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Chicago crime explosion. Chicago is not safe.

Chicago is not safe. Violent crime in the Windy City is up sharply, as is all crime across the board in America’s second largest city. does an admirable job of tracking the carnage. Here’s the body count for August – so far!

Hey Jackass Crime skyrocket in Chicago

Would you tolerate that level of violence in your city?

It doesn’t just happen in the “bad” parts of the city, either. Crime has exploded across Chicago as the Sun-Times reports:

…Chicago Police Department and City Hall are grappling with more than a rise in shootings and killings. Citywide, other violent crimes — sexual assaults, robberies and aggravated batteries — also are up this year compared with year-to-date totals for the same period in 2015.

Some parts of the city also are facing particular issues with certain types of violent crimes — robberies on the far North Side, for one, and sexual assaults in lakefront police districts, a Chicago Sun-Times analysis of police department crime data found.

Chicago isn't safe: Crime explodes across Chicago

It’s so bad that just this week, a woman was thrown to the ground and mugged on the same city block as Mayor Rahm Emanuel’s house. CBS Chicago reported it:

CHICAGO (CBS) A 50-year-old woman was mugged Tuesday afternoon on the same block as Mayor Rahm Emanuel’s home in the Ravenswood neighborhood.

Police said the woman was unloading a bag from her car shortly after 1 p.m. Tuesday in the 4200 block of North Hermitage Avenue, when a young man got out of an older model black sedan, and demanded her property.

What CBS Chicago didn’t mention is that there’s always a Chicago Police squad car parked out front of the Mayor’s house. And another one in back. There’s also a sergeant and a couple of roving units that circle the block. That’s how brazen these criminals in Chicago have become. It stands to reason though: if you want to get nicer stuff from your victims, go rob victims in nicer neighborhoods.

A Chicago Police unit sits out front of Mayor Emanuel’s home.

Crime in Wrigleyville and Boystown:

The mayor’s home is protected around the clock by at least eight police officers who are assigned to patrol our 19th district. The force includes at least two cops in front of Emanuel’s home, at least two more in the rear of his home, a sergeant, and “roving units” that make circles around the block.

Lacking impulse control

So not only are criminals are more brazen in Chicago, they lack impulse control as well. Just this week, Chicago cops went to stop a man that looked as though he might have been adjusting a gun stuffed in his pants as he strutted down the street. He ran and a chase commenced.

Kentrell Pledger, aged old enough to know better, reportedly shot at the officers in the course of the foot pursuit. The cops returned fire, but missed. Our brave hoodlum then cowered under a porch where the boys in blue found him in short order. Pledger’s shirt just happened to be found wrapped around a .40 caliber GLOCK tucked away under said porch. He thanked cops for not shooting him at the scene.

Later in court, though, he became Mr. Tough Guy again. As Ron White famously joked, he might have had the right to remain silent, but lacked the impulse control to do so. DNA Info had the story: Man Charged With Shooting At Cop Says In Court: I Should Have ‘Smoked’ Him

Kentrell Pledger
Kentrell Pledger

COOK COUNTY CRIMINAL COURTHOUSE — A man accused of shooting at Chicago Police officers went on a tirade in court Tuesday after a Cook County judge denied him bail.

“He shot at me first,” Kentrell Pledger, 29, shouted. “Get your story straight, dog.”

Pledger told the courtroom he should’ve “smoked his [the officer’s] a–” before accusing Judge Adam Bourgeois Jr., an African-American judge, of being white.

“You ain’t black,” Pledger said. “You’re white, b—-.”


ABC7 says they grabbed this screenshot from the would-be cop killer Kentrell Pledger’s Facebook page.

Why is crime up so sharply this year in Chicago? The spike in crime has a number of causal factors. Here are three big ones:

Police “reform”

Part of the issue is the Ferguson effect on policing. But it’s worse in Illinois.

Illinois legislators passed a bill last year that requires police officers to document any Terry stops (brief investigative stops by police) starting January 1, 2016. The bill, touted as police “reform”, does many things including mandating time-intensive paperwork for these stops. Suspects must get a “receipt” indicating the officer’s name, and the time, place and reason for the stop. The data is then made available to the public, including anti-police attorneys and “social justice” groups who can and will use it against individual officers and the department as a whole in their pursuit of monetary awards.

What’s the police officers’ response to all this? They practice “fetal position” police work, as Mayor Rahm Emanuel described it, reducing the risk to their careers and pensions from lawyers representing America’s criminal class. Cops themselves say that proactive policing is dead in Chicago.

Prosecutions. Or lack thereof.

Illinois law lacks some of the provisions that states like Florida have used when it comes to the use of guns in violent crime.

Florida had, until February of this year, a powerful 10-20-Life law that couldn’t be plea-bargained away. The law’s provisions helped Florida reach the lowest level of firearm violent crime in that state’s history. It will be interesting to track Florida’s firearm violent crime rate now that the 10-20-Life mandatory sentencing enhancement law was repealed earlier this year.

How did Florida’s law work? If you committed a violent crime with a gun in Florida, you got an extra ten years in prison on top of the sentence for the underlying crime. There was no parole, probation, no plea-bargains.

Discharge a gun in Florida in the commission of a violent crime? Add 20(!) years to the sentence. In other words, popping off five rounds at people on a busy street in Florida prior to the law’s repeal and you would be gone for at least twenty years plus time for the crime. Contrast that with Chicago, where prosecutors charged that crime as a misdemeanor. And the female suspect was released on her own recognizance after her arrest.

The culprit in Chicago was apprehended thanks to the help of lots of witnesses cooperating with police. A YouTube video captured her firing the shots, while intoxicated, after leaving a bar (while carrying an illegally possessed gun).

In Florida, if you shoot a gun and wound or kill someone, you would spend 25 years to life in prison on top of the sentence for the underlying crime. No probation. No parole. No good time. Just hard time. Until that law was repealed.

In Chicago, when three gang-bangers drive by a busy park and shoot at people, wounding two, and are caught red-handed moments later after a short chase, the Cook County State’s Attorney charged them with a Class 4 felony. One to three years in prison upon conviction. Cops were understandably incensed. As are all decent people who are paying attention.

Earlier this year, a good Samaritan stopped a gang banger from assaulting a single mom with kids with her. The criminal pulled out a blade and stabbed the good Samaritan, nearly killing him. Thanks to modern medicine he’s expected to make a recovery. The thug was arrested and charged with misdemeanor battery.

With prosecutors failing to do their jobs, these violent predators return to the streets to continue their violent criminal endeavors.

Shortage of police and detectives

Making matters still worse, the number of cops in Chicago is declining sharply. Almost 10% of the department – about 1000 cops – are set to retire by the end of the year to take advantage of favorable retirement terms, according to Second City Cop.

Reuters reports the number of detectives at Chicago PD is down 26%.

The number of detectives on the Chicago police force has dropped to 922 from 1,252 in 2008. One detective who retired two months ago said investigators are overwhelmed. Not all of the detectives are assigned exclusively to homicide cases.

“You get so many cases you could not do an honest investigation on three-quarters of them,” he said in an interview. “The guys … are trying to investigate one homicide and they are sent out the next day on a brand new homicide or a double.”

So it’s not surprising that Chicago’s 2016 homicide “clearance” rate is a whopping 20.9%.

In summary, Chicago isn’t safe. It’s prudent to avoid the city, even if you’re an Illinois resident with a concealed carry license.



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  1. Jesus. What a mess.

    Chicago is shaping up to be another Detroit. Crime, crony corruption and an unchecked feral subclass that needs put down.

      • It’s “New Detroit” with Clarence Boddicker and Dick Jones come to life.

        All those ‘reforms’ and lack of prosecution are intentional.

        • I wasn’t aware that Chicago was in New York State. /sarc

          FYI Chicago is on the West Coast — of Lake Michigan.

        • LOL…got me. You’re right…it was Lake Michigan. Trying to type and have my evening Knob Creek and water can be a challenge sometime…. 🙂

      • Chicago IS past Detroit. However the violent crime rates might compare, there is nowhere near the level of corruption and stupidity going on in government, policing, and the criminal justice system.

        Remember, Detroit’s Police Chief James Craig encourages city residents to get their concealed carry licenses and as much training as possible … and the entire department and criminal justice system supports those people when they defend themselves.

        • Detroit also got rid of Kwame Kilpatrick (Dem) mayor and his Buddy Bobby Ferguson. They ran a pay to play business like the Clinton Foundation but wasn’t so sneaky about it.. Also a few more of his Kwame’s gang..errr friends. Busted 21 school officials in a kick back scheme. The clean up started a few years ago.

  2. This city is simply a prime example of Democratic (excuse me, Dumbocratic) control for many decades–where Dumbcrats rule, criminals rule supreme–I wonder why b, hussein totally ignores his home town

  3. I tend to avoid it like the plague personally, just because of them fleecing me for parking every time I go. I’d rather hang out in the burbs overall.

    Need to get off my ass and get my CCW card too. It’s going to be a rough 2017 I think. Even rougher than 2016.

    • Do it now. Call in the next 30 seconds and schedule an appointment.

      If you don’t do it now, it will never get done.

      SO many people want their CCP, but just never make time for it. Learn from their mistake – MAKE THE TIME, MAKE IT NOW.

      Keep the powder dry brother.

    • Just a rant, but I HATE it when people complain about the cost of parking. If it was lower YOU WOULD NOT HAVE A PLACE TO PARK DOWNTOWN ANT THE TRAFFIC WOULD BE WORSE.

  4. It is very interesting to watch these situations develop in American cities.

    The long story shortened is that these situations don’t happen “suddenly.” These situations are typically an accumulation of decisions taken by the political leadership and voters over a period of about 20 years or so. NYC’s descent into chaos and crime in the late 70’s and 80’s started in the mid-60’s. LA’s problems in the 80’s started also in the 60’s.

    Chicago’s problems started much further back – Chicago and Illinois have been very corrupt for a long time. There’s no confidence by the citizenry in their leadership – and no fear of the police by the criminal element. But the specific situations we see today in Chicago have their roots in the Daley administration, stretching back over 20 years ago.

      • Oh, I know.

        What I’m referring to is the “Clockwork Orange” level of violence that we now see in Chicago – that has its roots about 20 years ago in the Daley administration.

        Chicago has been politically and economically corrupt for much, much longer – but there used to be a pretty hard-edged police response to crime in Chicago. Now, it seems as tho the police are literally nowhere to be found.

        • Ahh, Clockwork Orange. After watching that film when it came out, I’ve never been able to listen to “Singing in the Rain” without thinking of it. . .

    • Well, that and mandatory, fixed sentences are a bad thing. You can be still be tough on crime without resorting to draconian (and frankly unAmerican) measures. That’s what judges are for.

      • I don’t consider it “draconian” to have a set sentence for a given crime. Especially violent crime. That’s what legislatures are for.

        We have a right to a free lawyer, and we are innocent until proven guilty. That’s what juries are for.

        As for judges, the fact that some of them are way too soft is the reason legislatures come up with minimum sentencing laws in the first place.

        • Laws adding additional prison time for the use of a gun are unjust, and are part of the anti-gun/gun control propaganda machine.

          What actually matters is the severity of the crime, not the tool that was used in the commission of the crime. Murder committed with a sword (baseball bat, axe, brick, car, fist, spear, bow, knife, etc.) is just as serious as murder committed using a gun.

          Why should someone stabbing/robbing/raping a person receive less prison time than someone who did the exact same crimes using a gun? It makes no sense.

          Punish the crime, not the tool used for the crime.

  5. Curious what the IL CCW holder rate is in the city vs the suburbs. Western suburb resident here, the state of ill-annoyed is FUBAR. budget (lack of one) problems compound the issue. I doubt the urbanites have the cajones to take responsibility for their safety. Most crime is gang on gang, but with that many people crammed into the chicagoland area, it’s gonna spill over to the general populace.

    CCW can help, U-Haul is better. I’ve been job searching an applying to any Engineering jobs in AZ I can find (all my family lives there). More free and less demo-crap.

    Chicago will only spawn more demo-crap, the citizens are dumb enough.

  6. The reason they robbed the lady down the street from the Mayor’s house is because they know the cops there won’t do anything. They are pinned to the Mayor’s house. Could probably have raped and killed her too and gotten away with it.

  7. This validates the proposition that if you reduce policing in the ghetto all you are doing is creating gang safe havens from which gang members can go out to formerly safe areas and commit crimes thereby extending gang control over a larger area. This is the objective of BLM and the Democratic Party and it is moving forward.

  8. Spot on. Chicago decided to reduce punishment to control cost and increase the speed at which criminals are processed while creating revenue for the city. The ultimate F you to its citizens. I would add reduced punishment only accounts for revolving the criminal through the system and does not account for the spread.

    It spreads because of section 8 policies of moving poor people into middle class neighborhoods. The utopian thought is a better environment might trigger goodness in the brain housing group of poor people, all it has done is move crime to the suburbs. The evidence is overwhelming, compiled by governments and law enforcement, and the conclusion exposes a stark reality. Governments continue to create programs that assault, murder and rape its citizens, then deny the legal ability to protect oneself. The only beneficiaries of these policies is to bring federal dollars into government coffers.

    Read it for yourself, your brain just stops processing

    • Section 8? I’ll see your housing, and raise you schooling. In STL, we have a great program that shuttles the ghetto trash into the upper-middle ‘burb schools, so that decent children can be exposed to violence and crime at an early age – we call it ‘busing’. The kids that show up for this ‘educational opportunity’ are there for the easy targets – there’s precious few that are there to learn something.

      It’s always amazing that some people really believe that all you have to do is pull someone out of the war zone, and they’ll suddenly change their life. The Catholics brought a bunch Serbians to town 20 years ago, shockingly, children raised in a corrupt war-zone are not suddenly striving for master’s degrees. They have however brought a new level of brazen crime, and street-level corruption back to the area.

      Ahh, the cultural enrichment.

    • Obama is expanding on this nonsense. HUD has active program to move Section 8 trash out to cities within at least 4hr of Chicago. The city either signs on they loose access to ALL fed programs.

  9. Just one problem, lots of liberal_progressive_communist (D).

    Same problem everywhere you find them, in every era.

    They are like the Sith, kill every last one of them, and you still gotta figure there’s still two, because they are demon spawn from the anus of human weakness.

    I know. The truth often ‘hurts’. If it instead killed, we’d all be better off.

  10. Eight cops to protect one city mayor? What an utterly ridiculous waste of resources.

    Also, Chicago isn’t the second largest city in America. Los Angeles is much larger.

    • That would apparently be 8 cops PER SHIFT. So that’s at least TWENTYFOUR cops. Doing nothing but “protecting” a POS that should have fed some Great White sharks years ago.

      • If you could get a Great White inland as far as Lake Michigan, you’d have to do it by sharknado.

        I think sChitcago needs a meteor.

    • It’s worse.

      It’s 8 cops to protect his HOUSE.

      He usually works downtown. So he gets a protective detail downtown AND gets one that protects his PROPERTY.

  11. the movie the purge comes to mind …get everyone out that does not want to participate and unleash the criminals…hell give them 72 hours not 12….they will eventually naturalize them self’s… the hand full that is left…scoop them up and put them in jail (easy button)

  12. I live in the burbs just outside chiraq. The city is a joke. Everyone I know is avoiding it like the plague.
    I have friends that lived downtown. Die hard liberals. I was at my lgs a few month ago and guess who I ran into. Yep. They moved out of the city after their home got cleaned out. Took everything. They had just bought 2 scary black rifles and handguns. And signed up for training classes.
    Some people are starting to wake up. They sadly need a life altering event sometimes.
    I work with people that live on the south side. One of them just lost his daughter to gang violence.

  13. It was actually pretty nice and friendly when I was there in 2005 (except the traffic, that was murder). 2008 did a lot of damage to the social health of so many American cities.

  14. I’ll give you three reasons, having lived there until I joined the Army:
    1. The city “government” is as corrupt as any you’ll find in the third world. Members of the city council are in bed with the major gangs.
    2. The police department is as corrupt as the “government”, considering itself wholly outside the law. Until relatively recently, there was a home invasion, burglary and kidnapping ring operating INSIDE the most “elite” unit in the department.
    3. The population obviously LIKES these things, since they’ve been voting for them since before my grandmother moved there from Nashville… BEFORE WWI.

    Black Chicagoans elected and reelected Richard M. Daley for something like twenty+ years, DESPITE the fact that he profited politically from an organized torture ring operating INSIDE the Chicago PD. Most of the known victims of said ring were NOT Norwegian…

    Chicago is what it is because the Chicagoans WANT it that way. Sucks to be them.

    • The funny thing is I think 2) largely eludes from 1). Look at the Laquan Mcdonald Shooting. It wasn’t the chief of police that with held the video from the public to get re-elected, it was the mayor and DA who were looking to get re-elected at the time. Guess who’s head got rolled to appease the mob? Not Rahm or Anita. After that we have a new chief of police serving as the pleasure of the mayor who’s wrapped up in a promotional testing scandal that makes him a plausible target for blackmail. Not to mention he is purported to be one of the original people who saw the mcdonald video before the $5M of taxpayer hush mo-I mean settlement was paid out.

      The thin blue line most certainly starts from the mayor’s desk in Chicago. It probably starts there from many of these other cities too.

  15. It’s so bad that just this week, a woman was thrown to the ground and mugged on the same city block as Mayor Rahm Emanuel’s house.

    Come on. Apples to oranges comparison. Rahm is the mayor of Chicago. He has security detail; he’s important. That woman that was mugged – what’s so special about her? She doesn’t need any security.

  16. The biggest problem with the black community youth today is the violence in the music. They want to “emulate” what they hear and see in the music videos, trust me that’s the problem. Fixing the music is the first step in the right direction!!!

  17. There are 100,000 gang members in Chicago, not counting the 11,000 members of the Chicago Police Department. That’s a whole lot of criminals.

  18. There are only two things I like about Chicago-
    1.) The Cubs
    2.) Harry Dresden
    Actually, there are three things-
    3.) Pizza

  19. We did not have police forces for a long time–but we had militias and sheriffs. My county formed its PD in 1940. I wonder how crime was handled back then? Hmmmmm. 😉

      • Chicago had a police department in 1919… during the 1919 race riot.

        You know, the one where the Chicago police chief refused to defend the Black community from White rioters?

        You know the one where the only reason the Black community wasn’t burned to the ground as a whole was because the returned Black doughboys (like my great uncles) raided the National Guard armories and armed themselves with M1903s and M1917s?

        My grandmother was there for it. Strangely she was never a supporter of gun control. Oddly enough neither were the Bielski brothers…

  20. Hey Curtis in IL, thanks for the Illinois concealed carry by county link:
    I compared it to Illinois health & mortality by county:
    Can anyone comment on what’s going on? Cook County (pop 5 million) has poor concealed carry and average health & mortality. The Chicago collar counties (another 5 million) have poor concealed carry and good health & mortality. The far downstate counties (about 1 million) have high concealed carry and poor health & mortality.

    • There is no connection that I can find between Concealed Carry Licenses and “health and mortality.” Truth is, there are many independent factors that affect both.

      Most of the people who are getting CCLs are people who already have some familiarity with firearms. Obviously you’re going to get more in rural counties where everyone hunts and self-reliance is the way people are raised. No one is surprised that Cook County has the lowest ratio of CCLs per capita, and we shouldn’t be surprised that the collar counties aren’t far above them.

      What I haven’t quite figured out is why the Southern Illinois counties have such a higher rate of CCLs per capita then the RURAL counties in Northern Illinois.

      • I’ve been in every area of Illinois. Southern Illinois is much more like Kentucky or Indiana. Self-reliance and a disdain for gubmint,a love for hunting,fishing and I assume lots of the rural folk already carried “something”. Chicago will never be fixed-gangs,po-leece brutality and corruption and mainly democrats.

  21. Of course there are multiple police cars at the mayors house (and at the houses and businesses of council members \ aldermen). Yet still Rahm’s son managed to get mugged. At night. In an alley nearby. Where he was surely conducting a homework assignment.

    • “Enforce” them against WHOM?

      If you arrest the gang members for gun crimes, who’s going to work on your election campaign?

  22. And when TTAG starts to opine about crime, the PC liberalism at its core shines through.

    I understand that gun owners have been demonized by the media as being a bunch of redneck racist OFWGs. I get it. I understand that being called a racist is the worst thing(except for being called a pedophile) which can happen in today’s society. Yep, even murderes aren’t as hated as racists. I get the fear.

    But the ONLY reason Chicago is Murder City, USA is the same one Memphis, Detroit, Oakland, New Orleans, Gary, Newark, Louisville, Miami, D.C. NYC, Atlanta, and every other city with more than 30% blacks has a staggeringly high murder rate. There are too many black people there.

    There is not a town, city, state, country, or continent which is majority or near-majority which does not have a murder and violent crime rate higher than its white counterpart. Even dirt-poor Appalachia, which is awash in guns, meth, moonshine, and pills doesn’t have a murder problem. West Virgina’s murders in 2014? 74. Population? 1.85 million. Chicago’s murders in 2016? 73. And since they are OVERWHELMINGLY on the South Side, lets’ look at that area’s population—-862,000. So far in Chicago there have been 74 murders. Hmm. Half the population, yet 8 months in Chiraq is one ahead in murders.

    The problem is blacks. Look at anywhere on the planet where blacks have settled. The Bahamas? 3rd world peasant enclaves with pockets of tourist resorts. Haiti? A deforested hell where the population eats mud to survive. Black neighborhoods in TORONTO, a city whose nation has welcomed blacks with open arms, are filled with violent crime. London, Paris, Rome, and of course, all of Africa, except for few parts of South Africa which are still under white control—all crime infested danger zones.

    Meanwhile, people in Wyoming have more guns per capita and less crime than the whole of the US. Why? Wyoming is 2% black, and most of those are Airmen stationed at F.E. Warren AFB, who became residents to avoid paying state income tax in the states from where they originated.

    It’s not about poverty. It’s not about schools. It’s not even about dependence on entitlements. It’s just the nature of blacks in high concentrations. I don’t know why. It just seems to be.

    The black side of town is never the good side of town. The trashiest of white trash trailer parks don’t have murders on a regular basis—and you would likely, white OR black, survive inadvertently wandering into it. Can you say the same if a white family strayed into any ghetto? Bunches of Dead German Tourists learned the truth in Miami and Orlando. Plenty of white people learned in Milwaukee. They learned in Ferguson.

    If you’re not going to address the true cause of violent crime in America as a diversion from the attacks on gun rights in an honest way, then you’re not doing the subject justice.

    Poverty doesn’t cause crime. Plenty of people who are poor are the salt of the earth who would never turn to crime. There are poor neighborhoods all over America where kids can leave their bikes unlocked outside their homes. They’re in white neighborhoods. There are places in America where no murders happen for years. They’re white places.

    Crime in America is a black thing. Why is this subject forbidden? Because people don’t want to be “mean”? Because people have been forcefed sympathy for blacks since about 1968? I was made to watch “Roots” IN SCHOOL once a year once it became available on video. Did they show me great cinema or expose me to art or classical music? Nope. But I got “Roots” and a week every year on Martin Luther King. I got a brief mention of the Founding Fathers, Thomas Edison, Enrico Fermi, Robert Oppenheimer, Nicola Tesla—but learned a lot about George Washington Carver and his peanut obsession. The media is LOATHE to report black crime—because showing people the truth is counterproductive to the propaganda machine they’ve created.

    Crime is a black thing. More blacks ALWAYS equal more crime. Always.

    • Explanation may be found by reading “Bell Curve: Intelligence and Class Structure in American Life”
      by Richard J. Herrnstein , Charles Murray, and

  23. “Illinois legislators passed a bill last year that requires police officers to document any Terry stops (brief investigative stops by police) starting January 1, 2016. The bill, touted as police “reform”, does many things including mandating time-intensive paperwork for these stops. Suspects must get a “receipt” indicating the officer’s name, and the time, place and reason for the stop.” Not so subtle pro-police fawning here as usual by John Boch. Cops have such hard jobs complying with the Constitution.

    Wow, armed agents of the state actually have to tell you their name when they question you, what a drag! Down in Champaign County that’s not necessary, if you’re a good old boy you already met the cops at the local shooting range barbecue. They’re all “on the same side” against “bad guys.” (If you never leave the county.)

    All of the above is good, basic accountability under law. Every notice how tiny the name plates are on some police uniforms, so it’s impossible to read their names without a magnifying glass? The legislature should force the police to wear name tapes with inch- high letters just like the military. Legitimate authority presents itself as such. Unmarked cars and plainclothes police indicate the slide of America into a third world banana republic, but the good old boys think that will never happen “around here.”

    • Ghost when your brand of cop-hating lies and bull$#it becomes mainstream public sentiment instead of obsessive anti-social hate and bias held by an extremist fringe of society, lawlessness and anarchy on a scale as seen in Chicago today is the result.

      For generations a majority of blacks have taught their children from birth to hate the police and now those children have grown up to be leaders and political bosses in dysfunctional cities like Chicago, Baltimore, Detroit, Philadelphia, and St Louis where their “F**k the Police” convictions have successfully neutralized the rule of law resulting in an ever growing downward spiral into lawlessness and anarchy.

      • If you want “lawlessness and anarchy”, you go to the Chicago Police Department.

        Apparently, you’ve never heard the names Burge, Finnegan or Weems.

        The Chicago PD isn’t there to cause disorder.

        They’re there to PRESERVE disorder.

        … or words to that effect from somebody who helped start the 1919 race riot…

  24. On paper Chicago should be a liberal gun free zone Utopia. The only thing holding the Windy City back is a lack of cooperation by the hordes of ruthless black predators roaming the streets with near impunity and a sense of entitlement to seek out victims.

    Even though the criminal degenerate animals who give less than a $#it about tough gun laws are killing mostly each other in record numbers, that doesn’t lessen the pain and carnage law abiding Chicagoans are forced to endure in their out of control city run by a corrupt African American Democrat political machine and liberal party bosses like Rahm Emanuel.

  25. Misdemeanor battery!? I shouldn’t have read this. It’s making me really really angry. SIGH.

    It’s because of all them GUNS I tells ya! :p


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