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Students at the Washington DC-based George Washington University are vehemently opposed to arming the school’s police officers. They protested it earlier this spring and now that the change has been implemented without the sky actually falling, the school’s delicate souls still aren’t happy about it. Why? Because these snowflakes believe that they face greater risk from armed police officers than they do from violent criminals. In the heart of D.C.

It isn’t clear if ‘higher education’ in this case refers to the level of matriculation or the average consumption of marijuana by the school’s students. Because short of habitual use of THC, clear-thinking people can’t actually think they face a greater risk from armed police officers than they do from recidivist law-breakers. Can they?

Sure, there are anomalies, but generally speaking, an armed society tends to be a very polite society.

NBC4 Washington covered it . . .

Dozens of George Washington University students took to the streets Monday to voice their opposition to the school’s plan to arm some campus police officers with guns.

Interim President Mark Wrighton announced in a letter to students Thursday that the university’s Board of Trustees directed the administration to develop a plan to arm specially trained GW Police Department officers…

But some students who marched to the president’s campus home on Monday argued that arming officers will make them feel less safe.

Things haven’t improved much since the proposal was approved and implemented. In fact Campus Reform visited the GWU in recent days to talk with the students to get their thoughts.  Here’s part of their story . . .

Even when acknowledging the mass shootings that have plagued the nation, increasing criminal incidents on Campus, students were more concerned about the Police being armed.

“I’m personally not for it,” said one student “Why add guns to the problem?” 

But despite most acknowledging that increasing crime rates were a problem, many of the students maintained the stance that it would be best to leave the police unarmed.

The video produced by Campus Reform highlighted the reasoning of some of the school’s deepest thinkers . . .

All it will take for these hapless, hoplophobic scholars to fully embrace gun ownership and the right to keep and bear arms is a mostly peaceful event that leaves them feeling threaten for their safety. Not that anything bad ever happens on or around the GWU campus.

It’s amazing how people embrace gun ownership after they become the victims of or narrowly escape being affected by violent crime. It tends to changes their whole outlook on guns. Because, as most of us know: the only thing that stops bad people with evil in their hearts is a good person with a gun.

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  1. Voices of privilege shouting.
    I wonder how many of them have parents summering on Martha’s Vineyard who kicked the illegals out.

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  2. I’m actually starting to agree with these lib people that the cops should be limited in their arms. Where they’d really twist their undies is saying that students/staff should have CC and be able to take the slack up as needed.

    • Close.. but I believe very strongly that the coppers should continue armed as befits their station and assignment. BUT, no reason whatever the law abiding students and faculty/staff must depend upon those few and scattered rentacops to be “right there” when the desparate need arises. Having them appear on scene in time to scatter brightly coloured plastic cones, make twenty seven eight by ten colour glossy photographs with circles and arrows and a paragraph on the back of each one explaining what each one was….. does not help the one most needing the RIGHT KIND of help, now does it?

      • No, right about then you need the meanest, ugliest, nastiest mother-rapers, father-stabbers, father-rapers from Group W to appear in your defense.

        • I’ve got friends in their 60s way scarier then most 20 something cops and don’t get me started on the Nam Vets in their 70s, talk about don’t give a F !

        • Most Nam vets are in their 70s, I am 78 and know a lot younger. Also a big city cop starting in 1971, when we were expected to crush crime and fight the Black Panthers and Brown Berets.

      • The university cops at the university I went to were legit state troopers from what I understand. Not a ton “rental” about them.

      • I have to agree here. When the PO Po take action against things they personally do not like, like smoking mother nature, it will just turn off everyone who has partaken of mother nature. I remember cops giving the kids that liked certain types of music(that the did not like) hell when I was a teen/20 something. They would pull you from a belt loop, just to ruin a pair of pants or even scratch your car(because they could). If they took you in, they would make sure the bracelets were overly tight, throw you in the back and take you for a very long, bumpy ride back to the station. They would put you in a room for hours with your hands throbbing and leave you there for hours, before they finally would take you home and tell your parents that you were headed for San Quentin, because you did not respect their authority.
        Some had nothing else to do but to pick on the kids that did not want to be explorer scouts.
        They were not all like this, but all it takes is one or two, to make everyone hate them.

        • rt66paul, “smoking mother nature”? ROFLAMOBT! You are full of donkey dust. No police officer ever did what you allege. Probably did it yourself in one of you marijuana crazed stupors and then tried to blame the police.

        • Walter E Beverly III,

          I do not claim to know the percentage–I can tell you that there are very bad law enforcement officers roaming the streets.

          And yes, those bad cops will try to jam people up for something trivial–or nothing at all.

        • uncommon. Yep, there are soe (actually VERY FEW) ‘bad law enforcement officers on the street.” No doubt. You see recruiting police candidates has a major problem. The source is human beings, with all their failings, foibles, etc. But MOST police are working to try to keep their communities safe. The problem is two fold. 1) a Lack of support of many people who bitterly complain when they get a traffic summons for a violation they in fact committed. 2) The politicians.

    • In the video they are flattering in a negative sort of way!
      People are entitled to their opinions but many should not voice them.

      • “People are entitled to their opinions but many should not voice them.”

        Original, or re-quote? Regardless, loved it!

  3. Stopped into the local, family-owned hardware store today. College kid employed there helped me find the 10-base-t which they had relocated. He said he liked my American flag cowboy hat. “Very patriotic”.

    I replied, “Thank you! I am a patriot”. He said “So am I, very patriotic”.

    Not all college students are bubble-heads.

    My nephew is a freshman at a well-known engineering school. He tells me he loves baiting the “blue-haired snowflake psychos” just to watch them melt down into “screaming, whining babblers”.

    He’s a big guy, level- headed, bright, and confident. Says he’s formed alliances with other conservatives on campus.

    • I’m sure the Eloi had great fun mocking the Morlocks, too.

      In a retard uprising it’ll be the intelligent who suffer. Mostly because of the tolerant/emotional among them.

    • “just to watch them melt down into “screaming, whining babblers””

      You need to have some fun in between classes!

  4. It’s par for the course in bizarro world. I’m hearing on the news that the illegal bumping practices happening hear is a result of lack of racial equity. lol So now the messy unclean habits people have is racism. Is it any wonder everyone is angry and crime is going up?

    The communist left has turned everything upside down.

  5. Same university that just changed its nickname from the Colonials to the Revolutionaries, because, ah, colonialism is what whitey used to screw up the entire world, yet these F-ing morons flat-out ignore that in General Washington’s day we were the ones who were being oppressed by tyrants.

    When I was a kid, I didn’t think lunacy and stupidity would take you far. Boy was I wrong.

  6. I really hate to say it, and I CERTAINLY do NOT advocate this, but reality dictates that sooner or later it will come.
    There will be a steep rise in violent crimes against persons as soon as the coppers are disarmed again. Most likely it will involve a disproportionate number of cutie pie college “coeds” being raped.
    As I see it they will have few options: travel about on campus only in “pods” (safety of some sort in numbers), learn to enjy it, or demand VERY LOUDLY the cops and students be “allowed” to go about armed. The first option above will soon be mooted by the attackers carrying arms as they “work their prey”.

  7. What a bunch of goobers. Just rehashing what theyve had shoved down their throat by their professors. That, mixed with a little virtue signaling to boot. Absolutely unbelievable.

  8. I’ve been saying this for years now. The police should be disarmed issued night sticks and the Training to use them.
    What these college students are saying are simply the results of what libertarians liberals and the left, have been saying for decades now. That you can’t trust the Police. That the police of the devil. That the police are the cause of crime.

    And it’s not just these white upper class college students saying this stuff. I watched many white middle class people say the exact same thing. That the police are part of the problem.

    But all of these people, the three L’s, the white middle class, the white upper class, who say this crap are all intellectually dishonest people.

    Because none of them support repealing all the laws that are preventing the law abiding, property owners or not, from being able to kill criminals dead on site. Or kill them dead on sight. And not be prosecuted and not be sued.

    They believe in some weird utopian world. Where their non aggressive principle and views against violence override human self-preservation. And deny the property owner the right to defend whatever they own.

    And they deny a good samaritan’s right to intervene and stop a crime from happening, using deadly force if necessary.

    You didn’t need so many cops when the law abiding were able to come to each other’s aid. Wherever they needed it. Without the government being involved at all.

  9. Whether or not it is a good idea to arm a police force that is currently not armed depends on who is on that force and how they were selected. I suspect a campus police force that has no weapons is more like an advanced security guard service. There are literally dozens of police forces around DC. Some are great, some not so great. Maybe the students know more about the campus force they see every day than we do.

  10. quote————-Sure, there are anomalies, but generally speaking, an armed society tends to be a very polite society———-quote

    The Statement is made over and over by the Far Right and it is as laughable as it is totally asinine. If more guns made us safer and people more polite the U.S. would be the safest country on earth not the most violent industrialized nation on earth. We have 400 million guns that is about 70 million more deadly weapons than we have people and the result of not having Universal Background Checks, registration and safe storage laws has resulted in a sea of chaos, carnage, rivers of blood hourly and of course a nation gone completely insane.

    I give you a personal example of how correct the college students are about armed police often being “the problem” and not the solution. On May 7th 1970 I personally witnessed the Far Right Jackbooted bigoted, prejudiced, hateful and untrained, moronic Stormtroopers create and cause a volatile situation that killed 4 people and crippled and wounded other students by their mere presence and total mishandling of a volatile situation made volatile by their mere presence being there. Without their presence there that day “nothing” would have happened but that is another story for a different day.

    Cops by their very nature are always looking for a fight and an excuse to practice brutality and sadism, this is what they live for and this is what draws them to the police profession. We as a nation do not adequately vet out from police work the depraved, the sadists, the racists, the bullies and the thugs drawn to this profession like flies are drawn to shit.

    • You’re a liar. You’re not old enough to have witnessed Kent State.

      You have never printed a word of truth in any of your comments here.

    • Are you describing your antifa/BLM s0cial-justice police when their authoriteh is not respected? Or when their demands for reparations are not complied?

    • Half of the nation has gone insane.
      If you cannot define what a woman is, think there are 96 different sexes, a biological male can and should be allowed to compete in women’s sports or mutilating children and pumping them full of puberty blockers is good, you just might be insane.

  11. I had to laugh at the coverage statement “…dozens of students…”. Having been involved in politics and events for decades, I’m betting that actually means 10-15, which is, what percentage of their student body? I’m thinking it’s the handful of students they made their “safe spaces” for. 🤣

  12. I blame affirmative action. They never should have started admitting retards to college campuses.

  13. UNIVERISITY cops? As in Texas with their silly School district pseudo cops? Think also MALL COPS! ARMED Mall Cops. Great Idea. NOT

  14. “But some students who marched to the president’s campus home on Monday argued that arming officers will make them feel less safe.”

    It’s always about the feelz with these types, ain’t it.

    • gunny I was thinking the same and what about the ones that will feel more safe? Don’t they count? Don’t their “feelz” matter just as much?
      Or would they be shouted down and ostracized for their feelings?
      My safe space has a gun rack!

  15. Recently there were 4 students murdered in somewhere USA by a sneaky knife wielding student, cops finally got him. After all the publicity it seems the DC anti gun dorm room nitwits would have learned a life lesson but they did not…There are consequences for such blind stupidity like a chalk outline if there is anything left to chalk outline.

  16. “Dozens of George Washington University students took to the streets Monday to voice their opposition to the school’s plan to arm some campus police officers with guns.”

    Out of a university with an undergraduate body of 11,500+. Let’s say that “dozens” means a 12 dozen (It doesn’t, if there were that many they’d have noted triple digit numbers specifically, but, hey roll with it).

    144/11,500 = 0.0125. 1.25% of the undergraduate body. oOooooOOoooO!

    Why is this even being discussed? A higher percentage of the student body did a cartwheel last week and no one stuck a mic in their face asking them why they support basic gymnastics.

    “The squeaky wheel gets the grease” and activists know it. They also know how to make the wheel seem far larger and squeakier than it really is.

    • During the buildup of the recent defund police bowel movement, a few student orgs at Ohio State made lotsa noise. The new president announced that the OSU police force (yes, they have their own full-blown police department) was going to cut ties with Columbus Police, because rayciss. They used to share info and work together, to help fight crime in the off-campus areas where large numbers of students lived. WELL, didn’t take long for the crooks to respond, and holdups, burglaries, etc. began to spike. More wailing and gnashing of teeth, but going the other way. She quietly reinstated the cooperation policies, all while pushing her other heavy duty woke agenda crap, but then she was suddenly “resigned” in a cloud of controversy.

      Folks don’t all have as much stomach for the woke agenda as the wokeists would like, not that the wokeists care.

  17. Sure kids, the cops are a concern. Of course I clearly remember when the cops had no compunction against thumping a few heads or bending a baton over the head of some dumbass who didn’t know when to SFU. Things have changed greatly over the past half century. Of course, there was also a time when the gangsters would try to avoid shooting cops or bystanders.
    I have to ask how many of these sheltered spoiled brats going to GWU have ever had to do anything beyond be spoiled little brats? You know, like earn a paycheck, or pay their own bills. Likely the same chumps who want the taxpayers to cover their loans and provide them with healthcare/insurance.
    Now, I can understand why someone might not want cops armed when we read about some cops dumping 30 rounds in a shootout with the perp being wounded and only hit 3 times. Makes one ask where the other 27 rounds ended up. But, to be honest, I would rather the cops be armed than some of these overly emotional little brats.

  18. I’m going to take the role of Devil’s Advocate here. Somebody needs to, because everybody else here seem to have settled on their assumptions.

    1. These are college kids. SOME PERCENTAGE ARE INTELLIGENT
    2. These are college kids. SOME PERCENTAGE ARE ARMED (maybe because they are intelligent?)
    3. These are college kids. SOME PERCENTAGE ARE ARMED, and because they are intelligent, keep quiet about being armed, because being intelligent, they have figured out how percentages work. They know that the greater percentage of college administrators, teachers, and fellow students would just as soon report you as look at you.

    Sh!t gets dangerous at night, especially if you have to come and go at all hours from your lab, study group, off-campus job, or from socializing. So you keep quiet. And if you get interviewed? You might be motivated to lie so that you don’t become the subject of an investigation by the Deputy Dawg division of Campus Security. “Oooohhhh no way! Guns bad!”

    So that’s why we ONLY seem to hear from the so-called snowflakes. The smart ones are maintaining radio silence.

    • Correct, I worked at a small private university from 2001 on, and although known as a fairly conservative school, political correctness and “diversity and inclusion” managed to infiltrate this school and pollute not only the students but also the staff and educators, but it was done mostly by tenured professors that were and are absolutely clueless about life in the real world. The leftist ones went right from college to teaching subjects in fields they have never worked in. The professors who actually had jobs or currently employment in their field were for the most part conservative and loved by the students, most of the tenured leftist were disliked by students and staff. Remember, those that can, do, those that can’t just teach.

  19. Easy solution. GWU is a private university, not part of a government or separate political entity, so they can completely disband their police force and rely on the MPD for enforcement of laws. In addition to saving money, they’re a research university, and this will be an opportunity to interesting experiment. Let is run until there is a statistically significant amount of data to compare crime rates with and without police. IMF and World Bank (both on campus) can make their own security arrangements.

  20. IT’s not about bloody CRIME RATES it’s about whether or not the majority of crimes on the Campus require the attention of ARMED SXECURITY Personnel they are NOT POLICE and the risks that represents Given the allrto obvious lack of c skill and training of all too manyPOLICE OFFIERS inthe use and safe keeping of firearms and I doubt that Campus Security is any better trained I can see their point AND SO SHOULD YOU Anyway it is their DEMOCRATIC right to choose as they please is it not?? Anyway for 99% of the civilised World the whole idea of having ARMED SECURITY running around the Campus Investigating minor Crime is ridiculous. I myself studied at two UK Universities SOUTHAMPTON and NORWICH [EAST BANGLIA] and have experiences of both OXFORD and CAMBRIDGE throuh familiy connections – Not a POLICE OFFICER in sight and certainly none with any kind or f weaponry other than a possible TASER of one of those Squirty things’
    I cannot for the life of me but stand and wonder over the fact that the MOST POWERFUL NATION on EARTH still elcts idiots to the Highhest Office and allows over 25,000 people to be slaughtered by GUN CRIME per annum and DOES ABSOLUTELY NOTHING about it! And yet still thinkthey are the ”FREEST COUNTRY ON EARTH”

    • 6% — percent increase in knife crime in England and Wales in 2022

      49,265 — Police-recorded offences involving a knife or sharp instrument in 2022

      46% — increase in knife crime in England and Wales in 2022 compared to the 12 months to March 2012

      What are you doing about it?

      • Plastic utensils, would be my guess. And then, 6 months later, no utensils of any sort allowed but gov’t supplied moist towelettes will be made available.

    • I’m going to lay awake nights stressing over what a fake limey thinks about the US.

    • Americans are not concerned what the English think, we are tired of having to save your sorry asses from the Germans, twice. Our guns and Americans carrying them is why the English are not speaking German in 2023.

  21. As in Californicadia, the Brits do not count many “surly behaviors” as crimes. Merely slapping your girlfriend around rates a card from the local Bobby. Setting dumpster on fire, a childish prank is also not a crime but again merely rates a card from the Bobby. Gather enough cards and one must report to the local constable where the non-criminal gets a stern talking to. In SF and other major Californicadia cities, a simple assault is not registered as a crime, thus although the citizens report having their cars broken into with far greater frequency, crime stats say that auto burglaries are down in CA cities. The cops are the ones keeping track and if the chief instructs Officer Friendly to not record certain “boyish behavior” as a crime, unless Officer Friendly already has another position lined up, he does as the chief requests. The chief also follows what the city manager “requests” of him unless the chief is ready to retire or has another job lined up. Stats are truly meaningless when it comes to crime. It all depends upon what city management wants to prove.

  22. “Even when acknowledging the mass shootings that have plagued the nation, increasing criminal incidents on Campus, students were more concerned about the Police being armed.
    “I’m personally not for it,” said one student “Why add guns to the problem?”

    I laughed out loud at that one. A college full of village idiots suffering from cognitive dissonance.

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