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This story may not sound unfamiliar to those of you who love dogs, hear of cops shooting canines and think WTF. And now there’s a website dedicated to documenting cop-on-dog shooting: One wonders what would happen if a civilian decided to dispatch man’s best friend with his or her concealed carry weapon—and shot 33 times. [Click here for TTAG’s QOTD: Would You Draw Your Gun to Defend Your Dog?]

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  1. If a private citizen did that they would absolutely lose their license, face a huge fine and/or civil suits, and possibly do jail time.

    An 8 month old pit bull is what, 45 lbs? Hit it with your club, and then pull your skirt up. Who’s afraid of a puppy?

  2. It’s a puppy with a cinderblock-sized head and the jaw strength of a full grown police dog. Still, 33 shots? NJ might want to rethink their. 22 Browning Buckmark duty pistols.

  3. @Chris Dumm

    You really need to check out the other stories on

    This story was about an 8 month old puppy pit bull, but how about the “Vicious” Chihuahua that was shot three times? How about the numerous other dogs that were either chained or in their fenced yards…

  4. this cop needs to take a trip to the range ASAP and get his eyes checked. What caliber was he using, did he reload at anytime during this, or was he using one of the Brady bunch’s’ “assault clips”? haha

  5. I know this is WAAAY off topic, but what is the point of having a portrait on the wall of a woman in a niqāb?

    And I can understand them shooting an unknown dog running excitedly at them. I don’t know why they needed to shoot 33 times though. Quite a dispursal of lead too. Aim much?

  6. We really need to make sure that cops don’t have access to these high capacity magazines.

  7. Hmm… from the (obviously biased and potentially untruthful) statement of the dog owner, apparently, the principle of shoot until the threat ceases does not apply to non-homo sapiens.

    Regardless, of the legitimacy, or not, of the shooting… looks like a lot of collateral property damage. Good thing no people where hit. Yikes.

  8. Was the dog armed with an “assault rifle” and wearing body armor? ‘Cause if it wasn’t, Officer Dickless has to be the world’s worst marksman.

  9. Hmmm…. me thinks we need to go back to giving the Barney Fifes a revolver and just one round…

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