Image by Boch. Base image via Facebook (Opelika, AL Police Department)
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The demand for racism certainly exceeds the supply in most of America. That even applies in the South where cops say an 18-year-old black male named Pharrell Smith pretended to be a racist white man when he threatened to shoot blacks at the Lee County (Alabama) Fair.

Unfortunately for Mr. Smith, he didn’t cover his tracks very well and within a few days, Alabama authorities tracked him down to Lafayette, Louisiana and arrested him there.[0]=AZXY_KDUfiPD-UKJ0fjrJOt0jBSNvMUVDyNqahIkihBztAdVSl6-CDvI3X9qOQ_eAC448KIBrxkYZZ3D4HqE1mE_iF9g4ehfu-y-a-xjgbASR4t95amQik3xDAomNOWCVRidX5CLnMGxQZLPgk53AXj_m-4Nk6MXiVTk0t5P2NB1Tqc5Mhc6x-uNCS0jwn0Urf6PoEL2RiNn35tTs2tDVoZQ&tn=%2CO%2CP-R

What was he thinking? Did he suppose police wouldn’t diligently investigate an online threat to kill people, especially a hate crime targeting African-Americans?

Or was this just an effort to create the appearance that white racists exist where they don’t?

From . . .

A Black Louisiana teenager has been identified as the person who posted a social media message late last month that threatened to kill Black people at an Alabama fair and used white supremacist imagery, police said Thursday.

Pharrell Smith, 18, of Lafayette, La., was arrested by Lafayette police Thursday on unrelated charges and is expected to be extradited to Alabama to face a felony charge of making a terroristic threat once he is released from custody in Louisiana, Opelika police said.

Opelika police began investigating the Facebook post Sept. 19 where the poster, later identified as Smith, said he and his friends “are coming to [the] Opelika Alabama fair to kill every NEGRO that we lay eye contact on so be prepared. WHITE POWER.”

The poster’s profile included the Confederate battle flag and twice said they were going to attend the Lee County Fair from Oct. 4 to Oct. 8.

Opelika police traced the social media account to a home in Lafayette and identified Smith as a suspect.

Mr. Smith’s days of posing as a white racist and posting racist terror threats on Facebook are likely over.  Good work to law enforcement in identifying the suspect.

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  1. “Black Louisiana Teen Posed As White Racist In Threat To Shoot Blacks At Alabama County Fair”


    They found that far right wing white supremist you are always accusing all gun owners of being.

    • “Mr. Smith’s days of posing as a white racist and posting racist terror threats on Facebook are likely over. Good work to law enforcement in identifying the suspect.”

      So, was the perp’s posts reported to LE, or did FB’s system scoop up some “disinformation” and automatically report to LE?

      So glad I have no social media accounts. Everyone stopped bugging me to join a long time ago.

      • “So glad I have no social media accounts.”

        I finally caved and joined YouTube with a ‘disposable’ WebMail account, because I got tired of seeing “Sign in to see content” on videos they consider to be graphic or ‘adult’ for young eyes.

        The account damn sure doesn’t have a name on it traceable to me even if using the google advanced search function.

        Could someone track it down? Probably, but they’re gonna have to invest a little work to get that info…

        • What browser do you use? What OS do you run?
          They probably knew who you were before you even signed in.

        • If they care they’ll figure it out in under half an hour.

          As I’ve pointed out for several years, people have too much faith in “anonymizing technology” when it comes to the web. They’ll always say “Well my [relative] works in IT and he told me…” and then proceed to spout bullshit. If their relative really does work in IT then they, quite obviously, shouldn’t.

          Such tech will defeat most basic attempts to steal from you but if you attract the attention of the Eye of Sauron (.gov) you’re fucked. They had a hand in designing most of this tech and they’re working hand-and-glove with the devs in the other cases, plus they kinda have an “in” with the ISPs that control the internet’s backbone(s).

          You can take advantage of a few things that will make it harder but all of them, even when layered together, are defeatable because you use their infrastructure for connections. This is simply the nature of using your own devices on the web these days, though 3.0 will change some of that in good ways and bad ways.

          Even “burning” your MAC isn’t foolproof, and 99% of people who “take internet security seriously” don’t bother to do that anyway. This is, because of the way MACs are recycled, actually not a terrible way to go about things so long as you don’t rely on it too much and don’t use it from home. It is, however, still defeatable if someone cares enough to do so.

          If you really want anonymity you either don’t use the tech or you use every anonymity action you can on a series of small, throw-away computers (like a Pi) that you bought with cash on public wi-fi and then toss them and pull out a new one. Or you steal other people’s items and use those for a bit before trashing them and rinse/repeating the replacement process. This last bit being especially true of cell phones.

        • strych9,

          Valid points. Unless you are 100% secure 100% of the time, then of course you can be found by some algorithm scraping the Web for link points to connect like a map. Completely disappearing and floating around the Web like a ghost is possible, but requires diligence.

          Live your life as normal, taking reasonable steps to minimize your footprints. Think of a sandy beach and how you’ll always leave something, but how you can also control how much. While I typically access TTAG via ToR and a PC that uses an entry IP located miles away from my home, I nevertheless always assume that everything I post under my username here can/might be tied to me, if some Terminator-type algorithm really wants to find me. So I word my comments accordingly (plus, I believe in accountability to my Creator for everything I do, anyhow). For the rare cases in which I need 100% anonymity, I take the necessary steps that nothing can trace to my identity.

          It *is* possible.

        • @Haz

          I’m not going to rehash this argument yet again. What you’re doing will work 99%+ of the time but it is not truly anonymous, even with ToR and a VPN and other methods outside of consistent burning of hardware and only using networks you can’t be linked directly to as a person.

          Malicious nodes/relays are a thing that the ToR folks actively look to delete because they exist. This by definition means that some percentage of the ToR network is compromised at any given time. What percentage needs to be compromised before you care? That’s up to you, but you can’t claim the network is entirely uncompromised. As such, it’s only a question of time before you interact with such a node/relay.

          .gov has the means, the budget and the understanding to run a great many malicious nodes/relays and use them against you if you catch their attention. I mean, they designed ToR at the US Naval Research Lab, afterall so they have a pretty good idea of how this works.

          You simply don’t do anything that would attract the Eye of Sauron, at least I hope you don’t since that usually falls into “drone strikeable offenses” or comes damn close to that level.

        • I think my point was missed somehow. I don’t want to argue with you, either. We keep going around in circles when discussing this matter.

        • strych9,

          I am here to confirm your comments.

          The ONLY way to maintain true anonymity on the Internet is to acquire a device without a credit card, wait several weeks (even better several months), and then only use that device for your anonymous activity at a public/free “hotspot”.

          Critical caveats:

          1) All of your activity from your device will have an electronic “fingerprint” making it easy for fedzilla to determine that your specific device generated all of your “anonymous” activity. Thus, if you generated 10 posts espousing some nefarious activity, fedzilla would know that your device generated all 10 of those posts. They may not know that YOU generated those posts, but they will know that YOUR DEVICE generated those posts. If they ever find you with that device, then they will claim in court that YOU generated those posts. And the jury will believe fedzilla.

          2) Fedzilla can trace your “anonymous” post to your public/free “hotspot” immediately for all intents and purposes, especially if you have established your anonymous self as a serious threat. If fedzilla is really intent on catching you, the first thing they will do is go to your public/free hotspot, locate any surveillance cameras in the vicinity, scour any archived photos/videos, and apply facial recognition software. If your face shows up in more than two (or maybe even just two) such incidents and you do not have a “legitimate” reason to frequent such locations, they will pin you down that way. And even if you manage to avoid surveillance cameras, someone using their smartphone camera with geo-tagging could inadvertently capture your face and screw you that way.

          3) If you generate enough content from your “untraceable” device and fedzilla somehow investigates you anyway, they can compare your language usage on your known posts to your “anonymous” posts and begin building a case that you–and only you–created those “anonymous” posts.

          To summarize, the only way that you can remain anonymous is to buy a device with cash, only use it for your unsavory posts without volunteering your identity, only use it at public/free hotspots, use somewhat different vocabulary than your identifiable posts, and somehow ensure that surveillance cameras in the vicinity of the hotspot do not capture images of your face. Oh, and somehow ensure that someone using their smartphone does not inadvertently capture an image of your face either.

          Good luck with that.

        • strych9, I stopped worrying about it in my early 20s when I used the interlibrary loan program to get a copy of Basement Nukes published by Loompanics, who had gone out of business. When I opened the book on the inside front cover was stamped “Property of the Army Intelligence Library”

        • The internet is forever. Sometimes it takes a little longer to find information. And some people have a great deal of time on their hands. So they can keep looking though a persons internet history.

          The only way you can hide is by Smashing all of your devices on rocks. Smash your hard drive into pieces. And even then anyone you interacted, or company, with will have a history of you on their devices.

        • Question directed to anyone who cares to answer.
          OK, so how come there is so much online thievery? Are the thieves so good, that LE never catches up to them? Working from the US is easier to track, then eastern Europe or Asia/Africa? Or is your life savings small potatoes and they only go after bigger fish or Red voters?

    • How surprising, another TTAG article featuring a young black male offender…

      Of course, the TTAG editorial staff ignore much more serious crimes by young white male offenders.
      But can you blame them, the editors clearly know how to pander to their conspiracy constituency.
      Elicit their beliefs, and then mirror them back to the rubes for fun and profit.

      “Man’s mass shooting plot to ‘slaughter’ 3,000 women at Ohio college could mean life in prison

      By Jared Goffinet
      Published: Oct. 11, 2022 at 2:40 PM EDT|Updated: 22 hours ago

      HIGHLAND COUNTY, Ohio (WXIX) – A 22-year-old faces life in prison after he pleaded guilty to plotting a mass shooting to “slaughter” women at an Ohio university, according to U.S. Attorney Kenneth L. Parker.

      Tres Genco, 22, of Hillsboro, Ohio, has been in custody since his arrest in July of 2021, Parker explained Tuesday.

      Genco is a self-identified “Incel or involuntary celibate,” the U.S. attorney said.

      An Incel, explained by Parker, is an online community comprised of men who harbor anger toward women they think “unjustly deny them sexual or romantic attention.”“

      • And that is YOUR example of what, exactly? Looks to me like another nut-job trying to place blame for his own inadequacy and striking out at what his warped mental reality sees as the cause of his “problem”. If it’s not publicized (this is the first I’ve heard of it) nationally like the above article it’s probably not going to be brought to the attention of TTAG writers. Did YOU know about this in July? Or did you do one of your frantic searches to find something/anything in an attempt to validate another senseless point. If you DID know about it in July but failed to mention it, then YOU are duplicitous as well, if you did NOT know about it in July then join the club. At any rate it appears that you have an unrealistic expectation that TTAG writers should examine EVERY local news source in the United States and report on every instance of threats (real or fake) every day. Probably not going to happen.

      • “How surprising, another TTAG article featuring a young black male offender…”

        We can discuss a white sexually liberated offender, if that is your personal choice???
        I however don’t care who the offender is. They’re all just as anti-civil rights as the next different skin color offender.

      • You prove a point, miner. Women should insist on being armed no matter where they’re at. With incels like this and dacian, who is also white, on the loose women are in immediate and constant danger.

        We need constitutional carry now so that women can protect themselves.

      • Miner, Statistically young black makes commit 60% of all violent crime despite being about 4% of the population. Whether you like the pattern or not, it still exists.

  2. Quarter past midnight should have known he couldn’t pass for white. I bet he gets a lot of racism from light skinned African Americans.

  3. Yet. Another. Black. Face. of. white. supremacy…

    *Snicker* 🙂

    EDIT –

    (Really weird how just typing that out without the periods immediately threw it into moderation purgatory…)

        • No sht, maybe word strings? However I’ve noticed one word will get u moderated sometimes.
          It’s a fun game but they keep changing the goal post.

    • There is a running joke that most of the “white supremacists” on the internet are actually Filipino, Brazilian, Mexican, or even African-American, or some other mix that most of the “white” American community or Europeans would not consider “white”. However, they’re not necessarily joking. Also, Uncle Addie is still pretty popular in India and Pakistan, and Indians, Africans, and Arabs joined the SS during WW2. It’s a weird world out there.

      • Downunder back in the 80s and 90s there a bunch of losers, err white supremacists and wannabe neonazis, called “National Action”. Their leader was mixed Dutch and Indonesian parentage.

        • Their leader was mixed Dutch and Indonesian parentage.

          The leader of the alleged “White Supremacist” group Proud Boys is a Black Cuban.

        • But one of National Action’s policies was ending Asian immigration.

          The irony or the hypocrisy.

  4. What a kerfuffle about a rather silly teenager with porrige for brains. I doubt that the idiot had even though the POTENTIAL politial ramifications through at all.

    I doubt that he can think further than the end of his nose but trust some idiot with nothing better to do trying to make ANOTHER mountain out of a molehill to make some kind of political point.

    What exactly has this got to do with anything associated with gun controls? I mean is it that rare to be threatened with violence at the end of a barrel in the USA?

    • Because it doesn’t matter that he probably had neither the means nor the intention to actually go to Alabama. Among Those Who Keep Track of these things, it will still be counted as an attempted incident of racist gun violence narrowly averted by heroic law enforcement.

    • Prince Albert, the Fake-Limey, Fake-Military Wanking Poofter,

      Despite NOT being a Brit (or ex-military) you obviously know f***-all about the US (perhaps you’re a Kiwi?? They are as deluded and f***ed up as the Brits, so that fits your fake personality).

      “I mean is it that rare to be threatened with violence at the end of a barrel in the USA?”

      Yes, Prince Albert, yes it is. Unless you are an inner city gangbanger? Being “threatened with violence”, at the “end of a barrel” or otherwise, is actually quite rare in the US . . . but you’re too stupid and indoctrinated to know that.

      Education project for you – search “US crime rates excluding major metropolitan areas”. Now, when you’re done with that, research “demographics of areas with the highest crime rates”. What percentage of crime in the UK is attributable to your beloved immigrants? And what percentage remains unreported??

      Prince Albert, ESS TEE EFF YOU.

    • Yep Racism so bad that DEMOCATS/MARXIST/SOCIALIST have to “FAKE THEM”!!!!

      99% of the WHITE Supremicist out there are FEDS, sent to create and infiltrate these groups!!!!

    • I watched a you tube video by Colion Noir where he is talking with a former London police officer about guns in the UK. At around 13:40 he drops this line ” There are near daily shootings in London you just don’t hear about them”.

    • “What exactly has this got to do with anything associated with gun controls?“

      Well, this is a good example of why 18-year-olds should not be trusted with lethal weapons in public spaces, until they receive proper instruction and training on their use.

      Teenagers, especially males, have not developed good impulse control, and this shows in their reckless and irresponsible actions no matter what their color is.

      But specifically, if you’re wondering why the story about a black teenager screwing up made it to the pages of TTAG, while we rarely see stories about white teenagers’ silliness…

      It’s just the inherent racism of those who select the articles for placement in TTAG, they’re always looking for excuses to portray young black males as criminals and thugs.

      • @Miner49er

        “Well, this is a good example of why 18-year-olds should not be trusted with lethal weapons in public spaces, until they receive proper instruction and training on their use.”

        what a completely ignorant thing to say.

        Mean while there were ~1,000,000 18 year olds ‘carrying’ firearms in public spaces nationwide without feeling the need to pose as a white supremacist and shoot black people.

        “if you’re wondering why the story about a black teenager screwing up made it to the pages of TTAG, while we rarely see stories about white teenagers’ silliness…”

        yet another ignorant thing to say. There is a reason why “we rarely see stories about white teenagers’ silliness” posing as white supremacist threatening to shoot black people – its because white teenagers rarely do just as its a rare thing for a black teen to pose as a white supremacist threatening to shoot black people. So a rare event makes it to the TTAG pages, and now you are griping about it – your ‘in the closet’ inherent racism is showing.

        • “So a rare event makes it to the TTAG pages, and now you are griping about it“

          That just proves the racism, it’s a rare event that has nothing to do with guns, yet here we see it on the pages of TTAG… because a young black male is the offender.

          Of course, we don’t see the old right wing conservative committing arson and violent property destruction and blaming it on BLM here on the pages of TTAG…

          “By WCCO staff
          Published: Oct. 12, 2022 at 8:27 AM CDT|Updated: 3 hours ago
          (WCCO) – A Minnesota man admitted Tuesday to vandalizing his own property to make it look like a politically motivated crime.

          Two years ago, Denis Vladimirovich Molla told police someone set his camper on fire because it had a “Trump 2020″ flag on it.

          Molla admitted he also spray-painted “BLM” and “Biden 2020″ on his garage door.

          He pleaded guilty to one count of wire fraud Tuesday as part of a deal with prosecutors.

          According to the agreement, he filed multiple claims to his insurance company and collected money from GoFundMe donors.

          Between the two, Molla fraudulently collected about $78,000.

          His defense attorney said he made a mistake he sincerely regrets.

          Federal guidelines call for Molla to spend 51 months in prison, plus pay a fine and restitution.“

          It’s good to see he’s getting over four years in the pen for his insurance fraud and theft by deception.

          Of course, this is more evidence that some Trump supporters are nothing but greedy buffoons who are willing to lie for profit.

          Say, I wonder how many other claims of ‘BLM’ or ‘Antifa’ violence were really just criminal conservatives, perpetrating frauds just like Mr. Molla above…

        • Until proven otherwise about one out of 10,000 incidents meanwhile how many black lives matter activists are up for fraud/embezzlement 🙂 but yes cherry pick harder you may be able to make some cordial this winter.

        • @Miner49

          “it’s a rare event that has nothing to do with guns, yet here we see it on the pages of TTAG… because a young black male is the offender.”

          Apparently you missed the part about shooting black people.

          your link and ‘comparison’ has nothing to do with that. But that’s pretty normal for you as its obvious you don’t understand, like I have told you before, what context means. So you go back to your cherry picking trying soooo hard to find something to make your inane points you closet racist.

      • Miner49er,

        “Well, this is a good example of why 18-year-olds should not be trusted with lethal weapons in public spaces, until they receive proper instruction and training on their use.”

        I’ll ask you now for the second time: is it honestly your position that this person made the death threats because he didn’t understand how to use a firearm?

      • With this example, it looks like Miner finally wants diversity and inclusion of white people. LOL

      • @Miner49er

        If you don’t like the articles here, go start your own web page and post the articles you do like.

        I find it difficult to attribute you with any form of sincerity on this matter. All you do is complain and make false comparisons either outright or obliquely, like dacian in a way but he is worse and more obvious about it, using grossly disingenuous tactics to attempt to draw people into arguments over your inane points. You basically do nothing but troll, and add nothing substantive to discussions.

    • That person must have a lot of hate in his heart for white people. It seems to me that he is the racist – how many racists went on gun rampage last week/month/year in your city/county/state/country?
      Just the idea of setting up people of different races for being racist is beyond racist, it is just evil hatred.

  5. Things are looking up for the Democrats when even White Supremacy can be so diverse and inclusive.

  6. This BS ain’t nothing new. Couldn’t tell you how many nooses were hung on Northern California construction sites with people of color hung in effigy blaming white racist aholes. Never, ever hearing a resolution, but an easy week off for all those “affected”. Then there was that whole Bubba Wallace garage door pull scandal that our FBI investigated, not to mention Jesse whoever dbag who’s career was tanking in Murder city. So sick of woke.

  7. Just like we can declare our gender, and change it as often as we like, why not recognize that we can declare our race, also. This man with dark skin clearly felt like a ‘whitey’ that day. What right does anyone have to say he is not white? There is no objective reality; we are our feelings; THAT is the science.

    What do you feel like, today?

    • My son says he identifies as an Apache Helicopter Gunship.

      Although he does this to p!$$ off those woke w@nkers.

    • If you’re going to change something you identify as, race makes more sense than gender, yet that’s supposedly off limits for some reason.

  8. Give the kid credit, it’s almost impossible to FIND a White Supremacist when you need one. Enterprising young man just created one to fill that particular need.

  9. As Glenn Reynolds (Instapundit) often says, “The supply of racism in the US is insufficient, so the Left has to manufacture it”, and this is just another example. MOST of the publicized “racist” incidents have turned out to be bogus. Perhaps “real” racist incidents go unreported, but . . . the record doesn’t look good for the woke who cry “racist America” at every pretend event. Jussie Smollett was just a pimple on the posterior of the overall narrative of “white supremacy”.

    I hope (but don’t expect) that this little s***weasel suffers significantly for his malicious lies. But the Left will champion him, and/or bury the story.

    • 9 out of 10 at a kkk meeting are FBI or ATF and the 10th was delivering a few cases of Coors.

    • “MOST of the publicized “racist” incidents have turned out to be bogus“

      That is quite the sweeping statement, would you be kind enough to share the information upon which you based your statement, thanks!

      • When you disingenuously ask for a source it is pretty much confirmed that while the number may be hyperbole the general message is close enough to the truth to be generally correct. Thank you for confirming white supremacism groups are largely government contrivance.

        • “the number may be hyperbole the general message is close enough to the truth“

          Thanks for your honesty in admitting it’s bullshit, I’m sorry, I mean “hyperbole”.

          Yep, there’s the real conservative philosophy:

          ‘Close enough to the truth’

        • And confirming that conservatives are generally correct about most things 🙂 thanks Miner you are unintentionally enlightening today.

      • If you follow the news, you’ll see that just about every high profile hate crime is a hoax or misreported. A good example of a hoax would be the “Justice for Juicy” incident. A good example of the media misreporting an incident would be the Pride parade crash last year. There was initial speculation about it being an attack on the Alphabet Mafia, but it turned out to be an accident. It’s funny how known racist and BLM supporter Darrell Brooks’ rampage through a parade was reported as an accidental wrong turn, even though he gained speed and swerved to hit people. “Oops.” Now why would the media do that? Oh yeah, it’s because all you people do is lie to push your narratives.

        If racism existed in this country anywhere close to where you people claim it does, then we would not need a single hate crime hoax. You also wouldn’t have to go back decades to highlight Democrat racism to prove that we have a racism problem now. The USA is one of, if not, the most accepting countries on the planet. You guys disparage this country and lie about your political opponents because hate and lies are all you have to offer.

  10. Will be pardoned by Stacy Abrams if she wins. She will attribute this as help to her gun controll agenda.

    • Might be the token POC in Dacian’s antifa troop.

      The rest are so white they glow in the dark.

    • If elected GA governor, her pardon power will not extend to AL or LA. The South is not just one big state.

  11. I’m sure once all the dust settles this will still be counted in the “reported hate crimes” statistics. Sure, it was a hoax but it WAS reported after all.

    • Should be handeled as a terrorist incident with at least 30 yrs in the pen with no parole. If O’Bama had a son…………….

  12. Ah how I pine for the good ol’ days when the biggest panic was a bomb-threat from a pay phone and everyone knew that there was a 99.99% chance it was bullshit.

    Add in a bit of good ol’ fashioned race-baiting and these days you’ve got yourself a national news story.

  13. hey john bich this guys a liar and there are white racists both can be true you click baiting buffoon

  14. White supremacy is so prevalent that people of color are practicing it. Black on black gang murders? White supremacy. Illegal immigrants taking the low paying jobs that are the only ones the victims of failed education system are qualified for? White supremacy. Having a porous border that allows drugs to flood in a poison minority neighborhoods? White supremacy.

  15. Ever wonder why the to FBI has spent 9 months investigating bomb threats against 57 historically black colleges and universities, with not a single arrest?

  16. Yet another month goes by without a single arrest for all the fire bombings at the pregnancy crisis centers.

    Apparently too busy deploying the SWAT operators to the homes of 80 YO’s that sing bible hymns in the hallway of an abortion mill.

  17. “The demand for racism certainly exceeds the supply in most of America.”

    Man that is a very true statement.

  18. Your comment is awaiting moderation
    He did not harm anyone and it was probably just a teenage prank. Now if he had been white and threatened to shoot blacks naturally T Tag would never have posted this.

    Today of course law enforcement can take no chances so rounding the guy up and questioning him was the best course of action to take.

  19. We have had a black president. We now have a black vp who is a woman. The supreme court has POC of both genders.

    Racism really only exists in America now because of the efforts of the fascist left to keep it here.

    • sadly not true; while maybe not as widespread as legal segregation there are still plenty of racist assholes, even here in this website.

  20. “rac·ism
    racism (noun)

    * prejudice, discrimination, or antagonism by an individual, community, or institution against a person or people on the basis of their membership in a particular racial or ethnic group, typically one that is a minority or marginalized.

    * the belief that different races possess distinct characteristics, abilities, or qualities, especially so as to distinguish them as inferior or superior to one another:

    Almost 80% of racism in the U.S. is black on black (ancestry for example, African vs Jamacian, or skin tone lighter or darker, or simply hatred for those black who are not in the black racist circle of ‘friends’ or not acceptable for some reason – in other words on the basis of their membership in a particular racial or ethnic group), black on white, or black on another race.

    • There is tremendously more (thousands) black on black, black on white, or black on another race racism incidents daily in the United States than there are ‘White Supremacist’ incidents racism annually.

      This is not to say that ‘White Supremacist’ racism incidents do not happen because they do, but its a lot less than black on black, black on white, or black on another race racism. So when a black guy pretends to be a ‘White Supremacist’ threatening to kill black people its a pretty notable thing.

        • Honestly the last 20 years of FBI crime data as well as NY crime stats show the same especially when per capita is used to compare equivalent incidents per population. But you do you

        • state and federal reports, arrest reports, witness and victim interviews, media reports, FBI crime data, various researchers.

          Keep your ‘feelz’ to yourself and reign in your absurd notions.

  21. Pharrell Smith, 18, of Lafayette, La., evidently , in today’s “woke world, self identifies as a white racist…………… this country is turning into a place that makes no sense whatsoever IMO.

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