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Buy Guns Tax-Free in These States – “Gun buyers in two states will soon get a reprieve from sales taxes. Mississippi and Louisiana will host “Second Amendment Weekend” sales tax holidays over the next two weeks. MississippiOpens a New Window.  will exclude purchases of firearms, ammunition and hunting gear from the state’s 7% sales tax from Aug. 26-28. Louisiana’sOpens a New Window.  5% sales tax won’t be imposed on non-commercial firearms purchases from Sept. 2-4.” Time to crack open that piggy bank.

Swedish Gun Control Works, Muslims Forced to Use Grenades – “Gun control works. Unfortunately irrational gun-loving Americans refuse to recognize that we should be more like Europe. Take Sweden for example. A few weeks ago, Vox ran a story boasting, ‘Sweden may have the answer to America’s gun problem.’ How’s that answer working out? Great. Muslims in Sweden have so much trouble getting guns that they have to settle for throwing around grenades.”

Always tip your waiter: SAPD: Waiter fires shots into ceiling inside Little Red Barn Steakhouse – “The Little Red Barn Steakhouse, just south of downtown (San Antonio), is known for servers who wear fake guns and holsters, but on Wednesday a real gun caused a lot of chaos. A witness, who did not want to be identified, said that she was waiting on some men at lunch who were upset about their food. ‘The customers mentioned that he messed up their order, so when the waiter went to the side to step back, one of the customers got loose and started beating on the waiter,’ the witness said. She added that the waiter was able to get away and returned with a gun.”

Your Texas tax dollars at work: EXCLUSIVE: UT prof mocks NRA, Christianity with satirical prayers – “During a faculty-sponsored rally immediately following Wednesday’s ‘Cocks not Glocks’ protest, which attracted thousands of dildo-wielding Texans opposed to the state’s new campus carry law, Professor Steven Friesen spoke briefly to present what he called “the revised Texas version of the Bible.’ ‘In the old Bible, Jesus says, blessed are the pure of heart, for they shall see God,’ he proclaimed, asserting that a revised version ought to state: ‘blessed are the purely heartless, for they will seek NRA funding.’”


      • Remember the picture of the college boy holding up a sign that said something like “I need feminism because I shouldn’t feel ashamed when my girlfriend uses her strap-on on me”? Yeah, that’s the direction this country is going, and basically where every other “Western, developed” country is already…

        • Sounds like your typical loser.

          Look, I really don’t care what consenting adults do in the bedroom, but I will say that if your partner is forcing you into sex acts that you’re not comfortable with then that’s an abusive relationship and you need to GTFO of it.

          The fact that someone would stand out with a poster that basically says “I’m abused by my partner but what I really need is for society to accept the abuse” is just out and out fucked. How much do you want to bet she made him do that because she’s a controlling and manipulative psycho?

        • He probably feels ashamed because she didn’t have the god damn common courtesy to give him a reach around…

        • I’m guessing that it is the first time he has had ass since his finger went through the toilet paper.

  1. Wonder how long the dildo toters will keep up their protest….my guess is it goes limp in less than a week…..Heyyyyy-Ohhhhhhhh!

    • I expect some of them will keep it UP much LONGER since actual guns make them RIGID with terror!

      You might even say the free plastic boyfriend was a major reason to attend. Especially if you saw the same pictures of the event that I did, unless they are comforting each other…..

      • I think your version of “comfort” and their version of “comfort” might be slightly different. Hint: It most likely involves the man made implements they are parading around.

  2. I’d love some student activist to file a complaint saying that as a male to female trans lesbian, the sight of the male genital substitutes is a microagression based off our society’s paternalistic notion that orgasm can only be achieved by penetration.

    Foist the academics on their own safe space petards.

  3. In response to the waiter story. Everyone here is a retard.

    One guy starts beating on the waiter for messing up an order which is beyond insane. Then the waiter goes and gets a gun and starts shooting into the ceiling which is, again, beyond insane. You got away. Use that call the cops and get the guy arrested for assault/battery whatever they call the charge in that jurisdiction. Don’t grab a gun and go back for (pardon the pun) a second helping of stupid because all you’re going to do is get yourself a felony.

    As for the protest, who gives a shit what this guy says? This is a group of people think that wandering around in public with a strap on attached to you passes for intelligent protest. They’re idiots and idiots gonna idiot.

    • I read it 7 times and I still can’t make any sense out of it. The other retard was the one who wrote the story.

      “A witness, who did not want to be identified, said that she was waiting on some men at lunch who were upset about their food.”

      So it wasn’t the waiter that shot the gun. It was the cook???

      “‘The customers mentioned that he messed up their order, so when the waiter went to the side to step back,”

      WTF does that mean? Pro Tip: Never go to the side to step back. It may invoke an attack.

      “…one of the customers got loose and started beating on the waiter,’”

      Got loose? Is this a restaurant or a BDSM club?

      “She added that the waiter was able to get away and returned with a gun.”

      Again, I thought she was their server and “he” messed up their food. Why didn’t she take care of them? Where was the manager? Say what you want about “Florida Man”, but parts of Texas are FUBAR.

        • Nah, I like some people who happen to live in Texas. I know more than a few.

          The rest of it is just a wee bit too hypocritical and its adherents are a bit too delusional, even for my taste. They really believe ‘everything is better in Texas’ despite repeated evidence to the contrary, that high school football is a part of their religion, that their brand of crazy Joel Osteen mumbo-jumbo is what we should all believe, that kinda thing. While we’re on the way to the ‘Gentleman’s Club’ of course.

          I just get weary of the constant selling of the Texas mythology. Yeah, it’s a state. I’ve spent time in DFW, HOU, SAT and many outlying areas.. It has some interesting things about it, and the rest is the same as everywhere else. It does have more illegals than all but Cali, the cops are often corrupt, the laws are hardly those of some ‘bastion of freedom’. All states have their pluses and minuses, those who proudly call themselves Texans just conveniently forget all the minuses.

    • I tried to talk my wife into going on a road trip to Delaware. Ironically, of course. Your state is like Chuck e Cheese, you see one and you’re like “wait… is that still a thing?”

      Tax free guns though… That I can get down with. What else ya got? Sell me on Delaware.

        • Don’t forget to see the titanium dioxide plant which happens to be the only source for this chemical in the US. Blood work is provided.

      • We have super low property taxes. Gun laws are better than jersey and MD but not as good as PA. Best thing about DE is its location between places like DC, NYC, and the surrounding areas.
        Like CO we are being invaded by liberals looking for cheap living after destroying their state.

  4. The campus carry whining will stop soon.

    Once Trump gets in office, they’ll have something new to piss and moan about.

  5. I’m glad that “Professor”(I use that term loosely) Steven Friesen self identified as a scum sucking bottom feeder! I wish more of these scum bags would do that.

  6. I’ll be in LA helping dig people out over Labor Day. That’s also my birthday. Maybe a long gun or two wouldn’t be remiss?


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