Question of the Day: Is This Guy Really Special Ops?

Shooting an AR with a EOTech red dot sight is not a recipe for maximum accuracy at 100 yards. Still, is this “Special Ops” operative’s group or general demeanor indicate that he is nothing of the sort? What of the PLO scarf? Is he the real deal? As far as people yelling at you whilst firing, guns are not golf. Given that you’re holding a lethal weapon, the tendency is to maintain focus. Still, do NOT try this at home. Or on the range. Or home, home, on the range.


  1. avatar TTACer says:

    The guy on futureweapons was hitting a plate about that size at 300 yds standing up with that Israeli bullpup. Also this guy said "open sights" when he was actually using a holosight. I don't have an opinion about whether good irons would be more or less accurate than an EoTech, but I would expect the group itself to be a little tighter.

  2. avatar Ralph says:

    Shane was not wearing a PLO scarf. Clearly, it was a tallis, giving new meaning to the phrase "spray and pray."

    Can I get a concealed carry version?

  3. avatar @Faitmaker says:

    Actually he is using open sights (iron sights) in a co-witness position with the EoTech, as I do with my Aimpoint. Since he doesn't have a magnifier it is offering him no real help as the red top should be sitting on the tip of the front post. All it would really offer him is fast acquisition of the target, which is really not needed in this slow fire situation.

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