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God knows why WSPA-TV thought this police report was newsworthy. That said, the fact that we found the non-newsworthiness of this story newsworthy isn’t particularly newsworthy either. Anyway . . . “A plastic bag of 12 gauge shotguns shells were found inside a church child care room. Spartanburg County deputies were called to First Baptist North Spartanburg on Asheville Highway on Sunday. Deputies say a church worker found the shotgun shells inside a cabinet in one of the special needs child care rooms. The items were placed into evidence to be destroyed.” As Spartanburg Steel Products forklift operator and veteran commentator Richard Stockman pointed out, “What a waste. The Bible says not to waste. I’m sure some church member could have used those shotgun shells.” Amen.

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  1. “What a waste. The Bible says not to waste. I’m sure some church member could have used those shotgun shells.”

    But they’re EVIL. Remember, these shotgun shells could have been murderers, manipulating an innocent, blameless home invader or convenience store robber.

  2. WHY do the police have any business confiscating “stealing” the shells in the first place. It should have been checked around to find out who’s they were and returned them to them. I am a Pastor in the process of getting my CCW Permit and purchasing my first handgun Sig p250c 9mm… I will be carrying in the pulpit while I am preaching, I pitty the guy who might ever come into my church and brandishing a weapon me and a few others will not be hiding under the pews! 😉

    • have you read the book “Shooting Back” by Charles Van Wyk. We read it in one of our mens groups and it changed a lot of peoples opinons about firearms.

      • no I haven’t read the book so I am not sure which way that it persuaded some.

        Shooting back is always the Last option but it has to be an option for the protection of my family!

      • In fairness, it strikes me that if you’re shooting back that you may have been overly slow up front… ;o)

    • Hi everyone, I’m new here. My first post has to be on this because I’m from Spartanburg County, and I too cringe when SC makes the news. I agree with Loren, what business did the police have taking anything from this church as “evidence”? Was a crime committed? Did the person who found the shells even attempt to contact the Pastor or did he/she just take it upon themselves to get the police involved? This is why I drive over an hour to go to a little church in Mill Springs, NC. Everyone in the church has the Pastors number, and someone in the church would have put those shells to use.

      • Unfortunately, every church has one of those people. A busybody who wants attention and wants to be in other people’s business.

        At most she should have taken the shells to the pastor or another church leader. At most. Calling the cops is insane, harms the church, and destroyed someone’s property. It did no good for the kids, either.

        Of course, the church will be forgiving of this person, who will interpret that as deputizing her (I assume) to keep up the good police work.

  3. It seems that when no one knows what to do the police just make up the rules and do whatever they feel like. How do you supposed the shotgun shells were destroyed? I bet one at at time.

  4. Who the hell calls the police over a bag of shotgun shells? Is the church bereft of menfolk (or womenfolk, for that matter) who know what to do with shotgun shells?

    Must have been an Episcopal church, or a UCC.

    • Seriously. If this happened to you, and you attend a church where you couldn’t immediately think of four people who you could just give them to to get them out of the church, you need to find a new place to worship, because you’re hanging out with the wrong crowd.

  5. My Pastor and I went out shooting the other day. We discussed maybe putting in an amory and sponsoring CC classes. We can quite legally do that here. And in this town no one would think much of it. Then we prayed to God thanking him for Federalism.

    • In a sane world, with the church being the center of the community, it would only be natural that a common interest in improving our shooting skills would be promoted there. I live in Illinois, alas. Bizarro World. Where we need to hire lobbyists to petition the state to reconsider bills regulating , taxing, or prohibiting anything and everything. Shotgun ammo in a bag anywhere would be a crisis of the first order. It’s only getting worse here. Get’er going, bro, may G-d bless you.

      • I understand your caution in not spelling out the G word. Wouldn’t want to offend any of the powers that be in the good State of Illinois 😉 Seriously, it will get to that.

  6. Last time I read a story about bullets, guns and a church that was newsworthy was when that anti-church nutjob went into a church shooting and a concealed-carry lady acting as security engaged him and ended the whole before a slaughter.

    The complaint here should have been why there weren’t shells enough for everybody….

  7. Let’s get serious, the police didn’t destroy these shells, they shot them.
    Shooting is fun.

    Also, were these loaded cartridges or fired shells?
    They might be stored there to give to someone who reloads (also known as recycling).

    But, someone from the church DID call and whine about it, the best thing for the police to do was take them and, uh, well, shoot ’em!

  8. Just WSPA living down to its reputation. Must have been a slow news day with nothing else to sensationalize. There they are, “on your side”.

  9. Meanwhile up here in super-progressive Vermont, we just had a gun show at one of the local high schools. Go figure.

  10. I hope counselors were brought in to help those poor tykes deal with the trauma of discovering they had been sharing a room with s—–n shells. [I can’t bring myself to even spell the hideous word.]

    “The Horror! The Horror!”

  11. No. You’ve got it all wrong. It’s about the lead, and it was near children! Think of all the developmental damage. It might even make them brain dead! (Like the person that called the cops.)

  12. “Does that mean “Praise the lord and pass the ammunition” is now politically incorrect?”

    Praising the Lord has been politically incorrect for years… unless we’re talking about Allah, in which case, praise away. Passing the ammunition is becoming less politically incorrect. Though gun law still has a ways to go before it really begins approaching any reasonable notion of common sense.

  13. I see two comments on this topic from you, counting this one. If they’re not showing up for you, try a force-refresh (Shift-F5 or Shift-click the reload button) or try clearing your browser’s cache.

  14. I’d like to volunteer to destroy those shells. I’ll just take them to the range and render them inoperable and a danger to no one.

    I’m just a good citizen like that.

  15. And the lace-panty types strike again! If we really try, we could make them all get a heart attack by – now wait for it – wait for it – EXERCISING OUR CONSTITUTIONAL RIGHT TO KEEP AND BEAR ARMS IN PUBLIC. What’ya say Americans; are you up to it?

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