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Next Post reports that the Disney Corporation trademarked “Seal Team 6” three days after U.S. Navy SEALS put a bullet (or two) through the brain of terrorist Osama Bin Laden. Which begs the question, what the hell is Disney planning to do with the name? The trademark apps cover “entertainment and education services,” “toys, games and playthings” and”clothing, footwear and headwear.” What, no animated movie?¬†Aw c’mon. There’s got to be an animated movie! But what to call it . . .

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  1. I would bet that this is just a way to sit on a trademark for the sake of possibly making some money…. much like people do with domain names.

  2. Pornocchio? Victory Through Air Power? Bin Laden, The Highland Rogue? 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea [LMAO]? Ladies & the Tramp? Swiss Family bin Laden? Herbie Goes to Abbottabad? Now You See Him, Now You Don’t [LOL]? Robin bin Laden? Hot Lead and Cold Feet? Unidentified Flying Helicopter? Honey, I Shrunk the Pakistani Military’s Penises? The Adventures of Fuck bin?

    Just go to Wikipedia. It’s a Treasure Island of movies, remakes and sequels for the twisting (or not, several of those are direct quotes of Disney films).

  3. “Seal Team Six” will be the story of a misfit baby Harp Seal who narrowly escapes being clubbed to death by Canadian trappers and eventually hooks up with a gung-ho unit of pinniped Special Forces who take him under their wing. Er, flipper.

    With the help of three slightly anthropomorphic sidekicks (a Muslim flounder, a Jewish seagull and an agnostic seagoing lamprey) he proves himself during his friends’ rigorous indoctrination/qualification testing, called ‘Heck Week.’ His sidekicks and his survival skills prove invaluable to the team during their mission to terminate (actually, eat) an evil aquatic terrorist named Osama Bin Lobster with extreme prejudice. And drawn butter.

    With a soundtrack by Danny Elfman and songs by Phil Collins, Sir Elton John, and Cher, “Seal Team Six” promises to be rousing and inspirational fun for the entire family! Coming to a theater near you in autumn 2011.

    (c) 2011 by Christopher Dumm. All rights reserved, except for the name “Seal Team Six” which is already taken.


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