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There were a couple questions about how SIG SAUER’s muzzle device / quick attach system worked in the comments of some of the articles. The info is available on SIG SAUER’s site, but more info is never a bad thing. I’ve had a chance to use the brand new cans for a while now (including some pre-production engineering samples fresh off the welder) and I gotta say their system makes a whole lot of sense. Let’s take a closer look.


Most silencer companies that have a quick attach mount either use a straight wall for the mount or a very slight taper, and rely on the ratchet system to keep the can in place. With SIG SAUER, the taper is what keeps the can in place, and there is no ratchet. The extremely tight clearances on the mount to can connection make for a very tight connection thanks to the friction between the two parts, and while there is a latch that keeps everything connected its function is more or less secondary — they don’t really need it, they only add it to satisfy contract requirements.

The use of a taper instead of a ratchet to keep things in line means that there’s no rattle and very little loss of accuracy (if any). And the exclusion of a ratchet means that there’s nothing to wear out, and you will probably never need to replace the parts on your can.


As for the mount itself, even that is modular. The main mounting surface is that round part on the bottom, and the idea is that the end user can crank that sucker onto their gun and rockset it in place, never needing to worry about timing it onto the barrel or any other issues. The actual device itself, whether a brake or a flash hider, screws into the inner portion of the muzzle device and can easily be timed onto the mount and replaced at a moment’s notice. It’s a wonderful blend of both worlds: rock solid mounting and adaptability.

I think its really cool.

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  1. I’m actually really excited about this new product line. This is the type of innovation that keeps me pumped.

    Take note gun companies: This is innovation. Making some “new” J-frame, or 1911, or AR-15 variant is just a snooze fest.

  2. Novel idea with the full taper locking mechanism. BUT the system still requires an external mount to be threaded onto the barrel. So there is still tolerance stacking by definition. The best solution would be tapered barrel shoulders. But that would be an industry-wide standard change.

    • They are doing that as well with the direct thread cans. The MCX has a tapered barrel at the shoulder, and it fits into their direct thread 7.62 can. It can still use a 90 degree shoulder, but the taper locks it firmly in place.

  3. Will SIG be selling their muzzle adapters separately, or licensing the design to 3rd party manufacturers to allow you to use a SIG suppressor on a non-SIG firearm? I presume that would be the case, since SIGs pricing structure seems to indicate they want to sell to more than just their own base of installed owners.

    • Derp. Disregard. I blame my lack of coffee for not visiting SIGs webpage first and, you know, actually reading it. :-O


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