“It’s hard to say how the state, in general, will vote. But I think we have a pretty strong pro-gun population, and when they start feeling like that is going to be taken away from them, they certainly show up to vote, which is the important thing. If we have enough people who are feeling threatened by the possible incoming government, then certainly they’ll turn out to vote to prevent it from happening.” – Jon Sanborn in Minter ‘assault weapons’ ban could end Vermont gun businesses [via watchdog.org]



  1. I see the big problem with friends who are hunters. They just don’t seem to believe that HRC won’t try to enforce Australian style gun confiscation. They think they are safe because they only own shotguns, bolt guns, and revolvers.

    • That, and I keep hearing, “We heard that about Obama too, and he didn’t take them.” It’s like they still don’t understand how a bill becomes law, or why SCOTUS is so vital.

    • Remind them that Australian style confiscation included pump shotguns., so that 870 pump gun they keep by the bed will get taken on the first or second pass. Imagine Shrillery shrieking out “no one needs a gun that can hammer out five rounds of buckshot, just how dead does Bambi need to be?”

    • Most of my hunter friends will vote for Hillary. They are more worried that trump will decrease environmental and fishing protection as well as limit public access.

      Billionaires might toot about gun ownership but pivot 180 when it comes to working guns in the outdoors.

      And trump will not be pro gun for long if he tries to do all he claims he will.

      Get a clue folks. Trump does not care about you.

      • Trump may not care but Hillary actively despises the average citizen. If my choice is indifference or active attempts at harm I choose indifference.

      • You will be Charlie Mikein’ without any guns if Hillary gets elected. She will pick more radicals like Sotomayor and Kagan to serve on the SCOTUS, and Heller will either be overturned or (more likely) limited to its immediate facts.

      • I want you to think about that statement next year, when your standing in line at your local police station, preparing to turn in your “hunting shotgun.”

      • Take your own advice and go get that clue yourself “charlie mike”. You would rather vote in that witch who blatantly says she is coming for you than take a chance with someone who might be OK!? Holy Shi* dude! That’s got to be the dumbest thing I’ve seen/heard on the interwebs all month! And it doesn’t sound like your friends are any smarter than you…go troll somewhere else please.

      • “And trump will not be pro gun for long if he tries to do all he claims he will.”

        And this is based on what…exactly?

    • These are the same doofuses that were screaming in the Connecticut Walmart’s after they couldn’t buy ammo for hunting season due to not having jumped through the new circus monkey hoops a few years ago.

  2. Quite often, firearms owners are their own worst enemies. The duck hunters don’t like the AR-15 “black rifles” so they see no problem if attempts are made to ban them. The traditional rifle owners don’t like machine guns, so they have no problem with them being legislated out of existence. Some pistol owners see nothing wrong with certain long guns being outlawed just as some rifle owners would have no problem seeing pistols banned.
    Friends, ALL firearms advocates must “hang together” and realize that an assault on ANY means of firearms ownership and self-defense is an assault on ALL forms of firearms ownership and self-defense.
    There is absolutely NO ROOM for complacency among ANY Second Amendment supporters. An attack on one is an attack on ALL…
    ALL firearms laws are unconstitutional on their face. Imagine the hue and cry if “reasonable” restrictions were placed on First Amendment activities, especially with the “mainstream media”. The Second Amendment is clear–what part of “shall not be infringed” do politicians and the media not understand…of course, they understand full well…it’s part of their communist agenda…

    • Imagine the hue and cry if “reasonable” restrictions were placed on First Amendment activities, especially with the “mainstream media”.

      Are you joking? The First Amendment has been radically limited virtually since inception. It’s been far more litigated, regulated, and restricted than the Second Amendment….it’s not even a close call.

      • There’s plenty of call to place restrictions on non-MSM outlets. Websites, forums, blogs are all the “assault media” and politicians have been eyeing them for years.

        Sometimes this gets the anti’s in a tizzy because they’ll lose their Mother Jones and Gimpette or whatever it’s called but then they remember places like Drudge will go to and it’s worth it to them. They’ll happily slaughter their own if it meant hurting you.

      • John A. Smith, I must respectfully disagree with your assumption that the First Amendment is “regulated”… look at the present presidential campaign coverage in which conservative viewpoints are effectively muzzled…
        Although there are calls to restrict “non-journalists” from expressing their first amendment rights, that will fail. The internet sees to that.
        The “mainstream media” is free to propagate their LIES and fabrications freely without fear of lawsuits (malice must be proven by those affected–an almost impossible task).
        The Second Amendment has been “folded, spindled and mutilated”, and is the most (unconstitutionally) restricted of amendments.
        From the 1934 “National Firearms Act which required registration of certain classes of firearms, to the 1968 “Gun Control Act” which outlawed the free and interstate commerce in firearms, to the 1986 “Firearms Owners Protection Act” which outlawed the manufacture and registration of new machine guns to civilians, the Second Amendment has been effectively nullified.
        Add to that, many state and local laws that have restricted the “right to bear arms”.

  3. Fudds are incredibly selfish and short-sighted.
    If they don;t stand with the rest of us it’ll be really hard not to join in with the anti “high-powered sniper rifle” and anti “large caliber repeater” causes that will inevitably spring up just to stick it to them for sticking it to us.

    After all no honest man needs more than one bullet to hunt deer. All you need is a single shot Thompson Center.
    Then, no honest man needs a weapon of war to hunt deer. Bow hunting only.

    As various .gov programs send more city folk out to the country land to hunt on will be reduced year after year through regulation and taxation of property and you’ll need a license to practice archery on an official range and not permitted to keep your gear at home. After all homes with bows and arrows in them are more likely to have a family member injured by that bow and arrow than homes without.

    Get with the program you Fudd [email protected]#$%.

  4. Nothing can stop the banning of new semi automatic “assault weapons”. People have lost the martial aspet of the 2nd amendment, it’s just a hobby and the regime will stop at nothing to disarm its victims. Because concealed carry is so popular, you’ll be able to always get a license for the privilege of carrying revolvers and mp shields, lcr’s, etc. Licenses will be available after hoop jumping for Fudd hunting guns.

  5. If Vermont gun ownership were so widespread and deeply ingrained as to be inviolable, then Minter would never even broach the subject. It’d be a third rail of politics delivering instant electrocution.

    Yet, here we are. She’s running around running her mouth, raising her profile and collecting gun grabber cash on an antigun platform. She’ll probably win and Vermont will probably go antigun. It’s only held on this long because its population is white and rural.

    Unfortunately, its population is also old and getting older. They’ll easily forfeit semiautomatic rifles because they’re not the right kind of rifles. Semi-auto handguns may get caught in the legislative crossfire, but by then it’ll be too late.

    Too bad, so sad, Vermont. You’re committing slow motion suicide.

    • Too soon to tell! Vermont has a strong constitution and whoever is elected Governor will have to swear an oath to that effect! Meaning Article 16!

  6. Fudd culture started when too many people traded their rifles for shopping carts as the primary method to feed their families. Hunting has the “weekend warrior” vibe now. Bored suburbanites with cushy lives spend $$,$$$ to show off what brands they can burn money over. They hire a guide to hand-hold up to the point of pulling the trigger. Everyone plays dress up, does the originally intended activity as lazily as possible, takes a bunch of stupid photos, and uses it all as an excuse to get drunk at the bar/lodge later like a crowd of Victorian, middle-class socialites. The gear might be used once or twice after that.

    You’ll never see these folks processing game themselves either, they pay a “service” to do all the icky gross work. I’m not saying all people who pay a pro butcher are effette losers, but there’s a pampered mindset with these folks. Many parallels in the motorcycle world too, where have all the real backyard gear heads gone? When an activity becomes cosmopolitan and trendy, the spirit and grit behind its purpose rots away, and the whole thing transforms into a mockery of itself. It sucks.

    The only exception to this I’ve seen regards hogs. I have yet to meet a hog hunter who wasn’t also a staunch 2A supporter and all around tough sumbitch. Then again, they were all Texans, too.

    • You hit the nail on the head. I can’t count the amount of times I’ve heard, “where you gonna get that processed?” Or “where was this processed at?”, like they don’t even realize people skin and cut things up themselves. And fruther, if you don’t cut it up yourself, ussually the processor will mix it up with pork or beef so you really only get like 50% whatever you bagged, and then 50% filler. And, you also don’t get to keep the organs. Those make the dogs super happy.

      Speaking of hunting, but if TTAG can find more info on it, I think there should be an article on a virus that’s been infecting hogs in Florida. It doesn’t harm humans but it’s fatal to dogs, and many people who hunt hogs will toss left overs and bones to the their pups and inadvertently kill them. I think this info needs to get out as I haven’t heard too much about it, other than word of mouth.

      • I had absolutely no idea processors used filler, that’s incredible. Now I truly am determined to find some old guy to show me the ropes. What’s their financial incentive though? Do you pay by the pound? What do they do with the % of deer flesh they keep? Yeah my pups would love some fresh deer organs, they’re piggies in dog costumes.

        • Yeah, it’s been my experiance that you pay by the pound, and most places also have a little store inside that sells packaged meat, which part of your animal goes too. Often they’ll sell sausage or meat sticks that’ll say “venison beef sticks” or something. Typically they’ll give you an option of different types of mixtures, like sausage, sticks, or ground. I know allot of guys that’s all they know, they don’t realize you can get steaks, and other cuts out of a deer. They just think, “oh, I take it here to process and get sausage.” Like that’s the only option. Now, If you can find someone to teach you hands on you’ll love it. There’s nothing more satisfying than harvesting and cutting up your own game. It’s really not that difficult either. Most people don’t want to do it because they’re lazy or afraid of blood or something. Once you do it a couple times you get the hang of it. And your dogs will learn to love when you come home with an animal to cut up.

    • I call it the “disneyfication” of animals, raising animals up to the status of humans, imbuing human qualities on them…Walt Disney and his animal cartoons, “bambi” among others, is responsible for turning adult humans into animal-worshiping crazies…the roots of rabid environmentalism also has its start with disney cartoons…
      The “disneyfication” of animals has done more to damage the concept of man having dominion over other living things and has contributed greatly to our present crop of anti-hunters and pro-animal activists.
      If civilization collapses, you can bet that this “disneyfication” of animals will go away… people will be too busy looking for their next meal.
      PETA=people eating tasty animals…

  7. 2A says “…shall not be infringed” yet the NRA has cataloged over 30,000 infringements to 2A across this country. We are already way underwater with the RTKABA. Gun rights will never have a perfect candidate. That would be a unicorn. We have to suck it up and do whatever we need to do and everything we can do, every election, just to get the least of two evils or our rights will keep slipping away faster than they already are. Sorry, but I think people who support thrid-party candidates who have no chance or winning or say they will stay home from the polls because no candidate suits them are 2A supporters in name only.

  8. Yeah I’m voting pro-gun. I hope it matters. I’m also voting with my wallet buying guns and ammo…

  9. As a gun owner and general libertarian I think the most important thing I can do is not vote. Think about it; Trunp is counting on us, alienating others to court us, but he’s full of crap. We can’t stop an R or a D from winning, but we can eat our own. It’s the most potent course of action and also the mist principled. I’m in a swing state and there are others who think as I do.

    Nobody threaten me with a Hillary-appointed supreme court; I don’t care. A million things less repulsive than Trump could have prevented this turn of events but didn’t.

      • If it goes that far I’ll be amused. It’ll hurt social conservatives worse than it will me and the smug farts will be forced to realize they’re not the establishment. So that’ll be a neat accomplishment.

        • Ok, I mean yeah I get that. That’ll feel cool. But then what? Do you plan to hand them over, take huge financial loss, and just forget about firearms rights?

        • “Haha, yeah I really screwed myself over there, but I sure showed them!”

          You say as the ATF throws your freshly shot dog away and loads you and your guns up, never to see freedom again.

      • I can’t reply to the lower replies directly, website won’t allow it.

        I don’t plan to take a loss and forget. It’s a hypothetical on top of a hypothetical, we could go back and forth for days on different sets of scenarios. Basically, worst case, what I’d call beyond worst case it’s a tactical retreat; lose the 2A but have liberty-minded people stop taking table scraps. It’d be like losing an infected foot to stay alive. It might be too late, but oh well, I’ll be amused along the way and my conscience will be clear.

    • You are deluding yourself. Clinton has openly stated her job will be to take on the NRA and to institute Australian style gun control. Your guns, all of them, will be taken. Clinton will destroy the 2A by installing multiple anti-gun SCOTUS members. Once that happens, it cannot be reversed by anything less than another revolution.

      • Trump was one of the few candidates running during the primaries that Hillary was beating in the polls. Rubio, Cruz, and Carson were all ahead of Hillary. During the primaries, I was very upbeat and optimistic about the 2016 election. I assumed Republicans would nominate Rubio, Cruz, and Carson as they were the strongest candidates against Hillary. Obviously, that’s not how the primaries turned out. I have to laugh at Republicans. Sadly, Republicans suck at winning elections. Here they have Hillary Clinton with all of her negatives and the perception of the majority of Americans that she’s dishonest. Democrats, by nominating Hillary Clinton, have served this election up on a silver platter. Republicans have managed to nominate someone that Americans dislike even more than Hillary Clinton. Our time to stop Hillary Clinton was during the primaries. There isn’t much we can do now that Trump is the nominee. It’s very likely that Hillary Clinton is going to be the next President.

        • Exactly, there’ve been decades of opportunities for the GOP to do better. The neocons won’t back down, they think they’re Sweet Baby Jesus’ chosen avatars. They take this crap to the edge, don’t compromise on social issues, then expect others to compromise. Fine, I can play chicken too.

      • @Steve Oh no a scary prediction, I’ve never heard one of those before. Are you questioning my resolve? Hilarious. The GOP has nothing positive to offer me and is running out of stuff to threaten me with that the DNC will do worse. If you’re still willing to take the lesser of two evils, or if Trump is your ideal candidate you can skip the doomsday prophecies with me, from my perspective you’re the one living in a fantasy. Which again is why it’s important that Trump loses: it will help help Republican voters think seriously, understand the importance of classical liberal principles and that principle can’t be cheated for long with good results. I’m doing this to help you.

        @Mark I won’t be defenseless against criminals, tyvm. I’d just be losing a significant but in my case mostly superfluous tool. Self defense wasn’t a major reason for me to get into shooting, I do it mainly out of technical and philosophical interest and as a social/recreational thing. Also kind of a style thing. Anyway it’s a good thing because my demographic will have damaged one of the two major parties and not sold out for table scraps. We have fun, gain political capitol. I’m excited about it. Frankly I’m surprised the two-party system allowed us this good of an opportunity.

        @CRF Yawn, how dramatic. I’m not going to be brow-beaten into voting for the lesser of two evils. Does that sound like winning? No. Then all they have to do to control my vote is be repulsive, why give them a further incentive. Everybody gets all excited about the election, acting like we just have to compromise this one time. It’s adorable but preposterous.

  10. Get it through your heads people. Hillary actively wants to dominate and control society and force it to do her will. She can’t do that with an armed populace and hates them for it. Trump is much, much, much more of a free enterprise guy. He doesn’t care whether law abiding citizens have guns.

    Hillary. Will. Take. All. Guns.

    That’s your choice: vote for someone who will take your guns or vote for Trump in the hope that he probably will not. It’s binary. Two choices. Clinton and no guns or Trump and we have a chance.

    Stop your grinnin’ drop your linen and think about it. Reject the communist forces. Protect freedom. Vote for freedom.

  11. It really depresses me to say this, but it’s very likely that Hillary Clinton is going to be the next President. Our time to stop Hillary Clinton was during the primaries. There isn’t much we can do now that Trump is the nominee. Trump was one of the few candidates running during the primaries that Hillary was beating in the polls. Rubio, Cruz, and Carson were all ahead of Hillary in the polls. During the primaries, I was very upbeat and optimistic about the 2016 election. I assumed Republicans would nominate Rubio, Cruz, or Carson as they were the strongest candidates against Hillary. I voted for Cruz myself, but I would have been fine with Rubio or Carson as the nominee. I have to laugh at Republicans. Here they have Hillary Clinton with all of her negatives and the perception of the majority of Americans that she’s dishonest. Republicans have managed to nominate someone that Americans dislike even more than Hillary Clinton.


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