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“Many pundits talk about the gun culture being different in rural areas than urban centers. But the culture of people caring about each other is more widespread than some suppose. The gun industry’s misleading propaganda can only hold sway if people accept it without thinking. In the pauses, we saw that people are more thoughtful than the NRA must hope. On the surface, many gun owners appear not to care at all what happens to people in Chicago. But give them just a moment to pause and reflect, and their thoughtfulness and humanity can emerge.” –  Lee Goodman in Opinion: Gun owners who pause to think don’t always buy NRA line [via]


Blue Force Gear Quote of the Day: Counting on Gun Owners in November">Previous Post
Blue Force Gear Quote of the Day: Holding a Machine Gun Shoot 50 Miles from Orlando is 'Heartless'">Next Post


  1. I tried following the link and …
    The Chicago Sun Times “seems to have lost this page” as it is 404’d for me.
    Anti-gun Progs are like cockroaches: shed light on their anti-constitutional activities and the scurry for cover. LOL

  2. Fundamental difference in thought.
    I care about everyone. Everyone should be able to bear arms in defense of themselves and others because evil exists.

    They say they care about everyone. They don’t want anyone to be able to bear arms in defense of themselves and others. They go so far as to prosecute people who carry or have had to use pepper spray or stun guns.

    People who care don’t declaw their cat then send it outside and hope for the best.

    • That’s probably the best way I’ve ever heard it said. I’m keeping that line “people who care don’t declaw their cat, then send it outside and hope for the best.”

      • Agreed.

        The same people who neuter feral cats to control the feral population would never allow them to be declawed before being released.

        “That would be cruel! They’d be defenseless out there!”


        Yet that is exactly what they want for *us*…

    • I cared quite a bit when I lived in Illinois, because I knew darned well that when the bills one day came due to clean up that mess, I’d be one of the ones having to pay for it. (That includes the pension deficits as well as Chicago, btw…)

      Now that I live in a different state, I still care, because guess who’s the bailout provider of last resort? Right … the federal government.

  3. I lived in Chicago for a brief time.

    My thoughtlessness and lack of compassion for Chi-Iraq has more to do with personal experience and less to do with the NRA.

    As it turns out, I can have my own perspectives complete free from the effluence of some large external agency.

    I know thats hard for statist conceive, but it does happen.

  4. I am a veteran with PTSD. I care about essentials and I care about my people. Other than that I don’t care, because if I care that means I am willing to die for it/them. If I am honest I don’t feel moved or touched when people are massacred. In fact I just think about how fun it would have been to shoot back.

  5. I don’t care about the plight of the people in Chicago. Part of being a conservative is understanding that I can’t change the world. I can’t change the hearts of other people. Be it criminal gangs or radical jihadis, the only way I can put a stop to their pernicious behavior, should I encounter them myself, is with a gun. I can’t force the politicians to quit interfering with their subjects right to self defense. I can’t put a stop to the black market for drugs (or guns). I can’t give the wayward children fathers who set an example for them to follow by getting up in the morning and going to work. This is Chicago’s problem not mine. I have as much power to fix their problem as I have to bring peace to Syria. Taking a minute to ‘reflect’ on their problems is a waste of time.

    • This, I am done giving up what is mine to help “the greater good”.

      let everyone else face their own fate. They either chose it or were predestined for it and there is nothing you can do.

      • The irony is that the greatest evil ever perpetrated by man was for ‘the greater good’. There is no ‘greater good’.

  6. Uh, the “gun industry propaganda” is freedom for everyone. I guess that’s a problem to spineless people like the author of the comment.

  7. Perhaps the NRA does care about the people of Chicago, enough to try and change their gun laws to more closely resemble cities with lower murder rates.
    If you had cancer, wouldn’t you go to the doctor with the highest survival rate instead of the one with the worst? So why should we copy cities with the worst homicide rates nationwide?

  8. Two things I don’t care about:

    1) Anything the NRA says. Anti-gun people LOVE to gobble up and regurgitate the myth that the NRA has absolute mind control over every gun owner in the country. It’s SO fucking annoying.

    2) People dying in Chicago. Also, people dying anywhere. We’re not wired to care about people we don’t have emotional connections with. Today is Saturday. Last night, I’d guess at least a dozen people in this country drove drunk and splattered their brains all over their windshields. Nobody is crying for them except their loved ones, and unless the mainstream media tells everyone they’re supposed to care, there will be zero calls for “commonsense alcohol reform.”

  9. “Gun industry propaganda”= You’re an American, act like it.
    I’ve reached a place where I can truthfully say ” I don’t hate anyone”. The reasons that I own firearms are many, but indifference and hatred are not among them.

  10. Breaking news! Dwayne Wade’s cousin shot to death after being caught in gang crossfire while pushing her BABY in a stroller. I’m sure we’ll hear the NBA millionaire talk about banning those evil guns “for the chillen”…and taking a ” shot”(get it?)at the NRA. Yeah I care about Chicago.

  11. Again, this guy doesn’t understand the big picture on violence, crime, drugs, and gangs. He failed to correctly identify the problem and tries to pin it on the NRA. Last time I checked, I didn’t see any NRA extermination squads in Chicago.

  12. I *DO* care about what happens in places such as Chicago however I am not sticking my head in the sand (or up somewhere else) in terms of the real source of it. Tend to your criminals.

  13. People pretend to “care” about others out of a sense of moral superiority. If you threw those same privlaged people into a war zone you would see their priorities rapidly narrow. Excess sympathy is a luxury of the first world.

  14. I have lived in the suburbs of Chicago for about 50 years. I would never live inside the city limits, where everything depends on being a crony with your alderman. Chicago is a good place to visit, especially the ethnic restaurants and live theater on the North side, but I minimize my time and money spent there.

    The crime problem of Chicago largely certain neighborhoods on the south and west sides. Look at the website which maps crime in Chicago.

    Blaming guns for crime is what Chicago city government does to deflect understanding that the city has an incompetent police force which is 2,000 officers under strength and led by political hacks.

    Goodman is a sideshow.

  15. Mr. Goodman’s er, Badman’s argument here is a joke and a bad one at that.

    His entire argument is a non sequitur and boils down to this: Bad people in Chicago do bad things so we must strip the rights of other people away because caring.

    No Mr. Badman, caring isn’t the answer. Carrying is the answer!

  16. Of course we care, that’s why we carry. It’s the anti’s that need to look into their hearts and figure out why they despise humankind so much that they want us to be easy prey.

  17. Why should I care about Chicago if Chicago doesn’t care about Chicago? Our White House is currently occupied by a bunch of Chicago transplants trying to spread their crap to the rest of the country.

  18. Wall off the city and declare it a “NO LAW” zone.

    With no law, there is no police, fire, or ambulance services, no electricity, no water, no sewerage, no garbage removal, no phone service, no postal service, and most of all NO WELFARE!

    I would give the area about 6-9 months, and about 3-4 over a winter season.

  19. It’s not the NRA’s line.

    All on my own, I thoughtfully care about the humanity who will end up robbed, raped, killed or worse absent the means to defend themselves from predators, thugs, terrorists and crazies.

    Monsters gonna monster. I’d prefer that people, maybe call them “humanity”, less steeped in violence have the means to maybe resist violence done to them by those more drawn to it.

    There’s a difference between #shootfirst, and #shootback.

  20. The fact that guns are inanimate beneign objects until a human piclks one up imbueing it with motivation and intent eludes the gun ban proponents. With the entirely plausible fact that any object can be a weapon then the banning of humans w2ill proive exponentially more effective. The elomination of humans in total would satify the issue of any and all violence. A modest proposal, my apology to J. Swift.

  21. “Gun owners who pause to think don’t always buy NRA line”

    Thats a finely crafted back-handed compliment, right there.

  22. I’m glad the Second Amendment Foundation and the NRA where looking out for Otis MacDonald since the city of Chicago was not.


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