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Are QOTD come to us straight from mikeb30200’s website, via his no-punches-pulled flame-throwing partner in gun grabbery: JadeGold. Not shown. Whom I’ve banned from TTAG; so don’t expect his response.

If, as claimed, the gun issue has been “won,” why do gunloons feel the need to spend virtually all their time writing blog posts attacking those they disagree with?  Why do they post anonymous comments anywhere and everywhere with their views on gunloonery?

There are two distinct–but similar–answers to these questions.  Both are quite possible.  The first answer may be: they have to idea what “winning” means.  This is highly likely.  After all, “winning” is a concept gunloons may have never experienced.  Gunloona are gunloons precisely because they are losers; they’ve lost in the professional careers and in their social lives.

The second answer is apparent because it’s solidly grounded in fact.  That is, they aren’t winning.  Consider the evidence.  They spent $40M to defeat Barack Obama in 2008 because he’s black supposedly the worst gungrabber in history.  They lost big time.  And, in 2012, they’ll lose again because as it stands today, their champion will be Donald Trump (apparently Spongebob Squarepants had a previous commitment).  Chuckle. Other facts: most NRA members don’t agree with most of the stances of the NRA.  Still more facts: the Heller decision said gun control, including registration, was perfectly Constitutional.

There is plenty of bait in that question to which you are free to rise. For example, where does an anonymous poster get off criticizing gun rights advocates for posting anonymously?

Anyway, I’d ask you to answer the question (as well): have gun rights’ advocates won the day? IMHO it all comes down to IL concealed carry. Your thoughts?

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  1. There is no WINNING.

    There is only the vigilance and effort required to keep our RKBA.

    Except most states do not have a true RKBA.

    So, no, we’re not “winning”, we’re still fighting for the right.

  2. No, we haven’t won. We are, however, winning and will continue on that path unless we screw something up that pisses off the majority of the public who doesn’t care about the issue either way.

    As to the rest of his message I can’t really be insulted by it. Considering Jade’s history of post frequency, lack of logic or courtesy and his probable identity it looks like a description written while looking in the mirror.

    As to spending $40m to campaign agaist Barack I don’t see that as a negative. Although he was certainly elected that money bought recognition that there will be serious repercussions if he starts screwing with the gun issue. His public statements, published policy opinions and actions on the issue have changed significantly since the election. All in our favor.

    That $40m is also an indicator of the strength of the gun rights crowd. How much could the grabbers spend on the election? And it’s not like that money bankrupted the NRA or any of the other growing state and national organizations working to remove senseless restrictions on personal security.

    • But the two examples of NOT winning that Jadegold provided are pretty damning. A third one I would offer is the appointment of two Supreme Court Justices who are not on the gun-rights’ payroll.

      It’s like you guys have won a number of insignificant skirmishes but lost two or three gigantic battles. When Obama is reelected that will be another biggie, followed, I hope, by further improvement of the Supreme Court.

      No, Jadegold made a great point which Robert tries to deflect our attention from with that nonsense about posting anonymously and the situation in Illinois.

  3. We are pulling ahead, but there is no finish line to coast toward. The above post is flamebait, and a reply deserves no more explanation than you would give a misbehaving 3 year old.

  4. As long as there are those who want to take or legislate away our guns, or restrict ancillary items in an effort to maximize the red tape/cost of owning and using guns, there will always be a “fight” worth making about the 2nd Amendment. Not sure if “winning” is the end goal, but rather keeping the grabbers in check enough that we can legally exercise our right of self-protection and other [read sporting] uses for firearms for generations to come. There will always be people who hate firearms. Just have to keep the number of gun enthusiasts higher than the haters.

  5. The more I read folks like MikeB, Jade, et al, the more it sounds like they’re coming unhinged. Seriously, possibly dangerously, unhinged…… Cool ;>)

      • That’s good, Mike, we all need a little more laughter in our lives, don’t you think?

        Your statement; “Gunloona are gunloons precisely because they are losers; they’ve lost in the professional careers and in their social lives.” Of the very few true gunloons that I’ve met in my life, I’d say that there is a slight scent of truth to your words. However, if you’re trying to tar and feather the vast majority of gun owners with such feeble and unsubstantiated slander, you’d be quite wrong in your assertions. But then idealogues rarely let truth and accuracy interfer with their dogma. Speaking only for myself, I find that the vast majority of the gun owners that I know are typically very successful professionals, tradesmen, parents and homemakers, from many different walks of life, spanning the spectrum of humanity in regards to race, ethnicity, gender, religion, socio-economic status, education and political philosophy. They’re, almost to a man or woman, exactly the kind of people that I’d welcome to my home and use as examples of solid citizens for my child.

        Perhaps your experience in life has been less fortunate than mine and I find that regrettable. It sounds like we inhabit very different worlds. Perhaps you need to look for nicer playmates, or broaden your horizons, or get out a little more and find something to bolster your self-esteem. Or perhaps, in the final analysis, you’re just projecting.

        And, yes, we are winning, though the fight is far from over. I just bet that burns your britches something fierce, doesn’t it?

  6. They spent $40M to defeat Barack Obama in 2008 because he’s black supposedly the worst gungrabber in history.

    Grammar much?

  7. I will not have finished winning until I can carry concealed and openly in all of the world, and buy machineguns and silencers, with no background checks permits fees etc.

  8. They spent $40M to defeat Barack Obama in 2008 because he’s black

    I read a fair amount of pre-election opinions from conservative websites and forums. I didn’t see anyone concerned with Obama’s ethic makeup, not even from the bigots. I did see many concerned with his being a socialist. If he had sung a slightly different tune and ran as a Republican they would have voted for him.

  9. Gunloona are gunloons precisely because they are losers; they’ve lost in the professional careers and in their social lives.

    Umm, this is the point I realized I was reading the words of a class A moron. I mean I suspected before, but this sealed it for me.

    His own definition of “gunloons” leaves the vast majority of gun owners out of the definition. For example; I am happy in my career, have a household income higher than 85% of my fellow Americans even with my wife being a stay at home mom (as in I make all the money), married the first runner up to a states miss America pageant 15 years ago, am still happily married with one kid and one on the way, get personal invitations to many community events, and by most accounts have many friends and a vibrant active social life. So, even though I have a small arsenal, I clearly don’t match the definition of “gunloon”. That’s a refreshing change.

    I would also point out that almost every shooter I know fails to meet the definition above. Let’s face it, to be a gun collector/shooter you must have a decent income. If you “lost in the[sic] professional careers” then you quite simply don’t have the income to be a gun nut.

    On the inverse, I am a supervisor at work and often participate in hiring and firing. While I suck at grammar myself, much of the quoted text was illegible mostly because it was clear the writer was scatterbrained. Case in point ”They spent $40M to defeat Barack Obama in 2008 because he’s black supposedly the worst gungrabber in history.” The word “black” was added there why? It completely destroys the flow, and shows that the writer wanted to say “even though the NRA said the opposition was because he is a gungrabber, really it was because he is black” but just didn’t know how to form the words. While he clearly thinks he is an intellectual anomaly, the evidence supports the position; only it is due to the lack thereof rather than abundance. I would never consider hiring someone who came across this way, and would terminate the employment of an employee who emailed something resembling this garbage to me (and I don’t mean because of the anti-gun component).

    As to the rest, it is just your standard hasty generalizations with a total disregard for actual fact or reason with lots of taunting and juvenile antics. In other words, it is your standard fare from your standard gungrabber.

  10. By reposting this you are just giving the troll what he wants: attention. Judging by the number of comments over at MikeB’s place, that is something that he has been starving for lately. I would expect that he makes more outrageous “Hey Look at Me” posts like this in the future.

        • Gunnutmegger, by troll I was referring to JadeG. He posts for no other reason than to get a rise out of somebody. If you go to their blog right now you’ll see evidence of this, as he has already written an incendiary post directly calling out one of the commentors on this thread.

          MikeB, on the other hand, does have something interesting to say from time to time. I, as well as others, would probably still post at his site if it weren’t for his co-blogger’s antics.

        • RuffRidr, I’m breathless with shock and appreciation. I thought you had a soft spot for me, but I despaired of the day that you’d let it show. Thank you, thank you.

  11. It’s not often I come out of the virtual woodwork to post, but MikeB’s comments above left me wondering: how does he account for the liberal & moderate firearms enthusiasts? Using such a broad brush to paint all gun owners as right-wing, Bush/Palin/Trump-lovin’ losers who, “lost in the professional careers and in their social lives” is beyond ignorant, beyond disingenuous, and plows directly toward outright elitist snobbery.

    I recently read that Florida is passing a law where potential welfare recipients must pass – and pay for – a drug screen prior to acceptance into the program. The right-wing cheering section of the local paper’s comments section literally made me nauseous – comments like, “Hell yeah, about damn time, those lazy money grabbers don’t deserve help,”, etc…

    That’s how I picture MikeB – the kind of guy that would kick someone who is down, who has a comfortable life and never experienced hardship, an individual who takes pleasure in seeing another human suffer. You think it’s a stretch to compare him to extreme right-wing homophobes? Consider that he called me a loser and a failure above; he is no different from ideologues that spew their unfounded bullshit in order to climb the ladder of success on the backs of those they exploit.

  12. Most of his post consists of ad hominems that are beyond absurd and unworthy of comment. At the risk of feeding the troll (poorly educated and inarticulate as he is) I will respond to a couple of points though.

    First, you mention the $40 million spent opposing Obama’s election as though that figure existed in a vacuum. You’re leaving out the part where the Democrats spent more money than Republicans in that election, which doesn’t even count the tens of millions of dollars worth of free assistance provided to BHO by the media.

    If, as it’s clear you want to believe, the gun control issue is such a political winner then where’s your renewed “assault weapon” ban? Where’s your hi-cap magazine ban? Where’s your state-by-state rollback of concealed carry? Where are your politicians willing to stand up and call attention to gun control as part of their platform? Where’s your President Gore? You have none of those things for one simple reason: gun control advocacy isn’t a politically popular stance to take.

    It’s easy to rant and rave about people with whom you disagree, especially if you’re on the losing side of an argument you’re so passionate about. What’s hard is making that rant bear some resemblence to reality.

  13. ahah like how we drown on and on, yet he writes a blog with 65 followers, my facebook status have more readers mike b, you want some help with promotion?

  14. As long as there are wingnuts with power, like the schmucks at MAIG and the Joyce Foundation, the battle will never be over. Never.

  15. Sir Winston Churchhill had the right idea when he said “Never give in–never, never, never, never, in nothing great or small, large or petty, never give in except to convictions of honour and good sense. Never yield to force; never yield to the apparently overwhelming might of the enemy.” This is the only way we can defeat the gun grabbing TROLLS. I’m not going to respond to the stupid shit that our resident troll has spewed here cuz I don’t want my post deleted.

  16. Stopping the offensive when winning is a surefire way to lose a war. When you get the upper hand, you exploit, attack forward, and trample the chances of the enemy.

    I know it’s been addressed, but “gun loons” are far from losers. It’s just too expensive a hobby for someone who doesn’t have a decent income. My main go-to rifle and pistol setups cost about 3/4s of my car. Check some of the gun websites for firearms enthusiasts collection pictures, tens of thousands of dollars in firearms and accessories.
    This picture: Is worth about $10k (including the non-pictured PVS-14), and that’s not his only firearm in that setup. Add in the cost of training and gun owners are pretty well off.

    To add to that, most gun owners are responsible law-abiding citizens, they have to be to pass NICS checks and ATF/FBI NFA background checks.

    Tell this “gun loon” he’s a loser, and he’ll probably laugh in your face. Decent paying job, responsible home owner, Army Infantry Officer, etc… doesn’t sound like someone who is a “loon”, personally.

    As for Donald Trump, you’ll find many gun owners don’t like him. In fact it’s the left that’s attached themselves to him and shoved him down our throats.


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