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For firearms-related mayhem action, John Wayne Taylor highly recommends Netflix’ series The Punisher. On the other side of the scale, quartz.qz.com‘s Adam Epstein is a big fan of a new Paramount TV series. “WACO” LAMENTS AMERICA’S UNIQUE, TRAGIC OBSESSION WITH GUNS the all caps headline proclaims. Strangely, Mr. Epstein doesn’t see it as a human drama . . .

Implicit in the show’s depiction of the ATF raid are biting critiques of both the ATF’s planning of the raid and the Davidians’ response to it.

Once again, Noesner’s attempts to resolve the situation peacefully are met with resistance from the more militaristic factions within the FBI, who badly want a “win” following the Ruby Ridge debacle.

Both sides, armed to the teeth with automatic weapons, make tragic errors, but the blame ultimately rests with the killing machines that allowed the massacre to take place.

Yeah, I blame the guns. That makes perfect sense. [/sarc]

What gun-related TV entertainment has time-sucked your life? Walking Dead? Game of Thrones? (JK)

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  1. Not only are guns shooting themselves, they *allow* a massive government slaughter to take place. I wonder how much the incendiary teargas canisters bear the blame. Or that the fact that the allegedly illegal guns which prompted the massacre (machine guns, IIRC) weren’t even there, and charges related to them were ultimately dropped.

  2. Strike Back. Pretty neat series about a clandestine team that goes after bad guys.
    Tons of different firearms used in the show.
    I binged it over a few weekends.

  3. Both sides WERE NOT armed with “automatic weapons”. Only government agents had automatic weapons. In fact, when ATF agents first stormed the building, as soon as two agents entered through the window, the agents behind them started firing and throwing grenades into the very spot where the first agents entered. These incompetent ATF f#cks killed their own people.
    Previous to the siege and murder of innocents at Mt. Carmel, Koresh himself INVITED government agents to inspect the premises, which they REFUSED. You see, they WANTED a confrontation.
    This whole thing started when a UPS driver broke open a box which had “dummy grenades” in it. Dummy grenades are not illegal to possess or purchase. Supposedly, that was the pretext for the siege…

    • Well I hadn’t heard that part of about friendly fire. But one thing I recall reading about the situation was that the entire incident was a giant PR move by the ATF to justify it’s funding. In the 90s when this happened they were looking at getting their funding cut significantly due to years of declining gun violence, not to mention how badly the handled Ruby Ride. So they Janet Reno to signed off on on another ATF ‘sting’ where they used an informant to talk one member of the cult to modifying one gun illegally as justification to roll in there with full SWAT raid.

      • I am not going to deny that it may be false memory syndrome, But I strongly recall seeing footage with two teams entering a second story room through windows on the opposite sides of the room (think circular firing squad). Both teams took, and returned, fire.

        One thing is that initially there was tremendous coverage as the ATF thought they were making a “made for TV” raid.

        • The way I remember it, Koresh answered the door holding a baby, started to make some funny remark like ‘think you brought enough guns?’ and was fired upon. Then some members of the congregation returned fire, and a genuine firefight ensued, but I would characterize one side of it as legitimate self defense. I also seem to recall that the majority of the enemy casualties were shot by their own co-workers.

    • All the good firearm content is on YouTube – Military Arms Channel, Hickok45, Mrgunsngear, etc. etc.

      I watched Punisher, Walking Dead, Longmire, etc. (and kind of like them) but there is just say too much gun nonsense on those shows.

      How many police officers knowingly to into gunfight with stupid pistols and little to no backup?

      I remember on scene on Longmire where you heard a shotgun being racked, and then it showed a guy with a double barrel.

  4. Yep big fan of The Punisher! Got the cheap Roku TV and piggyback off my son’s subscription. Actually most all of the Marvel Netflix are chock-full of mayhem😄

    • Parts of Punisher are good. The bad parts are really bad though. 1) the loud-mouth gun nut is always seen in an NRA shirt or hat, 2) the terrorist is a angry white male. These have been done to death.

      In the end, what made me stop watching is the failed ICE sting. These idiots KNEW they were after “special forces types” yet only had a half-dozen or so cops? No perimeter? No backup? Then after seeing these bad guys in action, one ICE agent gets a bad guy at gunpoint on his knees and then, like a moron, tries to secure him alone.

      Nuked the suspension of disbelief for me and I shut it off.

  5. Fauda on Netflix. It’s basically Strike Back in Israel. Of course, you have to put up with Israeli carry.

  6. Oh for crying out loud. Do a youtube search for “Waco new revelation”. That will tell you everything you need to know about what happened that day.

  7. I really don’t watch much TV. Recently though I’ve watched a bit of Grimm with my wife.

    They make some pistol handling mistakes but overall they don’t do a completely terrible job.

    Other than that I re-watched 13 Hours while I was out of state for a month helping out my parents (dad had a fall that put him in the hospital for a week+). I can’t really think of any serious weapon’s handling problems (aside from those by the local militias) in that film, save when Tig forgets the HK69A1… which I think he can be forgiven for.

  8. I’m watching “Waco.” It’s very relevant. Sort of a sample of what’s coming as Fedzilla grows ever larger, more heavily armed, and more lawless.

  9. Old episodes of “Panic 911”. If you’ve got basic Comcast, it’s available On Demand.

    It’s not great TV, in terms of production style and quality, and it’s only 1.5 seasons. But the creators were really into defensive gun use. Don’t miss the very last episode. An old guy defends himself and wife against a drug crazed nut using a Walther P22… successfully.

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