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Courtesy Joe Grine

If you are hankering to personalize your AR-15, Unique-ARs of McCall, Idaho may have just the thing you need: custom aluminum hand guards. They have dozens of styles to choose from, or you can get them to fabricate one to your personal specifications. Prices for stock models run from $175 – $275, depending on options . . .

 Courtesy Joe Grine  Courtesy Joe Grine

Courtesy Joe Grine



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  1. Floral-pattern AR handguards. With a butterfly on it.
    Yeah, it has little skulls on it too, but still.

    Never thought I’d see the day…

    • Any decent lawyer will keep any of that circumstantial stuff (color, appearance, accessories, mag capacity, trigger pull) from being used against you, though can always be use to menage an ignorant jury. Anyway I doubt these will go on many defensive guns, which in my opinion would be tasteless to do so. What’s up with the skulls anyway, where is the appeal in worshiping death and it’s imagery? Reminds me of the cartel sicario who openly worship the “skinny one”, and we all know how stand up they are.

      I think it’s innovative hopefully it’ll pay off for the creator, it’s getting hard to innovate for the AR. I tend to like the simple designs in the last pic, the Tsukamaki being my favorite. These will probably end up on show guns and safe queens, maybe 3 gun if they are light enough.

    • Most def better than the all the Black Rain ARs, those rifles have “convict me” written all over them.

      Like it or not, other people get to decide if you’re guilty or innocent.

        • That’s waaaay too simplistic. Plenty of people don’t violate any law, but still find themselves the subject of prosecution. Mas Ayoob has written whole books about it.

          The fact is, if you’re forced to shoot in self-defense, you may find yourself in the situation where you’re holding a gun next to a dead body, which to a lot of people will look like a crime. If one of those people is a prosecutor, you’ll probably find yourself charged. At that point, anything that makes you look like an aggressor will not be a good idea.

        • Were those books free?
          Seriously, if you are worried about the appearance of your gun used to defend your life, you are worried about the wrong thing.
          More stupid internet stuff.

        • Maybe you’re right, and it won’t make a difference. However, here’s a thought experiment: it’s George Zimmerman’s trial and the prosecution enters into evidence his gun. Except it’s not the plain Jane Kel-tec subcompact, its a stainless steel Desert Eagle, and the slide is custom engraved with “NO ONE SHALL ESCAPE MY JUSTICE” flanked by Punisher skulls.

          So, what do you think? Does this make it any easier for the prosecution to paint him as a hero wannabe looking to shoot someone?

        • Lawyers will do anything at all to win. I get that. I was the foreman on a jury that convicted two drug dealers in possession of a kilo of cocaine. Weapons charges were also added because of the presence of a firearm while committing the felony. The DA tried to make the drug charge stick by pointing out the type of weapon owned by the accused. A Taurus Judge loaded with 410 shells. OOOOOH! EVIL! And I quote:

          “Anyone that knows anything about firearms will tell you that this is a gun designed for defense. The accused obviously had something of high value he wanted to defend”

          Well no shit! We all do. It is called our life.
          I voted guilty on all counts, despite the DA’s cheesy argument, based on the evidence. In the end, I trust the evidence will save my ass and the color or design on my firearm will have no relevance. And if in that situation, I will advise my lawyer to exploit the weakness of the State’s case that has to take an abstract such as my weapon design as proof of guilt.

          Ladies and gentlemen of the jury. The State would like you to disregard the total lack of evidence against Michael and would have you convict him based on the one fact that he has, in Michael’s words, “a cool looking gun”. Michael bought that gun because, as stated in his testimony, “I thought it was a cool looking gun”. He is guilty of owning a cool looking gun. Is that a crime? How many of us have or know someone close to us that has a cool looking tattoo? Tattoos that depict skulls and swords and guns? Do you know someone like that? Do you know someone like that, that has been sent to prison for a cool looking tattoo? The evidence shows that my client, your neighbor, our friend, used his gun to defend his life. The State has acknowledged the lawful use of lethal force in as much as they failed to prove otherwise. If you convict this law abiding citizen for doing nothing wrong…I promise you…the nightmares that haunt your dreams every night will be far more vivid and disturbing than the images depicted on Michael’s defensive weapon.
          The Defense rests your Honor.

  2. I can tell you first hand that their work is top notch. The design process was super easy and they were very accommodating with great customer service. The whole deal only took a few weeks and I am very pleased with how my hand guard turned out. The only complaint that I can come up with is that it is heavy but, some of that is my fault as my design didn’t have a lot of material removed.

    • I must say that they do appear to be well-executed, and I like the fact that they keep rail options open by providing mounting holes in multiple locations.

      Maybe I could get one with cute little gophers on it for my prairie dog rifle…

  3. I like this sort of thing a lot. Most of the time a gun isn’t doing anything else so it is a plus to me if it is spending that time being art. I have never been “a gun should only be a tool” guy.

    • Its only art if its chromed out and has mother of pearl grips. Maybe some gold inlays. If its not at home in a cartel or brothel, I’m really not interested. 🙂

  4. Oooooo. Look at the pretty colors. 😀

    Seriously, except for the skulls on one of them, I don’t mind. Personalize your toy(s) all you want.

  5. To each his own I guess but sorry, not for me. What’s next, bedazzled receivers? Maybe a set of fuzzy dice hanging from the front sight?

  6. Guns in 2015 are beginning to look stupid and go way too far. People will think up anything to bling up their gun. Meanwhile taking away from function and ergonomics. I personally am old school and think these upgrades look gaudy and ridiculous. Somethings have the best beauty when they are left alone and are simple

  7. The Truth About Guns, thank you for the write up. It was a pleasure meeting you at SHOT.
    We understand that our product is not for everyone, and we are ok with that. It is your rifle, build it how you want it. Just don’t be limited by other peoples imagination for what your rifle should look like. Our product does not compromise function for form in weight, durability, or ability to accessorize.
    If you want one bedazzled and with gold or silver inlays we can get you in contact with a great jewler. Although I say that tongue in cheek, I am sure we will see that with a few safe queens in the next few years. And we are ok with that. Our motto is “Make it yours.”

    Once again, thank you The Truth About Guns.


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