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Ryan Busse is at it again. His tedious gun control “holier-than-thou” schtick is wearing thin, which might be why he’s now adding pseudo sociologist, criminologist, psychologist and psychiatrist to his self-proclaimed list of expertise as “firearm industry expert.”

He’s none of those. Busse is a charlatan. He’s a paid shill for gun control who has yet to find a media outlet that won’t fawn over his “Saul-to-Paul” conversion from defender of firearms to shotgun-toting, plaid-wearing doomsday prophet shouting repentance admonitions at anyone who dares to disagree with his gun control crusade.

Now, he’s adding a layman’s observations to justify his fire-and-brimstone gun control sermons. Busse spoke with ProPublica about what he believes are the root causes of heinous and murderous crimes.

Spoiler alert — he blames the firearm industry. Busse claims that firearm manufacturers have broken a “social contract.”

“There were just these unspoken codes of conduct the industry knew not to violate,” he said. “And those seem to have broken down.”

He couched his comments by pointing out that he’s a gun owner who hunts and shoots with his sons and wants to continue to exercise that right…so long as the “commensurate amount of responsibility” goes along with it. That responsibility, Busse explains, must be voluntary or legislated. It apparently also must be coerced through the threat of imprisonment.

Busse contends that Second Amendment rights allow for those who haven’t broken any laws to be placed on federal government watchlists so universal background checks can be accommodated. For that to work, every gun owner would need to be registered with the federal government and monitored.

The free exercise of civil rights can’t be entrusted to the people who grant the authority to govern, in his learned estimation. The same goes for extreme risk protection orders, or so-called “red flag” laws, which he thinks should be written to make it easier for government authorities to seize firearms without the burden of providing due process rights – another fundamental right protected by the U.S. Constitution.

Blame Racism

Busse blames America’s fascination with the free exercise of their rights on several factors, including deep-seated racism. He points to President Barack Obama’s election as the reason for the rise in firearm sales.

“So you have this sort of uncapping of hate and conspiracy, much of it racially driven, that the NRA was tapping into,” he said.

obama guns face brazil lies machine guns
President Barack Obama (AP Photo/Jacquelyn Martin)

Busse makes no mention of President Obama’s determination to ban modern sporting rifles (MSRs) or impose radical gun control on the country. He ignores that President Obama illegally allowed firearms to cross the border into Mexico and end up in the hands of narco-terrorists to drive a gun control narrative.

The illegal Operation Fast and Furious gun running scheme cost the life of U.S. Border Patrol Agent Brian Terry and countless innocent Mexican lives. Nor was there mention of President Obama’s illegal “Operation Choke Point” scheme with former U.S. Attorney General Eric Holder and the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation (FDIC) to deny the firearm industry access to financial services.

Americans bought guns because they recognized the very people entrusted to protect their freedoms were systematically dismantling them. They were buying guns before that right would be robbed from them.

Busse said the recent surge of gun-buying was also racially-motivated. He conveniently ignores that Americans from all walks of life purchased firearms because they saw federal, state and local authorities were defunding police and allowing lawlessness, violence and crime to run amok.

Busse passes off this unchallenged narrative by ignoring that 2020 witnessed a 58 percent increase of African-Americans purchasing guns, along with a 49 percent increase of Hispanic-Americans and 43 percent increase of Asian-Americans. Forty percent of new gun buyers were women.

Blame Advertising

Busse alleges that high-profile tragedies committed by deranged individuals are the fault of…advertising. He fails to consider that these murderers displayed all kinds of “red flags” and warning signs of erratic behavior and threats.

The racist murderer in Buffalo, New York, was previously held for mental health concerns and had made threats against his high school. The murderer in Uvalde, Texas, was mentally unstable and threw up a variety of warning signs that were never acted upon.

gun control assault weapons ban protest sign

The murderer at Nashville’s Covenant School was treated for mental and emotional disorders. That murderer’s manifesto is still being held and questions remain about medications that might have played a role. The murderer in Highland Park, Illinois, previously had knives confiscated after making threats against his family. The incident was treated as a “mental-health issue,” but no follow-up was done to make sure he didn’t have access to firearms.

Doctors are warning that certain medications prescribed to treat ADHD can “create a ‘perfect storm’ for psychotic episodes.”

All of this is largely ignored, especially when anti-gun zealots point fingers at the firearm industry in order to shift blame. It’s part of a larger effort to not just attack Second Amendment rights, but also the protected commercial free speech of firearm manufacturers, which is backed by gun control groups like Giffords, which happens to employ Busse.

Prophet of Doom

Busse passes off his gun control mantras as the only possible answers for the criminal misuse of firearms. The truth is much more complicated and all are searching for the answers.

The firearm industry backed proposals in the Bipartisan Safer Communities Act to provide more resources for mental health services across the nation. It was the firearm industry that changed the law in 16 states to ensure adjudicated mental health disqualifications are submitted to the FBI’s National Instant Criminal Background Check System (NICS). The federal effort to ensure all disqualifying records are submitted to NICS was named for NSSF’s FixNICS program. That was an effort even Giffords supported but Busse conveniently ignores.

Busse’s prescription for addressing the issue of criminal misuse of firearms is to scrap Americans’ freedoms and start anew.

“I think there’s a small thread of truth in the position you portray, but democracies function in a sort of carefully balanced gray area,” he told ProPublica.

The problem with that is it isn’t freedom at all. That’s authoritarianism. Rights under Busse’s construct aren’t rights at all. They’re just privileges doled out and taken back by an elite few.

Busse is, of course, among the elites who would dictate which rights would be “acceptable.” He poses with high-end shotguns and brags of how he sold more 1911-style handguns than the designer John Browning. He eschews the MSR as a message-tested “weapon-of-war,” ignoring that the handguns he helped sell were actually carried in WWI, WWII, the Korean War, Vietnam War and variants are still used today by elements of the U.S. military today.

He also glosses over the fact that the Second Amendment is a right, protected by the U.S. Constitution to protect “We the People” against an overreaching and tyrannical government that would usurp the authority granted to politicians by the citizens. He treats firearm ownership as a privilege, not a civil right.

In Busse’s fevered mind, the vile sins of deranged individuals that ignore law and the basic dignity of life should be a burden on those who’ve never broken the law. The great unwashed masses must dispossess themselves of the ability to protect themselves and their families because criminally insane individuals prey upon the innocent.

This is the modern theology of civilian disarmament. Redemption can only be achieved, in Busse’s mind, by sacrificing God-given rights and lawfully-owned firearms on the altar of gun control. But you can’t sacrifice freedom for security. Our Founding Fathers knew as much. This is why, more than 200 years on, the sage counsel of Benjamin Franklin rings true. “Those who would give up essential liberty to purchase a little temporary safety, deserve neither liberty nor safety.”


Larry Keane is SVP for Government and Public Affairs, Assistant Secretary and General Counsel of the National Shooting Sports Foundation.

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    • Busse thinks going full control zealot will be atonement for his time in the industry.

      He’s currently in the Fudd stage. His new masters are demanding penance for his past transgressions.

      But his usefulness will end eventually. He’ll end up purged with the rest.

      • Bitch has no clue as to how fast these mother fuckers will dump your ass when you have outlived your usefullness.

  1. Benedict busse’s blatant Gun Control is the one remaining agenda in America that History Confirms is Rooted in Racism and Genocide. The bozo is so caught up in Gun Control he might as well wear a sheet and burn some crosses like the Gun Control kkk military wing of the democRat Party did.

    Benedict “sheets” busse chose the wrong agenda to be labeling people as racists, etc.

    • “Benedict busse’s blatant Gun Control is the one remaining agenda in America that History Confirms is Rooted in Racism and Genocide.”

      That’s it Debbie! All unconstitutional laws are now repealed because you spouted your drivel!

      Fund the Fight! Or shut the hell up…

      • You expect Debbie dolittle to put up let alone shut up? LOL next you will expect Miner to provide context that reflects reality or Dacian to have a coherent line of thought. Oh and you are probably lacking balls for criticizing her or something. There are times I wonder if she is just another troll account but to be fair I am a bit of one.

  2. It should come with responsibility.
    Everyone who is responsible enough to not commit criminal acts and offensively shoot people should be left alone. Everyone who is not should be locked up, executed or otherwise removed from society.

    Pretty straightforward.

  3. Being a gun owner that hunts and shoots means absolutely nothing. Lots of people do. Putin has so many guns that he can supply his own military. What does that prove? BLM has firearms too. There is this idea that somehow this makes you a Republican or pro-2A and it doesn’t.

    If anyone has broken a ‘social contract’ it’s the Democrat left. Although some manufacturers seem to want to ride the edge in agreement with the Dems.

    If Busse was such an expert he would still be working in the industry.

    • So this boy is a “Busse-body” putz?(Just coined the appellation). Heretics & Apostates GOD will judge🙄

  4. Deep Thoughts By Jack Handey

    “To me, boxing is like a ballet, except there’s no music, no choreography, and the dancers hit each other.”

  5. In other words, the guy is a blow-hard and likes to talk, just EXACTLY the kind of person I like to ignore and dismiss.

  6. Well, since I support the inherent rights of citizens, Busse has the right to spew whatever idiocy he chooses to . . . and I have an equal right to mock him for his stupidity. I’m all for letting these idiots ‘say their piece’ – it usually ends up proving what we have been saying, all along – that they are ignorant, demented, indoctrinated imbeciles (c.f., dacian the demented and MajorLiar and Prince Albert the Fake-Limey ponce).

    So, give him his soapbox, and let him prove himself a fool, and remove all doubt.

  7. Please can we come up with another term besides “Modern Sporting Rifle”
    Painting yourself in to a corner like “In common use” will fuck us in the end.
    possum’s neutrinouniversendingmegabomb won’t be available over the counter.
    And I want one!

  8. As President Biden said recently, the carnage and insanity of the gun problem has become so serious that the average person is afraid to go shopping , go to a parade, go to a movie or send their children to school and eventually when the Republican Prostitutes of the NRA start losing their seats in Congress they will be forced to pass sane gun laws in this country.

    I might add that we are producing a generation of children who now fear and hate guns because they know they are always in danger of a maniac with an assault rifle coming into their school and murdering them all. Again this is way over the heads of the demented paranoid Far Right nut cases.

    • Who other than those who fear their own shadows are afraid to go out in public?
      And I have yet to meet a child or teacher, whether in elementary school, or in High School in the lower half of Alabama, the Florida Panhandle, or Southeast Mississippi that fears some nut showing up at their school. of course you likely have some BS survey or poll conducted the day after an incident in some leftist/Dementiacrat controlled city where such fears are promoted instead of defended against.
      But then I don’t know anything simply because I only speak and demonstrate some of the old skills like Forging, tool making, soap making, and show up in a Federal/Union Civil War Uniform and speak on subjects like freeing of the slaves and the horrors of the post reconstruction era KKK and Jim Crow segregation to High School Students.
      Just curious but how many students do you speak to in a year, or how many schools do you visit?

    • What falling down, mush for brains Joe Biden fails to address about the carnage and insanity of gun violence is it happens mostly in Democrat controlled cities, like Chicago. The real reason crime is up so much is soft on crime DAs, no cash bail policies, the defund the police movement, soft on drug use in public spaces.


    • dacian, the DUNDERHEAD. Since when did a gun ever commit a crime? Last I heard they are still inanimate objects incapable of any action on their own.
      Why don’t you control freaks deal with the mentally ill and the real criminals? Guns don’t commit crimes; People do!

    • @dacian

      “As President Biden said recently, the carnage and insanity of the gun problem has become so serious that the average person is afraid to go shopping ”

      Lets qualify that a little…

      As President Biden said recently, the carnage and insanity of the CRIMINAL and MENTAL HEALTH problem has become so serious that the average person is afraid to go shopping. The law abiding person with guns hasn’t done any of this.

      Of course Biden didn’t say that, but that’s what he left out on purpose to keep your programming in check.

  9. “He couched his comments by pointing out that he’s a gun owner who hunts and shoots with his sons and wants to continue to exercise that right…so long as the “commensurate amount of responsibility” goes along with it. That responsibility, Busse explains, must be voluntary or legislated. It apparently also must be coerced through the threat of imprisonment.”

    IOW, this whole thing is a Motte-and-Bailey argument, sometimes called a “bait and switch” or “concept swapping”.

    It’s a form of equivocation.

    Advance two arguments, one easy to defend the other indefensible. If someone argues back, you fall back to the argument that’s easy to defend while claiming that the other person has either not defeated the indefensible argument or is actually advancing a form of it themselves due to personal flaws.

    Guns come with responsibility <– No one disagrees.

    That's why we need government to step in when crimes occur. <– No one disagress.

    That's why we need [gun control]. <–Irrational proposal that does nothing but empower a government that won't fix the problem anyway.

    If you disagree you're a gun nut that likes school shootings and also a racist! <– Ad hominem because you argued back against the logical inconsistency and they fell back to the easier argument while inking like a squid.

    Properly done, it makes you look bad to a crowd when this happens in public. It's also usually designed secondarily to force a decision dilemma using emotional bait in the hope you'll give up or overreact and look bad to the audience, especially if they anticipate that you'll come with crime stats based on location.

    • Yes, its the Motte-and-Bailey argument. Its a fallacy argument and form of false logic argument.

      It can be subtle or blatant, but its always a fallacy and false logic argument.

  10. Busse doesn’t have “Deep Thoughts”.

    He has his anger towards the firearms industry as a ‘disgruntled ex-employee’.

    He has his attention-whore desires.

    He has his paid mercenary positions with the anti-gun industry to say what they tell him to say.

    He has his surface emotional-appeal logic he uses in his missives and statements to put forth what his anti-gun employers tell him to say.

    But Busse having “Deep Thoughts”? Nope.

  11. This guy is a serious douchebag. Charlatan peddling BS for money while eroding individual liberties.

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