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“There are a few things I hate more than the NRA. I mean truly. I think they’re pigs. I think they don’t care about human life. I think they are a curse upon the American landscape. So we got that on the record.” – Bryant Gumbel in ‘Real Sports’ host Bryant Gumbel: NRA is ‘curse on the American landscape’ [via]

[h/t Dirk Diggler]

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  1. “I think they don’t care about human life.” But I’d bet that he’s a pro-abort. Another elitist hypocrite.

    • I don’t understand how some folks can live every day hating so many people. You don’t make statements like that unless you genuinely hate those that you speak of. I think if I lived somewhere that I had a vitriolic hate for so many of those around me, I would move.

    • Sometimes this board has been an “us vs them” (LE vs civilians), but according to Mr. Gumball, we really are all the same. People have called me a “pig” for years! 😛

      • Sometimes people get caught up in the news only showing the small amount of corrupt or abuse cops and ignore the rest that do a good job.

        I’m of the mindset that just like any other job, you have good and bad employees.

        • Yes, and if we keep on with this “Cops are bad/cops are assholes/cops are corrupt” line of reasoning, then the only people who will be attracted to the profession ARE those types of people. It will become a self-fulfilling prophecy. If no one respects the badge, the only people who seek it will be the type of people we can’t respect or trust.

    • I already have, a few weeks ago, when that Frontline garbage video came out. But this is as good reason as any.

  2. Dude doesn’t beat around the bush, does he.
    Not being a big sports fan, I didn’t know he was still on the air.

  3. I always find it interesting when antis talk about the NRA yet they never seem to give any examples backing up such hateful statements like ” they’re pigs. I think they don’t care about human life.”

  4. So, from this member of the NRA to Bryant Gumbel, same to you. If you are unwilling to do what it takes to be a free man, do not ridicule those that do. Perhaps you should think about a change of citizenship. I understand that ISIS feels the same way as you about the NRA, the 2nd amendment, and the right of citizens to defend themselves against tyranny. I am sure ISIS will welcome you with a big huge John Kerry hug. Oh, by the way, this free man will die before he gives up his 2nd amendment right.

  5. So, he hates people who are NRA members, to be more clear…

    Because the NRA is not a living, breathing, entity, into itself, it’s and organization of people.

    So, he hates people who are not align with his views on guns, and believes them to be swine.

    Glad we got that on record.

    • “So, he [Bryant Gumbel] hates people who are not align[ed] with his views on guns, and …” wants them dead.

      That is the sad reality of gun grabbers and statists: if you do not have the same mindset, they want you dead … regardless of the fact that you have not harmed anyone and have no intention to harm anyone.

    • Antis are woefully honest, just with each other, not with gun folks and the general public…

      When talking to each other it’s “I wish gun owners would all die, we need a total abolition of guns, we don’t need the 2nd A, when need to be like England, etc.”

      But then, when talking wit gun folks it’s “No one wants your gun, we want commonsense laws, we respect the 2nd A, we respect your rights, etc.”

      Ol’ Gum ball was probably just talking to a fellow anti gunner.

    • “…an anti being honest.”
      VERY briefly – “The sports show host said his disdain for the gun rights group had no effect on his reporting.”
      Of course not! ALL of these leftist propaganda experts NEVER allow any personal bias to creep into their reporting, even when they are feeling a tingle run down their leg.

    • Malcolm X eventually saw the error of his ways and changed direction — several times. He loved the Truth, unlike this fool.

    • Except Malcolm X was extremely pro-gun. He did coin the phrase “by any means necessary” when talking about defending Black communities with violence if need be.

  6. Nothing like a little Rule 12 to deflect from Shannon’s racism, eh, Bryant?

    Serious questions for the antis: Why is the NRA your bogeyman, rather than the 2% (at most) of the population that is actually committing violence with firearms?

    • Now that is a silly question JR_in_NC. Everyone knows that violent criminals would become model citizens overnight and the world would be filled with unicorns and rainbows if government would finally outlaw firearms.

      And violent criminals would never steal or acquire firearms that other “criminals” manufacture in or smuggle into the United States. Nor would violent criminals use readily available alternate weapons (such as knives, hammers, crowbars, pipes, and clubs) to attack people.


    • They know the NRA is actually effective at working to maintain our rights. The NRA is one of the biggest things standing in the way of their dystopian dreams. So of course they hate it.

  7. Bryant is an excellent sports reporter. But he obviously is absolutely clueless about guns. Like so many of the mainstream liberal media, on this topic he is just a talking bobble head. It is absolutely shameful they are given an opportunity to spew their unsupportable liberal trash. It boggles my mind that anyone who considers themselves an American can take that position. The NRA is our country’s first civil rights group, predating the ACLU by 50 years.

    • “Bryant is an excellent sports reporter.” I would suggest that you watch NBC’s coverage of the 1988 Summer Olympic Games in South Korea. Mr. Gumble was absolutely terrible as the anchor of the games, in my opinion. Many others complained at the time as well, and he did no future reporting of Olympic events. Seriously he makes Bob Costas look good!

  8. I think
    I think
    I think
    In the current culture, a strong opinion has more value than factual information. Has he ever looked into the history of the NRA? How any African American could be against the NRA is mind-boggling.

  9. Something strange. Under each TTAG post there is a Leave a Reply section. Usually mine is filled in with the correct name and email. For this post I had JoshtheViking’s info.

    I have been negligent in joining the NRA. NPR and Mr. Gumbel have inspired me to act.

    • I’ve noticed the comment sections have been a little FUBAR’ed for the past couple of days.

      I almost posted as “Don” a few minutes ago.

      And the site accidentally some comments here and there.

  10. Whoa. tdiinva and 7.62x54r are right. I’m getting autofilled with the previous commenter’s name and EMAIL. I was going to post a snarky comment about everyone using the same password, but this is a weird serious bug.

  11. I’m a lifetime member of the NRA. I care about plenty of human lives. Specifically, I care about the lives of people that want to continue living them without being attacked – particularly myself and my loved ones. I suppose that makes me a pig, but I’m of that crazy mindset that a man’s accountable for himself. Maybe he’d feel fine watching someone hurt a loved one while he helplessly stood by. Maybe he’d be able to deal with it because it’s not his fault, it was a maniac. Me, I’d never be able to look at myself in the mirror again if I hadn’t been prepared to defend them and given my all to do so.

    It’s gotta be great, to be famous for a basically speaking other people’s words well into a camera, and then having such a platform to talk about your righteous hatred of people you know little about except what you choose to read. And yet this guy probably feels he’s had a tough road due to bigotry.

  12. This from the guy that opined the Winter Olympics were not legitimate as they were never a part of the original Olympics, ignoring, of course, that only Greeks were part of the original Olympics. The guy extolls stupidity at the expense of plain common sense on a daily basis, just like his buddy Bob Kostas.

  13. The first time Gumbel’s opinion matters to me, I’ll be switching from Charmin, to prickly pear cacti…

  14. I haven’t read any of the comments, (I’ll do that after I say this.)

    Anti-gun folks do not have a clue. They are the ones that will not do what it takes to protect either their loved ones or themselves!

    This guy is a cliche, just following his herd and the ratings!

    Kinda wish the whole bunch of them would demonstrate the Darwin principle without taking us and the country with them.

  15. Uhhh, what Gumbel is actually saying is…I hate all these white people. He’s a racist bigot. In his fevered imagination the NRA is made up of fat, beer swilling rednecks who wear Klan robes to gun shows where they sell unlicensed fully automatic weapons to other white supremacists in order to put Gumbel back into slavery.

    He’s been a hate-monger for years.

    • but he left his beautiful black wife for a younger beautiful white woman. . . .

      maybe he is that Dave Chappelle character, the racist black klansman, Clayton Bigsby? He is blind to the world around him

  16. I have so little respect for these MSM types, that if they came out against leprosy,
    I wouldn’t trust their motives.

    Anyway, for OFWG and OFB&AG&W as well…

    If you’re over 65, the NRA has a pretty painless way to do your life membership…

    “Senior Life Membership for those 65 and over is $375.
    Disabled veterans are eligible for Distinguished Life Membership which is also $375.

    The Easy Pay Life program allows you pay for life memberships in installments,
    a $25 down payment and quarterly payments of $25 until the dues are paid in full.”

    I did this for my wife and myself last August after many years of five year memberships.
    You give them your CC# and they simply put $25/per membership on your CC every quarter.
    At $25 per quarter, it hardly has any effect on your fun buying habits.

  17. Why are we devoting time to a guy who can’t play professional sports, so he made a career of criticizing those who do. he has been so irrelevant for so long, he needed notice and blasted words he knew would get attention.

  18. Much like Keith Olbermann, Bryant Gumbel should stick to sports. He’s good at sports. (And yes, Olbermann was a great sportscaster when he stuck to the topic)

  19. I suppose I could call HBO and tell them I’m cancelling my subscription, and why.
    I have never actually subscribed to HBO so that wouldn’t be too hard.

    I remember reading an interview of Gumbel, way back when he hosted the Today show with Jane Pauley. Rarely will you find another human being with a higher opinion of himself. Arrogance oozes out of the guy like puss from a skin abscess.

  20. If he is not vegan-who kills his meat for him?
    With all the NRA member on NRA member violence I can see his point of view.
    Oh wait,,,,,DIMF

    • “If he is vegan-who kills his plants for him?”

      Would be a valid way to ask the question as well.

      Never have quite understood why one type of killing is ‘okay’ and another is not.

      • Agreed. Vegans want to claim moral superiority because they don’t eat or directly kill select macro life. The further a life form deviates from a mammal the lower the chance a vegan will care about or even recognize its life.

        • But even Vegans are involved indirectly in killing animals. Big farm plows tend to kill small animals like groundhogs and racoons and rabbits. All animals they would be horrified at killing. Unless they are growing all their own food so they know exactly how it gets there. Even then, they are disturbing worm habitats to dig and plant.

  21. Funny, I haven’t met Mr Gumbel and I don’t have any real opinion of who he is. But he’s never met me and he’s calling me names.

  22. Never met Mr Gumbel and have no real opinion of who he is, but he’s never met me and he’s calling me names.

  23. When someone like him makes a statement like that, it reveals nothing more than his low IQ and inability to articulate his thoughts (if he even has an original thought – probably not).

    He calls ME a “pig,” without knowing me. I would bet that if he met me (or many of you) at a social event, he would be STUNNED to learn that I “am the NRA.” He would be STUNNED to know that not only do I own firearms, but I carry them.

    He would be stunned because I am a clean-cut and highly-educated health professional who is the antithesis to his imagined stereotype. I am very intelligent and could EASILY go toe-to-toe with him on virtually any topic (except maybe sports). Yet, I’m a “Life” member of the NRA. So, therefore, I’m a “pig” who has no regard for life? Really?

    Having a battle of wit with the likes of him wouldn’t be sporting, though. My opponent would be an unarmed man.

  24. “I think they don’t care about human life. ”

    It’d not a matter of opinion, this can be answered empirically, and they do care about human life to a greater degree than is possible by an anti gun ideologue.

    Believing people don’t have a right to told to defend themselves is nothing me than a past of the benefits that humans exist only to fulfill the plans for society made by elitist know-nothings. That is the opposite of caring about human life.

    • If it makes you feel any better, I didn’t know this guy was still on the air! LOL Maybe there is no need.

  25. Sounds like Costas anti freedom rant after sandy hook. Problem is, if you don’t question official sandy hook narrative, you deserve the consequences. The NFL has been highly politicized, and this guys statement is no surprise.

  26. Gumbawl is still alive?
    He once called Philly the city of losers before they went on to win every division in every sport one year. Then he had to apologize because his boss said so.
    Hey Brian, I hate you way more than you hate the NRA.

  27. IAlmost posted as Curtis in Illinois. I know I saw this jagweed on HBO in a semi-pro hunting your own food report. I get free HBO from COMCAST so it doesn’t matter if I cancel…and isn;t gumballlllll considered as “too white and an uncle tom?

  28. The sooner Americans pull their heads out of their asses and stop worshiping men who play children’s games and throw balls for a living, the sooner we can get back on track.

  29. I have hated Gumbell since his days as a sports caster at a local TV station in Los Angeles in the early 1970’s. His gimmick back then was to tell the sports news in rimes. Had he put it to music, he would have been an early rapper. He should have stuck to that gig. He shows up in HBO with a real bullshit sports show and pretends to be the arbiter of good taste. He is full of crap and I have never been able to stand the sight of him. His brother Greg is better at what he does and is likable. Brian has always had an air about him that tells you “listen to me, I have something important to say unlike you”, well, I am still waiting and his latest oral fart did not disappoint in showing he is just a wind bag in a suit.

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