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Last month, Gary Gormandy bought 50 rounds of .22 Hornet at Bass Pro Shop in Spanish Fort, Alabama. The soft-spoken 59-year-old entrepreneur fed the ammo into a recently purchased though elderly rifle. The powderless third bullet blew up, destroying the weapon, injuring Mr. Gormandy and deafening him. “I thought I was dead,” Gormandy told TTAG. Gormandy contacted Remington. At their request, he sent them 21 bullets for evaluation . . .

A week or so later, Remington recalled its .22 Hornet ammunition and offered Gormandy $5000 for his gun, or any Remington rifle of his choice and $3k. Gormandy declined, opting to seek out the services of a product liability lawyer. He also contacted TTAG to share his account of the incident in question and pictures of the aftermath. We’ll keep you posted . . .

i read your article about the truth about guns. i am the person that the remington 22 hornet ammo blew on. i bought the bullets at bass pro shop. a few days later i loaded the clip and put it in the gun,bolted a bullet into the chamber,then pulled the trigger. the gun just made a snap sound.i wasn’t sure what was wrong so i bolted the bullet out and put another into the chamber,well it didn’t fell just right. i then bolted it out and put in the third bullet.

i pulled the triggerand it was like a bomb going off in my hands. it destroyed my gun cracked the forearm, cracke the stock, broke the trigger guard and jammed the bolt withe the bullet in it, and blew the clip about 20 feet from where i was standing. i was lucky all it did was cut the side of my nose, burn my thumb and trigger finger,and i was deaf for the rest of the day.

i would really like to talk to you about this incident and how to make other people aware of this problem. the only place i have seen a recall notice is on the internet but not everyone has a computer.the gun was bought for my grandson. i thank god everyday that i pulled that trigger and not him. please contact me if you read this comment.

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  1. You just heard a snap on the first? When you ejected the cartridge, was the bullet still seated in the brass? Or is it possible the bullet was lodged in the barrel? Firing a full power round with the barrel plugged could do that. Still the fault of the ammo, but anytime something like that happens you need to check that the barrel isn't obstructed. I've had something similar happen to me.

  2. Anyone else noted that the last year or so a lot of the Remington bulk-pack Golden Bullet .22 ammo has a LOT of misfires? Their quality control appears to be slipping. Badly.

  3. I also experienced alot of misfires with the Remington 22 Golden bullet bulk pack. I recently contacted Remington and they are well aware of this problem. They were very apologetic. They offerd me a full refund or a free brick of there new line that will be available in 1to 2months. I chose the free brick.

  4. i purchased a case of Remington golden bullets .22lr and the bullet is not tight with the casing if you hold the bullet in one hand you can spin the bullet like a top and wiggle the bullet on the casing, i have also weighed over 100 bullets and each one differs in weight leading me to believe there are different amounts of powder/primer in each shell, i have e-mailed Remington called Remington and have got no response. the case purchased was 6300 rounds and now i can’t fire any of them as I don’t think any of them are safe and
    if anyone wants some scrap bullets to melt down the lead let me know as they are just a bunch of paper weights to me and Remington wont take them back so i’m just out 200 bucks
    time to talk to the bbb


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