Utah State Rep. Cory Maloy
Utah State Rep. Cory Maloy (AP Photo/Rick Bowmer, File)
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By Larry Keane

Gun control allies were drooling at the prospects of sweeping victories last November to enact strict antigun laws at the federal, state and local levels. American voters had other ideas in mind.

Tens of millions acted on their Second Amendment rights in two ways. They bought guns in record numbers and they voted for their rights at the ballot box. President Joe Biden’s White House is now stuck pondering its next gun control move and gun-friendly state legislatures are acting to protect the right to purchase and possess firearms.

A Changing Landscape

President Biden and Vice President Kamala Harris ran the most antigun presidential ticket in history. President Biden made his disdain clear early, labeling the firearm industry the enemy.” The rest of the presidential campaign included building a platform with enough gun control planks to build a boat.

Antigun billionaire Michael Bloomberg partnered up and spent more than $1 billion dollars to flip seats for gun control. Bloomberg said “My [gun control] agenda is not some johnny-come-lately list of borrowed ideas. This is part of my life’s work, and I’m just telling you I will get this done whether I get elected or not.” He might as well have set his money on fire.

Nancy Pelosi
Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi, D-Calif. (AP Photo/J. Scott Applewhite)

President Biden and Vice President Harris won the White House, but they lost allies in Congress and in the states. That limits U.S. House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.) and U.S. Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer’s (D-N.Y.) ability to pass antigun legislation. That development, and gun control falling way down the priority list of Americans, has the White House balking.

State legislators aren’t taking it for granted, though.

Financial Nondiscrimination

State lawmakers are acting to strengthen Second Amendment protections within their borders. Their first focus is ending discrimination against the firearm industry.

Banking discrimination is a very real concern. National financial institutions are pushing “woke” social activism from their boardrooms and discriminating against firearm businesses that rely on banking services, loans, lines of credit and payment processing services. It’s a privatization of the illegal Operation Choke Point and banks are doing this despite the fact they received taxpayer-funded bailouts and benefits. While there’s movement in Congress to prohibit this discrimination, several state legislatures are going on offense.

Texas Lt. Gov. Dan Patrick (AP Photo/Eric Gay, File)

Arizona, Arkansas, Indiana, Kansas, Kentucky, Louisiana, Missouri, Ohio, South Carolina, Texas, West Virginia and Wyoming have all seen state-level firearm industry nondiscrimination (FIND Act) legislation introduced. In Texas, Lt. Gov. Dan Patrick even announced gun industry protections are among his top 2021 legislative priorities, a significant move in the Lone Star State.

State Preemption 

In 2020, municipal officials used the guise of the coronavirus emergency to implement strict gun control schemes. States’ legislators are strengthening their preemption laws to blunt these executive end-arounds, ensuring no gun control is enacted that is stricter than what is current state law.

Washington state’s preemption law just got a big win after an appeals court struck down the city of Edmond’s new mandatory firearm storage law, ruling it violated the state’s preemption statute.

Nebraska, Mississippi, Texas, New Hampshire, Utah and others are working to strengthen their states’ preemption laws. “Any regulation, in the state of Utah, as it relates to firearms, is the prerogative of the state,” said Republican Utah state Rep. Cory Maloy.

There’s work to be done and the firearm industry trade association is working with legislators on Capitol Hill and in the state’s legislatures to protect the industry against overzealous gun control.


Larry Keane is SVP for Government and Public Affairs, Assistant Secretary and General Counsel of the National Shooting Sports Foundation.

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  1. “…States Act to Protect Second Amendment Rights”

    I fear this is not to be in the state of Washington. Already messed up, and totally under D control. Some rural D’s are semi-cool, but not enough.

    PLUS! WA used / uses a Dominion voting system.

    • Not to mention 100% mail-in or drop-box ballot. There are no in-person polling places here.

    • me too.
      i can’t wait either.
      but sucking man hood @ good to go should give it a rest.

      • The continuous time and effort this person puts into attempted mockery of Geoff pretty much means Geoff owns him.

      • “The continuous time and effort this person puts into attempted mockery of Geoff pretty much means Geoff owns him.”

        You have no idea how that warms the cockles of my cold, black heart.

        I own his demented ass *cold* and he knows it!

        Dance, little boy troll! 😉 You will do as I instruct you!


  2. I can’t help but think that gun control efforts are a pretty minor aspect of what’s going on at this point.

    • “I can’t help but think that gun control efforts are a pretty minor aspect of what’s going on at this point.”

      I don’t know if it’s gonna boil in my lifetime, but it will in my nieces and nephew’s. And when it does, it’s gonna be world history… 🙁

  3. Author legitimizes fraud by using terms such as “President Biden and Vice President Kamala Harris.” Anyone who supports it is a criminal. We’ve already paid too much attention to and extended too much tolerance to “elected” criminals.

  4. When it comes to freedom, prosperity, peace of mind and fun Jim Crow Gun Control joe and his democRat Party ilk are turds in the punch bowl.

      • But she is correct pretty much. Gun control at it’s true roots is racist. Of course it’s evolved to include all those ‘deplorables’ and even further to those who refuse to allow self defense and feelz the governments is their parent.
        I don’t disagree with the tactic of calling someone who wants to limit my Rights a Racist out loud.
        The term has been used against 72mil plus for last 4 years. Why not?

        • ” Gun control at it’s true roots is racist. Of course it’s evolved ”

          True enough. What it’s evolved into now is pretty much a class issue. But then, most of what gets billed as a race issue is and always has been a class issue. And as more minorities add their voices to the pro-2A chorus, this becomes increasingly clear. Make no mistake, the powers that be as just as interested in stepping on minorities as they ever were — only, now its gone beyond that to include just about anyone who isn’t a member of club. Until we stop framing the issues in terms of race and start framing them around the real devil — wealth disparity — we won’t make much headway on much of anything. Business as usual.

        • “But she is correct pretty much. Gun control at it’s true roots is racist.”

          So is it worthwhile to frame it as such and present it to the ‘racist’ bunch to develop it?

        • “UP IN ARMS” Just hit the nail on the freakin’ HEAD….BAM!!!!!!


          UNTIL they know what it’s like to be working class, this problem ain’t going anywhere….. AND THINGS WILL GET PROGRESSIVELY WORSE AS THEY SOLIDIFY THEIR STRANGLEHOLD!!!!!!


      I’m trying to be nice here, but me, along with everyone else here, are sick of your tired a $s
      “Jim crow” bs…… give it a rest already… SHEESH

  5. The only question that needs to be asked is. Are your state elected representatives, Governor, State Attorney General, Mayor, and Sheriff, going to put Federal agents in jail, when they arrest state residence, who violate federal gun laws???

    People get upset when the words “Civil War” are used. Well the best way to avoid a civil war is to have your elected state representatives. protect you from arrest by a tyrannical federal government.

    If they vote for a “2A sanctuary” city, county or state. Are the elected folks in charge willing to back up their position with legal force. With an armed local cop standing behind the local lawyer???

    The state of Kansas past a law saying silencers were now deregulated from the federal government. And two guys following that state law made their own suppressors. The feds arrested them and set them to jail. The Kansas attorney general refused to back the Kansas law, against the federal government, and protect those two Kansas state law abiding gun owning citizens.

    • What happened to the AG?

      IIRC one of those charged was a soldier who had gotten out? (ETS)

      • Until it’s changed the Tenth amendment is the law of the land. All the state AG’s and DA’s need to be questioned about it by gun owning voters.

        “What happened to the AG?”

        I don’t know. But did gun owning voters still vote for him. Did the state gun rights groups support him for reelection?

  6. Do not be fooled by ny gov. Cummo and his sexual pervertness. That’s crocodile tear democRats providing a distraction for his much, much more serious nursing home murders.

    Arrest that murderous pervert, officer.

    • Don’t know the half of it. The developmentally disabled homes had an even worse response (nursing homes at least got ppe before summer) and the mental health facilities should probably be investigated as well. But yes our big problem up here is the proud boys oppressing the poor helpless blm activists.

  7. Some random guy on the internet hurt your feelings once and you just can’t get past it. You’ve been doing this for well over a year. What is wrong with you? Seriously you have a psychological problem. I hope you find the help you need.

    • Shit in one hand and ‘hope’ in the other. Let me know which fills up faster, you insufferable 🤡.

      • Dude, you’re the epitome of “living in your head rent-free.” You don’t even wait for your “nemesis” to post something that you can criticize. How much time in a day do you obsess over someone you’ve never met and probably never will? Let it go and live your life. You’re not convincing us to hate GTG — you’re posting non-sequitors that makes us dislike you.

      • The only clown I see is the little twit who has nothing better to do than STALK SOME DUDE ONLINE….. wtf
        You should seek help…

  8. This is all well and good but, depending on how the federal laws are tailored and enacted, the states’ efforts will be overridden. A case in point is the so called “Equality Act”. The law was deliberately written to negate any state efforts to suborn it. The best example is the transgender section allowing loser, mentally ill, males to declare themselves women and compete against real women, winning every contest. So far 4 states have enacted laws against trannys competing in women’s sports but the Act will negate those. We shall see.

  9. From they way Biden walks to the podium anymore it appears America is going to have its first Female president in a couple years.
    Biden looks like hes ready for that wheelchair device off StarTreck , the Captain Pike dude.
    They ask Biden a question and a red or green light blinks while Joe stares blankly into space.
    With any luck Kammy will go to Ruskia and have a Big Gulp of Putin brand iced tea.

  10. “ President Biden and Vice President Harris won the White House, … “. If this statement doesn’t qualify as fake news I don’t know what does. As for me I am long finished with gun control. Since the nonsense with communist Soetoro I said NO MORE GUN CONTROL. These stupid idiots can pass whatever they want because I will not comply. They got all out of me they’re going to get for this lifetime. They can all go straight to HELL and burn there for all eternity.

  11. Constitutional Carry moved out of committee in Iowa today for a full floor vote in the Senate. Where it is expected to pass on a party line vote which has unstoppable Republican Control. It is moving to a full committee vote in the Legislature where it also has unstoppable Republican support. “We the People” of Iowa have worked long and hard to make Our Votes count and elect Representatives who understand and support the Constitution/Bill of Rights. Washington D.C. is a lost wasteland regardless of which party is in Control. It is up to YOU to work within your state to elect people who support Your Rights. No its not easy and takes a lot of hard work, but it can be done. 10 years ago Iowa was a very restrictive state in terms of the 2nd Amendment. So don’t stop the fight and remember it takes more than Pissing and Moaning on the Interweb. Stand, Fight and Refuse to be a Subject to Tyrannical Control. Keep Your Powder dry.

  12. Don’t hold you breath on some of these new firearm owners. A lot of them voted for Biden. They will give up their 2nd Amendment rights, their firearms and ammo, and sell out anyone that doesn’t do the same when Biden tells them to do so.


    • Are you serious or just drunk?
      OF COURSE they can “control the crazies”…. all “they”would need to do is enforce the existing laws….. THEY WON’T….
      So it seems you’re willfully ignorant or just plain stupid… so please don’t run around spewing that crap everywhere….. we already have enough sheep following the media narrative

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