Highland Park shooting July 4
Members of the FBI's evidence response team remove personal belongings one day after a mass shooting in downtown Highland Park, Ill., Tuesday, July 5, 2022. (AP Photo/Charles Rex Arbogast)
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How many times have we heard this storyline before? A troubled, clearly unstable male who had had a number of previous run-ins with law enforcement bought firearms legally that he later used to murder a large number of people. And it doesn’t seem to matter how many gun control laws are in place or background checks are required or whether a red flag law is on the books.

From the AP . . .

[Highland Park shooting suspect Robert] Crimo legally purchased the rifle used in the attack in Illinois within the past year, Covelli said. In all, police said, he purchased five firearms, which were recovered by officers at his father’s home.

The revelation about his gun purchases is just the latest example of young men who were able to obtain guns and carry out massacres in recent months despite glaring warning signs about their mental health and inclination to violence.

Illinois state police, who issue gun owners’ licenses, said Crimo applied for a license in December 2019, when he was 19. His father sponsored his application.

At the time “there was insufficient basis to establish a clear and present danger” and deny the application, state police said in a statement.

Illinois has no shortage of laws governing who can own a firearm and methods for ostensibly keeping them out of the hands of allegedly dangerous people. Yet as we’ve seen time and again, those…laws…do…not…work.

Under Illinois law, gun purchases can be denied to people convicted of felonies, addicted to narcotics or those deemed capable of harming themselves or others. That last provision might have stopped a suicidal Crimo from getting a weapon.

But under the law, who that provision applies to must be decided by “a court, board, commission or other legal authority.”

The state has a so-called red flag law designed to stop dangerous people before they kill, but it requires family members, relatives, roommates or police to ask a judge to order guns seized.

People who are determined to commit horrible crimes can always skirt the system, either legally acquiring firearms as the Highland Park shooter did or by buying them illegally. Bloviation and histrionics by politicians and the gun control industry are meant to deceive the public into thinking that if we just pass more “gun safety” laws, what happened in Highland Park can be prevented.

That’s a cynical lie and they know it. It’s all an elaborate system of security theater meant to fool the public and make it harder for the average citizen to defend him- or herself from the kind of threats they’re most likely to encounter. And the web of gun control laws are administered by government functionaries on the public payroll who operate in a vast bureaucracy, sometimes with political agendas.

In other words, the system is terrible. And always has been.

Between Illinois and the city of Highland Park, all of the gun control laws that the Civilian Disarmament Industrial Complex calls for most often were already in place; gun owner registration, no sales under 21, a three-day waiting period, red flag confiscation orders, and, yes, even an “assault weapons” ban.

How well did that work out?

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  1. Prohibition simply does not work. Never has. Never will. Those preaching in its favor are fools or driven by an hidden agenda.

    • The parade perp survived so democRats have another specimen to study. They like studying everything but themselves.

      The wave of insane knee jerk nonsense that threatens to take firearm rights away from the law abiding needs to come to an abrupt end. People are fed up with their rights hinging on what the criminally insane decide to do.

      In other words mr. and miss Gun Control zealots…you can charge the individual responsible for the crime they commit. You cannot and will not pass blame on anyone else. You cannot and will not pass blame on anything else…directly or indirectly.

      • I believe it was the Governor of Illinois that said the day of the shooting that he somehow had 7 pieces of gun control on his desk that he would sign as soon as he could get there. How is that possible? Do they have pre-written gun control legislation laying around for rainy days?

        • Yes. Same in the Congress. Lobbyists write up bills that staffers keep in their top desk drawers, to give to their congress critters to present at convenient times.

          It’s part of the “never let a crisis go to waste” mindset.

        • Yes. The post Port Arthur gun laws were prepared years in advance by a government bureaucrat in case of such an event occurring.

      • “The parade perp survived so democRats have another specimen to study. They like studying everything but themselves.”

        But they don’t realize they are studying themselves with this perp. They just won’t learn anything from it.

    • Meanwhile, this Crimo guy is not only alive, but now enjoys the notoriety he might have been seeking, thanks to everyone under the sun bullhorning his name and photos. I wonder why *this* time all the news outlets (including TTAG) decided to grant him his fame, when several past shooters have not been given it?

    • Per Adam Smith in his book The Wealth of Nations (1775), paraphrasing:

      Neither excessive taxation no prohibition will keep a commodity that people desire from the market but only increase its presence on the “Black Market”.

      Under those government imposed conditions the value of the commodity now increases to the point where more people will consider the profits to be made from smuggling and selling on the black market are now sufficient to justify the risk.

      The only thing accomplished by excess taxation or prohibition is to drive the commodity into the underground economy and increase criminality.

      • “The only thing accomplished by excess taxation or prohibition is to drive the commodity into the underground economy and increase criminality.”

        Are you thinking that if privately owned firearms are banned by repealing 2A, that 100 million gun owners are going to flood the “black market”, disposing of their now useless firearms? That would probably drive the price of a gun to around $10, and 400 million new guns in criminal hands would present quite the counter to military attempts to stop “gun crimes”. Ironically, it would be criminals upholding the intent of the founders that civilians be at parity with the standing army.

        • The majority of gun owners won’t risk ruining their lives by getting caught with firearms they are no longer permitted to possess. Criminals, who have already ruined their lives, or mental cases, who don’t care, will remain armed. It might work if possession by prohibited persons was regularly punished with long prison sentences but that’s not going to happen no matter how bad the crime rate gets.

    • Yes. We are about to see the foolishness of prohibition across the country as states try to prohibit women from obtaining abortion–the vast majority of which is done using two pills. Look at all these Christian Nationalist screaming about blocking out of state travel and inspecting people’s social media and medical records to try to escalate this next front in the War On Drugs. The resulting carnage and unintended consequences will be just as severe as all the other government prohibitions against guns, drugs, and prostitution. Of course JWM likes this prohibition so he’ll figure out some kind of twisted logic to explain why abortion medication prohibition is not foolish prohibition.

      • Murder is one of the few prohibitions that I agree with. If a woman murders her child she needs to face what comes next.

      • Izzy,

        Why do you Leftist/fascists ALWAYS resort to lies??? Is there a constitutional inability on the part of Leftist/fascists to telling the truth???

        ” . . . the vast majority of which is done using two pills.” False, and you know it. The “morning after” pill is literally nearly that – not terribly effective more than a day or two after conception. RU-486 must be used during the first trimester (which y’all baby killers are already bitching about and saying, “A woman doesn’t even know by then”). And RU-486 carries significant side effects, which are worse the later in pregnancy the method is used.

        The MAJORITY of abortions are either suction abortion, D & C, or the incredibly horrible “partial birth” abortions. Now I’m happy to have a discussion about “balance of interests” or when or how abortions should be performed (I doubt you’d enjoy it; I actually know what the fuck I’m talking about), and MOST Americans would accept some reasonable compromise in respect of abortions (except the extremists on BOTH sides). MOST European countries have abortion restrictions at LEAST equal to those in question in the Mississippi case, so . . . what the actual fuck are you babbling about, you complete ghoul of a Leftist moron???

        • Add to which polls have shown that a slight majority of Americans support 1st Trimester (average 46 to 56%), but the same polls show an overwhelming majority oppose Late Trimester and At Birth Abortion (average 65 to 75%).

          At the time Roe was decided (1973), Abortions were limited to the 1st Trimester. Not content with their win, the Left kept pushing for later term and even at birth Abortion. It’s not impossible or improbable to say, that had the Left not pushed to the extreme they wanted, and accepted the 1st Trimester limit, Dobbs would never have made it to the SCOTUS Bench.

          Any doubts, read the dissenting opinion of Dobbs. Beyer, Sotomayer and Kagen should have been embarrassed to sign the dissent, because there’s no legal argument they express. It’s all rhetoric written to elicit sympathy. Roe was a horrendous decision that attempted to create a “Right” that doesn’t exist in the Constitution and Bill of Rights. As in all matters the Constitution does not address, under the 10th Amendmemt, that decision of whether Abortion is a “Right,” lies solely with the States.

  2. I always ask people why they think mass murderers won’t buy a street gun, they usually say that such people “don’t know how”.
    When I ask why wouldn’t the killer buy gasoline (like the Japanese massacre), or rent a truck (2016 Nice France), they flat out tell me that these are less lethal. When I quote the factual numbers of mass death, they get angry.

    • the majority of people are so ill informed. They rely on pre-conceived notions, what they read or hear from the media, and “I think”.

      We have a person here who always left her doors unlocked. Been doing it for years. I asked her once why she did that, she said “when I was growing up we never locked our doors and nothing ever happened. I’m not going to live in fear that someone might come in because my doors were unlocked its so rare that would happen.” (this attitude despite the numerous and continuing home invasions we had in the area at the time, which we eventually stopped when we started shooting them) – time passed – one morning about 4 AM the police and an ambulance were in front of her house and she was being loaded into the ambulance, a man and woman were in the back seat of a patrol car. She had managed to call 911 when they finished attacking her and had gone to the kitchen to get a snack thinking she was disabled due to the attack. Being up early that morning getting ready to catch an early flight I saw this out of the window so I walked over and asked one of the cops what happened. He pointed to the two in the patrol car and said “They were going around the neighborhood trying to find unlocked doors” then pointed to my neighbor in the back of the ambulance all bruised and cut up and said “They found her door unlocked”.

      It might not happen, but it just takes that one time and smart people learn their lessons really fast. She owns and carries a gun now, I sold it to her. She also locks her doors now, but even if that doesn’t work at least she is now prepared to have the best chance of surviving that she controls and she has trained hard to be able to do that very thing.

      • Being a rural dweller myself, it’s a sad change we must accept and adapt our habits to a new reality. It wasn’t so long ago, you’d have found keys in the ignition of just about every home in our community. Now, keys aren’t left in cars and everyone’s is locked up. As you stated .40 Cal, all it takes is once to change your outlook on the world around us. I’m glad your neighbor’s lesson didn’t cost her more than it did. It could have been a fatal lesson.

    • Richard Kudrna,

      You have experienced and realized that the overwhelming majority of people are not interested in facts nor truth–they just want to hear what they want to hear. As a result of that unfortunate fact, I decided just last week that I am pretty much done talking to people about anything other than cursory pleasantries.

      My previous mental position: I care about people and fervently tried to reach them with good information which can inform their understanding of life and help them to choose wisely in life.

      My new position: I care about people and will weep along side them as they discover the hard way that reality is a harsh mistress. What I will NOT do is waste my time and energy trying to share facts and truth with people.

      That last bit reflects the reality of author Robert Heinlein’s fictional character Lazarus Long who said, “Never attempt to teach a pig to sing; it wastes your time and annoys the pig.”

      • “I am pretty much done talking to people about anything other than cursory pleasantries.”

        Yep, decided that long ago. Well, except for brother-in-law. He is just free entertainment.

        • Sam,

          Yep, EXACTLY how I think of MajorStupidity and dacian the stupid!! While Sam Clemens had the right of it (“[They are] of no use above the ground; [they] should be beneath it, inspiring the cabbages.”), while they ARE abusing us with their presence, at least we can have the joy of mocking their intransigent stupidity.

        • Damn. You’re lucky. My Bro in Law’s a raging Liberal Lunatic and dumb as a box of rocks too boot. Pisses my better half off, but I refuse to go to family gatherings if he’s going to be there. I lost all amusement about his ignorant pontificating too many years ago.

        • We aren’t going to win that war ever. They don’t care. Social media has made it so bad they can live in that bubble and thrive like that skinny pointy faced fuck Hogg. Their tweets of “putting people in their place” come from people of Wal-Mart trying to hit them with Facebook style facts and it just grows from there like a weed.

          The best course is to ignore them until they become a threat legally. For the average person, of course. There are ways to make what they do very complicated, expensive, and corrupt. Nobodie’s hands are clean that gets involved in that stuff.

        • Mark,

          We are wasting our time and energy trying to win the messaging war when 98% of the messaging methods are pro civilian disarmament and their proponents do not care about facts nor truth.

          We cannot even reason with the population that females cannot be males and vice versa. If we cannot get past that simple controversy (which should be impossible to be a controversy in the first place), how are we going to overcome the arguments around firearm ownership?

          If we are going to prevail through peaceful methods, it has to simply be through elections and lawsuits as well as our actions. Let our votes and lawsuits be our “messaging”. Let our purchases of firearms be our “messaging”. Let our real-world examples of righteous self-defense be our “messaging”.

        • @Uncommon Sense: And to win said votes, we need to get the message out to the swing voters. (The goal is not to try to convert doctrinaires or “true believers”.) This place keeps forgetting that most of the US does not consist of single-issue 2A voters.

          @Montana Actual: Why do you see lawfare from their side as being something to ignore?

    • Don’t bring your bigoted facts into this hyperbolic conversation about how SCARY and DEADLY properly secured, unloaded firearms are. THEY MUST ALL BE BANNED

      • “Don’t bring your bigoted facts into this hyperbolic conversation about how SCARY and DEADLY properly secured, unloaded firearms are. THEY MUST ALL BE BANNED”

        Yeah, this right here, what “he” said. Believe truth over fact.

        Viva La revolución
        Vive la France
        Viva Max
        Free Willy
        Viva Las Vegas
        Car 54, where are you?

    • They hate it when an informed person comes around to cloud their impassioned yet ill-informed opinions with facts.

  3. If everybody who was red-flagged was dangerous enough to be subject to a red flag, the streets would be filled with the blood of the cops/deputies confiscating their guns in places like Polk County Florida.

    The very fact that nobody has shot a red-flagging cop in the entire country in the last four years strongly implies that we only red-flag people who weren’t dangerous to begin with.

    Now, what is the benefit to issuing ex-parte orders to revoke the civil rights of non-dangerous citizens who aren’t even suspected of committing crimes? If there’s no benefit, then there’s zero reason for red flag statutes to ever exist.

  4. The fact is that the powers that be allow the transfer. If there is no “gun” violence they cannot promote their agenda.
    Just like Fast n Furious.
    Most all of these events are staged for a certain outcome.
    Yes people die, yes people are injured. Yes your government is doing this on purpose.

    • Correct, got to get the numbers up so people will give up their rights to gain safety but they will not get it. They will only get enslaved by the powers to be as history has shown. Our firearms are the only reason we are not another Venezuela.

  5. Family needs to file a red flag against him. Threatened to kill everyone and had has knives taken?

    • No, the family needed to seek a VALID protective order. EVERY state in the country recognizes this process, with various differences in detail. BUT they all have two things in common – (i) you get your ‘day in court’ BEFORE you are required to sacrifice liberty or property (i.e., “due process”), and (ii) if the petitioner fails to make a case, you get your property back (may or may not get damages, depending on the state).

      “Red Flag” laws are a Leftist/fascist joke, designed to do away with any semblance of due process, fairness, or protection from false allegations. Only fascist @$$HOLES, such as MajorStupidity and dacian the stupid, support such.

  6. Again…….”red flag” laws are meant to target enemies of the left, not the crazies!!

  7. Chose to live in a prog state = chose to be a nutter. No gun for you?

    What was this nut progtard carrying? “high power rivle” “like an AR15” but was not. Did he have an AR10 or a plasma rifle, or a Brown Bess?

  8. Sweet government failure. Hi, I’m a leftist and I want more of this, please.
    Honest to God idiots….

    How stupid do you have to be to vote Democrat?
    Rhetorical question.

    • Colonel Travis,

      You don’t have to be stupid: you just have to be very, very emotional.

    • I dunno, ask MajorStupidity and dacian the stupid . . . if you think you could get an intelligible answer from either of those two quarter-wits.

  9. Just because a youth has skirted the law(maybe smoking reefer, street racing, skating, even base jumping), doesn’t make him a bad person, someone who wants to do violence to others. Firearms, learning to shoot, compete, or just to have for protection are a good choice for a person who actually wants to grow up and be a member of society.
    Punishing someone for the indiscretion of youth, by not allowing him/her firearm rights is what the libs want – one person at a time. The purchase of a firearm can and usually is a sign of maturity.
    True flags, like torturing animals, attempted suicide, violent acts, should be investigated, but many good people were into extreme(dangerous and usually illegal)sports when they were young.

  10. Daddy helped this pos get gats. Some similarities between freakboy & the monster of Newtown besides looking similar. No doubt bullied & reportedly home schooled for a good portion of their misbegotten lives. Enabled by a parent. No government law will stop a bad seed or a coddling parent…

    • “Daddy helped this pos get gats”

      Yes, because daddy is a conservative Republican politician, who is still butt hurt because he lost the mayor’s election to an anti-gun Democrat who banned AR15s in Highland Park years ago.

      Dad radicalized his own son, gave him the funds with which to purchase the weapons as well as store them at his home, despite the clear mental instability and violence fetish of his son.

        • You know, Alien, I (stupidly) took MajorStupidity’s bulls*** at face value . . . my bad. Not that it matters. If his father HAD BEEN the “eeeevvillll reich-wing Republican” MajorStupidity painted him as being . . . it was the son who pulled the trigger. The son may be many things, but he is CLEARLY not a “conservative” OR a “Republican”, as MajorStupidity alleges (by implication, because even he isn’t stupid enough to come right out and say something like that).

          I don’t recall EVER hearing/reading anyone who is pro-2A arguing that all mass shooters/murderers are Leftists. After all, we have the obvious example of Timothy McVeigh. To the extent we know their politics at all, it APPEARS the majority were at least “left-of-center”, but the one thing we DO know is that . . . they were all bug-f*** nuts, because ONLY someone who was bug-f*** nuts would shoot up a bunch of innocent strangers. Perhaps insanity overrides politics?

      • Oh…alien…

        …you brought receipts.

        Well officially I am red in the face,

        But actually, I don’t care, this is what I do. I am a salacious, belligerent propagandist, and I tell lies for political gain.

        Get over it, I will do it again…and again… and…

        • False Miner, I enjoy your posts much more than I do the “real” Miner’s. But you forgot to attack my citation as being fiction from an unreliable source site.

          Keep calm and carry on!

        • Yeah, about that alien.

          Salon, Snopes, nor Politifact, hasn’t written an agitprop piece yet “debunking” your factual link… yet.

          When they spin up the propaganda I will promptly use my mad Cut and Paste skilz and repost here.

        • Faux Miner, now you’re talkin’! I knew you could step up your game!

          (Let’s see if this brilliant post gets through moderation — sigh)

      • Still following the Goebbels principle?

        Repeat a lie often enough it will be considered the truth.

  11. Posted this on a different thread, but it is so insightful, so intellectually brilliant, so exceedingly exquisite that it fits here, also.

    “For quite somewhile, a question has been gnawing on me: is proving/illustrating that gun control laws don’t prevent “the wrong people” from obtaining firearms, are we building a foundation for complete gun confiscation? If we continue to point to how the gun-grabbers want more and more gun laws that don’t work, are we building a foundation for complete gun confiscation? (and variations on that theme)”

    • Have you posted it anywhere the swing voters can see it? We wont win by creating echo-chambers.

      • “Have you posted it anywhere the swing voters can see it? We wont win by creating echo-chambers.”

        Considering swing voters, there are not enough who are “vacillating” to move the needle one way or the other. In my experience, the swingers tend to go with the tide. However, it is the pro-2A activists/defenders who are possibly creating their own undoing, and it seemed timely to ask if we fully understand our own rhetoric.

      • Mark,

        Intellectually, a great point. My personal experience, however, has been that POTG (frankly, a wide range of political views, generally) and extreme “Shannon Watts is the goddess” anti-gunners have gun control as a VOTING priority. “It’s the economy, stupid!” Probably 95% of voters vote their (perceived) pocketbook issues. The “mushy middle” is (i) ignorant about firearms, and (ii) susceptible (because of #(i)) to propaganda, so the anti-gun Left goes heavy on the uninformed, fact-free propaganda (c.f., ANY post by MajorStupidity or dacian the stupid).

        Personally, finding a politician on EITHER side who is actually reasonably knowledgeable, AND cares about the Constitution, is like searching for a unicorn. For the time being (which may or may not last beyond commencement of SCOTUS’ October Term), we have a SCOTUS that actually READS the damn Constitution, and at least makes a half-@$$ed effort to apply it.

        Take your victories where you can find them.

    • Leftism wasn’t invented to solve problems. It was invented to put the boot on everyone’s throat. Equality of misery. It doesn’t matter if it’s guns, taxes, covid, immigration, speech. Nothing they do fixes anything. It was never meant to fix anything, only to give leftists an excuse to pile on the misery they’ve already inflicted. Digging ditches with spoons is just as viable as a backhoe to these idiots.

      Their wanting to disarm society is not a secret. It’s what they do around the world if they can get away with it. Guns are not in a special category for them. Upending the entire foundation of freedom and liberty is their goal. Pointing out their blatant failures is but one (not the only one) way to stop this nonsense. In 2020 and 2021, it was clear that people do not care what Democrats say about guns, and understand that all the laws in the world, along with police, don’t matter when it comes to self-preservation.

      There will be no gun confiscation in this country. If it is tried, it will make the Civil War look like any given UFC match.

      • “There will be no gun confiscation in this country. If it is tried, it will make the Civil War look like any given UFC match.”

        Confiscation comes in two flavors: direct, and indirect.

        I didn’t want to extend the original comment much more, but confiscation was addressed in the lines about repealing 2A. A constitutional amendment that bans private ownership of firearms effectively makes private firearms useless, or maybe a one-time use.

        If all firearms are banned to the public, there is no legal means to use them. With no legal means, firearm use of any type is a federal crime. Once used in self-defense, the user will be judged by twelve, pretty quickly. If all the gun stores are out of business (who would they sell to, and remain a business?), if all the gun ranges are out of business, only the isolated, rural gun owners might be able to use their firearms….until reported.

        Thus it is that actual removal, by force, of firearms would not be required. Firearms restricted to homes, which if used in self-defense is a crime, are effectively confiscated (maybe “sequestered” is a more apt term).

        You see, if private firearms are banned by constitutional amendment, law-abiding gun owners instantly become non law-abiding.

        If law-abiding gun owners believe in honoring the constitution, and the constitutional amendment process, they have no moral ground to declare that they will defy the constitution over guns, but demand the rest of the constitution be honored.

        There ain’t gonna be no boo, bro.

        • Adding amendments is hard enough. Repealing them is almost (obviously not quite) impossible. The reason that we even have one repealed amendment in our entire history is because everyone knew how stupid and ineffective the 18th Amendment was. Did it stop alcohol consumption and production? Nope. So I’m not sure why you are skipping the bloodbath that would come with the 2A repeal. Alcohol prohibition didn’t even last 15 years. How many dead bodies can you get in 15 years? Or 1 year? Or 1 day?

          Unlike self-defense, alcohol production and consumption has never been considered a God-given human right that predates our Constitution.

          Your argument is as sound as the South Park underpants-profit plan.

        • Sam,

          Couple of things. “Repealing” the 2A, even were that possible, does NOT eliminate the inherent right of self-defense, any more than overturning Roe outlawed abortion. Now, a PROPERLY-ADOPTED Constitutional Amendment outright banning civilian ownership of firearms MIGHT arguably be considered to override the inherent right of self-defense . . . certainly as long as patriots were willing to tolerate such f***ery.

          As for there being no boog, even then?? While I am a cynic, I’m not that bereft of faith in my fellow man (though perhaps I should be). IF they managed to PROPERLY adopt an Amendment banning private ownership, if there were no boog in response, then . . . (write your own ending).

        • Why were the NFA and all subsequent Gun Control legislation, including the recent Safer For Criminals Act, Unconstitutionally passed by acts of Congress rather than Constitutionally proposed as Amending an Amendment, and the proposed Amending not done through the correct process as prescribed by Article V of the Constitution? Because they knew it would fail to be ratified by the required 3/4’s of the States’ Legislatures.

          There will be no repeal of the 2nd Amendment through the proper Constitutional process because they don’t have the votes from the States to ensure it, thus it can only happen through Unconstitutional means. That kind of illegal and Tyrannical action, by Congress and the Executive, is exactly why we have the 2nd Amendment in the first place.

          But they have F-15s and Nukes. Any government that would use such against their citizens, is Constitutionally Illegitimate to govern, and we outnumber at a minimum of 100 to 1. There will be no rock they can hide under. No safe haven within the lower 48 States to hide. Yes, it will be a long and drawn out Rebellion, and many will die, but Liberty and Freedom will prevail as long as Patriotic Americans have the will to see it through.

    • Point is, pro 2nd amendment types need to use red flag laws. If you needed to call the cops on your kids because you thought his threat to kill everyone was serious, then man up and use the red flag.

      • How about taking the initiative and taking the guns from a family member your self? That way, once he comes back with any issues worked out, he isn’t a second class citizen. You and other relatives can decide, rather than get the courts to do so.
        He would have to know, that if he complained to the police that his family took his firearms, then the police would do so(and it would be much harder to get them back).

      • If you “need to call the cops on your kids”, then you’ve failed as a parent. Rather than hoping Big Daddy Government will care for your family for you, maybe you should “man up” and actually be a parent

  12. Red Flag laws are not designed to stop would-be murderers. They’re designed to harass enemies, seed families with suspicion and discourage people interacting with each other.

    • “Red Flag laws are ….designed to harass enemies, seed families with suspicion and discourage people interacting with each other.”

      And get the populace accustomed to spying on their family and neighbors.

      • Sam AND Shire-man,

        ^^^^^^^^^^^^ THIS!! All gotdayum day, THIS!!!

        EVERY SINGLE STATE has an EXISTING procedure for dealing with a relative/partner who is “an immanent danger to themselves or others”. BUT, they all require due process – give the accused their day in court, allow them representation, allow them to view the evidence and confront the witnesses against them, and NOT to be deprived of liberty or property until FOUND to be an actual threat to themselves or others.

        “Red Flag” laws are nothing more than an attempt at an end-run around due process WITHOUT the necessity of an Amendment. Because the Left are cowards, and sneaky. Never achieve by honest means what you might get your @$$ kicked for, if you can find some sneaky, underhanded way to get an equivalent result DISHONESTLY.

        • “Never achieve by honest means what you might get your @$$ kicked for, if you can find some sneaky, underhanded way to get an equivalent result DISHONESTLY.”

          Worked for me. Otherwise, I would never have gotten beyond third grade.

          Some kids whined about bullies taking their lunch money. I saw it as an opportunity to buy protection.

        • Sam,

          “If you ain’t cheatin’, you ain’t tryin’.”

          Theoretically, at least, the political process is SUPPOSED to be as free of outright cheating and fraud as possible. The reality?? Well, we’ve seen it for ourselves, very recently. Anyone who continues to argue that fraud in our elections is “rare and never affects the outcome” is either a liar, ignorant, or a blind partisan (but embrace the healing power of “and”).

    • So he’s an idiot, like you?

      Don’t let him find out about bows and arrows or why they were made…

    • “I’m a member of the National Rifle Association, an Army veteran trained in the use of assault weapons, a hunter, gun owner, retired teacher and resident of Charlotte, Texas, about 80 miles from Ulvade. Over the past few weeks, I worked alongside hundreds of Americans from different backgrounds, across party and other divides, to advocate for gun safety with 24-7, The People’s Filibuster for Gun Safety.”

      Interesting that there’s no mission statement or purpose listed anywhere on the group’s website. The group did get coverage on a site called “People’s World,” which bills itself as “Continuing the Daily Worker, founded 1924.” — “People’s World traces its lineage to the Daily Worker newspaper, founded by communists, socialists, union members, and other activists in Chicago in 1924.”

      Insert “shocked” face here.

      But continuing with Richard Small’s screed …
      “My AR-15 was one of the originals and is engraved with the words “For Law Enforcement Only.” An AR-15 is as deadly a weapon as you can possess. This weapon is made primarily for military purposes. They are not for hunting sport; they are for hunting people in a war.”

      He didn’t say that he was a former LEO so how did he get that weapon? Did the police version of the AR-15 (if there was any such a device) have a full-auto or burst mode? Remember, this is “an Army veteran trained in the use of assault weapons” who is a member of a gun-control group spoken about in glowing terms by a Communist website. Shouldn’t he know better?

    • comment held for moderation

      Trying again:

      “I’m a member of the National Rifle Association, an Army veteran trained in the use of assault weapons, a hunter, gun owner, retired teacher and resident of Charlotte, Texas, about 80 miles from Ulvade. Over the past few weeks, I worked alongside hundreds of Americans from different backgrounds, across party and other divides, to advocate for gun safety with 24-7, The People’s Filibuster for Gun Safety.”

      Can’t find their mission or purpose statement on their website, but I did find them being spoken fondly of by the website associated with “The Worker,” the “kom you nest” and “so shull list” newspaper (I think those words may have tripped the mod) …

      Anyway, Mr. Small says, “My AR-15 was one of the originals and is engraved with the words “For Law Enforcement Only.” An AR-15 is as deadly a weapon as you can possess. This weapon is made primarily for military purposes. They are not for hunting sport; they are for hunting people in a war. And that is the truth.”

      AFAIK no AR-15s were made for military use, but were/are AR-15s commonly used to equip police units? What is a “law enforcement only”-marked weapon — is it select fire or just a semi-automatic as are most guns? He doesn’t claim to be a former LEO so how did he obtain this weapon?

      And if he’s been “trained in the use of assault weapons,” why does he make it sound like an AR is a military-spec weapon? I’d say it brings into question Mr. Small’s expertise. In fact, it makes him appear to be the tool of a nebulous recently-concocted internet group that overestimates its importance and couldn’t find journalistic integrity even using both hands.

      • Oh, yeah, thanks for releasing my long-held comment from moderation just as I posted a replacement. Nice system you have here.

      • Every SEMI AUTO RIFLE is a bloody Military spec weapon without exception simply because it’s only logical use is to SHOOT OTHER HUMAN BEINGS’. The fact that it may be labelled [for Police Service only] is neither here not there and make’s not a Cat’s Cojones as to it’s function and is nothing more than yet another exercise in ‘self justification’.’ Now the blurb above staes that this guysFATHER had no less than SEVEN fireaamrs on his premises belonging to this mad bugger so why did he h not take some acy tion . The POLICE are NOT bloody PSYCHIATRISTS and by law can only act on MEDICAL REPORTS and REPORTED SERIOUS CRIME.
        By law the Police cannot, and are NOT allowed to, make ANY kind of medical assessment and that include’s PSYCHIATRIC assessment. So maybe just maybe it’s the gun owners who should be making psychiatric recommendations and reporting such behavious to the relevant authorities including this mad bugger’s FATHER.
        You supposedly fight the cause of collective firearm possession so just maybe you should accept a collective responsibility. You know it makes sense

        • Self loading firearms were being used by “civilians” (said by you with a sneer of barely hidden contempt) long before the military.

          Military leaders considered them a waste of ammunition. Better to waste lives than bullets. More sporting that way old chap.

          And the same leaders said the same about repeating firearms and even breech loading guns. They always think the current war will be like the last one.

    • dacian the stupid,

      Sure, there are active military, and veterans, who are as stupid as you are. Not sure this guy is one of them (smells strongly of a political use of “stolen valor”, but he MIGHT be legit), but if he is? So the f*** what???? He DID NOT buy an LEO surplus “select fire” weapon, because he can’t – ’84 GCA took care of that. IF he acquired one legally – well then, it’s an NFA scheduled weapon, innit, you window-licking moron?? He had to undergo “an enhanced background check”, didn’t he??

      Other than the one atop your empty dome, do you have a point?????

      • “Every SEMI AUTO RIFLE is a bloody Military spec weapon without exception simply because it’s only logical use is to SHOOT OTHER HUMAN BEINGS’.”

        Which, as I wrote you, is precisely the point of the Second Amendment; government put on notice that they risk their lives if they go too far.

        No one can yet identify what “go too far” actually means, so things have not degenerated to the point of fisticuffs. Regardless, the warning of the framers of the Constitution remains in place.

        • Sam,

          Not incorrect – that IS the purpose of the RKBA, as SUPPOSEDLY protected by the 2A, but . . . as I’ve REPEATEDLY told him, he is just FACTUALLY full of shit. A semi-auto rifle is, at least in many places, the gun of CHOICE for predator/varmint control. Feral or wild hogs, coyotes, prairie dogs or groundhogs; the AR15 is nearly perfect for those. So even IF his objection to using the weapons is about killing people, his factual premise is just . . . utter bullshit. They are VERY useful weapons for target shooting, varmint control, predator control, and control of pests (two legged or four).

          As usual, Albert the subject remains ignorant, prejudiced, and downright stupid. And he CLAIMS to be an “Armourer” . . . who has opined that nobody needs more than 25 rounds. AYFKMRN??????

  13. Interesting that if I give up the guns in my safe that all the criminals will just lay their weapons down or turn them in. Feinstein said so.

    • Dunn,

      No, and that’s the frustration. I have seen instances where the EXACT same language would get moderated in one post, but not in another posted the same day. I can go for weeks not getting moderated, then hit a stretch where every comment gets moderated. TTAG CLAIMS that they simply “use the WordPress moderation algorithm” . . . which is horses***. Algorithms are consistent – same input should result in the same outome. It doesn’t.

      For a while, I made an effort to parse the opaque TTAG “moderation protocol”. Then I got realistic and decided, “F*** ’em!! I’ll post what I want, and they can moderate it if they want . . . oh, and they are also cordially invited to osculate my anal sphincter.

  14. It does not matter, this whole thing is about eliminating our gun rights, for a whole new system of government…They will stop at nothing to turn a mass majority against gun owners and the second amendment…It is working because the DEMOCRAT media is spreading the NWO propaganda, for “THE LIBERAL NEW WORLD ORDER”…Mr. Brain Deese, A Biden cabinet member, let that term slip on the news about a week ago…The plan is in full motion folks…KIT UP NOW!

  15. Purported goal to save lives:

    Identify “dangerous” people before they go on a murder-spree and ensure that they cannot purchase nor own firearms.

    Never mind the fact that their are dozens of ways to carry-out a successful murder-spree without firearms. Note that many of those alternate methods are easier, less expensive, and more lethal.

    • It’s like when somebody is served a restraining order and the cops remove “weapons” from the premises. Guns, decorative crap swords from the flea market, Rambo-esque knives.

      They never remove the kitchen knives, power tools, hand tools, lacrosse sticks, baseball bats or take the legs off the kitchen tables.

      All show to pacify retards.

  16. “For Law Enforcement Only.” An AR-15 is as deadly a weapon as you can possess. This weapon is made primarily for military purposes. ”

    No it isn’t.

    He’s talking about a series of rifles made by Colt. The military never used them, nor were they specifically made for the military or for actual military purposes. It was Colts attempt to get the military to buy a lower cost rifle the billed as “training purposes” with a rifle that was a cross between the Military TDP version and the civilian version but the plans never went through so Colt stamped “Law enforcement only” on them and marketed to law enforcement. The training purpose thing was dreamed up by Colt and the military never designated such a purpose nor were they interested.

    Its actually a semi auto like the civilian version but the lower is designed to take full auto stress unlike the civilian version and it has a civilian version upper and not the military TDP auto fire stress upper.

    • .40 cal,

      Thank you, sir. Was not aware of that. Have any links, so I can research further??

      I always thought LEOs got to purchase “real” hardware, with real giggle-switches. Not sure why you’d sell a local PD an MRAP, but NOT sell them a select fire AR – although why would I expect ANY government action to make sense???

      • It was possible for LE to get an auto fire version of that rifle. The upper stayed the civilian upper but the lower was equipped with selective fire for auto fire. Although it was possible to fire auto through the civilian upper, it would work for a while but then start to fall apart and need to be replaced because it wasn’t built for the stress of auto fire. Plus an auto fire version was more expensive and LE overall didn’t need auto so most LE stayed with the cheaper semi version.

    • additionally, it is not actually an AR-15 either. It was Colts complete redesign of the basic Armalite design from the patent Colt purchased.

      The only reason the AR-15 designation remained on Colts version for a while was due to the agreement from the patent sale of the basic design by Armalite. Colt never actually made an AR-15.

      • Colt used the AR-15 designation on their civilian versions also. But they too were not actual Ar-15’s but rather colts complete redesign of the basic Armalite patent.

        I used to get a kick out of politicians holding up a Colt and calling it an AR-15, there is no such thing as an actual AR15 made by Colt, it was all colts redesign.

        After the patent was sold to colt, from then on out the AR-15 is simply a marketing familiarization term. An actual AR-15 has not been available in the commercial market since the 1960’s and then the term AR-15 was simply a designation of the 15th design rendention in a series of rifles by Armalite Rifle thus AR-15 un contracted actually stands for “Armalite Rifle Design 15” or the preferred and more common use use is “Armalite Rifle 15” which was shortened to “AR-15” for marketing purposes at the time in an attempt by Armalite to market to military with a mitary only version. The AR-15 term stuck in the market and here we are today.

        • The term “MSR” civilian rifle Is truly not an AR-15 nor is it an assault rifle nor was it ever used in military service as a “weapon of war” or “assault rifle”

        • .40 cal,

          Since you’ve obviously studied this quite a bit, let me ask a generic question – I sort of mentally characterize an “AR15” as pretty much any direct gas impingement, blowback operated, magazine fed semiautomatic rifle in .223/5.56 or a similar “medium” caliber. I know there are a number of “similar” rifles that use gas piston, instead of direct impingement, but (as nice as some of them are) I don’t consider those “AR15s”.

          Other than “exactly what Eugene Stoner sold to Colt”, what is YOUR definition of an “AR15”? (Seriously curious – always looking to expand my knowledge.)

  17. his father said the knives were his and were being stored in his son’s closet for safekeeping. Based on that information, the Highland Park police returned the knives to the father the same day.”

    So the suspect’s father wasn’t living with the family anymore — but was storing a collection of more than a dozen knives in a closet in his son’s room at his estranged wife’s home? Does that seem plausible or more like a story that he made up to get his son out of any potential trouble with the law?

    We can’t expect parents to notice every red flag, I suppose. But how about one that’s literally painted on the side of their home?

    The Painting is character with happy face holding a rifle painted on side of house.

  18. The parents of the Highland Park shooting suspect have acquired the services of attorney Steve Greenberg, who says he has known them for 30 years. He claims his clients were “completely in the dark” that anything was going to happen.

    But he does admit that the suspect’s father wouldn’t have agreed to let him apply for a FOID card in hindsight, which, uh, yeah.

  19. “Your argument is as sound as the South Park underpants-profit plan.”

    Not so. Although it is tough to get people here to think beyond their noses, and ironclad opinions…I was pointing out that gun confiscation could be introduced without any door-kicking. The Dims and Leftists generally do not want to deal with the Constitution, and prefer national legislation, or the courts, to create laws that circumvent, or overturn provisions of the constitution. Intentionally underestimating your enemy is not the path to victory (even for those who are so sure they will win civil war 3.0)

    If you really want to vanquish the Dims and Leftists, it is necessary to think out-of-the-box (your enemy does), anticipate the bizarre ways the enemy can attack your successfully.

    However, regardless of hopes and dreams, there ain’t gonna be no boo, Lou.

    • Sam,

      Mostly agree. I think that, post-Bruen, we are going to see a multi-pronged attack: 1) lower courts (as they did with Heller) “interpreting” Bruen in ways that have nothing to do with the actual holding in Bruen, 2) blue states and cities doing a combination of passing “cute” laws, that use a lot of language to make it sound like they actually read the decision, but completely violating the actual holding, and the spirit, of Bruen, 3) looking at “creative alternatives” (increasing taxes, trying to create liability on manufacturers, designating more and more “gun free” zones, etc.), 4) passive resistance/”running out the clock” – maintain existing laws and practices intact or nearly so, on the “fuck ’em, let ’em sue us” theory, and just count on the extreme slowness of the judicial process to delay any real action, and, finally, 5) get to work on packing the court.

      The ONLY thing I don’t think they are going to do is get rational, or give up.

      • “The ONLY thing I don’t think they are going to do is get rational, or give up.”

        That’s a safe bet.

    • Yes, so. If you made valid points in this instance I would tell you. You’re not thinking through this as much as you pretend you are. Your proposed 2A elimination simply will not happen. You give no reasons for it except your say-so. You pretend that the culture of this country, the three major SCOTUS decisions since 2008, the number of guns in America, the virtual impossibility of repealing amendments, the mad rush for self-defense in 2020-21 by people who had never given it any thought before then, etc. – all that doesn’t factor heavily in your equation. The Democrats will simply legislate the 2A out of existence and there will be no resistance, says Sam I Am. Oh, OK.

      I also like how you think I want a bloodbath, that I underestimate the left, that I don’t understand how they circumvent the laws, etc. Sorry, where did I say any of that? Oh, that’s right. I didn’t. I used to work for a member of Congress, I probably understand the nonsense in DC better than most. You’re really good at addressing fantastical things and ignoring reality.

      • My comment stands. There are ways of making confiscation non-confrontational. The people who suddenly started buying guns during 2020/2021 are not all, nor likely the majority, 2A defenders/advocates. My assessment is they will willingly give up their guns as soon as they are assured 2A defenders are not going to hunt them down.

        The recent “wins” regarding “gun rights” are temporal. All of it subject to reversal, depending on elections…even the Supreme Court. With 100million gun owners, if all were staunch 2A defenders, we wouldn’t be where we are today.

        So, yes, I cannot, do not, see a general revolt of the population should the central committee order gun confiscation, or pass legislation that essentially makes it a crime to use a firearm (which is the purpose of all the “sensitive places” and “good moral character” laws being discussed).

        It is good you have seen DC close-up. But DC is a bubble; a very influential bubble. I have seen federal agencies operating in the field. Even watched one of the original Little Rock children who desegregated the schools be destroyed for not being the right kind of agency director. And I was the only one in my region who recognized what had happened to that person; the others were oblivious, or supportive of removal.

        The US is in terminal decline, a decline that will not be reversed, despite a few halts, here and there.

  20. Has the shooter attended any “Pride” parades. Being they happened just last month. Since so many people, are so concerned about him attending a trump rally. By the way there’s nothing wrong with a gay person attending a trump rally.

    And where have all the pictures of him gone???

  21. @alien
    “Is your real name “Gabriel?” ”

    No, it’s Dizzy Gillespie.

    Oh, wait. Maybe not; need to check my calendar for who is who this week.


  22. @alien July 6, 2022
    “What rhetoric should we be using?
    Serious question.”

    Agree. At the moment (and for awhile) I just had the curiosity over whether we fully understood what our words could do to us. There may be no other rhetoric regards the proposition. We may have to acknowledge that only direct, harsh realism can be effective: 2A is not about self-defense, but about abolishing tryanny; period. And that will be a clanging cymbal to the general public who cannot fathom the US Army being used to round up “enemies of the state”. Will we have to trigger tyranny in order to make the nation see that it is a serious and real threat?

    I am trying out a new theme: CDC numbers record at least 20,000 successful DGUs each year. Each DGU was a potential death from an armed attacker. People supporting gun control would be complicit in increasing the death count by 20,000 those 20,000 had been killed by their attackers; the deaths of an additional 20,000 persons would be blood on the heads of gun control zealots. So far, only looks of “What the hell is he talking about?”

    • “Will we have to trigger tyranny in order to make the nation see that it is a serious and real threat?“

      You have met the enemy, and it is you.

  23. Not sure why a dealer would approve someone with face tats for purchase, but knowing Chicago, face tats are a protected class.

    • Nanashi,

      I don’t have a single tattoo, nor do I ever intend to get one, but . . . why should a tattoo, face or anywhere else, have ANYTHING to do with someone’s ability to exercise their rights????

      Would you deny a Muslim the right to buy a gun because SOME Muslims are terrorists? All Antifa are Leftist/fascists, but I wouldn’t propose to prevent liberals (if there are any left) or Leftists from buying guns. ‘

      Not sure where you were going with this one, but . . . that take ain’t it.

  24. I’d have much rather have heard he stole the gunms.
    What’s “Purchased them legally”
    going to do for the gunm ban crowd?
    “You see any fruitcake with killing on their mind can get a gunm” ,,,, not good.

    • possum,

      Riddle me this, Batman . . . how would him having stolen the guns be better????

      If he stole them, it would be “See, having all these guns in private hands, so they can be sold or stolen!”. Since he bought it legally, it’s “Background checks aren’t enough! We need more “Red Flag” laws, we need psychological examinations to purchase a gun, we need in person interviews.” There AIN’T no circumstances they wouldn’t try to twist to fit their narrative.

      Hoomans simply aren’t as logical as possums, my friend. They try to fit their “facts” to their narrative, rather than altering their narrative to fit the ACTUAL facts.

  25. “What’s “Purchased them legally” going to do for the gunm ban crowd?”

    Prove that background checks aren’t extensive enough, prove that guns from states with loose gun controls are flooding the market in Ill-noise, prove that waiting periods are non-existent, or too short, prove that it is too easy to obtain a firearm, prove that “weapons of war” have no place in society, so on and so forth.

    • I wrote my reply to possum before I read yours. Coulda saved myself the typing.

  26. @Lamp
    “Not incorrect – that IS the purpose of the RKBA, as SUPPOSEDLY protected by the 2A, but . . . as I’ve REPEATEDLY told him, he is just FACTUALLY full of shit. A semi-auto rifle is, at least in many places, the gun of CHOICE for predator/varmint control.”

    Can’t disagree about varmints. Had some introduction to feral hogs in Texas. One of my new hobby horses is to stop pussy footin’ around about RTKBA. There are many weapons useful for a variety of applications that aren’t crimes. Sport shooting is a thing, as is hunting. Even personal self-defense is secondary.

    The Second Amendment is first, and foremost, about the “security of a free State”. That means the ability of the militia (the people) to protect individual states, and the federation of states from enemies, foreign and domestic. That means the possession of such firepower as puts the people on par with the standing army. The Second Amendment is about overthrowing an oppressive, tyrannical government if the need arises.

    Time to put the purpose of the Second Amendment front and center to the gun-grabbers, and the rest of the nation. The Second Amendment was a direct warning to those who intend to abuse and subjugate the population. We should be open about that.

    • Sam,

      I heard that with my bad ear. We have NOTHING to be shy about. I don’t have to prove “need”, I don’t have to have a “valid purpose”, all I need is (i) the money, and (ii) the desire. And, yet, we continue having this debate.

      Thought experiment: Try imagining the arguments, and the “solutions” proposed by the Leftist/fascists in respect of firearms, and apply them to the 1A. They would literally s*** a brick. And to make the comparison even sweeter, in 1A prohibits Congress from passing any law restricting, while the 2A flatly says “shall not be INFRINGED”. Why the hoplophobic dolts can’t parse simple English is beyond me.

  27. @Kendahl
    “Criminals, who have already ruined their lives, or mental cases, who don’t care, will remain armed.”

    Have pointed that out in various settings populated by the softly anti-gun. Their responses are all sorts of denial. My personal favorite is the assertion that if unarmed people simply cooperate with a person threatening them with a gun, all will go well.

  28. How in hell did that pencil-neck dweeb afford these firearms?? I’ll tell how, daddy forked over the cash for his idiot son. No wonder the son is so PHEUCKED up, his father has the common sense of a blithering idiot.
    What kind of IDIOT would support someone, his son or not that looks and acts like that and has threatened his own family??

    His dad should be beaten within an inch of his life.

    I’m generally not supportive of violence but there are times when someones needs a good ass kicking and his father is IT.

    That pencil neck should be taken out behind the jail and shot.

  29. Very sad to see such vitriol in these comments. We are all countrymen. Maintain a shred of dignity: this was a tragedy and you all attack each other over where we live and our policy perspectives with no *immediate* effect on us.

    Something to keep in mind is even if every person attending was armed with a rational, normal carry at a parade, the suspect prepared for a turkey shoot from above. There was no defense against this man. The police had no defense either. That means something must have been done before. Anything, so debating in absolutes and blaming each other here is stupid.

    Learn from this instead of insult each other. We’re neighbors and citizens: act like it. I’ve never seen this site so venomous and I’ve been reading and trusting reviews since my first purchase in a place actually more restrictive than New York City. C’mon everyone.

    • @Bad News
      Not that I give a flying bat shit what you think, here’s a cold fact, that skinny freak would have stopped firing and run like a scaled cat had someone fired back at him from below. He was on a roof and got there with a ladder, not on a NY skyscraper. He’s s coward, not a trained military assault team member of sort.

      So while you enjoy thinking you have it figured out, you don’t. Had ONE PERSON with a handgun started firing back, he would have stopped and ran. If you don’t believe that, you’re more isolated and narrow minded than even I now think you are.

  30. “Learn from this instead of insult each other.”

    My good sir…read your posting carefully; read it twice. Let me proceed to respond in the same vein as you wrote; quietly, and with feeling….just what, my circumspect comrade, is the fun in that?

    Now, to be more myself, anyone who doesn’t believe as I do, about everything, everywhere, all the time, is not worthy of respect, and deserves all the vitriol and venom I can muster. I, alone, am Master of the Universe. Anyone who disagrees with me can just sit on it.

    So there. Nanny, nanny, boo, boo. You are a dumbkin. You are a dumbkin.

    Now, where’s my lost shaker of salt?

    • Sam,

      You dropped it when you stepped on a pop top. But you’ll be fine as long as you’ve got booze in the blender.

      • “You dropped it when you stepped on a pop top. But you’ll be fine as long as you’ve got booze in the blender.”

        Couldn’t find the salt shaker, so I’m sittin’ on my front porch swing, watching those tourists covered in oil.

  31. Photos released of another weapon that Crimo had and went to madison Wi after highland park.
    The Photo showed a Sub2000 that was found in his car when arrested

  32. Everyone keeps saying legally purchased but using drugs even marijuana is a no go on the 4473.

  33. The father must be investigated, he was part of the planning and instigating the actions of his son who was not loved. This father is probably a Mason and used his son to help to perform actions against his so to further the goals of the Masons, deep state.

  34. @Bemused Berserker
    “My Bro in Law’s a raging Liberal Lunatic ….I lost all amusement about his ignorant pontificating too many years ago.”

    The Colonel (my wife of 40yrs who went to glory in March ’21) would pinch me tightly if I intentionally triggered BIL. And I knew there was a limit to how long I could pull his nose.

    BIL was a successful businessman, but convinced Dims became the party of virtue when JFK elected. He sometimes shouted that Republicrats were responsible for slavery, and perpetuated it until JFK and Johnson personally passed the 1964 Civil Rights Act, putting and end to slavery in America. Today, he is convinced Lincoln could have ended Civil War 2.0 in a week, if he wanted.

  35. @Bemused Berserker

    Yes, the Left will continue to end run around the Constitution, using only simple legislation…laws they think cannot be undone by Repubs with new legislation (although…history does support that position).

    There will be no boo, Lou. The US used force of arms (state and military) to put down the Branch Davidian armed insurrection, where the entire city of Waco was apparently taken over by rabid Koresh followers, and the public shrugged.

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