Fear Feeds Our Love of Guns: Quote of the Day

“Let me be clear: I’m not decrying any of these shows. Many of them I enjoy. And, again, let me emphasize that I’m absolutely not suggesting that gun violence on television causes gun violence in the real world. “My point, once more, is the opposite: that such shows are popular because of a deep-set fear […]

Question of the Day: What’s the Best Firearms-Related TV You’ve Seen Recently? [VIDEO]

For firearms-related mayhem action, John Wayne Taylor highly recommends Netflix’ series The Punisher. On the other side of the scale, quartz.qz.com‘s Adam Epstein is a big fan of a new Paramount TV series. “WACO” LAMENTS AMERICA’S UNIQUE, TRAGIC OBSESSION WITH GUNS the all caps headline proclaims. Strangely, Mr. Epstein doesn’t see it as a human drama […]