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Shooting Industry News wants firearms retailers to know that knives generate Razor Sharp Sales. I reckon that cuts both ways. On one hand, knife sales add profit for dealers dealing with razor thin firearms margins. On the other hand, what do gun salesman know about knives? They have a hard enough time remembering to laser every single person that walks through the door. JK. A bit. So, do you carry a knife? If so, which one? And would you/did you buy one from a gun dealer?

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  1. A Buck locking folder, 3.25″ that I bought at a hardware store. Always. It replaced the last Buck I had that I forgot to take out of my pocket during a rush to the airport.

  2. Absoloutley!

    But I would NEVER buy one from a gun store. Markups are too high.

    I carry several, actually. They’re tools, and different tools work better for different jobs.

  3. I carry knives by Kershaw, Gerber, Zero Tolerance, Benchmade, Cold Steel, and others. But not all at once.

  4. I always carry a knife. Most recently I have been carrying a SOG Twitch II. Love it, perfect for EDC and simple needs. When I need something bigger I carry either my Spyderco Tenacious or Kershaw Blur. Both are great knives. I also never buy knives in a retail store, they are marked up by 25% – 50% compared to online options.

  5. For the past few weeks I’ve been carrying my Spyderco Paramilitary 2 CF / S90V (sprint model). It is a SWEET knife. Over the past couple of years, I’ve collected about 50 Spydercos. They make a fantastic quality knife that comes in a variety of irresistible flavors.

    A knife is part of my EDC “package.” I’ve bought all of my knives from online dealers (and a few private online transactions, too). I had to get my Manix 2 CF / S90V all the way from a dude in Australia.

    For me, my knives are cutting tools rather than defensive weapons.

  6. Yes, as a combo of backup weapon and utility tool. There are places I can’t carry my gun that I can take my knife, which means I’m not completely defenseless, despite the best efforts of some out there.

  7. I usually keep a leatherman fuse on me at all times. When I’m being tactical I carry a Randall made Buxton Fighting knife. I’ll also carry a bench made switchblade, but only on duty or else it would be illegal. I also carry a benchmade knife that safely cuts web straps like a seat belt.

  8. Never quite figured out the facination with having a “tactical” or “paramilitary” pocket knife. Or paying the huge price tag for something that ugly. Have yet to see what they can do that my CV yellow Case sodbuster can’t? Reminds me of one of my employees that showed up to work bragging about his new “tactical” knife with assisted opening and stainless blades. Upon opening (slinging) it open little tiny screw flew all over the floor. Something my little, yet hair poppingly sharp carbon blade wont do.

    • +1 on the Case Sodbuster. I carry a black Case Sodbuster Jr whether I am in jeans knocking around the home or in a suit in the office or at church. It is easy to keep sharp and never raises an eyebrow when I pull it out. I also like the way it feels in the hand better than any of the mall ninja implements so many people seem to carry. I have a Sig 220C SAO on my hip to solve any social problems. The right tool for the right job in my opinion and don’t want to be caught bringing a knife to a gun fight.

  9. I carry an Emerson CQC-7 daily, clipped to my pocket. A Leatherman Skeletool stays in my bag.

    I don’t think I’d buy a knife from a FFL . . . just because I seem to buy everything from Amazon. I did get one in a $5 grab bag once.

  10. Who doesn’t? A Spyderco Delica. Nice, slim, light and just long enough. Got it online though. I’d like to try a Cold Steel knife, but they seem to be on the bulky side.

  11. Emerson Specwar, decade old and still going strong.

    Don’t go out of my way to buy knives from gun shops, but every so often one finds its way into the bag.

  12. I’ve said it before, and i’ve said it again, knives, especially ones with a 2-3.5” blade, make very poor weapons.

    You can litterally make do better with a good heavy stick.

    However, they are wonderful tools, and everyone should have one.

    • Tell that to the Texan who a few weeks ago fought a mountain lion off of his daughter using a pocket knife.

  13. I used to carry a Kershaw Vapor II with me as I work night audit alone at the hotel I’m at. I guess the manager caught wind of it from other employee or a guest (I never took it out or told anyone; stayed in front pocket behind wallet so as not to print against slacks as well) or X-Ray vision because when I came in to get my check this last Monday the page of the employee handbook stating “No knives or switchblades” and “No firearms” was attached to my check and highlighted. Now I plan on carrying a CountyComm Tube-otan; a kubaton that has a compartment for AA batteries to go with flashlight I have.

    I thought CA couldn’t get any worse…. I need a new job…

  14. Nope – have a hard enough time figuring out the gun laws in CA, I don’t know for sure, but I think the concealed knife laws are even more strict. But I do have cheapo SW tactical (SWFLCS) knife that I picked up at a local gun show (since you can’t buy guns at the gun show, knives seem to sell well here). Since it is camo, I sometimes can’t find it – but its nice knowing it is there should I need it.

    • I have that exact same problem with cool guy cammo gear, too.

      Maybe i’m not as smart and agile as some people are, but I misplace stuff, and finding something thats cammo out in the woods is that much harder. :/

    • In CA, you’re pretty much alright as long as your concealed knife is a single – sided folder. No courthouse carry, obviously, or another other building that has a clealy posted “weapons prohibited” sign. Butterfly knives, switchblades, ballistic (blade shooting), and knives disguised as something else (ie cane knives or lipstick – shaped knives) are also illegal.

      Hope that helps. I carry a Leatherman MUT or Skeletool, Benchmade Blackwater Limited, CRKT M16, or custom carbon CRKT. If I didn’t have an exemption, my TOPS USMC knife would be illegal.

  15. Putting a knife on is part of getting dressed. I’d feel as naked with out a knife as I would without pants.

    Which knife depends on where I’m going and what I’m doing. I prefer 1/3 serrated tanto points most day, sometimes carry a Husky folding razor knife and if I’m wearing a suit I usually grab my custom Opinel with Olive wood handle.

    Would I buy from a gun store, yes if they had what I wanted for a good price and I was there. Would I go to a gun store just to buy a knife, probably not.

    • I agree.

      I always carry my Gerber MkIII.
      It has severed me well nearly my entire life, and I have yet to find another kinfe that even comes close. If my Gerber ever broke (wich I doubt will ever happen) it has a lifetime warranty so I have no need for anything else.
      I go to the gun store for one reason only, and that’s to buy a firearm because getting ammo anywhere else but online is crazy because of all the mark-ups everyone else tacks onto it.

  16. I carry a folding Gerber with a 3″ blade; I can’t remember the model but it is sharp and I can get a good grip on it. I also have a couple of spring assisted S&W knives; I don’t like carrying them because then tend to open on their own sooner or later.

    • really? I have a S&W assisted..Still pretty new and I haven’t had any issues with it..How long did you own it before it started opening on it’s own?

  17. I always have a blade on me. What one depends on where I am going, what I am wearing etc. I carry a CRKT Hammond Cruiser, CRKT M16-14fd, CRKT Ultima, SOG Flash II, SOG Twitch II, and a Tom Krein Skinner

  18. Kershaw Junkyard Dog II.

    I understand some may have good reasons for not carrying a pocket knife, but I’m really surprised at how many people do not carry a knife.

    I can’t count the number of times I’ve helped others with my pocket knife. Usually it’s something as simple as opening a package or cutting tape, but I once cut the rubber muffler hanger off a stranded co-workers car out on the middle of the interstate. The rusted out exhaust pipe had broke about half-way back, and was dragging on the road, but was still connected to the muffler.

  19. I have a Spyderco Endura Wave I carry while I work, along with a SOG multi-tool that also has 2 spring-assist blades that can be deployed while the tool is closed.

    When I’m not at work I have a Spyderco Delica Wave.

    I want a knife I can open with one hand for one specific reason. As a professional driver, I feel that I have a higher probability of being first on the scene of an accident. If ever I’m in that situation, and I need to cut a seatbelt to free someone, I don’t want to have to go back to my truck. I want to have something functional on my person at all times.

  20. I’m never without a knife, I ALWAYS carry a small “neck-knife” from United Cutlery for self-defense. It’s a small skeleton-style, 2.125 inch blade, three-finger karambit. A karambit is an indonesian fighting knife, and is – in my opinion – as lethal as a small knife can get. The blade is hook shaped and protrudes from the bottom of your fist like some sort of evil claw from hell. One hay-maker or uppercut is all it would take to horribly injure or kill someone, as the blade will always dig in and naturally slash as deeply as possible instead of tending to glance off. Actually, just the sight of it is probably enough scare off any would-be attacker(s), as they would instinctlively know your knife is extremely dangerous. It is virtually impossible to disarm because the entire handle is enclosed in your fist, and it’s attached to your middle finger with a brass-knuckle style ring. Also, your index finger and thumb are free to operate a pistol with the knife in your hand (would scratch the handle though). Always hanging from my neck inside my shirt, looks like I’m just wearing a little chain like any common douchebag (you know the type, *chuckle*). I also carry a 3.25 inch Kershaw Speedsafe, or 3 inch CRKT M-16 about 90% of the time, as pulling out the Karambit to use as a tool would scare people. Check it out, it’s called the “Sonic Karambit” from United Cutlery, and will cost you around ten dollars (before shipping). Dont let the price fool you, it’s good quality steel, you’re getting a lot for what you’re paying. You’ll have to wrap the handle with a leather shoelace or para-cord though, as it’s far to tiny to come anywhere near filling up your hand. Comes with an excellet sheath but no chain for your neck.

    • Is this an excerpt from “First Blood” or “Soldier of Fortune”?

      I keep my pocket knife to cut string and open letters. I suppose that it could also be used to cut a man clean in half.

  21. Other than for self-defense, the knife I carry is useful for me as an EMT, even off duty. I mainly carry it for self-defense, but tell anyone who is skeptical that I carry it for utilitarian reasons.

  22. Spyderco Sage Carbon Fiber, from Amazon. Considering a Spyderco Dragonfly 2 which is short enough to meet the Federal building codes (blade 2.5″ max).

  23. I carry two almost all the time. I carry my CRKT Hissatsu for defensive purposes and a cheapo cabelas folding knife for everyday cutting needs.

  24. I always carry a knife whenever I’m dressed for anything other than swimming. I’m horrible about keeping track of my knives. Thus, I never buy expensive knives. My current EDC knife is the Kershaw Oso Sweet. I prefer spring assisted, drop point, non-serrated, and a pocket clip. Imagine my surprise to find all four in one knife. It didn’t hurt that it was less than $20.

  25. I have shopped for knives the same places I shop for firearms a number of times because that’s often the only place that carries knives I like. Usually that just means mid-range utilitarian. Tacti-crap is available a lot of places, very nice expensive ones here and there. I lose knives too often to buy expensive ones, but am too rough on them to buy poor quality. They also have no problem getting them out and letting you handle the knives, considering there are people handling guns a few feet away. I have developed a fondness for automatic knives, for no practical reason at all other than my carry permit lets me carry one, and gun shops are about the only place I can find them.

  26. Not “do I carry a knife” but “how many and of what kind.” But then, that’s Texas for you.

    I have a one-hand opening knife for quick cutting where I need to use my other hand for something else. I have another folder that I keep even sharper for those cases that require it. My Gerber multi-tool has two blades – a serrated sheepsfoot and a non-serrated drop-point. The drop-point is the dullest of the blades, used for paper, cardboard, wire-stripping, etc.

    Then, if I go into the woods I have a selection of rigid blades to use, depending on what I may need there. For true wilderness potential-survival situations it’s a Buck 119 rigid blade with a very thick spine, sharpened to a razor edge – using my late father-in-law’s old razor hone stone.

    What I cannot see – being from the South – is anyone in a gun/outdoors store not knowing about knives.

  27. A thoughtful selection of knives in a gun store is an excellent opportunity for retailers. Gun and knives complement each other on a man better than sheer fishnets and black pointed stiletto heels do on a woman. Well almost.

  28. I have been carrying a pocket knife everyday since I was 8. It was never a issue at school. I have only had 3 pocket knifes in 39 years. Never have bought one.
    My mother gave me my first for my 8th birthday, one of my friends gave me one when I graduated from college, now I carry a cheap CRKT Wrangler I won at a local USPSA match a few years ago.

  29. I right now I carry a Kershaw Leek. Honestly, I think everyone should carry a knife. I’ve said this before on this site, knives are great utility tools when you need them. Not great for self defense unless you really, and I mean really, know what you’re doing.

  30. As a lefty and picky about how I carry (point down and forward, pocket clip) I’m quite limited in my off the shelf options. I had an extremely nice William Henry folder, but when I lost it I started carrying an MOD Mark 1 that was given to me as a gift. Initially I found it both enormous and faintly ridiculous but I’ve carried it every day for years now and wouldn’t trade it for anything (I never need to dress up tho, I’m 46 and never owned or worn a suit in my life). I’m pretty sure in a fight I could just bludgeon someone with it without ever needing to open it up. It’s also tough as hell and super easy to clean and lube. I use the seatbelt cutter on anything and everything as well.

  31. Do no women carry knives? How foolish. Pretty much always. in my purse, in my car. fixed blade in the vehicle at all times, in my backpack for long hikes. folding knife in my small pack for short hikes, in my purse. one on my desk for opening the mail. never understood women’s aversion to knives. How do they cut the vegetables for making dinner?

    • I once had a woman housemate who railed how she hated weapons after she learned that I had a Gerber MK II Commando Knife 7″ blade. I replied that she has kitchen knives with longer blades and that her car is a far more dangerous weapon than my knife. I don’t think she liked my reply.

  32. SWMBO carries a small swiss army knife everyday. 3 inch blade, cork screw bottle opener. It’s so much part of her contents she forgets she has it and has had to mail it home to herself from the airport 4 different times.

  33. I carried a Benchmade Griptilian 553S for six years until I lost it a few weeks ago and replaced it with the 553SBK. Best $100 ever spent on a knife the first time around and it’ll be the best $125 ever spent on this time around.

    As for buying a quality knife at a gun dealer: perhaps if the prices are reasonable and they offering to sharpen it.

  34. Spyderco Manix 2, or a Kershaw Skyline. Fishing I use a Kershaw blackout. And on duty I keep a Gerber boot knife upside down in my belt for quick access. The wife carries a Manix 2 as well and a Swiss army knife

  35. Spyderco Manix 2, or a Kershaw Skyline. Fishing I use a Kershaw blackout. And on duty I keep a Gerber boot knife upside down in my belt for quick access. The wife carries a Manix 2 and a Swiss army knife

  36. Spyderco Manix 2, or a Kershaw Skyline. Fishing a Kershaw blackout.on duty a Gerber boot knife upside down in my belt for quick access. The wife carries a Manix 2 and a Swiss army knife

    • To me a pocket knife is a tool, not a weapon. My Colt Det. is my weapon, a pocket knife is a poor choice for self defence. The kid in the video with his cool tactical opening knife is going to end up stabbing himself in the thigh.

  37. SOG Flash 2. Never without it unless alternating with Benchmade folder or Ken Onion Ripple. Speaking of knives, anyone get their laserlyte pistol bayonets yet?

    • Knives are tools. I carry a knife for the same reason that I carry a flashlight. When I need a tool, I don’t want to be wandering around looking for it, I want it in my pocket and ready to go.

      I carry a Strider SMF.

    • There are people who collect knives, swords, etc. worth more than a new BMW because of their old-world craftsmanship and historic importance (i.e. Japanese Katanas). Are these people “pre-adolescent” too?

    • A knife, like a gun, is just a tool. If you get in a car accident, having a knife on you or within reach can save your life by allowing you to cut off a seatbelt whose buckle won’t open. Likewise, at home and at my second job, a knife is useful for opening packages and boxes, as well as many other things.

    • You don’t actually know if young boys are generally fascinated with knives, or if most grow out of it. You spout opinions suited to reinforce for you a story of life as you wish to imagine it, not as it is. I’ve also noticed many of your comments are intended to be insulting to people discussing a topic. In real life this would lead to your being discounted and excluded. I assume that in your actual face-to-face real life you are a submissive bottom.

    • I got my first knife in Boy Scouts at age 11 or 12 — it was the usual 4-blade “camper” style made by Imperial. Lost it one sad day, then did without any knife for perhaps 10-15 years. One birthday much later I was given a Swiss Army Classic — you know, one of those little jobs about two inches long — and my initial thought was “Well, thanks, but what am I going to do with this thing?”

      A week — and roughly two dozen uses of that Classic — later, I wondered how-in-hell I’d managed to get along without one for all those years.

      Well, predictably, that Classic finally broke in use — the toothpick and tweezers had long gone (and been replaced and lost again) — and numerous others of that same little model have followed it. The current one is about two months old — I give it maybe two years before it too will meet some end, and in turn be replaced by yet another Classic. One day I’ll die and Victorinox will stop making its fortune off me.

      Now is there some kind of weird psych hangup going on here, Mikeb302000? Gee, I dunno. Doesn’t look like it to me, but hey, what do I know?

      Oh, and a couple years ago on eBay I got a replacement for that old lost Imperial Scout knife. So maybe I really do have a knife fixation founded in pre-adolescence that’s never been resolved.

      Or maybe you’re just a bit overwrought.

  38. Depends on the distance between you and your opponent. Within close quarters a knife can be far more effective than a firearm.

    • +1 I never understood the whole “pilots should have guns” deal. I think a gun would be a liability to them if the SHTF and they have to repel a hijacker in the space of a cockpit. I think a short combat knife would be better. Messier, but better.
      And I also saw an episode of the show “Human Weapon” where two MMA guys got their asses handed to them by one guy armed with a fake knife and a ton of anger. Gave me respect for the knife as a weapon.

  39. My Cold Steel Recon 1 and an old Col. Littleton go with me everywhere.
    Maybe 20 knives of varying types in the home a couple of knives
    out of sight in my vehicles. Yard sales are great places to find old US made blades.

  40. I admit to having an almost unhealthy obsession with knives. I have a small collection that includes several Spydercos, Kershaws, a couple of CRKTs and Benchmades, and some vintage Case and Gerber folders.

    Right now I’m finding a CRKT Drifter in the pocket and a Spyderco Tenacious clipped to my right front pocket to be very satisfying, and there’s also the “flicking” factor that provides hours of fun.

  41. My “pocket knife” is a Buck Cadet I’ve carried, front right for 40 years, that my dad gave me for that reason. Front left has had a Swallowtail Balisong for 20 years. I’ve various folding and straight sheath knives worn depending on the job at hand. None of my knives have involved a salesman to assist me.

    My dad’s Buck Cadet is backup for when I loose mine.

  42. I carry a Gerber Applegate -Fairbairn Covert. The pocket clip has been moved to the tail of the handle for point down forward carry and a small weld added to the thumb latch so it opens as I remove it from my pocket. Jeans, slacks, shorts, sweats. I’ve found that I need that tool frequently. Usually while standing on a ladder. For anyone who would poo poo the “knife to a gun fight” concept, consider the 21 foot rule. A knife, or baton, or anything you carry in your hand is more readily deployed than a firearm in a blitz attack (if you know what you are doing and have trained in its use). Just like any other tool for defense, the tool is only an effective item if you have trained in its use.

  43. Yes, I do carry a knife. Usually two, a No. 9 Opinel folding knife and a local army’s combat knife for heavier duties.

    About the same goes for my better half, although she has a larger collection of those combat knifes. And I have to give myself a pat on the back, because the first of them was the one I gave her as a gift (a welcome one, mind you) and it possibly saved her life when an aggressive drunk twice her weight assaulted her.

    And to anticipate possible questions, the guy survived and no, she doesn’t carry a gun now, but that’s only because her medical condition prevents her from obtaining a permit.

  44. Spyderco Delica with Partially Serrated Blade (just in case I need to cut through a seat belt).

    Gun dealer, knife dealer, it doesn’t matter. Just like anything I buy, I try to keep my BS detector properly calibrated for those situations.

  45. Carry a Leatherman Supertool 200 and a Tool Logic SLP2. The TL has a removeable LED flashlight that, while not extremely bright, can work in a pinch. I also keep a Gerber knife in my EDC backpack. The TL is still on “probation”.

  46. I carry a kingdom armory grailing every day, in almost every situation. A fine knife that, while a little scratched up now, will probably serve me for the rest of my life.
    Of course it is small so I have an assortment of other knives for different situations. I’m very fond of the larger kingdom armory knives and my Benchmade nimravus is a great blade too.

    • I carried one of these for several years, and really liked it, but once I discovered the world of assisted opening, I never looked back. Also, when I worked at a big orange home improvement store, I found that a thin smooth-edged knife was much more effective for slicing plastic from shrink-wrapped pallets (and most other things I had to do) than the Harpy’s large serrated blade.

      I carried a Kershaw Leek working for a couple years, and finally broke the spring on it. I don’t know what the rated life on those springs is supposed to be, but I bet it came out of my pocket 20+ times a night for two years, so somewhere around 10k “flicks.” I still have it around here somewhere; I never got around to sending it back to have the spring replaced. I carry a Kershaw Chive now.

  47. I carry every day.

    Either a Benchmade 940 (with slacks) about 4 days a week, or a Benchmade 950 (with jeans) the other 3 days. All plain edge.

  48. Chas, you can call it “stirring the pot” if you like. That’s a good way to devalue what I say. What I’m saying about the knife business is you guys are a bit obsessive with your gear and tools and weapons. You’ve got lengthy justifications, and pithy ones too, but my disagreeing with you that it’s really important to carry a knife, or a gun for that matter, is not “just stirring the pot.” It’s DISAGREEING.

    • FLAME DELETED, it’s not disagreeing, it’s stirring the pot and it’s flamebaiting. You didn’t say, “I disagree,” or “I don’t see the necessity in carrying a knife,” or “I don’t understand you guys’ fascination with weapons and gear and tools.”

      You said, quote, “Pre-adolescent boys are fascinated with knives. Most grow out of it.” That is a statement calculated to do nothing more than raise the ire of the community here and prove yourself, yet again, to be an unrepentant troll.

      RF, please have done with this jagoff. His schtick is wearying and unfunny, and whatever value he may have brought to the table in the past is far outweighed by the volume of crap like this that he puts out. Rest assured that no one who has been here for any length of time could accuse you of banning him simply because he disagrees with you. His “facts,” such as they are, have been disproven time and again, or shown to be completely baseless, and the rest of his posts are nothing more than attempts to stir the pot. You’re not banning him because he’s wrong, or because he disagrees with you, you’re banning him because he doesn’t play well with others, and continues to prove that on a regular basis. The longer you allow him to remain and snipe unrestrained, the more I think you allow him to stick around and stir the pot just to drive traffic and pageviews.

        • Just because you’re you, Mike.

          I got a FLAME DELETED! My first one, I think. So, it’s OK for Mike to call us children, and deranged, and unhinged, and fanatical, and question our manhood, or any one of a number of other things I’ve seen him say over the last few months, but it’s not OK for me to call him a raging douchebag, even though that’s inherently more accurate than calling me a child with small tackle?

          Like Ralph says, “I calls ’em like I sees ’em.”

        • MikeB is fascinated by men with knives and guns and can’t resist interacting with them. It makes me laugh. Talk about another kind of flaming! laugh.

        • Matt, I’d like you to show us where I called you “a child with small tackle?”

          You’re whining comment above would have been fairly acceptable but then you went and made some shit up. What’s wrong with you, man? Isn’t what I actually do say bad enough for you?

          The whole thing is about my thinking that it’s not normal for grown men to be so obsessed with knives or guns, like you guys are.

          You could call that name calling, that I’m saying you’re not normal, or you could simply call that a different view on the topic at hand.

  49. I carry a Kershaw Scallion Serrated 1620ST. I work in an office building and its comfortable to carry. However, it has fallen out of my pocket while I was getting my keys and the auto assist popped the knife open on several occasions. I might replace it with a Kershaw Double Duty. I also have a Leatherman Wave in my brief case.

  50. I always carry a knife. While I prefer something larger, I typically carry a Graham Folding Stubby Razel from CRKT. With a 2″ blade, it is legal to carry anywhere in Illinois as long as I’m not “brandishing” it without cause. The Razel is rather unasuming (diminutive size, ram handle scales and a flat chisel tip) so I figured it’s less conspicuous–it’s not an “evil black rifle” of the knife world. I typically use it for opening boxes at work, but I really keep it around as a last-ditch fighting tool in case I ever find myself in the situation of being unable to avoid a physical confrontation.

    Again, I’d like to care something bigger. I will try to carry a S&W folder when I’m staying out in my neck of the woods and out of Cook County, Illinois (home of Chicago and less self-defense-friendly villages) but I have to head into unfriendly territory on most days.

  51. Eleven years ago I bought a pair of Benchmade Pre-production Axis-lock AFCK’s. Decent knives. One’s in the safe and the other is my office letter-opener, box-opener, and climbing-rope cutter. I carry it in the field, but not otherwise. I spend most of my time cutting through bureaucratic and contract BS, for which my Sets-and-Logic 2.0 Stainless works better, provided it’s given frequent honing.

  52. Spyderco Meerkat. (No available from retailers, and way overpriced on eBay.) Neat little knife with a unique blade lock/release, stout blade (about 2″ of cutting surface), and fits perfectly in the watch pocket of my jeans.

    Learned years ago that when someone says “do you have a knife on you?”, you always ask what they intend to do with it. That will help avoid tip breakage/blade notching, when they use it to open a can of paint or cut wire. In fact, I won’t loan my knife to anyone. I will do the cutting if it is something that I am willing to expose my blade to. Hey, you want to trash a knife, buy your own.

  53. Boker Magnum EMT. Tough, has a glass breaker, and it’s legal for someone my age to carry in Colorado.
    When I go hunting or camping, I take my Kukri and Mora.

  54. I’ve carried a knife since I was about 9 years old (that would be 46 years now). The past 20 years, it’s been a Swiss Army knife 98% of the time, and ocassionally it’s a Schrade Lumber Jack folding knife. On those “special” days, I’ll carry a second larger knife, but the Swiss Army knife is pretty much always with me.

  55. My wife and I both carry Gerber Para-frame knives and a fixed blade Ka-Bar in the truck. No clerk in a story ever tried to sell the Gerber brand to me, my father did that. He swore by Ka-Bar and Gerber and when I was old enough I went to those brands because that’s what he used. They’ve never failed me (unless I forget and leave the bloody folder at home).

    Those other brands available on the market are just as good but I keep Gerber ’cause it’s like carrying a piece of the Ol’ Man around with me.

  56. I carry a Spyderco Paramilitary 2 or sometimes an ESEE Izula. These are two of the best knives I’ve ever owned.

    The Para 2 is one of the most comfortable, solid knives I’ve ever held and it’s super sharp. The Izula is a tough SOB. Here’s a video of a guy that cuts through a 4×4 in five minutes with an izula

    I grew up a Gerber guy but have come to the realization that they are a shell of their former selves. The majority of their knives are low quality garbage. Most of their knives are not made in the US anymore. They few solid knives that they have are made in the US, to the best of my knowledge but they really do not compare in overall quality and steel quality with the likes of Spyderco and Benchmade. I still have some vintage Gerber knives that are quality itmes it’s just that their current line is relatively poor.

    BTW Benchmade and ESEE knives are all made in the USA and many Spyderco knives are made in the USA as well, including the Paramilitary 2.

  57. I carry a pair of Emerson CQC-7B’s I had Emerson make up for me a number of years ago. They are very sharp, hold an edge well, and open just as advertised. Unfortunately I could not talk Emerson into reversing the chisel on the left-hand knife.

  58. I almost always carry at least two knives, both lockbacks. One is a fairly decent Sheffield w/3″ blade that holds a nice edge, once it’s well-sharpened and another, a no-name with a 3.75″ blade picked up at a flea market, that takes a razor’s sharpness easily but doesn’t hold it so well. Why not carry better knives? Well, these are both (just) serviceable, but easily replaced.

    Then, frequently, I also have with me one of my Swiss Army knives or a multi-tool or a boot knife–or all three–as well. As I type this, I see another six knives easily to hand, most of better quality than either of my regularly carried “pocket” knives.

    Around the house, in the workshop and car, I have many, many more knives (apart from my kitchen knives, and some of them are a real joy to work with) that I keep ready to hand for different uses throughout the day. Heck, having the right knife (yes, I even have one specifically for trimming oboe reeds–doesn’t everyone? :-)) at the right time and in the right place is always a Good Thing.

  59. I never leave home without a good knife. Currently my daily carry is a Benchmade 940. Thin, strong, and sharp. One of the best knives you can get IMO.

  60. Bought a Pre-Production Benchmade 940 SBK in 2001 and have been carrying it almost every day since. Thin, lightweight, super strong and looks great! Have owned 5 other Benchmades, M16 Carbon Fiber CRKT, Kershaw Whirlwind, and Boa, but the 940 is hands down the best knife I’ve ever owned and the knife I always go back to.

  61. I have been carrying a Kershaw Leek for about 3 years. I love it! Easy opening and it fits my pocket very well. I, too, have been carrying a knife since I was in grade school. I remember playing games on the playground with the other boys. Imagine doing that today!

    I bought my last 2 knives from a hunting store that is locally owned. They knew what they were talking about at the well stocked knife counter.


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