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“I looked up and saw his face. It was very strange.” – Jesus Llovera describing his unexpected encounter with rifle-toting camo-clad actor cop Steven Seagal, after the Maricopa County Sheriff’s Office SWAT team drove a tank through Llovera’s wall. [via]

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  1. Oh for the love of …. Cockfighting? Tanks and blowing down walls? Calling the media? Making a reality TV show? Good grief – I would suspect dealing with all the actual crime (kidnappings, beheadings, drugs, etc…) in AZ, this should fall under the “get to it when we get to it” file.

  2. I didn’t watch the video yet but I suspect that nut job Arpaio had a hand in this.

    • The article linked in the post has all the information, the video is a commercial of sorts for Sensei Seagal.

      • Yeah I watched it. Seagal needs to go back to making god awful movies instead of playing cop and trying to rape masseuses.

        And Arpaio is a tyrannical fascist, any decent person should be ashamed to even be seen near him.

  3. fat baffoon… I remember when this clown was claiming to be a CIA spook. Now he’s showing up at MMA events getting on camera claiming his Akido chi balls helped Jon Jones & Anderson Silva. I’d pay good money to see the episode of him in 3X bdu’s riding around in the barney fife APC… cock fighting raid… GTFO.

  4. I like Steven Seagal’s movies, I know , I know, but I like ’em anyway. As an officer of the law? Not so much.
    I saw a few episodes of his time serving in LA and it was just sad to watch his bloated self getting in and out of the patrol car.

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