strengthens the mind and the character of those who practice it, and its just plain fun.

      It’s questionable as to how useful as a self-defense art it would be though. While it’s certainly not useless, a martial art with a more practical focus and tool of use would probably be a better option. If you think the police and citizenry is jumpy around openly carried guns, try carrying a full size rapier around on your hip.

  5. You all make me feel a little better. I had an issue understanding what he’s saying (not withstanding the grammatical error). Some have pointed-out he’s appealing to the specific demographic of college students and not taking a swipe at those who choose Trade Schools or the “School of Hard Knocks” (from my observation, the former is a good choice, while the latter is “iffy” depending on the individual). His sentiment is worthy, but reads a little funky literally.

    I keep seeing reports that say many college students are Conservatives nowadays and just do what they have to in order to pass classes taught by raving communist, tenured professors in the Universities. This fellow is encouraging those of his peers who are like-minded. I applaud him for that. The necessity of providing for your own self-defense applies to everyone regardless of their chosen path to a career. The exercise of your natural, civil and Constitutionally protected right to keep and bear Arms is the key to fulfilling that necessity.

    Now, if we could just get a POTUS and COTUS who are on the same page, we might be able to help these young people fulfill the part about becoming “a productive member of society”. Living in your Parent’s basement while trying to cope with crushing debt incurred from Student Loans and insufficient decent-paying jobs to be found has got to be spirit killing.

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