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Zach from CZ-USA walked us through some of their new products for 2015, to include the 1911 A1 (and I asked about Dan Wesson’s hand in it), Scorpion Evo 3 S1, 805 Bren PS1, 40th Anniversary CZ 75, and 455 Trainer. We also get a first look at the production version of the 512 Tactical in .22 WMR and in .22 LR, and glimpse at the new Dan Wessons and a few shotguns. Video tour above, and lots of photos follow. . .


I was definitely impressed with the fit and finish on the 1911. It looked and felt great, and was super smooth mechanically. Very good trigger, too.DSC01942 DSC01943 DSC01944

The Dan Wesson Valkyrie is DW’s new CCO, with a commander-length slide on an officer frame:DSC01936 DSC01937 DSC01938

Pretty slick hammer, but check out the slide-to-frame fit and the fit of the extractor (if you can see it):DSC01939

This is the Dan Wesson Silverback in 10mm, and it’s also available in .45. It’s the only factory dual-tone gun in the DW line:

DSC01948 DSC01949 DSC01950

The 512 Tactical puts CZ’s semi-automatic 512 action into a tactical suit provided by ATI. Aluminum handguard, full length top rail, pistol grip, adjustable stock (that I believe is on a commercial-spec AR-15 buffer tube), etc. A threaded barrel makes it suppressor-ready, and it’s available in both .22 LR and .22 WMR. It accepts the same magazines at CZ’s 455 rifles.


Civilian market Brens and Scorpions:

DSC01940LE-only Bren, complete with additional red dots:



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  1. Looks like some pretty cool stuff. The CZ-75B anniversary looks straight up hideous to me, but a lot of the other stuff is on my wish list.

    • I know your pain. I put in an order for a P07 two days ago as soon as I got the in-stock notice in my email.

  2. Looking forward to your guys’s review of the Scorpion. If the reviews are good I’m totally buying one.

  3. I never thought I had a taste for the EVO, but some of those are straight up sexy bangsticks! I would love to get one with the full size 805 bren and Thordsen buffer tube pistol versions since the Sig Brace is no bueno at the moment.CZ is definitely wanting to break into the US market big time imo.

    • Well I’m not sure that would fly on the Evo or the Bren. The reason shouldering an AR pistol buffer tube has always been stated to be okay is that it’s a mechanically necessary part of the firearm. On the Evo and the Bren, it isn’t. You’d be adding something on for the sole purpose of… well, if it’s bracing it on your cheek or whatever then fine. I’d expect that the ATF would, at least at this point, consider it a shoulder stock if you shoulder it because you’re adding a tube and brace thing to the end of a pistol that does not require it, so if you do it with the intent of shouldering it then you’ve added a shoulder stock.

      I’ve already filled out all of the details for my Form 1 for a Scorpion Evo haha. Now all I need is the serial number once it shows up from CZ.

      • Hm… if the buffer tube on a AR “pistol” is (kind of) ok to shoulder because the tube is a necessary part of the firearm. . . . what about changing the shape of that spring / tube? What if you had more of a rectangular box spring (like in a magazine) so instead of a round tube sticking out the back it was more of a thinnish rectangular shape with a flat-ish end (take magazine, turn sideways: the “floor plate” would be the last part of the gun. Might be more comfy than a round buffer tube.

        Just saying.

  4. The Scorpion will sit in my safe before much longer. While I’m not a 1911 aficionado, I like their nice, clean first crack at the platform; I might pick one up once they introduce a bit of variety to their 1911 offerings.

    That 40th Anniversary may be the sexiest train wreck ever, though. Yet and still, no matter how garishly blinged out it is, it’s still a CZ-75 underneath….

    • If it was basically anything else on earth except for flames or “tribal,” I’d probably like it. Scrolls, flowers, whatever. I like the high gloss bluing, and it was really, really well done. I like the rainbow titanium nitride job and how it looks with the bluing. The grips are a bit purple-ish but they’re cool enough. It’s just the damn flames haha. They don’t seem to belong in my mind.

    • >> itโ€™s still a CZ-75 underneath

      Isn’t that, like, one of the good part? One of the best “true” (all metal) handguns ever, what’s not to like?

    • Which caliber? I think I’d have to go LR just for suppressor purposes. My Element 2 handles .22 WMR just fine, but you can’t get that in subsonic flavor. FYI in case you didn’t notice in the photos and video, the .22 LR is $493 MSRP and the .22 WMR is $510.

  5. CZ has some very impressive products, particularly the new 1911. That guy Zack in the video, though? Dunno what he does for CZ, but he’s not doing them any favors. First off, lose the hat when you’re inside. Second, he couldn’t sell me a tube of toothpaste, let alone a new CZ firearm.

    • Haha do you have any idea how many hats there are inside of SHOT Show? It’s 64,000 outdoors types of folks. And “inside” is even a loose term in the Sands expo center which is 2.25 million square feet and a lot of it with like 60′ tall ceilings ๐Ÿ˜‰

      I believe Zach is CZ-USA’s social media manager and does marketing and press releases as well. He knows his stuff.

  6. That EVO is going to upset the apple cart in the 9mm pistol carbine market segment.

    The EVO will make a Keltec look very unrefined and due to pedigree of EVO I’d bet my life on an EVO for a HD role….Keltec not so much.

    CX4 doesn’t have a prayer at its current pricing. and dinky mags and fugly looks… will be the first PCC that has to have a big price cut or redesign to stay alive.

    There might be a good fight between the EVO and the new 9mm AK pistols that are imminent. May help keep the pricing in check for both of them. The brace snafu may also temper the EVO sales for awhile.

    AR style (JRC/Theureon/others) price and swag of EVO is probably going to ding their sales (as well as the AK 9mm stealing sales).

    HiPoint is probably unaffected at the dirt cheap price-is-#1-object segment.

    • Kel-Tec is much lighter and more compact, though, and then there’s that part where it folds. For a trunk gun, its convenience is hard to beat.

  7. I am salivating over the Bren. I want a Bren very badly. Like, well, I guess I do have to feed the kids…

    • I hear they’re paying pretty well to mercs in Ukraine (on either side of the conflict, so you can pick and choose). That way you could feed them with the Bren!

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