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KGUN 9 [Tuscon] POLL
Do you agree with President Obama’s statement that the border fence is “finished”?
Thank you for participating in our poll. Here are the results so far:
Yes  8%
No  91%
Undecided  1%

And here’s an indication that Arizona residents know of what they speak, via ” U.S. authorities are investigating a shooting between U.S. Border Patrol agents and an unidentified man who fired at them from the Mexican side of the border near Chimney Park on Tuesday night . . .

As agents tried to stop the alleged smugglers, they heard several shots fired in the immediate area, Huey said. Agents then saw a man on the Mexican side of the Rio Grande pointing a handgun in the agents’ direction, which prompted them to respond by retuning fire, she added.

“Agents are unsure if the subject was struck, however, the firing stopped,” Huey said.

The group traveling on the rafts jumped out and swam back to Mexico, abandoning the watercrafts and the narcotics inside, officials said. Agents were able to recover nearly 500 pounds of marijuana once the rafts were recovered.

No arrests were made and no suspects are in custody in connection with the shooting, Huey said. None of the agents involved in the incident have faced any disciplinary action, she added.

Wait? What? The feds aren’t going to discipline U.S. Border Patrol Agents for making a mockery of President Obama’s declaration that our Southern border is secure? Or did this incident prove his point? Clearly, not a lot of people on the sharp end of the narco-terrorist crime wave are predisposed to that viewpoint.

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  1. I say it’s time for landmines and machine gun emplacements, but I’m known to be a little aggressive sometimes…

  2. Interesting that this poll is from a Tucson TV station. Tucson is home to Sheriff Dupnik, the clown who a) Insists there is no illegal immigration in Pima County and b) blasted Sarah Palin, Rush Limbaugh, et al for Gabby Giffords being shot.

    Apparently his subjects constituents feel differently.

    • Well…I tend to agree with you. However, as powerful as the Mexican cartels are getting, I’m starting to wonder if we need a DMZ with automated turrets, et al, like South Korea has (albeit shares). That largely (and expensively) does work.

      Edit: Don’t get me wrong. I welcome anyone from Mexico that can make a legal, positive contribution to our country and carry their own weight. I’ve seen, and to much a lesser extent known, many who do. But, these narco-terrorists, they have to be stopped at the border, same as those that are basically slave-runners.

    • Well, that’s a ridiculous comparison. The Berlin Wall was intended to keep people in (i.e., prisoners). And it actually worked quite well (along with the rest of the Iron Curtain) because it was supplemented with comprehensive measures (patrols, surveillance, etc.). No, it wasn’t perfect because nothing is. That didn’t make it a failure. For its intended purpose, the Berlin Wall was a huge success.

      A wall is just one obstacle. Not as effective as an ocean, but an obstacle nonetheless.

  3. I think that when the national guard holds it’s training exercises, that they should all be held at these border locations where our troops can get hands on experience. This would make if harder for anyone to just stroll across our border.

  4. The border fence works at redirecting traffic to places without a fence and less patrolled. I think DHS sec. Incompitano was partially correct. Border towns with the fence and increased CBP, BP, and ICE are safer. Every where else is less safe. The traffic simply goes to where it is easier.

  5. My in-laws live in Chimney Park (In Mission, TX btw) and they say that the park is owned by some Border Patrol agents now. The agents bought the place in order to have quick access to the watchtower there.

  6. Our country does not have an immigration problem. Our country has a welfare problem.

    If you keep putting plates of tuna outside your back door, the fence around your back yard isn’t gong to keep the cats away.

    Get rid of the tuna and the fence. Problem solved.

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