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Speaking of gun rights advocates winning the fight: “A gun bill that would have made it illegal to own large-capacity ammunition magazines — those capable of firing 10 rounds or more — never even came up for a vote,” Hartford’s reports. Sen. John Kissel, the ranking Republican on the judiciary committee, sounded the death knell. “Over 200 people from all walks of life came and testified against it, and I think they made their case.” A nearly identical federal bill proposed by NY Senator Carolyn McCarthy has yet to die a similar death, but it’s only a matter of time. The question now becomes: will there ever be a roll-back in states with high cap mag bans currently in place?

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  1. “will there ever be a roll-back on states with high cap mag bans currently in place?”

    Probably. I say California’s will die someday.

    • God I hope so – but I fail to see the source of your optimism with our current political climate.

      • “Gun Control” is dying. The more pro gun states are systematically dismantling the edifice of a hysterical and irrational and anti-human rights past. Hopefully this will percolate to anti-rights states like CA.

  2. Massachusetts and NYC still have the AWB, so no mags over ten rounds are permitted (less rounds for shotguns). In NYC it’s irrelevant, since nobody can get a permit anyway. And also — this is the most absurd facet of NYC law — nobody can even touch a gun, other than a .22 rifle, unless they have a permit. So you have to get a permit before you can practice, which is still irrelevant because nobody can get a permit. Welcome to Wonderland.

  3. The Peoples Republic of California will fall into the ocean and disappear before it ever comes to it’s senses. I’d like to see all these states do the right thing, but it’s hard to deal with a bunch of dumass commies.

  4. Hey Ralph,
    Slight correction on NYC and the AWB…not just NYC but the whole freakin’ state has the Assault Weapons Ban. So all of our magazines tend to be from the first Bush administration…

  5. When I read articles related to high capacity magazines, and the piss your pants hysteria about how more people would be safer if we would just limit them to 10 rounds, I look back in history to some high profile assassinations, or attempts. JFK bolt action rifle, MLK bolt action rifle, RFK revolver, Reagan revolver, and what do all of these have in common, less than six rounds of capacity. And for a more recent attempt, Gabby Giffords, how many died from the first ten rounds of his 30 round magazine (not clip)? Would a ten round magazine have made a difference to those first ten who were shot, don’t think so. So go after the cowards like Loughner, or the gang bangers who think they’re being a man when they shoot in to a crowd, instead of an inanimate object, that is owned and used legally and safely by millions of law abiding Americans.

  6. Out of curiosity I looked, there is no date of manufacture stamped on any magazine that I own, not that I have that many (or enough yet). How exactly does the state of New York (excluding NYC because they aren’t part of the US and haven’t been for a long time) know or prove whether your magazine was pre or post ban?

  7. Folks in NY, CA, MA, HI etc need to be TRIPLY behind national reciprocity — the moment that all those out of state licensees can carry under the same rules as the politicians and big shots the stupid gun ban laws will be obviously bankrupt.

    National reciprocity is about far more than just allowing current license holders to carry in more places. It’s about driving more wedges into the broken edifice of gun control.

    Mr. Obama, tear down this wall.

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