K&M Arms bullpup .308
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When you’re a gun guy with your own machine shop you get to do cool stuff, like modify your Bushmaster M17s. That’s what K&M Aerospace’s owner did. And after the forums got ahold of the custom M17s the inquires started rolling in . . .

The feed back was so positive and the demand so high the boss formed a new company: K&M Arms. Their bullpup greatly resembles the original Bushmaster M17s. Better yet, K&M addressed the issues bedevilling the Bushmaster M17s: feeding issues and double taps.

K&M Arms has been making a version of their M17s in 5.56 for a while now. Their recently released .308 version made its debut at SHOT Show. The K&M Arms M17S308 looks — and feels — like a winner.

The adjustable trigger’s excellent, better than any factory bullpup trigger I’ve shot (including the upgraded Tavor trigger). The M17S308’s finish was flawless, as you’d expect from a firearm produced from an aerospace machine shop.

In fact the rifle feels like a custom built gun.  As it should for $1999.

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    • Sure thing, buddy. Every good businessman knows that you should cater to the 10% rather than the overwhelming majority. If they do well, you’ll get your lefty version.

        • Why, think you need to swap guns with your battle buddy that happens to be a lefty?

          Tacticool aside, it’s not a feature needed for the general market.

      • I take it you’ve never needed to swap shoulders with a long gun during a 3 gun stage? I can run my RDB with either shoulder, no issues. Ditto the the RFB a buddy let me shoot. Direction of ejection or gas/debris to the face has kept my wallet in my pocket on nearly every bullpup I’ve ever seen.

        Other stuff, ARs, AKs, bolt guns, I generally adapt to them just fine. Side ejecting bullpups, I just love hot brass in my ear/neck/shoulder.

        But hey, the 10-15 percent of us lefties, well, we’re so backwards and stoopid that it’s unlikely we actually have jobs or money to spend. Right?

        Or better yet, let’s just go back to having the teachers beat the southpaw with a ruler until they conform. Good idea, no?

      • I really couldn’t care less about ambidextrous guns, and I am ambi/left handed. I got over it and learned to shoot right handed. It’s not really that big a deal.

        • Lefty Comes out next year I hear. They wanted to work out some kinks with their other calibres before they made the lefty from what I understand. I don’t think they have ambi in the works sadly.

  1. I really like the concept of this one; hopefully they can expand the scale of their production a bit and more can make it out into the wild

  2. Handled a couple of these at SHOT. K&M had 300BLK, 5.56, and 308 models on display. All models felt far more durable than the mostly plastic counterparts from TAVOR, Steyr, or Kel-Tec, and MSRP is right there with the competition. Controls are simple but effective, and overall they were generally snag-free. The owner and designer was a friendly guy. All production and parts flow out of Chandler, AZ.

    The 308 model was most impressive. It’s significantly lighter than an RDB or TAVOR 7, yet the mostly-aluminum chassis and simple top rail are cleaner and feel sturdier than any other bullpup I’ve handled.

    The 300BLK and 308 models on display had adjustable gas blocks. The 5.56 model did not, but the owner stated that it’s in the works and should be available this year.

    I’m adding my name to the waiting list for a 5.56.

    • I love mine.

      Just be warned, though, you’re signing up to be the owner of a “Belle of the ball.” If my experience is typical you won’t be able to take it to the range without a lot of folks asking to see it, and then if they can shoot it.

      Bring extra ammo. 🙂

    • The RDB weights less the than the K&M 556 by almost a pound (6.7lbs vs 7.4) and can be purchased for $900. The RFB, is lighter than the K&M 308 by a few ounces (8.1lbs vs 8.2/8.5). I paid $1200 for mine. The trigger is really good for a bullpup and it’s 100% ambidextrous. And after 3000 rounds through my RFB, the only problems that I’ve had were either a bad mag or shooter error. Very pleased with my rifle.

      I like the K&M, but not being ambi makes it a no go. Aside from being left handed, I will not own a weapon that I cannot use with either hand. You never know when you will need to. Rather have the option and not need it, rather than need it and not have it. Supposedly they have a case deflector that’s supposed to make it lefty friendly. Haven’t seen anyone run it through its paces, though.

  3. I’m on the list for a K&M M17s 308. Three things convinced me that this .308 bullpup is the one I’ve been waiting for.

    1. The robust bolt and bolt carrier. It’s freaking built like a tank – looks like something the Swiss would make. I was seriously considering the Desert Tech MDR, but I thought the MDR bolt looked breakable. Not that I’ve seen anything negative about it, but was just going on appearances. When I saw how the K&M Bolt worked, that was it – enough for me to make up my mind.

    2. The chassis is all metal and seems to be beyond built-proof. Not like all the other plastic guns. I really like this.

    3. The trigger – high quality adjustable trigger. Awesome!

    It’s like someone actually built a gun that someone like me wants and doesn’t have to figure out how to upgrade it.

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