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“We’re unable to say exactly the number of shootings it will reduce, but really any gun we get off the street is one less chance of something bad happened.” – Chanda Smith Baker in Nonprofit to buy guns out of dangerous hands [via]


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  1. I read that title as every gun we can get to people in inner cities to defend themselves counts . If if saves just one life it is worth it.

    • You mean every gun you take from a law abiding citizen will lessen the chance of ‘something bad’ happening (whatever that term means)? Really? What a moronic statement from a simpleton. Ms. Smith Baker’s people account for a large percentage of all firearms related crimes. Does she advocate taking those people off the streets?

      There was a time that we looked to our best and brightest for guidance. Now, we listen to the worst and dumbest like Ms. Smith Baker.

  2. I wonder how she is getting the criminals to sell their guns? And if it is working for her why aren’t other people doing the same thing in other high-crime areas?

    • Right? Every criminal is sure to be fully trusting of this organization because they also want the street to be safe. So they will march right into whatever location that is set up with no concerns or thoughts at all they they won’t be arrested or at the very least have all their information (face and name at the least) tracked and given to the police.

  3. Well at least their original title admits it is th hands that are the dangerous part rather than the guns. Of course, it won’t be the really bad actors that will be turning in the guns, just some old guy or lady with something they don’t want.Too far from my area for me to go be an assistant in getting those guns into good hands. Though if you don’t live far away you might be able to pick up some worthwhile hardware and prevent it from being part of some ugly, pointless art project.

  4. $300 = compensation for turning in an assault weapon, semi-automatic small caliber rifle with detachable magazine
    $200 = compensation for turning in handguns and large caliber rifles, bolt action or lever action rifle
    $100 = compensation for turning in shotguns, and small caliber rifles, bolt action or lever action rifle
    $15 (or donated)= compensation for turning in inoperable guns of any kind, antique firearms, or BB guns

    So if I have a Mossberg 715T (semi-automatic .22lr with detachable magazine) does that mean I can turn it in for $300.00? Cuz thats about $120 more than you can buy them for new…..

    • Might be a straw purchase depending on what side of the bed the ATF woke up on this morning.

      Otherwise you found one of the two things gun “buy backs” actually get: Guns worse less than they’re giving you (the other is “inherited guns”).

      • If I go buy ten of them and turn them in and say I just wanted to get them off the streets (like the pastor in Oregon) then all should be good right? I mean they do say no questions asked…..

        Then I take my $1500 profit and start buying the handguns and antique firearms that people are turning in for more than the buyback is paying. And voila, I can complete my collection for an initial investment of $1500. Anyone else want a piece of this?

        • I’m going to go with Nanashi on this one. It does depend on what side of the bed the ATF left their fuzzy slippers the night before.

          Hell, if, a few days after the purchase of a firearm, your kid needed dental / medical work, or $ for a field trip and momma asked you to take your new firearm to a pawn shop, THAT might be a straw purchase to the ATF.

    • I was pondering the same thing about AR lowers. A $50 Anderson lower = $300 buy? Of course, they probably have no idea what a lower is, or that it is considered a firearm.

      Of course, I’m an OFWG so I’d probably get turned away before I could even inquire, given what happened at a more recent ‘buy back’ event.

  5. This says it all about the futility of her program…
    No sane criminal will give up their gun

    “In fact, a staggering 80% of gun homicides are gang-related. According to the Center for Disease Control (CDC), gang homicides accounted for roughly 8,900 of 11,100 gun murders in both 2010 and 2011. That means that there were just 2,200 non gang-related firearm murders in both years in a country of over 300 million people and 250 million guns.”

    • If we could only figure out how these gangs are funded and then maybe dry up that funding source….

      Make prostitution and drugs legal and the gangs go out of business.

    • “No sane criminal will give up their gun”

      Don’t be silly, of course they will. Figure it this way, gun was stolen in the first place, used to shoot several opposing gang members and a cop or two, time to get rid of it, $200 will be a good start at purchasing another stolen gun.

  6. Whatever helps you sleep in blissful ignorance at night maam…………………….., though I doubt the dealers and bangers are about to surrender their method of power over victims.

    • Blissful ignorance indeed. Legitimate gun owners have no problem getting rid of them. The market for used firearms has never been healthier.

      But if you’re a prohibited person who wants to dump the stolen gun that you used in last night’s drive-by, your options are limited. This lady is a gang banger’s dream.

  7. Sounds great.

    Let’s have the political and hollywood elites lead by example by getting rid of all their armed security.

    • 2000+thumbs up! I let’s start a nationwide ballot initiative to ban politcians from having, or being provided any form of armed security ! What’s good for your constituents is good for you! No special privileges, or “rights for government officials “. The USA doesn’t recognize royalty in this country!

    • They’re special. You’re not. They ‘need’ protection. You do not. Inbred bitter clinger that you are.

      /end sarc

      One of me, not for thee. “Privileged” status. Connected. Whatever you wish to call it, so goes the way of Progressive mind-think.

  8. Fortunately I keep my guns in the house and not laying around in the street so there’s no need to get them ‘off the street’.

    • I thought about letting mine out to run free at one point. But Shannon and Mike convinced me that they would mayhem and havok, so make sure they stay safely locked up, and given them a stern talking-to now and then.

  9. According to the story she is an anti-gun activist because her cousin was killed by a minister over a romantic relationship? Exactly how is a gun buyback going to prevent that in future? She should be supporting anger management and marriage counseling, not gun buybacks.

  10. If she’s paying decent money for guns, maybe criminals will sell their current gat to her so they can get more $$ to buy a better one from the source they bought the first one from. Just saying this silly-a$$ ploy might backfire like she never imagined because she’s naive and has no idea how many guns are out there available for “No Questions Asked” sale. Hell, even the Clinton Foundation doesn’t have enough cash on-hand to buy enough illegal guns to dry up the criminal sources selling them.

  11. I have a couple old shotguns that probably aren’t worth $100. Too bad I don’t live closer to Minneapolis. I would donate the proceeds to the NRA.

    • Seriously, I have a old Stevens single-shot that we found when my step-father passed away. it is in rough shape, but it (sort of) works. I’d take a $100 for it and fund 3 more stripped lowers with that.

  12. We’re unable to say exactly the number of shootings it will reduce, but really any ‘gang member’ we get off the street is one less chance of something bad happened.


  13. Every gun-grabber we can put (out of their homes and) on the streets, the better off we’ll all be. The streets are dangerous where they live, and they can take one for the team. We can mop up later [after the Prez.’s “Hey let’s import ISIS” plan comes to full fruition] with C/B/R WMD’s.

    For the kids.

  14. I can’t understand why the gang bangers don’t just rob the people running the buy backs. You know they are unarmed, you know they have cash, and that they believe every criminal is just a good kid waiting to go to Harvard if someone will just give them a chance, so they won’the call the po-po. Come on bangers!! Use your head. Show us your not as stupid as OFWGs believe you are!

  15. “any gun we get off the street is one less chance of something bad happened.”

    Doubtful, Chanda. But take one gangster off the street and you will prevent a thousand crimes.

    Even if the gangster is just turning his life around. They seem to be doing that just before they kill someone.

  16. We should not speak ill of the dead — but as they say on the TV lawyer shows, the lady opened up the line of questioning. According to the article on the TV station link, her cousin was a part-time security guard and was shot by a jealous husband. The article is deliberately unclear about whether he was shot in the line of duty or shot because the husband found the cousin with his wife. With it being unclear, I will take door number 2. To paraphrase others who have commented, how does a gun buyback solve the problem of cheating wives and willing dudes? (It’s also interesting that she parlayed the cousin’s death into being director of a self-proclaimed community agency. Without a doubt funded by taxpayers or Bloomberg or Gates.)

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