Mythbusters Sells Out Whilst Gripping a Gun Barrel Overhand

Has Mythbusters done an episode on jumping the shark? “We’re going to recreate Fonzi’s faked waterskiing jump over sharks, and Evel Knievel’s two-wheel aborted version of the same stunt, using real sharks and a Harley Davidson Fat Boy.” If not, they should. (Poor shark, but needs must.) Clearly, the show has run out of myths worth busting. Wait; have they done Sisyphus? Odysseus? Anyway, this Green Hornet caper proves exactly nothing—save the producer and talent’s willingness to do anything for a buck. “That didn’t suck,” one of the college-educated hosts pronounces. Check out 1:16 ib. That sucks.


  1. avatar Caleb says:

    That’s actually a pretty standard barricade grip when shooting a long gun such as a rifle, carbine, or SMG around a fixed position. Holding the handguard like that allows you to place more of your support hand against the barricade, which (assuming the barricade is fairly solid) gives you a more stable firing position. You’ll see lots of shooters doing that a 3-Gun matches with their rifles.

    1. avatar Robert Farago says:

      So much to learn . . .

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